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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pcannonpcannon Posts: 7
    I pulled the trigger!

    $36,595.00 MSRP GT 2011 moonroof/auto lift gate/reaerview camera
    $35,300.00 out the door with 0% financing over 60mos.

    The dealer offered me $34,800.00 with no 0% or pay $500.00 extra for 0%. So i took the 0% and paid $35,300.00

    I looked all over Atlanta and this was the best deal.
  • glockfanglockfan Posts: 30

    Which dealer did you purchase the new CX-9?
    Did you get the disount and 0% interest?
    How do you like it?
  • pcannonpcannon Posts: 7
    Jim Ellis

    Yes discount and 0% out the door for $35,300.00 on MSRP of $36,595.00.
  • Dealer is quoting me about $32K (invoice price) for CX-9 FWD Touring with Moonroof/Bose & Power Liftgate and possibly 0% APR. This is in bay area California. Is this a good deal?

    Thank you!
  • pcannonpcannon Posts: 7
    Yes it is a good deal.

    What is an invoice? Everyone seems to put a lot of stock in quoting invoices. The invoices are meaningless. I mean really, are you going to believe a dealer when he shows you a piece of paper that he made and tells you this is how much the car costs them. There are many other variables that go into the cost/profit of a car for a dealership otherwise no matter what dealership you go to the car would sell for the same price.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    That's true that dealer cost can be over/under the invoice price. But, you don't have to depend on the dealer to quote invoice. You can look up the invoice price right here on Edmunds.


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  • I just bought last month a 100K 10 year from MAZDA for $1865 I think it was , it is the Mazda plan , NOT an after market; it was MUCh less than the after market the dealer wsas trying to sell me. dogoc
  • I bought from Mobile Alabama, and I am in ATlanta, we were a $1000 apart so it wasclose BUT I got the color my wife wanted and used the savings to truck it here, my price ws great BUt they had a $6500 off in January incentive, but I really LIKED the guy in Mobile; I can metion it here if we are allowed to do so? dogdoc
  • Thank you all! In my case, dealer quoted invoice price is same as Edmunds.
  • glockfanglockfan Posts: 30

    Are you happy with the purchase?
    Is the Nav/Radio HDD where you store music?

  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    pcannon - is your "out the door" price before tax/title/registration?

    If not, what was the price before those fees?

    I have a dealer quoting me $200 below invoice including Mazda 0% financing for a 2011 GT AWD ($33K) before TTL, and am trying to figure out if that is a good deal in NYC.

  • Got a pretty sweet deal. Paid roughly $35K including everything ($31900 - $250 Mazda private cash + tax ($3200) + documentation/registrationfee ($360)).
    The MSRP was roughly $36200

    I am in seattle WA area. I think its a good price, any comments?
  • We bought a 2011 TOURING in dolphin gray. We live in CT. Paid 32,426 out the options.the only issues we had were that the dealer did not service the windshield washer resivour with washer fluid and the tires were inflated to 55 PSI. took delivery 3.30.2011
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    I'm looking to get either a Sport or Touring AWD. From reading the posts it seems like the 2011 models are going for about invoice($3000 off). I noticed that the 2010's have a manufacturer to dealer incentive of $3500. Are the 2010's really going for $3,500 below invoice($6500 off MSRP)? I am in NJ if that matters.
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    I have negotiated a price of $34,400 + TTL for the GT AWD + Moonroof/Bose/Liftgate. Is this a good price? Seems reasonably good given online comparisons, but people on this board seem to be getting much better deals.

    This includes the 0%/60 month financing.

  • Has anyone gotten the Edmunds invoice price for any of the dealer installed options? I have a gread price on the car pending, but incidentals like roof racks and tow hitches are running between 100 and 200 over list for installation. Is this to be expected? It seems like in order to match the Edmunds invoice on dealer options, i have to install them msyelf.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    That seems pretty good. What is the invoice and MSRP? What dealer?
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    MSRP was $37,985 and Invoice was $35,491.
  • 6thstreet6thstreet Posts: 10
    When did they pull the 0%/60 month financing on 2010 CX-9s? I negotiated a great deal on a leftover today only to find out they no longer offer it. I swore it was still up there a couple days ago. Anyone know the story?
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    The 0/60 financing on the 2010 CX9's expired March 31st. You might be getting a better price since the dealers don't have that to offer towards a deal. What was the MSRP and the price they quoted you?
  • 6thstreet6thstreet Posts: 10
    edited April 2011
    Ok, thanks.

    MSRP was 37,985 and final negotiated offer was 30,500+TTL. Knowing there's no financing, I may try to get more aggressive on the pricing.

    But it seems like with the pricing on the 2011s combined with the 0%/60, it doesn't make sense to deal with the extra years' depreciation anymore. They'll need to kick up the dealer engagement to push out the last of the 2010s.
  • wufpack1wufpack1 Posts: 2
    Working on a '11 CX-9 deal and the saleperson just told me there would be a $500 fee for using the 0% financing incentive. He said it is imposed by Mazda, is the same for all dealers, and he just didn't want me to be surprised in the finance office. Obviously I think this is a scam and they're just trying to add some profit in the deal. Never have I paid a fee of this sort.

    But as a sanity check, anybody else run into this or heard of it? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    There is no fee. I do think there is a $500 incentive from Mazda to the dealers that they can't use if you take the financing offer. Most dealers I spoke to indicated that the price would be $500 higher if I took the financing offer.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Not bad getting them $7500 off MSRP but I agree with you that it's not worth getting hit with the depreciation for a year old vehicle. I negotiated $7300 off MSRP back in December on a 2010 which inluded $500 Mazda loyalty without 0/60. I didn't close the deal because it wasn't worth it to me for something that was going to be a year old in a few weeks. I was shooting for $8000 off MSRP.

    I think you can do almost as well on a 2011 if you looking for the 0/60 and not taking a hit on the depreciation. I would also balk at the $500 fee they want to add that you mention in another post. Sounds like they're trying to make a little more on the deal. Good luck with your negotiations! The 2011 GT looks sharper too with those wheels.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    Isn't that the same thing though? What difference does it make if they charge you an extra $500 on the price or the "financing fee"?
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    So are most people paying about $3000 below MSRP(or invoice) with 0% financing and $500 less than that if no 0% financing? This would be on the 2011's.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    A dealer here in Orlando, FL is advertising 2011 AWD GTs with a MSRP of $40,325 and sale price of $34931. Not sure if it is with or without 0/60, but that is $5400 below MSRP. Not a bad number to begin negotiations at.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    Wow. That's like $2400 below invoice. Even with the $500 incentive and 2% holdback that is low. I don't see how that is possible. I've never seen anyone on these forums get a deal like that especially in NJ area.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Take a look back starting in Oct 2010 in this forum. A number of people have made some great deals, especially if you don't take the 0/60. The dealer is Cory Fairbanks Mazda in Orlando. Checkout their website. There may be surprises in the deal but one would have to contact them to see.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    I was looking at the more recent deals especially in the NJ area and with the 0/60 financing.
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