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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mrnadirmrnadir Posts: 25
    I bought the sport with heated seat option for $24300 before tax and $250 fees. And I did not even get the 0% apr. But I was picky about the color.
    If you pay anything less than what I paid last month, it would probably be a good deal.
    also, edmunds and truecar is crap. try zag (amex) to get a feel for a better price.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,661
    HA! Lies like 0% financing? Who needs to really GET REAL?

  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Last I saw, you can finance a CX-9 at 0%. There have been numerous people posting in here about their purchase of an interest free loan on the CX-9.....How is it a lie?
  • Are you still entitled to the .9%/60 financing?
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    edited January 2011
    2010 has 0/60 and 2011 have .9/60 finance until the end of the month.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,661
    Because you get 2 prices after you negotiate tot he price and the +$3,000 for the 0% Financing....

    That's how it's a lie.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 126,124
    Really... your beef is with the dealer..

    This is how most makes do their incentives... you can have the 0% or you can have the cash..

    Your dealer didn't let you know that upfront.. .shame on them..

    But, you are ranting against what is common practice.... not just Mazda.


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    Edmunds Moderator

  • Thank you so much for those sites and that advise! They really helped and i felt a lot more comfortable! We made a deal for $25,500 OTD which i feel great about since the truecar site said it was better than the GREATEST price paid that was listed! The car included heated seats, roof rack, and power seating:) THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Excellent! Though I'm not familiar with CX9 Sport pricing off the top of my head, it sure looks like you walking the first day and then doing the research payed off. Did you still get the 0%/60 financing at that price? Enjoy your new CX9!
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,661
    But, you are ranting against what is common practice.... not just Mazda.

    Oh, the dealer let me know and it's deceptive no mater common practice.

    Call it cash price and price with dealer financing, OK. It just is not 0%. :)

  • Non informative, yes. Deceptive, no. Anything that sounds good, there will be almost always some kind of fine print attached to it. Mazdausa site lists the fine prints of the deals. Always read the find prints. All the dealers I dealt w/ gave me the cash price when I asked for "lowest price" which is not deceptive at all. But when I asked them whether they can do 0% with it, all of them told me that I would lose $3k incentive but will get $750 incentive instead. You just got to ask the right question, that is all.

    Technically 0% financing is not a true 0% financing either for most 0% offers since there is usually 3% fee for amount financed. Say you finance $20k and pay the rest with cash, they would charge $600 and add to $20k making it $20.6 k over x months. Sort of like 0% interest on balance transfer offer for CC. If you read fine prints, you almost always pay 3-5 TRANSFER FEE. Once in a while you do see true no transfer fee 0% balance transfer offer but that is very rare.
  • 0% APR price for a 2010 GT AWD, with moonroof/bose, Nav/power hatch/wheel locks

    Sales price 33887 + 750 freight =34637 + TTL 107+tax

    Is this a good deal?
  • Anyone who believes that there are no additional costs passed on the a purchaser who gets 0% financing is somewhat naive. Money is not free. That's true even in these days of low interest rates. Mazda has cash that it loans to purchasers of its vehicle through its finance arm. That money, like all money, has value. It can make a set rate of return above 0% in all sorts of low risk investments outside of auto loans. Lending money at 0% is a losing proposition for Mazda. That is, only if they offer the same SALES PRICE to those who borrow at 0% versus those who borrow at higher rates or who finance through a third-party. As many have mentioned in earlier posts, 0% is really just a marketing ploy. If they can't make the $2000-$3000 margin in money they loan you (say at 3 or 4%) then they are not going to give the 0% borrower the $3000 incentive that they will give someone who self-finances or who borrows from them at a profitable rate. If you look at the prices paid in prior postings, the net cost of people who bought with the $3000 incentive versus those who bought with 0% financing is almost identical. Bottom line is, Mazda is not a charity. They are still in the business of making money.
  • So I have been looking for a 2010 Touring or GT over the last couple weeks. I really did not want to go above $30k so the Touring was more realistic given the options I want. So right now these are the two best deals I have received (both from the same dealer):

    $29,900 (msrp approx ($36,300)
    Touring AWD (Silver) with Bose/Moonroof package, Auto Start, Wheel Locks, Cargo Net

    $30,300 (msrp approx. $36,700)
    Touring AWD (White) with Bose/Moonroof package, Auto Start, Roof Rack

    These are the only two Tourngs left on their lot although they do have two GT (red) left but the msrp is close to $39k.

    The two proces I received seems like a nice deal but wanted to see what others thought.
  • dc2011dc2011 Posts: 6
    Just bought a 2011 GT AWD fully loaded for $33,508 + freight + tax.
    The 2010 same spec was $31,656 + freight + tax. I chose to go with the 2011's as the price difference wasn't too much.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    edited January 2011
    What was the MSRP on the AWD GT you just got?

    If you don't mind, what state did you purchase in?

  • Were you able to get 0.9% financing?
  • My wife and I have been looking for a cx9 on and off for 8 months. We found a 2008 sport with 15800 miles with the moonroof/view package for $19880 (+tax, title, license). It needs probably 800-1500 dollars in total body work (scratches, couple of minor dents, very minor rust near dent on passenger door), and new tires. Bringing the total price somewhere around $21500-22000 after all the work is completed. Based on what we've seen it seems like a pretty good deal even with the needed body work. Anyone how thoughts?

    we have a deposit on the car now, but have the ability to back out, any help/thoughts truly are appreciated

    Also what were the original tires on the 08 sport? Seems odd that at just shy of 16k it needs new tires.

    Thanks for the help.

  • dc2011dc2011 Posts: 6
    MSRP $39,650. Bought in MD.
  • dc2011dc2011 Posts: 6
    So here's the deal on the financing.
    If you take the 0.9% and $750 cash, you don't get the manufacturer to dealer rebates. On the 2010 CX9, the mfr to dealer rebate is $3000.
    Here's what I understand of the rebates off MSRP:
    2010 CX 9: $3000 (mfr to dealer) + $500 (DC auto show) (or) $1000 (customer cash) + $500 (DC auto show) + 0% APR

    2011 CX 9: $1000 (mfr to dealer) + $500 (DC auto show) (or) $750 (customer cash) + $500 (DC auto show) + 0.9% APR

    I paid cash (used credit union financing at 2.9%) as this netted me the best deal.
  • I bought a 2011 CX Sport Pearl White with power driver seat for $25,280+TTL (no 0% financing). Very close to the deal you got. Has anyone bought this car for less?
  • jaxanjaxan Posts: 2
    Need advise please, I am horrible when trying to negotiate with car salesmen.

    I got a quote of $35,000 on the button, includes destination charge, with .9% financing.

    The specs are:
    Moonroof/Bose Package
    Power Liftgate
    Remote Engine Start

    The Total MSRP is: $40, 125 (inlcudes destination charge)

    My gut tells me this is a good deal, can anyone give their opinion? Much appreciated!
  • I paid $34,500 (including freight, TTL extra) for the same spec 2011 without the remote engine start. I didn't take the financing option (I had my own). It seems like you have a nice offer.
  • jaxanjaxan Posts: 2
    Thanks for the confirmation dc2011, I did read your earlier posts as well and appreciate you sharing your buying experience with the rest of us. Buying a new car can be so exciting but yet very stressful.

    Hopefully I will finalize a deal today, will keep you all updated with my final tally.
  • Not sure if you've made this purchase yet, but I don't think its a good deal. CX9s have started to flood the pre-owned market due to the lease program vehicles. Additionally, the CX9 doesn't have a great a resale value as say a Toyota Highlander.

    This past week I purchased an 08 CX9 touring with rear entertainment system at 52K miles from a Mazda dealer. Car was off a lease and in extremely good condition. Asking price was $22,500 and I purchased for $19.499 + TTL. I believe this price is below the wholesale value of the vehicle which is $21,500. Its not as nice as the GT but it does include leather interior and many convenience options not found on the Base. For about another $1K to $1.5K you can have an aftermarket Kenwood or Alpine stereo with GPS and back-up camera installed. I wouldn't buy a vehicle with cosmetic damages as its an indicator the vehicle may have some other internal problems. Also were you purchasing this vehicle from a Mazda dealer? If not, you probably won't have as good a support system if other problems crop up.

    Oh, purchase was made in MD.
  • Been lurking for a while and I think I am ready to buy after all the great advice here.

    I am looking for a 2010 FWD GT. I contacted my local dealer and he said that he could help find me a 2010. Now he is telling me that he only has 1 available in the district. Is he limited to where he can get it? Of course he wants to sell me a 2011. I am in No. CA and I know that there are at least 10 2010s in the state. I would be willing to drive a distance to get one.

    Also, when I am looking at the 'true' prices from edmunds, zag & KBB. Is that price assuming any incentives? I didn't think it was, but thought I should ask before I get in a room with a salesperson.

    Thanks for the help!
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    I would recommend going to and use the " search inventory " feature to get a good idea of the 2010 FWD's GT 's up to 250 miles from your zip code that are available. If you find one that you would like and are willing to drive and get, then work with that dealer on price via email. From my experience, you will probably get you best price from the dealer who has the vehicle on their lot.

    As far as true car, I believe their price is with all incentives. You will need to decide before you start negotiating if your paying cash/bring your own financing or taking the Mazda 0/60 financing. If your doing the first option, you should be able to knock off an Additional 3000. If you didn't already know, you will get the 750 cash back and 500 Mazda loyalty (if your a current Mazda owner). The first option will also put you near the true car price.

    If you would like. Post your CX9 with options and MSRP here along with the price the dealer is giving before you sign. That way you can get some input on how your deal is looking.

    Good Luck!
  • ask5ask5 Posts: 2
    Can someone suggest if this is good price ?

    2011 Mazda CX-9 Touring FWD with Moonroof/Bose package and Power lift gate package and 6 CD . Quoted price : 30,300/= with 0% APR. Dealer is based in California.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Last I checked, Mazda was only offering 0%/60mos on 2010 models only. The 2011's were 0.9%/60mos. Might want to verify that.

    What's the MSRP on this?
  • ask5ask5 Posts: 2
    It is 2011 model with total MSRP: $ 34,722/=
    0% deal is part of presidents day sale.
    Please let me know your thought about the price he is offering.
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