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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What dealership did you get the offer from? I am also in the Bay Area. And there is no advantage to buy a car from Costco even with the price match?
  • jillskyjillsky Posts: 8
    edited November 2012
    No advantages using Costco, at least for my experience. You might have better luck with your local rep.
    I ended buying from Oaktree mazda. In the end I got a better deal than Costco . Oaktree offered a lot more for my trade in, gave me 1st free oil change (which I asked for, they don't normally give those away) and roof rack was already installed on my car.

    The Costco rep works at the Mazda Captiol store. I also tried haggling with the sales people at Capitol too. One of the sales reps actually hung up on me :P while I was trying to negotiate price down lol.

    Can't say enough good things about salesperson I dealt with from Oaktree. I had a slight issue post sale that came up and was shocked at the great customer service he provided.
    I have made quite a few car purchases in my life and he was definitely the best.
  • samny1samny1 Posts: 94
    Thanks davicho, the link is really helpful as I've been driving myself crazy trying to find the info on their site.

    I guess same engine = same MPG so unless you are interested in the design changes the 2012 will be a better deal as dealers try to unload them.

  • Thanks, jillsky. I will surely visit Oaktree Mazda soon. Could you share the slight issue you experienced here? Or do you mind PMing you to ask the dealer's name?
  • Just wanted to share my recent purchase info. Picked up a 2012 CX-9 last night; Grand Touring, black/black, with navigation, moon roof/Bose, power liftgate, roof rack and towing prep package. Total MSRP of $39,200. Excluding all of the extra fees, negotiated a purchase price of $32,499. Was also able to combine with the current 0% for 60 months financing. It took some haggling, and walking out of the dealership once, but we got exactly what we wanted.
  • Sounds like a reasonable price to me. See if you can get them to combine with the 0% financing. The dealer will say that they can't, but the third dealer I worked with made it happen. Here's the deal that I got yesterday:

    Grand Touring, black/black, with navigation, moon roof/Bose, power liftgate, roof rack and towing prep package. Total MSRP of $39,200. Excluding all of the extra fees, negotiated a purchase price of $32,499.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    I took my mom to test drive a CX-9 tonight and I was very pleased with the deal we worked out. I'm going back with my dad tomorrow to seal the deal. (My parents have never owned anything not made by GM, Ford or Chrysler, hence the extra "hand-holding" from me).

    Here's the specifics on the car and numbers (in the Atlanta, GA area)-

    2012 CX-9 Grand Touring FWD
    Crystal White Pearl w/ Sand Leather
    Moonroof/Bose Package
    Power Liftgate
    MSRP- $37,385

    Selling Price- $29,207 (incl. $500 Mazda Owner Loyalty)
    Documentation Fee- $499
    Tag & Title - $66
    Sales Tax- $1363 (6%)

    $29,706 plus Tax, Tag & Title
    $31,135 OTD

    They're also offering $7500 in trade-in for mom's '07 Explorer with 136k miles on it, which was at the higher end of what I expected. It also reduces sales tax by $450, so it's actually $7950. My parents are paying cash, so after the trade-in they'll be writing a check for $23,635.

    The dealer has an additional $1000 incentive if they were financing, but even without that bonus, it looks like a great deal to me.

    Any thoughts or anything I'm missing??? =) Thanks.
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • Hi,

    I bought a 2012 CX-9 Touring from a dealer in San Diego yesterday. During the discussions on options and pricing over email and over phone, I indicated that I was interested in the burglar alarm (Alarm system with shock sensor) option, along with the moonroof package and the power liftgate package. He indicated that we could discuss the alarm option when at the dealership after we locate the car with the other two options.

    We agreed on the price for the car without the alarm option included. So, when I went into the dealership yesterday and asked for the alarm option to be included (this is listed as a dealer available accessory in their 2012 brochure, edmunds, kbb and many other web sites), he and the finance person insisted that that was not an offered option and that edmunds and other sites were reporting false information. They were offering a different burglar alarm system that was three times more expensive than the option offered by mazda ($200 versus six hundred something).

    I bought the car yesterday, and would still like to install this option. I have a mail thread with the dealer providing links to edmunds and other websites that list this option. They still claim that these link are providing false information. Any opinions on how I can get them to install this option at the MSRP indicated by mazda?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Here's a link to Mazda's own 2012 Accessories Catalog- scroll down to PERIMETER ALARM SYSTEM- gId=10001&storeId=24601&categoryId=14875&parent_category_rn=&yearSelected=2012&m- odelSelected=vc254

    It is Part #- 0000-8F-N03

    The retail price is $180.95 (plus installation, which may cost more than the alarm!)

    It is for vehicles WITHOUT the Smart Keyless. If your 2012 Touring has the Power Liftgate, it also has the Smart Key and this alarm is incompatible. If you don't have the Power Liftgate option, this is exactly what you're looking for.
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Update on the deal I got for my Mom-

    2012 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring FWD
    Crystal White Pearl with Sand Leather
    Moonroof/Bose/Power Liftgate

    $29,706 plus sales tax
    $31,135 OTD (total from my last posting on 11/20/2012)

    We went back and bought the car yesterday! We added the Roof Rack Side Rails (for looks, no cross rails), Front and Rear Splash Guards, Cargo Tray (folds up with 3rd row seat backs, very cool) and Cargo Net. I negotiated 25% off retail for the accessories and they wanted $70 to install the Roof Rack and around $110 for the Splash Guards. I offered to pay $100 to install EVERYTHING (including cargo tray and net) and they did it! The total including installation was $560.42.

    So technically, she paid $31,695.42 out-the-door minus $7,500 for the trade- she wrote the check for $24,195.42!!!

    My mom is 57 and has never had a car payment in her life…makes me sick! =)

    My impressions of the car so far- I can’t believe how well this thing handles! I have a 2006 Mazda3 and the CX-9 handles better than mine ever did! It is amazingly quiet and the Bose audio system is absolutely amazing and worth every cent that the Bose/Moonroof package costs. I’m also very impressed with the acceleration considering the size and weight of the vehicle. The FWD versions can haul @ss- 0-60 in 7.1 seconds according to one review.

    I wholeheartedly recommend taking a serious look at the Mazda CX-9 to anyone in the market for an SUV, Crossover (CUV) or Wagon. Most dealers in my area (Atlanta) are discounting them $7000+ up front, with room to haggle another $1000+ if you’re willing to play the game…

    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • I am looking for good deal to trade in my 2009 awd cx9 sport 38,000 miles to buy new 2012 sport. I bought my 2009 for $33,000 total w tax + interest and have $9,000 left on loan. What kind of deal should i get? Dealer is offering same monthly payment for 5 more years for same car but a 2012 w/ trade in. That would be $418 a month for the next 5 years with my 2009 trade in. i currently have less than 2 years left w/ current loan of $418 a month. I do love the car but not sure if this is a good deal? Your thoughts?
  • sbuhlersbuhler Posts: 103
    This does NOT seem like a good deal at all! A few things we really need to know are as follows:

    1.) How much are they allowing for your trade-in (You can post on the real-world trade values of the edmunds forum and qbrozen can give you a realistic trade in value - Edmunds, Blackbook, and KBB are running from about 14,500-17,000 for your current car which means you should definitely have a good amount of equity)?
    2.) Are you purchasing another 2012 awd sport which has an MSRP of around $33,000? If so, you should be getting at minimum $6,350-6,550 off of that truck since you are a current Mazda owner (Invoice-$4,000 incentive-holdback). Others are getting even more off so there might be another $1,000 in another incentive that we are not easily aware of.
    3.) What is your tax rate and dmv fees in your state? Are you taxed on the difference between the trade and the new vehicle.
    4.) What is the interest rate you are being quoted for your 5 year loan? Credit unions are running 1.49-1.99% on 5 year loans at this time.

    Also, never deal in monthly payments if you have not answered the questions to #'s 1-4 before making the deal. If you are able to answer the questions above, we should be able to give you a better idea on the deal.
  • Thanks for getting back - i live in NY & car would be purchased in NJ. So they said $418 a month for everything (60 payments/five years) for same cx9 i have but the new 2012 & i would trade in my 2009 cx9. Dealer only dealt w/ monthly payment $ - live and learn. Also, my cx9 is in excellent shape w/ $38,000 miles. Sounding more like not such a great deal. Thanks & let me know what kind of offer I should be looking for with my trade in and purchasing a 2012 cx9 sport awd.
  • Does anyone know the CX-9 incentives for December?
  • samny1samny1 Posts: 94
    Hi All,

    I received an email from Mazda corporate yesterday with details of a lease deal for a 2013 CX-9 Grand Touring. I have called 3 dealerships in the Westchester, NY lower Connecticut area and none of them have them in. Has anyone seen a 2013 model at a dealership or been told that dealers have them? Has anyone seen one in the NY or Philadelphia area? Mazda Corporate could give me no leads.


  • ktoutktout Posts: 1
    Our local dealer in Montgomery County, PA, said the 2013's were on a ship in the middle of the ocean and should be at the dealer around the last week in December. They are heavily discounting the 2012's now.
  • Do you know what the incentives on the 2012s are? I cannot seem to find them since November's expired.
  • I am in the process of buying a cx-9 and have one at a dealer that is a 2010 AWD Touring white/charcoal with Bose/power lift gate/ rear camera with 23k miles going for $24,700 before tax and registration. In addition, I am negotiating with another dealer for a new 2012 silver/black leather AWD touring with Bose/lift gate and backup camera( same specs as the used) for $28,800 also before tax. I am hoping to bring the 2012 price down to at least 28k. Any thought as to whether the newer more expensive one is the better option long term regarding value and resale?? Or just go with the used one which is in great shape? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to make a decision by Monday dec24th.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    If the price difference ends up being only $4k, then I'd take the new 2012 over the 2010. The new car warranty, fresh tires and higher resale value easily offset the $4k differential.
  • I am trying to buy a CX-9 as well.

    Today, when I tested drive the car (GT) on a uphill road, I smell something like burning plastics. I stopped the car and find the smell came from the front hood :confuse: . I repeated the uphill test for another two times. I did not smell anything during the last test. The salesperson told me the smell came from some spray on the engine, which protects the engine. It will go away after I put hundred miles on it. Did anyone notice such smell when driving a new CX-9.

    BTW, which trim offer more comfort driving, touring or grand touring? Is the only real difference between touring and grand touring is wheel size? :confuse:

    Will update my purchase price for 2012 model.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Yes, it is fairly common for a new car to have that smell. My CX-9 had it and the smell went away in a week or so.
  • Thanks, vinnyny!
  • 6sup6sup Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    Just purchase a 2013 Mazda CX-9 Touring AWD with roof rails, all weather mats for $32,491+tax & license. I narrow my choices down between the CX-9 AWD Touring or a Highlander AWD SE, decided to go with the CX-9 because of several of reasons, the outside/inside of the CX-9 are a lot more high quality & luxurious than the Highlander SE, the ride feels much quieter and smoother for me than the Highlander. I'm happy so far I went with the CX-9, I be back with a update after 3k.

    MSRP Price is $34,865
    The price I paid is with a $500 cash rebate from dealer.
    Also, I'm in the Seattle area. Hope this is helpful!
  • dogdoc1997dogdoc1997 Posts: 32
    edited December 2012
    I just negotiated a 2012 AWD GT for $6500 off;IN ATLANTA! It was for a buddy of mine back in Michigan. BUt when I went to drive it to the trucker for pick up the dash lights went out???? When the headlights areon the dash is off and vice versa;warranty already! doc
  • When you turn on the headlights, the dash goes into "night mode", which is a dimmer backlight. There's a knob that controls the backlight intensity on the upper left side of the dash. Maybe you have yours all the way down. You can also push on the knob to turn night mode on and off.
  • Does anyone know if I am better off purchasing a 2012 CX-9 this week or waiting until January when Mazda may come out with additional incentives to make room for 2013s?
  • sbuhlersbuhler Posts: 103
    I don't think it really matters at this point. On a 40K+ CX9 you can get between 8-9K off. You most probably can get close to 7-7500K off of a 35K MSRP one. You might be able to get a little more off in Jan or Feb, but expect the inventory to start reducing.
  • The calender date is Jan 2nd, 2013.

    CX-9 GT with Bose/moon roof, Nav. Red/Sand color for $32,000. But I could not get 0% finance through Mazda. The dealer told me that I can not get cash incentive and 0% at the same time. It is probably not the best deal for a 2012 CX-9. But that all I can get in Utah. There are not many Mazda dealers here.

    After we signed paper works, the dealer became much slower in processing our loan. I had to call them several times to push them. It is sad to have to go through this for a dear CX-9. I think Mazda could be destroyed by its custom service/dealership in USA though my last purchase experience with Scion was much worse. BERNARDI SCION in Framingham, MA forced us to take another car after we signed contract. Are there any honest, consistent dealership at all?

    Wish I don't have to buy another car for a very very long time.
  • nsbio1nsbio1 Posts: 75
    About honest dealerships, I do not know whether this depends on the dealership or a particular salesperson, but when we were looking at 2012 CX-9 last January at Lunde Mazda (that's Fargo, North Dakota!), they let us special-order the configuration and color we wanted (Sport, Blue with sand cloth interior with factory installed backup camera) and the sales person did not even ask us for a deposit.

    They are not the cheapest, sales or service, but they were treating us well, both for sale of new CX-9 and service or my 08 Mazda3. The whole purchase process was as comfortable as it could be: we had negotiated over e-mail and I wrote a check for the exact amount specified in the last e-mail. They did mention extended warranty while I was signing documents but did not mention it again when I said no to it. Now, if only the new Mazda6 offered cloth heated seats...

    By the way, our previous dealership (Southern States Mazda in Durham, NC) were great in sales but only so-so in service, and the one before that (Open Road Mazda, NJ)... almost put me off Mazda for good.

    So YMMV, I guess :)
  • Looking at purchasing a new CX9 Grand Touring. Negotiated a sale price of 32,895 with remote start and nav, sunroof, etc. just no DVD. I am purchasing in Houston, TX. sounds like a deal. Any advice ???
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