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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Trying to decide if this is a good deal:

    2011 GT FWD w/ moonroof + power liftgate - demo vehicle with 14,000 miles - $31,000 OTD price

    Thoughts appreciated!
  • I paid in cash. I got the below for $36,000 OTD

    2012 Touring AWD +Moonroof bose powerliftgate. + roof rails+allwhether mats.

    Car price $32,500 +TTL. Did I get robbed?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    That's not a demo. That's a used car. Mazda does not permit a car to be sold as a "demo" if it has over 5,000 miles on it.

    What is the sale price before tax, reg and fees?
  • Just bought a new 2011 CX-9 Sport in cosmic blue with power/heated front seats; paid $28,700 OTD WITH the 60 mos. 0% financing. Total price including tax, title and tag.

    I even splurged for the extended warranty for $1,380 but with he 0% I figured what the heck. It's the first time I've ever bought an extended warranty on a car but now we have 6 years bumper to bumper.
  • That may be a fair price for 2012 model. 2011 model has $2500 dealer incentive.
  • Hi Dandy,

    Did you close your deal? where did you pick it from? I am looking for a similar config and it would be great help if you can share the sale info.

  • Hi Raghu,

    Yes I closed the deal last Friday and am enjoying the great CX-9. I love teh car. I got it from University Mazda in North Seattle. Ask for the salesperson named Frank. Very courteous and no games.
    Altough $32500 is a Great price according to KBB, Below price then Fair purchase price as shown on Edmunds and True, I think you should try to Get it down to $32,000 + OTD. Quote 31,900.
    All teh best with your purchase and let me know what price you get. Thx.
  • aptomaptom Posts: 6
    CX-9 GT AWD, Nav, RES, roof rails: $35,050 before taxes and plates. Incentive at the time was $2,000, which has since risen.
  • Lots of great info here!

    I am going to be starting negotiations between a few dealer today. I am looking at 2011 GT AWD with Nav and Bose.

    Can someone please eLaborate on the current dealer incentives?

    What should I be shooting for as far as OTD pricing?

    I live in Southern California if that makes a difference.
  • You're absolutely right and I should have said - they are selling it as a certified pre-owned. It's only ever been titled to Mazda though. Sale price (I can't remember exactly, as I wanted OTD prices) is about $29,400. With tax/tag/fees, total is 31k.
  • Looking for the best price on a 2011 CX9 Touring with Bose, moonroof, backup cam and powerlift. Found a demo with few miles and paint defect that needs to be repaired prior to purchase. Is it possible to get this for $30,000 OTD in NE Ohio. I'm bringing a trade in valued kbb at $4,500 and going for $9,000 in my area. Planning to put $5,000 down, but need the 0% financing. Am I dreaming folks or is this deal possible with the dealer incentives through Nov. Help.
  • FWD or AWD ????

    Either way why would you want a used car when you can get a new, unspoiled one for nearly the same price, better warranty and not subject a quick, maybe crappy paint fix? Do you really want to spend that kind of money to start off with problems?

    Find another stealership to deal with. You'll find PLENTY of unsold leftovers around.
  • AWD. It is a new vehicle. Even as a demo with 5 miles on it.

    Paint ripple looks minor in a space the size of a quarter and they have to repair it as it is a new vehicle purchase. I think being that it is a demo I could get it off the lot at that price. So still not a good deal?

    Do you know if the 30,000 OTD with 0% 60 mos is possible on this model with the options I listed? Wondering if anyone else is getting a deal like this.
  • 2011 GT AWD, Bose/Moonroof, 6 disc with Display package, Power Liftgate, Rear View Camera, etc.

    Planning to pick this car up Saturday.

    MSRP: 37985
    INVOICE: 35059

    Quote: 33599 (Less TTL) w/ 0% for 60 months

    That's a good deal right?
  • pj2011pj2011 Posts: 3
    edited November 2011
    Been shopping around for a CX-9 Touring AWD with Bose/moonroof/power liftgate, most likely a 2012 due to what I've found in the area, and am seeing quotes around $32.5K including title/tags/doc/destination but before tax at the low end (MSRP is $36,362.00). This is in IL, and seems like a decent price compared to some other dealer quotes that were a bit higher and didn't answer all my questions, etc.

    I've seen a few lists showing Mazda holdback to be anywhere between 1-2%, but does anyone know what % is most accurate, just to get an idea for a fair offer?

    One thing all dealers mentioned, is that if I wanted to use Mazda's current 0% up to 60 month financing on the 2012, I have to add anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 to the cash price quote depending on the dealer. I'm guessing this might have to do with the factory to dealer incentive of $1,000 (?), but it seems like an odd thing to add for using the financing incentive. Has anyone else been told this to use the 0%? They said it would also apply for the 2011 model.

    Anyway, if the invoice price for this car with options is $32,750 according to Edmunds, and subtracting the $1,000 factory to dealer incentive and possibly $727 (2%?) or so in holdback, the quote I received of around $32.5K including all fees and before taxes seems fair for both sides - any opinions on whether negotiating further would be unreasonable? Thanks for any info or opinions. Not sure if I should wait until the holidays and see if incentives are increased or there might be some better deals for the 2012 CX-9.
  • Yes, I have heard same thing. Getting quotes for 30,800 plus TTT on 2011 touring AWD with Bose, powerlifting package.

    Seems if you want the 0% you must tack on about $2,000.
    I think that is ridiculous. I'm in the process of shopping around for my own rate. If I can get close to that 0% on my own it would be better getting the lower price on the vehicle.

    Side note. The guy quoted around $33,000 for the 2012 GT fully loaded OTD if I remember correctly is getting an excellent deal from what I've read and heard. I am looking for just as awesome a deal on one less snazzy. Didn't like the Nav on this car so could care less to pay $2,000 for it. Good luck.
  • Just bought a 2011 Touring AWD with options giving a MSRP of 36,800. The Mazda incentive is $2000 rebate, OR 0% financing for 60 months plus $500 rebate. Thus, if you choose the free financing, there is $1500 less in rebate money to apply to reduce the purchase price. I paid $32,400 with the 0%, and would have gotten the vehicle for $30,900 if I had paid cash or used alternative financing. Push hard on the 2011s; you will get them for at least $2000 less than the 2012s.
  • pj2011. If you are in northern IL, try Liberty Mazda in Libertyville. They were the lowest of the 5-6 dealers I worked with on the internet (although I bought in Wisconsin as it turns out).
  • Just wanting to share our trade-up on 10/28 with you guys.

    Quoted $35488 cash or $36488 with 1.9% for a 2012 GT with moonroof/Bose, liftgate, navigation and roof rack, MSRP $40150, before $500 loyalty cash. Traded in our 2008 CX9 Touring for $21000. So, $35988 + fees and registration less $21000 OTD. This was not the best deal I've seen here but seemed to be reasonable for a 2012.

    Didn't want the navigation; however, couldn't find any GT locally without it, a $1600 crap. Like the HID very much. The new Bose audio is boomy and lack of clarity compared to the old 2008. Had to drop 3 steps down in bass to make it acceptable; otherwise, gave us headache.

    Too bad the promotion rate dropped to 0% starting this month 4 days after we picked up our new CX9.
  • bolidobolido Posts: 4
    edited November 2011
    Looking to buy a 2011 CX-9 this weekend. Got a quote for a 2011 Grand Touring with no options for $28500+TTL. Does that sounds like a good deal? MSRP is $33940
  • If I may ask. Where did you get this deal? I am looking for same vehicle at that price. Dealer name, city and state.

    This is a 2011 AWD Touring with leather, Bose, moonroof and powerlift?

    The 31,500 OTD did not include 0% financing, correct?

    Thank you for your help.
  • What standard options are included on GT for that price? Is that price offered with 0% finance special?

    Sounds like an excellent price to me. I've been researching the hell out of the Touring with bose, moonroof, powerlift and the standard price seems to be $30,500 + TTT. The added options would be about $4,000 more for the GT. These are prices without finance incentive. Therefore I say you have a good deal. I've only seen the base sport come in at a price like that, but I'm no expert.
  • For GT that sounds good. I'm getting quotes $32,000 +TTT on a Touring. MSRP is $36,112 on the vehicle though and 0% finance special as well. Most GT msrp were $39,000 to over $40,000 in my area.
  • Its a base GT with no extra options. $28500 includes the $2K incentive which cannot be combined with the 0% APR. If you want 0% APR you need to add $1500 to the price (0% includes $500 bonus cash). On avg a 2011 is close to $2000 less than a 2012 because of the current incentives.
  • Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely get a quote from them and compare. It wouldn't be too far away if the price is right. I'd say Wisconsin wouldn't be out of the question either, for the same reason. Maybe I'll shop around a bit more.
  • I thought it was odd about the 0%, but some of the other replies make sense as to why. I think that would be a huge deal to get a GT for $33,000 out the door. Not in a hurry to buy, so that makes it easier to wait a bit and maybe get a better price. Thanks for the reply.
  • Picked up my 2011 Grand Touring CX-9 with only 4 miles on the odo this afternoon. got the price down to $28K!! Great deal I think!
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    "Picked up my 2011 Grand Touring CX-9 with only 4 miles on the odo this afternoon. got the price down to $28K!! Great deal I think!"

    Even for a FWD Grand Touring with no options, $28k is a killer deal!!!

    Just last weekend, I helped my neighbors negotiate the purchase of a 2011 CX-9 Touring FWD (with Bose/Moonroof & Power Liftgate). It stickered for $34,9xx and they initially wouldn't go below $29,500. I finally got them down to $28,300 (plus tax, tag & title). I also got them to include the Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror with Rear-View Camera Display at the negotiated price, but retail on it is $665.

    So far, they are loving it. It replaced a 2008 Lexus RX350 that they just turned in at the end of a 3-year lease. They actually like the Mazda better than the Lexus! =)

    BTW, what color is your GT? My neighbors wanted Dolphin Gray with Sand Leather, but all of the Dolphin Gray models in Atlanta had Black Leather instead. They ended up going with Stormy Blue and Sand Leather.
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • Drove quite a ways to buy a GT AWD with Bose/Moonroof and Powerliftgate (no NAV). After the vehicle was detailed there were some scratches from shipping that would not buff out.

    After a lot of negotiation and some serious stressing, we ended up in
    a 2011 GT AWD with NAV, Powerliftgate, and RES.

    Sticker price was $40,650

    Paid $34,250 (less TTL) with 0% for 60 months.

    Also was able to add a MEPP extended warranty (72 month, 75k) for $1200.
  • iatrogenicxiatrogenicx Posts: 6
    edited November 2011
    Looking to get a 2011 CX-9 Touring with Bose/moonroof and power liftgate. Is anyone finding offers in the NY metro area like the $30,500 or $30,800 posted here? Thanks!
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