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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kworstkworst Posts: 5
    Just wanted to share my recent purchase. Think I did ok but would like any comments. I leased the 2011 Black on Black Grand Touring AWD with Navigation, Moonroof and Bose, and Power lift packages(fully loaded) MSRP 40100 for 35772 cap cost. Lease is $458 with $1690 down at signing. for a 42 month lease with 12 K a year Around $1600 below invoice. How did I do?
  • hellisanhellisan Posts: 2
    Got a CX9 Touring with power liftgate, moonroof/bose, keyless entry and start, power open/close lift gate. MSRP 36,202.

    I paid 36,000 for out the door price which included tax and all that other crap comes with purchasing a car.

    Good or bad??
  • mb_njmb_nj Posts: 1
    Which dealership did you use? I am ready to buy a CX-9 Black/Black with similar config. as yours.

  • kworstkworst Posts: 5
    Danbury Mazda but got the same pricing from Stamford Mazda. White Plains mazda was close as well
  • hellisanhellisan Posts: 2
    Wayne Mazda
  • pearliegirlpearliegirl Posts: 38
    edited May 2011
    In Mass. I've been offered $36,000 for a Grand Touring AWD with Navigation and Entertainment. How does this sound, good deal?
  • nprseekernprseeker Posts: 5
    I am looking at a Pre-owned 2010 CX-9 AWD Touring Black on Black with 23000 miles for $25,700. This AWD CX-9 was a rental in Colorado. I haven't really negotiated on the price yet. The dealer had it listed for $29,775 and during our second visit came down to $25,700. I have a trade on which I maybe getting $500 less than what I should be. The vehicle looks reasonably clean and drives OK. The car-fax didn't pull up any damage reports either.
    Is buying an ex-rental a good idea for that price. what would a good price be given the circumstances.
    We live in the deep south and don't really need the AWD feature. How much does that effect the gas mileage.
    Any suggestions would be a great help
  • pina63pina63 Posts: 8
    In December 2010 in NJ I paid $18,000 plus my trade-in for a 2010 AWD blk/blk CX-9 GT, 23,400 miles, rental fleet vehicle. Got a better than avg price on my trade-in, $6,000 for a 10 yr old Lexus. Total = $24,000 + TTL. Final price included a $500 loyalty rebate since I already own a Mazda.

    First offer was $25,750 then got them to $24,000.

    No issues except relatively high mileage for a 2010, and when you resell, a rental car may be less desirable to potential buyers.
  • black_black_ Posts: 2
    Got a online/phone quote (before TTL) of 34,591 but no 0% financing. If I want 0% financing the dealer said the cost goes up by 1000 to 35,591. Got another quote for 35,991 (0% financing) and has roof rails & Cargo net extra.

    Are these good deals? What would you guys do? Thanks!
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Incentives often vary by region, but here in Atlanta, Edmunds shows the following offers-

    (Manufacturer to Customer Cash)
    $500 Mazda APR Cash- available to customers who finance thru Mazda’s captive lender.

    (Special Financing offers)
    0% APR for 60 months- must be financed thru manufacturer’s captive finance company.

    (Manufacturer to Dealer Cash- aka ‘Marketing Support’)

    $1000 Dealer Cash- Dealer Engagement program may only be combined with standard Mazda Capital Services or non-Mazda Capital Service leasing or retail contracts.

    $500 Dealer Bonus Cash- Dealer Bonus Cash is available towards leasing or retail purchases. May be combined with other available incentives.

    “Clear as MUD”, as my grandpa used to say! =) But none of the incentives specifically state that they CAN NOT be combined with the 0% APR. Usually, if a cash incentive can’t be combined with a special finance deal, it will state so.

    Here's the link to 'Incentives and Rebates' listings here on Edmunds-

    Just enter your zip code, choose Mazda, 2011 CX-9, then Grand Touring AWD to verify the incentives available in your area.

    I also checked to see their best price for a 2011 CX-9 Grand Touring, AWD, Bose/Moonroof, Power Liftgate and Navigation- MSRP- $39,650, Best Local Price- $34,898. It is factoring in a $1000 cash to dealer incentive in that sale price. So $35,591 with 0% financing sounds pretty darn good. It’s a good deal as it stands, but you might be able to haggle them down a little more. I would probably offer to meet in the middle @ $35,091 ($500 off), but it may not be worth the trouble for just $500…it’s up to you.

    In any case, the 0% financing is an AWESOME deal! With a 10% down payment, financed at the average market rate for a 60-month loan (6.99% according to Edmunds and Bankrate), you would end up paying $6450 in interest over the life of the loan! So the amount you will save is HUGE with 0%- it reduces your payment by more than $100! =)

    Don’t let them try to temp you with the 2.9% APR for 72-months loan, which is the other ‘special financing’ offer. While 2.9% doesn’t sound like very much, over the life of a $35k loan it adds up to $3300+ in interest! Adding insult to injury, it only reduces the monthly payment by about $53 compared to 0% for 60 months!

    As for choosing between the two offers, do you want/need the roof rails? You’ll be paying $400 more for roof rails and a cargo net, but you can easily get a cargo net on any model if you want one. Are they the same interior and/or exterior color? Just out of curiosity, what color(s) are you considering? My personal favorite is the Dolphin Gray with Sand interior…with Stormy Blue with Sand coming in a very close 2nd!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • black_black_ Posts: 2
    First, thanks a lot for such a detailed reply. After I sent this post last night I realized that I did not check the inventory of all the local dealers to see which dealers have multiple CX-9 GT AWD and would be motivated to sell. I found one dealer that I had not requested a quote so just shot an email out asking for a quote and told that I plan to buy the vehicle in a day or two.

    Got a call at 10 am from the sales person and his quote was around the ball park of the previous quotes but he did not say I have to pay more for 0%. Since I was in the neighborhood and he agreed that he will work with me if I came in person I told him I will stop by first before going to the other dealer. I told him clearly what my priorities were and was able to get a good OTD price before any serious negotiations. Was able to get it down a little more and got the price (before TTL) to $34,685 with all incentives & 0% financing.

    Normally I would have gone to the other dealers who quoted me the earlier prices (as originally planned), but since their OTD numbers was significantly higher ($1150 to $1600) I decided to give my business to the person who gave me the best OTD quote over the phone/email and agreed to work with me (and actually did) if I come in person. So I went ahead and bought the Copper Red Mica (Sand Interior) GT AWD with the Nav/MoonroofBose/PowerLiftgate package. Our other car is a similar blue and my 1 year old loves red color so we decided to go with it. Dolphin Gray did not appeal to us but I think it is an interesting & unique color by Mazda.

    I think this is a decent deal what do you all think?
  • tigger5753tigger5753 Posts: 43
    Great deal - better than what I got. Walked in on 5/31 late afternoon for a GT AWD, Moonroof, Bose, NAV, Power Liftgate, Remote Start. MSRP = 40,150 and they offered 36,553. I got it down to 36,000 and did a 3 year/36k lease. All the numbers coincided with car_man's lease rates.

    However, I see that there was also up to $1500 Mfg to dealer cash in June which I could have used if I waited...
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    edited June 2011
    Those are pretty much inline with what we have in the North East.

    When you take the 0% financing, you get an additional $500 customer cash rebate.

    If you elect to pay cash, the dealer can offer you the $1,000 dealer engagement cash, but, they do not have to since it is not a public offer.

    Mazda clearly states to the dealer body that you CANNOT combine dealer engagement cash with any lease or finance offers by Mazda Capital Services.

    The only incentive that can be combined with all offers is the owner loyalty incentive of $500.
  • drsjazdrsjaz Posts: 1
    I just got an offer to pay $34850 for 2011 GT Black EXT, Black INT, Nav and Moonroof, after all rebates with 0% Financing for 60 months. Is it a good, avearge or expensive deal?
  • I just paid 35K (less ttl) for GT AWD Moonroof, Bose, Powergate, Backup cam, leather, heated seats, etc., etc. no NAV with 0% over 60 mos.

    The dealer had a bunch of 9's on the lot, FWIW.
  • pukara99pukara99 Posts: 1
    Best offer I've received on a 2011 Grand Touring AWD (with the following options: MoonRoof/Bose pkg, NAV, Pwr LiftGate, All Weather Mats, Splash Guards, Roof Rails, Wheel Locks) is: $35,750 + TTL. MSRP is: $40,240 and Invoice (according to Edmunds) is: $36,963.

    This is for 0% financing. Any input on this deal? Good...Bad?

    All help is appreciated.
  • allan20allan20 Posts: 4
    Hi, I am being offered a 2011 Touring with roof racks, towing package, moonroof+bose, back up camera, leather, automatic tailgate for $30,999 - $34,100 out-the-door. I would be taking advantage of a 0% financing. Can anyone attest if this is a good deal?
  • Thanks to all previous posters for helping me in my recent purchaseof a 2011 CX9 AWD Touring. After lots of research I closed on the following:

    Vehicle price: $31,200, w/ moon/Bose, powerlift gate + $200 doc fee + TTL. Although I live in NC, I had to go to Maryland to get an AWD. No dealers in either NC or SC had a Touring AWD and I didn't want to pay extra for GT trims thaht were available.

    I searched for along time and knew what the price points were. Most dealers in NC were going to change me around $33,000 to get comparable vehicle. Since I was going to DC for business anyway, I checked up that way and after dickering with lots of dealers (most of whom wanted around $33K with a low value on my trade in (2010 Mazda 3 Sport) I found one who was a dream. Three email offers, two phone calls for trade in details. was all it took. I showed up at dealership and there were no games at all. Same price as we agreed on for CX9 and for my sight unseen trade in. Very happy.
  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101
    edited August 2011
    Hi, Here is mine report.
    2011 CX 9 touring AWD.
    Moonroof/Bose Pkg, 6CDW/Display Audio Pkg, Power Lift Pkg.
    All-weather floor mats, Roof Rack, Remote Starter,Wheel locks.
    Price $32300 before TTL. Massachusetts.
  • We've been discharged from Ch 7 Bankruptcy about 2 yrs ago and are now ready to purchase a new car after some an improvement in my credit score and saving over $5k for down pmt. Anybody been in a similar situation? Just wanted to know how you were treated by the dealership, was it difficult, what kind of deals/rate did you receive for your new purchase and any other advice. Thanks so much! Going to wait for December to hopefully get the best deal for the 2011 CX-9.
  • danallandanallan Posts: 32
    2011 CX9 Sport, Power driver seat, mats.

    The hail damage is 4 small dents that I can live with. Offered to me @$24990 before I countered. A/C wasn't working that well though. That scared me from pulling the trigger. Any help on this? What kind of discount does hail damage represent? The MSRP was $30k for this vehicle.

    Yes its hot where I live, but a brand new car should cool down after 10 minutes of driving.

    Sure could use some feedback...thanks.
  • rana4rana4 Posts: 1
    Did the $31200 price include all fees and taxes (not sure it is the case based on your post)? Did you pay the price in full or did you do financing or leasing? Also, would you be able to share dealership name? We are looking at the exact same car. thanks!
  • danallandanallan Posts: 32
    The MSRP is $30,400 give or take a few dollars. Lic, taxes, etc are all extra. They have 0% for 60 months....I could pay cash but why would I? If I don't buy it, I'll let you know Tuesday morning who the dealer is.

    Same thing at a near=by dealer for just under $26k. but no hail damage.
  • may I ask what dealership?
  • danallandanallan Posts: 32
    not yet....I'm having it for the day today....I will tell you as soon as I make up my mind one way or the other.
  • dsc888dsc888 Posts: 6
    Hey Folks,

    I just took home a 2011 White Pearl Mica CX-9 AWD with NAV/Bose/Sirius, Power Lift Gate, Remote Start, All Season Mats, Roof Rails, and Wheel Locks.

    MSRP was $40, 600 including destination
    Final Price was $35,800 before TTL so $4800 off MSRP and 0% for 60 months with no payments for 90 days.

    I traded a 6 month old 2011 Subaru Outback which was too small for my growing family. I got $28,000 for it although it took me threatening to leave 3 times and listening to them tell me how it was only worth $26,000.

    The interest free loan really sealed the deal for me. It essentially made up for the depreciation on my trade. My wife and I tried the same dealership back in February and they only offered $2,000 off MSRP with 2.9% for 60 months.

    I think we did OK. The Outback was almost a rental. BTW, this is in eastern Massachuestts.
  • danallandanallan Posts: 32
    It was at Eldorado Mazda in McKinney, TX. They were looking into the A/C which wasn't working as well as it should have and they were going to call when they were done with it. In the meantime, they sold it to someone else who either didn't care that the A/C wasn't working well on a $30k vehicle or they didn't tell them. Either way, not good business ethics in my opinion.

    It is like saying I'll take you on a date but change my mind when something better comes along.

    I will not buy from them that is for sure.
  • bd75bd75 Posts: 1
    We just picked up a 2011 CX-9 Touring AWD in Crystal Pearl White Mica, with the Bose/Moonroof and Keyless/Liftgate packages.

    Paid 32,534, got $8500 trade-in on a 2005 Saab 92X Linear with 59k miles and a cracked windshield.
  • The basic price was $31,200. To that they added a $200 doc/admin fee. I then had to pay for NC sales taxes, title and licence but no other fees or charges. I also was able to get the zero down, zero interest and no payment for 90 days financing in this deal. This was at Sheehy Mazda in MD. I will be glad to give you more info if it helps you. Good luck , It is not easy to get CX9 AWD tourings.
  • Received two quotes: CX9 GT AWD lift gate, bose/moonroof. MRSP 37985; net down to 34095. Second quote on similar model with navigation MSRP 39650, Invoice 36491, Rebates 1200 Net 35291. Seems like there is more room to go below invoice before the rebates? Is that true?
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