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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Mike/Scooter
    you guys seem to have the best insight..
    I am going today to get m CX9

    Grand Touring AWD - Moonroof and power lift gate
    Roof rails and crossbars
    All weather floor mats
    Cargo mat
    Stainless steep rear bumper guard
    Wheel locks
    Price is at $35,419 - 0.0 financing.. I am in NJ...Can you guys let me know if this a good price? MSRP is at $39240 - not including the cross bars which are at $95 invouce
  • I think there is at least another $1000 of room to negotiate. How much is the documentation fee? This is a place where dealers make an easy profit. Are there any other fees other then the tire tax?
  • Getting it from NY dealer...doc fee is only $75 - and out of state registration for transferring plates is $241.
    You mean there is scope for $1000 negotiation with 0.0
  • ppkkppkk Posts: 3
    I would really appreciate a response on this one, I am hoping to conclude negotiations today...
  • You are being offered $3800 below MSRP. Mazda is giving $2250 cash to their dealers. If you don't take the 0% financing the dealer cash is $3000. You are not getting much of a discount.

    I think for this time of year with the Mazda incentives a reduction of $5000 off MSRP is reasonable.
  • ppkkppkk Posts: 3
    Thanks for the feedback. Are you suggesting the $5K discount off MSRP should haven been with 0% financing?

    In the end, I added a few options and bought the car for $35,474 vs. an MSRP of $41,300 which means $5,800 off list price, but I paid cash for it. I would certainly have preferred taking advantage of the 0% financing but the dealer wanted another $1,800 for that (it would have been nice to know the difference was only $750 at the time I was signing.)

    In the end, it seems I still got a decent price, but could have got 0% financing for slightly more, which I would have preferred.

  • Thanks Mike.
    One clarification.. $5000 of MSRP for 0.0% financing or not taking the financing?
    if the above for 0.0 financing, how much less for not taking 0.0 financing?
  • the local Mazda dealer here that they wouldn't get the new Sept deals until Tuesday (they're closed until then). They had 2 CX-9's left , a Touring and a GT and I drove the T as it has the power gate, leather, moonroof, Bose options I wanted but he didn't even try to sell it to me really. Said he'd have a better deal on Tuesday. (This IS the Berkshires and people are pretty laid back-no dealers are open Sunday or Monday this weekend).

    Meanwhile the best price I got through Truecar for a T (not quite sure with which options though) was $28,862 with the qualification that your "minimum Guaranteed Savings" off MSRP is $4968 so basically the $5,000 off. I'll be in Boston next week so am going to check out Quirk and Gallo in Worcester where the Truecar price came from.

    I also drove the Volvo XC60 and Ford Flex and Lincoln MKX (both for no real reason...) today. I still think the Volvo is a nicer ride but the 60 interior is way too cramped compared to the CX-9. I used to have the XC70 and that is more comfy but not sure the price difference is worth it as I can still use the third row seats in the Mazda as my boys are only 14 so I'll be carting them and their teammates around for a while yet. I'm thinking the Volvo type car needs to wait until I get rid of the kids. The Mazda guy also noted how much cheaper the Mazda is to maintain. My husband HATED my Volvo-every time it needed work it was some outrageous amount. But it did drive really nice and felt really safe but the CX-9 felt quite substantial too.

    In closing I'll note that not one single car dealer actually tried to sell me a car today. Only in the freakin Berskhires do they not have any problem letting you drive around all day and then leave.
  • If you don't take the financing I was told you would get another $750 in dealer cash. This would make it $5750 off MSRP with no financing, or $5000 with financing.
  • steve439steve439 Posts: 14
    edited September 2012
    What configuration and dealer is the $31,632 with 0%? I received $30,432 but without the 0%. This was for AWD Touring with moonroof and tailgate. I was told that the promotions read $3000 off with the 0% or $1000 off with the zero percent. This is also the way it reads on Edmunds.
  • nf9fnf9f Posts: 1
    Hello--I am looking at a 2012 CX-9 Touring AWD with these extras: 6CD with display, power liftgate package, and moonroof/6CD package. MSRP $36,842. After several negotiations they are offering it for bottom line $26,952.11 (INCLUDING $5,300 for my trade in) and 2.6% financing. I would greatly appreciate input on this final price. Thank you!
  • Hi Y'all,
    I got quoted 31,367.00 for 2012 GT CX-9 FWD with Moonroof/bose, roof rack, power lift gate. It doesnt have navigation and the price is before taxes or fees. Exterior color - Crystal White Pearl.
    What do you think about this deal at this time of year?
  • My wife and I went out last weekend to drive and compare the Mazda CX-9 GT and the Highlander Limited. While the Highlander drove nice (maybe a little smoother than the Mazda) we were not at all impressed with the interior. The seating configurations were not great and overall it seemed much smaller.

    We settled on the Mazda and I am ready to pull the trigger on a top of the line GT (still undecided if we want Nav or not). In any case with what we want for options the MSRP is around 39,500 w/o Nav and 41 with Nav. I am looking to get a good deal on this as it is end of model year etc. I believe 0% is still an option as well. My question is what would be considered a good deal for this. I would be extremely happy with 6K under MSRP and 0%. Is this unreasonable? Any comparisons or guidance would be most appreciated. I am looking to do some negotiating tonight.

  • If you didn't take the 0% financing then $6K under MSRP is reasonable. I was able to get $5920 off MSRP for a 2012 AWD Touring, but with no 0% financing. Perhaps on the GT there may be a little more room for negotiating. I was told the financing is worth $750.
  • Don't think in terms of MSRP. Go to or and figure out the invoice price of your desired configuration. From that subtract incentive prices, currently $1000 customer cashback and $3000 dealer cash. That's your starting price, and I wouldn't go much higher from there since the dealer will still make a profit from holdback, doc fees, etc, and they'll be happy to get rid of a '12 model.
  • Hi. I have a negotiated price of $33,000 for: a 2012 Mazda CX-9 (AWD) with both packages (Moonroof/Bose, Power Liftgate) plus auto-dimming mirror with compass/Homelink, remote engine start, roof rails, stainless bumper cover, all-weather floor mats, cargo mat and cargo net. This is for cash purchsase. I am in the Philly suburbs.

    Is this a reasonable price--about $600 below Fair Market/True Market value on both Edmunds and KBB. It is 5K below MSRP and $2447 below invoice.

    The question I had is about this $3K incentive I've heard about--it looks like this is purely for vehicles financed through the Chase program and wouldn't apply in any way. Also, Edmunds says that it takes these kinds of incentives into account when calculating a True Market Value.

  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    If you need to finance to take advantage of the $3000 do it and then send the entire payment to pay off the loan in the first or second car payment.
  • So I had a good experience at my local dealer. Ended up buying a Dolphin Grey/Sand GT with Bose/moonroof and power liftgate plus a few other options for $34,000 even. What a great looking car.

    Will finance for around 2%. Sticker on the car was $39,425 plus I had them throw in wheel locks for good measure.

    I feel I got a pretty good deal, plus the dealer makes his cut, and we are all happy. To top it off this was the first car sale ever for the new sales person who was extremely pleasant and happy. And as an added bonus the car is for my wife who is extremely happy as well!

    Thanks all for your replies.

  • I am looking at a certified preowned CX-9 in the Harrisburg market. It is a GT AWD with Moonroof and liftgate options. No NAV or Rear Entertainment. MSRP 38725. Mileage 7000. Dealer offering 31250. I want 29000. Is my offer reasonable? It also seems you are better off with a certified preowned due to better warranty. What am I missing?
  • Well that might be OK for a 2012 but not a 2009. What year? LOL
  • Got a deal on the 2012 cx9 GT without NAV and rear ent 6000 miles for $30730. Says it is 500 over their cost, Thoughts
  • Over their cost for a used car? Creative. Very creative.
  • They say the dealer purchases from Mazda USA. Most likely an exec of some sort who drove it,
  • I have read a few pages of this thread and I'm seeing a lot of different numbers on what the "cost" of the 0% APR is. I've been getting some quotes today and most of them are saying it is $2000! Most of the quotes I am getting back for the 2012 Touring AWD with moonroof and power liftgate are between $30,545 and $32,730, but this is without the 0% APR.
  • I am purchasing a 2012 CX9 GT tomorrow. I currently have a storage basket that I use for my Honda Pilot that uses a 2" class 3 hitch. The dealer told me not to install the 2" class 3 hitch because if I ever have a problem with my transmission, they may say that I pulled a heavy trailer and abused the trans. Anyone else heard this?
  • I was quoted $100 to install mud flaps on CX9. Has anyone else did the install themselves? I can't believe it is that hard.
  • It's always a little daunting to drive a few hours to buy a car. There's a certain level of implied commitment before the deal is solidified that can make a person uneasy. I had two comparable deals lined up within 45 minutes of one another in case anything fishy went down with the transaction after I arrived, but I'm happy to say that everything went smoothly (and quickly... I was out in 90 minutes). I got my Touring AWD with an MSRP of $37,082 for $31,011 without the 0% financing. I did the math and it worked in my favor to go with a 1.99% and save the additional $2000. I really appreciated that I ended up getting $250 more on my trade once they saw it than what I had been estimated from afar. I couldn't be happier with my new vehicle. Thanks, Fitzgerald!
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