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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You got a great deal for your neighbor too! I also considered a Touring with Bose/Sunroof mainly for the backup camera (wife's requirement) as I know the MSRP is almost identical to a base GT. Ended up with the GT as I don't care for audio and sunroof. Power Tailgate is useful, but I would basically be paying $2K more for the stupid backup camera if I had chosen the Touring. I got the Stormy blue with black leather. I wasn't too sure on the Blue but it looks great under the sun.
  • kvsnaidukvsnaidu Posts: 4
    edited November 2011
    I am going to buy an executive demo fully loaded CX-9 GT AWD (Nav, Bose, rear entertainment) with 2800 miles on it for $34250 (without taxes).

    Is this a good deal ? Should I bargain further ?
  • That's the best price I found for a GT 2011, but I would think they would come down on a demo. It's only worth negotiating down if you can walk away, but if this vehicle is the right color outside and in with all the options you want take it! There aren't a lot of 2011s left and the dealer may have a slight advantage since this is a very popular vehicle with great promotions this month. Make sure you get 0% for up to 60 or if paying cash get them to come down. It does make a difference if you are doing a trade in so look at all ways they can give you a better deal. Hope this helps. For what it's worth its my 2 cents.
  • I think that is a very high price considering the '12's are out, it's considered a year old USED car driven by a bunch of different drivers. Last year's left overs, similarly equipped, with '0' miles were going for 32500 (listed for $40K) by this time of year.
  • Picked up a 2011 Touring CX-9 Bose Moonroof power liftgate for $30,500 +TTT in NYC Metro area. I considered waiting to see what December incentives would be but 2011 CX-9 Tourings with the options and color I want are dwindling in supply in my area. Wish I was better at haggling to get a better price but I'm fairly satisfied. Zoom Zoom Zoom :)
  • I paid that with 0% for a brand new one. Definately get a better deal.

    Mine had same options.
  • VA / Mid Atlantic Area after emailing / negotiating with ~25 dealers

    2011 Mazda CX9 Touring AWD
    Liquid Silver w/black interior
    Carpet floor mats
    Roof Rack
    Moonroof wind deflector
    6CD w/display audio Pkg (includes rear-view camera)
    Power Liftgate Pkg
    Moonroof/Bose Pkg
    MSRP $36,362.00
    OTD including TT+Fees = $31,815.29
  • That's a really good deal, especially compared to what I'm finding around here. Congrats.
  • Incredible! I just received a 31,700 otd quote on a 2011 cx-9 touring with lift gate and moonroof/bose. A ridiculously high number for a 2011 IMO. Shooting for under 30k OTD.
  • Bought 2012 CX9 Tourting with Tech Pack(Boss , Moonroof, backup cam,powerlift) for 30300. 0%APR. On road it cost me 33600. Its from FL. I have a feeling I might have paid 800 more.
    I guess the 2011 may be around 2K less. Going to buy a GT for a friend will post abt it later.
    Basics (Zoooom Zoooom)
  • Quoted 32k OTD for a 2011 GT with moonroof/bose and power liftgate w/ own financing or 34k OTD with 0% (comes to same monthly payment..). Good deal?
  • We are looking to buy a 2011 FWD Touring with the Moonroof/ Bose and the Powerlift gate. We were quoted $34035 TOD with the 0% for 60 months financing. Does this sound reasonable for our area? It seems high based on what others are posting here.
  • msjbmsjb Posts: 4
    Has anyone out there decided on the Mazda over the Acura, and why? I have yet to test drive the CX-9, (Sat in one at the auto show) but for the price, amenities, and a lot less dealer negotiating hassle, I'm thinking of switching (Back to) Mazda. Have owned Rx-7, 626, Millennia, then changed to an MDX when kids started to grow. MDX have great re-sale, but priced really high in NW area, with no flexibility on new or used. Appreciate any comments.
  • I was in the same dilemma before I bought my CX-9. At the end, I ended up paying 10K less for an equivalent packaged car, but my CX-9 had some extra that the MDX-tech package did not have. Also space in the 3rd Row is much better in the CX-9. If you are not worried about "downgrading" to a non luxury package, its a no brainer.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,301
    You might try asking that question, here:

    Acura MDX vs Mazda CX-9



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  • I had got offers like 28K, 28600 for 2011 with tech pack and 0% APR. You may add the tax,dealer cost and tag fee to get the out the door price. I think the good deal should be between 31k - 32k (out the door) with 0% APR
  • Thanks for your message. Its very helpful. Two questions for you:

    1- What is RES?

    2- The 34,250 included the title and registration? What was the actual price for the vehicle.

    We're looking to buy this week and would love to go in armed with that information. By the way, what is your general geography. We're in the North East.

  • got an email from Koeppel Mazda with ads for employee pricing: 2011 Mazda Sport $22971. These guys did not want to give me a decent deal on a 2011 Touring unless I did a 0% Mazda financing so I went with another NYC Mazda dealer. Not sure if this is a great deal since I was looking only at Tourings but this price seems low.
  • Who did you buy from in NYC metro? What was Koeppel's employee pricing deal?
  • Got a deal for my friend 34,500 without tag, tax and fees but with 0% APR for a 2012 GT with boss,moonroof,nav and liftgate. Was that a good deal? OTD it was about 37800.
  • RES is the rear entertainment system.

    That price was before TTL but with the 0%
  • Where in FL. I am looking for one in fl, with a RES and an AWD. i am finding it difficult to find a 2011 AWD
  • The 2012 have been out for several months and not many dealers will bring an AWD CX9 to FL.
  • what would be the out the door price for a 2012 AWD fully loaded in fl
  • Karthi, mlevinedc3 is right. You may not find many AWD in FL. By the way I can give you some figures that might help you. FWD CX9 GT with moonroof,boss etc without RES - Miami 34600(but their fee is 200 up). Coconut Creek-34,900, Tampa-34,900. All figures are with 0% APR without TTT. RES will cost you little abouve 1000 (on roof LCD). If you want the behind the headsets(2 individual LCDs- I dont like though) will be about 1700.

    The best deal would be anything under 34K
  • Thank you cx9iscloud9. Only 2 AWD in all of 500m radius from miami. !!-((
    Does the AWD that bad. ??

    35900 for CX9 GT with RES ...

    Whats TTT.

    0% is the only one other than a nice SUV pushing towards this. If there is very little 2012 AWD, then what would be a 2011 GT cost with RES - 2K less than 2012?
  • TTT refers to the OutTheDoorPrice - PriceOfCar. Tax,Tag and Dealer fee.
    For a 34500 car TTT would be like, Tax = 2129,Tag=450(for a new tag otherwise 200 approx), Dealer Fee=795. Once you enter into the finance dpt expect about $200 for something called a stamp fee(i guess). Do not subscribe to any package they offer(GAP insurance,Extended Warrenty, blah blah ).

    I haven't confirmed but thats the impression I got speaking with dealers about 2011. A 2K less. Look, I could'nt find a 2012 Touring with tech pack under 30K (0%APR) but I was offered 28K for the same car of 2011 model.

    Yes, sure its a nice SUV. But one thing you might want to know in advance; the Boss is not something you would be boasting about your CX9.
  • After negotiations, we came to an agreed $31,000 OTD on a new 2011 CX9 FWD Touring with the Tech Package. However, they sprang a surprise at the very end that the car was actually demo car with 4000+ miles on it already. The dealership went on the "still new car" angle, only driven by dealership sales people for markerting purposes. Did not appreciate that!!!
    My final offer for $29,500 OTD was rejected and I walked out.

    Any thoughts about demo cars? Is 4000+ miles still considered a "new car"?? It is almost like a certified used car at this point IMHO.....
  • Pulled the trigger on 2012 AWD touring w/ power lift, moon roof, bose, rails & remote start with Walkers Mazda (Renton), got it for under 34K + TTL took the 0% and the 90 days. The internet manager is willing to deal and took good care of us only thing worth mentioning when negotiating make sure to tell him to have the rails installed. ;) Zoom Zoom Zoom..
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