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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ak1900ak1900 Posts: 3
    Hi There,

    Just to let you know the final numbers..Here is the deal I got.
    Let me know if that is OK ?

    2012 CX-9 Grand Touring AWD
    Rear seat Entertainment Package
    Navigation Package
    GT Power Liftgate Package
    Rear Step Plate

    $34,250 + Taxes + $300 (doc prep) + $150 (Regn)

    They offered me CNA extended warranty (10Y/120K) for
    $1732. Is that a good price ? It is called Factory Wrap Plus
    warranty and covers most of the items. $100 deductible.
    Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  • sbaleasbalea Posts: 5
    If the car is ok, (brand new, no test driver / demo vehicle, no issues with it, etc) then take it, it's a great deal. About the warranty, not sure, you might want to shop around.
  • steve439steve439 Posts: 14
    The lowest quote I have gotten so far for a 2012 CX-9 AWD Touring with no other options is $28,787 plus tax and DMV. Is this a good price? Does anyone know a place in New Jersey where I can get better?
  • steve439steve439 Posts: 14
    Researching the incentives it states dealer to manufacturer $1750 and 0% financing with $1000 off. It seems from the Edmunds incentives that these can be combined. The dealer insists that it is one or the other. Does anyone know the truth?
  • 2012 CX-9 AWD Touring for $28,787 is better than any price that I have found so far in New Jersey. Which incentives does this include? Are you taking the 0% financing? Which dealer quoted this price?
  • I was told by the dealer I visited is the incentive is $1000 dealer cash and 0% financing or an additional $750 dealer cash. You cannot combine the financing and $750 incentive.
  • mytangomytango Posts: 1
    Where in NJ is this dealership?
  • It is Hamilton Mazda in Hamilton NJ.
  • dman127dman127 Posts: 2
    Currently looking at the AWD Touring, with Liftgate & Bose/Moomroof options and without.

    Getting prices roughky $600 below MSRP. Not use the Mazda Loyalty or Trade rebates.

    My question is:
    Is anyone getting $6000 off MSRP AND 0% financing? I am being told that it would be $4000 off if I want the 0% offer.

    Thanks for your help!
  • steve439steve439 Posts: 14
    edited August 2012
    I found very good pricing through Also if you buy in New York the dealer doc preparation fee is maximum of $75 by state law where New Jersey dealers usually charge anywhere from $300 to $400.

    Does anyone know if Mazda usually comes out with additional incentives over Labor Day week-end?
  • tculltcull Posts: 6
    Looking to purchase a 2012 GT AWD in Mass. Options include moonroof package, power liftgate, towing, roof racks etc. that brings the list to around $39,600. Black on black.

    I am wondering what a good price to pay for this would be? Also how would the price differ with and w/o the 0% financing?

    Thanks much in advance for your thoughts.
  • When I researched the CX9 last year, a CT dealer said he could drop whatever price we negotiated by $1000 for NOT taking the 0% financing. I did not buy one due to the complaints about the poor GPS system used by Ford and Mazda. I wonder if that has changed for 2012/13
  • 600 below MSRP or $6000 ??? Your post is confusing.

    It looks like the target is $6500 below MSRP for a fully loaded '12 AWD
  • tculltcull Posts: 6
    Thanks - that sounds about right.
  • dman127dman127 Posts: 2
    Bad typing. $6000 off sticker.
    Is anyone getting that and 0 percent?
  • steve439steve439 Posts: 14
    I know Mazda just increased their manufacturer to dealer incentives. Does anyone know if they will be coming out with additional incentives for Labor Day week-end?
  • I don't think anyone will know until the August sales month has closed. Mazda may increase the incentives if there is large inventory of 2012 CX 9 vehicles left to be sold.
  • Have an offer from a dealer for a 2012 Touring AWD w/ Bose/Moonroof, Power Liftgate, hitch, roof rails, MSRP is $36592, sell offer $31929 + TTL. Good deal or not in Colorado?
  • It is a fairly good price if it includes the 0% 60 month financing and not a current Mazda owner. Otherwise you should be able to do better.
  • scootercx9scootercx9 Posts: 5
    edited August 2012
    It is a lease offer, and I will be turning my existing CX-9 lease in. How much off MSRP should I be able to negotiate with a lease and the Mazda incentives?
  • I know if you don't take the 0% 60 month financing, then you get an additional $750 dealer cash. Current Mazda owners (not sure if you are a Mazda owner since you lease) qualify for an adiitional $500 dealer cash.

    I bought a 2012 AWD Touring without the Bose package and automatic lift gate. I didn't take the financing and not a current Mazda owner. I got $5920 off list price. You should be able to get a similar deal.
  • All 3 offers I have are invoice price less rebates, so about $5,300 off. Probably about the best I am going to do around here. Wonder if things will get better for us after Labor Day...?
  • I'm in the Berkshires but go to Boston weekly. I was looking at Quirk Mazda in Quincy (dealerrater has them the #1 dealer in MA). Their online "special" for the Touring AWD is $7463 off with a price of $29,999 and 0% financing. That seems pretty good to me. I'm torn between this car and a volvo but the price on these is really attractive and although I loved my Volvo I also spent a LOT of money on repairs. Oh, and Quirk seems to have a huge stock of CX-9's so I'm wondering if the price for Labor Day will be even better or should I just by one now while there's a good choice.
  • Yep, I bought today, picking it up next week after they put the hitch in and tint the windows. I'm happy with my price and got 2 other dealers to finally get that low, but both were a much further drive.

    Your price sounds too low, I'd be Leary of add ons at the table...

    My dealer thinks everything will hold for Labor day, but I got the only one with my combination left in the area, so didn't want to wait any longer.
  • Yeah, I'll have to have my NYC native husband deal with the dealer. I'm terrible at this stuff. But it does seem like there's decent inventory left. Have fun with your new car!
  • That's quite a price. I was looking for the fine print like after your $3000 down or other such nonsense. I didn't see any, perhaps in microprint LOL.
  • steve439steve439 Posts: 14
    The incentives are supposed to be good through September 4. I am in New Jersey and received a quote through Buyers Edge (Truecar) of $30432 for Touring AWD with moon roof and tailgate. $6270 off msrp. It does not quite match Quirk in MA.

    I once missed out by Nissan by buying three weeks before presidents day week-end where they dropped the price $1000 for the holiday week-end. Does anyone think Mazda will do this for Labor Day week-end?
  • owweeowwee Posts: 1
    What dealer did you use in NJ? Did you use the 0% financing? So far the best I've gotten on that exact car with the 0% financing is $31632, but I'm asking them to take back my 3000 over mileage leased CX-9 too.
  • ppkkppkk Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    Hi there,

    I got the following prices for a 2012 CX-9 GT with AWD, plus Moon roof, Bose, Nav, power lift gate, Roof rail and tow hitch, total MSRP of $40,295 and I got the following quotes:

    - $34,784 paid cash (no 0% financing)
    - $36,784 with 0% financing

    Prices exlude tax and all fees. The dealer told me there is $1,000 rebate with 0% financing but $3,000 rebate without it (paid cash), hence the difference of $2K in above prices. I do not have another Mazda so I do not qualify for the loyalty program.

    Thoughts on the above prices? If there is room to move, how much should I ask for?

  • I bought my 2012 AWD Touring at Hamilton Mazda in Hamilton, NJ. They have a good inventory CX9s available.
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