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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    If I were you, I would find the dealer with the largest CX9 inventory in NJ and try there first in person, phone, or Internet. Smaller dealers make their money per vehicle and larger dealers on the number of units sold.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    Thanks. I like to use Edmunds, CarsDirect,... quote requests to multiple dealers. This way I deal direct with the internet dept and can do everything by email. I get quotes from multiple dealers and then ask the dealer I want to buy the car from to beat my lowest price. Hopefully someone in the NJ area will post their soon. I would like to buy before the 5/2 end of 0/60 financing.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    That's a good plan. Post back with how things workout.
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    There isn't any difference other than how honestly the dealer presents it. The honest ones just tell you upfront that they can lower the price by $500 without the financing incentive. The dishonest ones call it a "$500 financing fee" that they stick on at the end.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    Thanks. That's what I thought.
  • tuvutuvu Posts: 1
    I have been doing lots of reading on this forum, great info. With all the research decided to go with 2011 CX-9 Touring FWD liquid silver. OTD price was $27 800 with 0% financing- I believe it was good deal, any input?
    The dealer talked me into extended warranty, and I am having mixed feelings about keeping it. It is 7 years/75K, $100 deductible per visit, Advantage Preferred from Protective Insurance for $1400. The dealer added lifetime oil change to sweeten the deal. Good price, or waste of money on after-market warranty? Anybody had experience with them? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • rhodycx9rhodycx9 Posts: 3
    Thought I would pass this along since this board has been helpful to me in the past. Just took delivery of a leftover New 2010 CX9 GT with Nav, Liftgate, and Bose/Moonroof and some other dealer installed stuff. Sticker was $39,500. Dealer discounted to $33,175 plus I got a $3000 rebate from Mazda for 2010's. So final was $30,175 not including TTL.

    I keep my cars for 5 or 6 years and figured that since the 2010 and 2011 were almost the same except for the wheel style it was worth the 25% disc. Took a little haggling to get there but I think it's a good deal. Not sure if there are any more '10 out there but worth checking the Mazda Manuf. website.
  • pina63pina63 Posts: 8
    Sounds like a good price depends on the options. Was it a demo? I was offered 28K for same but not sure if it had liftgate. It was a demo not sure how many miles on it sine I had already bought a cx-9 when the demo was offered to me.

    What state are you in?
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    Wow. How is that possible. Invoice is about $36,500 - the $3500 Manufacturer discount for 2010's = $33,000. So you got it for about $3,000 below invoice. Nice. Which dealer was it?
  • wufpack1wufpack1 Posts: 2
    Agreed. Many thanks for the feedback everyone!
  • hesserhesser Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Hi guys, wanted to comment on ElDorado Mazda in McKinney, TX. Great dealership. Great prices.
    Paid 34600 with 0% for 2011 grand touring with nav, moon roof, towing prep in crystal white. Felt like I was taken care of. Highly recommended.
  • rhodycx9rhodycx9 Posts: 3
    A couple of reasons. One, the invoice is usually not the actual price the dealer paid for the car. With hold backs and other hidden volume incentives, their cost is often lower. Second, it was a 2010 which is now a full model year old. The car had not sold in over a year. If it was around much longer, they would have had to sell it at wholesale for even less than what I paid. I have no way to know if they took a loss. But they may have taken a small loss to sell it to me, to avoid a larger loss selling it wholesale. Plus they get credit from Mazda for selling another unit which probably helps them as well.
  • rhodycx9rhodycx9 Posts: 3
    edited April 2011
    I listed the options... Nav, Bose/Moonroof, and power lift gate. Plus it had some dealer stuff like wheel locks, roof rack, and chrome bumber step. Again, sticker was $39,500.

    No, it was not a demo. I took delivery with 204mi on it.

    Deal was done at Tasca Mazda in Seekonk, MA.
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    edited April 2011
    Sounds like a good deal. I just paid $34,400 + TTL for a similar car without Nav

    By the way, was this AWD or FWD? Mine was AWD, though no roof rack.
  • Did this include the 0% financing?
  • Took delivery on a white FWD GT with Moonroof & Bose pkg, lift gate, wheel locks, roof rails, MSRP $37,105 for $33,700 with 0% financing. Seems comparable to others recent posts.
  • I just purchased the cx-9 sport, no real options on it, black cloth interior, silver paint. I paid $27,240 + tax & license, and I got the 0% for 60 months financing. The MSRP was $29,930. I was not a previous Mazda owner so I did not qualify for the $500 incentive.

    What do you guys think, did I get a good deal?
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    I'm in NJ and have gotten several quotes on a 2011 CX-9 AWD GT and Touring. So far my quotes have have ranged from $700-$1,100 below invoice on a Touring and $300-$1,100 below invoice for the GT. All of the dealers except the $1,100 below one are giving less of a discount on the GT. Is that what most are finding? There are a lot more Tourings in inventory than GT's. These prices are with the 0%/60 mo financing and no loyalty rebate.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    I just got an email from one of the dealers I got a quote from and they are giving an extra $500 Auto Show bonus off any quote previously received until 4/30. Has anyone else got this? Is it an individual dealer thing or a Mazda bonus?
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    I just checked Mazda's website and it is a regional promotion. I'm in NJ so this should be good for all dealers in the NY/NJ area. It runs from 4/20-5/2 and can be used with the 0%/60 mo financing.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    The best offer I've gotten so far is $1,100 below invoice with 0% financing for 2011 GT's. Plus I get an extra $500 Auto Show Bonus Cash bringing it to $1,600 below invoice. Does this seem like a fair price? I'm in northern NJ.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    I seems that in NJ the dealers aren't giving the great deals I see in other states. Most seem to be in the $500 below invoice area. Has anyone in NJ gotten better than this recently?
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    $1600 below invoice with the 0/60 financing is a very good price. Most of the great prices you see are for cash deals or on prior year models that dealers need to clear out. I'm estimating that your about $4700 below MSRP and getting the CX9/options that you want. You might be able to squeeze a little more if you want to push it til end of the month. The $500 auto show bonus is a nice extra.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    Just closed the deal and will pick up the car on Fri. 2011 GT AWD w/ Moonroof/Bose Pkg, Power Liftgate Pkg., and wheel locks. MSRP $38,035 Invoice $35,099. Paid $33,400 + TTL with 0%/60 mo financing and this included the $500 Auto Show bonus cash. So $1,200 under invoice + the $500 auto show bonus cash for a total of $1,700 below invoice.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Not bad at all for this time of year plus the money you'll save with the 0/60!
  • gina_egina_e Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. My question is about a Copper Mica Red 2011 CX-9 GT FWD, with Rear Entertainment System, Towing prep package, Power lift gate, roof rack, and Navigation system. MSRP is 39,410. I don't know the invoice, but my quote is for 34,898 + TTL. I've been reading all of these posts for the last few weeks, and I think this sounds okay, but you guys clearly know more than me. What do you think? Is this a good deal? I live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

    I also have an offer from a different dealership for 34,921 + TTL for a CX-9 GT FWD that is similarly equipped (no roof rack). The MRSP is 39,160 on that one and the invoice is 36,479.

    I've been thinking about getting a CX-9 for a few months now and I think my car realized it this week and has been acting up. Now I am thinking I am going to pull the trigger on getting this Cx-9 faster than I anticipated. Thanks for your advice guys, I really appreciate it.
  • agbiggsagbiggs Posts: 19
    This is off-topic, but we picked up a 2010 and had a rear DVD installed (an Alpine unit, installed by Best Buy). All told it probably cost $750 and we're very happy -- it does everything the original equipment unit does at less than half the price. Just something to think about if you don't get the price you want.
  • gina_egina_e Posts: 2
    Thanks. We have also been considering getting touring without the entertainment system and having one installed at best buy as you did. I have been looking at the different units but again have nothing to go on other than the reviews that are listed and many units have no reviews. I really appreciate your recommendation.
  • buckle1buckle1 Posts: 5
    I bought (Atlanta) the 2011 CX9 GT without the DVD as well. I had the DVD installed in the headrest. This system gives you better options anyway. Each passenger can watch what they want. I had this done through my dealer and the cost was $1400. This cost was the same as what I found outside the dealer as well.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I bought my CX-9 without the DVD system because I wanted the Bose stereo which only comes with the sunroof. The sunroof makes it very difficult to install an aftermarket DVD system correctly. My wife refused to let Best Buy put it in because it hangs down too low. I agreed because it was going to cost an extra $100 for some kind of special mount the job required. So, I've got a $700 JVC DVD system sitting in my closet.

    Bottomline: make sure you can get the DVD system installed before you buy it.
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