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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Got basic GT for 31500 otd. Traded in an 06 EB expedition w/ about 74k miles. Owed. 14500 on the trade got 14300 for it. Basically amounts to 30k for the car. Good deal or not?
  • Sounds pretty good - did you also get the financing deal and/or the $500 loyalty rebate? I have an offer for invoice, and the dealer would take another $1000 in lieu of financing.

    Thanks to all for your advice - I'm going to shoot for a $500-$1000 below invoice offer, including the financing deal, on a Touring. Wish me luck.
  • Grim02,
    Definitely try for at least 500 below INV for financing option. Be prepared to walk away from the deal. Trust me they will not let you go once they're convinced you're a genuine buyer. At the end of a protracted negotiation no dealer will want to lose a sale for a couple of hundred dollars. Good luck and hopefully you come back here with a great story of how you got the price you wanted.
  • I think you will still get much better deals if you find a 2009 model. Details of what I got:

    Base MSRP: $33,805
    Rear Ent w/ Bose: $2760
    GT Assist: $2300
    Towing Package: $525
    Roof Rails: $250
    Cargo Mat: $77
    Total MSPP: $40467
    Total INVOICE: $37091
    My Sale Price: $30967 (includes $1000 royalty rebate)
    My OTD: $36300 (includes 8.75% tax as well as $2100 I paid for 120/100000 TotalCare bumper-to-bumper extended Mazda protection w/ $100 deductible).

    As for financing, I was told that I would lose about $3500 of the discount if I opted for their "special" rate (i.e., 0% for 36 mo, or 2.9% for 60 mo). So I applied for their "standard" rate, and I could still get 3.75% for 60 mon.
  • Almost all dealerships in tri state area (NJ/NY/CT) do not have any 2009s left. But yes I agree... if you find an 09 and do not mind buying last year's model, go for the rock bottom deal, which according to this forum is 8 - 9K below MSRP.
  • I thinking of buying a 2010 GT AWD, I would like to pay cash, what would be good % or $ amount off msrp. I see everyone pricing with financing included. Also, any hidden Mazda incentives out there, I was told there was $1,000 incentive.
  • Rob1325 - For cash down shoot for at least 11 % off MSRP. I believe the November incentives have all carried forward to December, which means the 1000 is still available.
  • Did you also get the 0% APR.
    The price also has the power lift gate package.
  • mazda2010, I paid cash... So for the 0% financing, probably about 1k more than what I paid.
  • Great. Can you please break down the OTD price for me? I was quoted $35,627 plus tax and tags for 2010 GT AWD with moonroof/bose, power liftgate package, plus roof rack, remote start, all weather mats, and wheel locks.

    However, you got more stuff and OTD would include tax and tags so you got a very good deal.

    Did you get the financing?

    Also, can you please tell me the state you are in? This was in PA near DE [if your dealer is in that area, please let me know the name]

  • I just leased a 2010 GT AWD today and used heavily edmund's and the tips here! Thanks everyone! I had around 8 dealers fighting by the end. I am in California.

    The terms in case anyone wants a data point:
    GT AWD w/Nav, Bose/Moonroof and Power Hatch

    MSRP: $39,115
    Edmund's Invoice: $35,963
    Edmund's TMV: $37,244

    36 mo/12K lease:
    My cap cost: $36,010
    With $1K drive-off, monthly payments are $478 + tax to get to $523

    It worked out right at invoice, I think i could have gotten another couple hundred but only one dealer had the color i wanted available today and I didn't want to wait. ;-)

    Love the car and good luck out there!
  • vancouver83,

    I'm in NY. Paid cash. Cant break down the prices much more than I have, but as far as tax and tags, I knew my tax would be approx $2800 and DMV fees around $200.

    Basically on these 2010s, I think about $1000 under overall invoice is a great deal.
  • 2010 cx-9 touring with moonroof/bose and power lift gate

    MSRP: 35,577
    INVOICE: 32,791
    TMV: 33,926

    After a lot of negotiating, I finally got an offer for 32,200 +TTL, with 1.9% financing for 60 months and no money down. I think I'm going to jump on it, any thoughts?
  • breldbreld Posts: 3,275
    I bought a 2010 CX-9 Grand Touring AWD this past weekend. No additional options whatsoever, so the MSRP was $34,795, dealer invoice at $32,248.

    I traded in my 2007 Highlander, so that makes it a little more difficult to iron out what the actual price paid for the car was, but here's where I was coming from:

    KBB trade on my car is about $15,500, and the "Real World Trade" forum here on Edmunds confirms that at about $15-$16k. So basically I was shooting for my car plus $16k as a good deal (thinking top trade for my car at $16k, and offering $32k for the CX-9), plus the 1.9% financing.

    I ended up at my trade plus $15,500, which I was very pleased with.

    I say all that because the prices and values on my contract, which I want to share, are a bit inflated:

    The price of the car was $32,999, with a trade value for my car of $17,500 (thus the $15,500 difference). Since all I care about is that difference number, I didn't care that the price on the car is a bit high, since the trade is also "inflated."

    Point being, seems pretty clear for those looking to buy that you should be able to get right around invoice, if not a bit lower, with the special financing, or around $1,000 less than invoice if not going with their financing offer.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my experience.

    2017 Durango R/T - 2017 Civic Type R - 2016 MB GLC300 - 2012 Mini Hardtop - 2016 Jetta (daughter's)

  • Steelers,
    I bought the same exact configuration except that its FWD for $1000 below invoice. Had to pay cash to get that deal. For financing option 591 below INV seems good, but you probably want to wait for responses from people who've financed.
    Good luck. Its a gr8 car.
  • Hi
    After long long procrastination and deliberation I pulled the trigger on this purchase.

    2010 CX-9 GT on Stormy Blue Mica
    Nav Package
    Bose Moonroof package
    Power Liftgate
    Towing Prep

    MSRP : 37315
    Offer accepted : 33300 + Tax + Lic + DMV fee
    OTD : 36950

    I haggled with lots of dealer, but since I was selective about the color, my options were limited. Most of the cars in Nor California are Silver or White or Black, the three colors I wanted to avoid.

    I also lost two opportunities as I was still not sure about the best deal.

    1. 2008 Mazda CX-9 GT with 300 Miles on Red Mica with Bose + Nav package in Feb 2009 for 29800 + Tax + Lic,

    2. 2009 Mazda CX-9 GT with 400 Miles on Red with Bose + Nav package in Nov 2009 for 31800 + Tax + Lic,

    Let me know how I did.

    Also, the lady Kathi Green in Capitol Mazda is easy to deal with and very nice in person. But be aware of the GM, who is very unethical in his dealings.
  • Sounds pretty decent with financing steelers guy.. Just dont let em mess around too much with your TTL. Make sure it's just your actual taxes plus the DMV fees... Figure it out ahead of time. They'll try to throw on documentation prep fees and crap which could easily add another $300 to the deal.

    Then when you get to dealing in person, let em know you're not paying those fees and be prepared to walk.

    If I were you, I'd take the 32,200 price, add 3k (or whatever number you figure) for TTL , and send some emails/make some calls to nearby dealers saying that you were offered this car for $35,100 OTD -- and can you beat this?
  • Hi,

    I got several quote around 34800 otd for 2010 CX-9 Grand Touring FWD black with
    MOONROOF/BOSE and POWER OPEN/CLOSE REAR HATCH. Should I accept the offer or push down price more? What's the bottom line price should I start? The msrp is $36050. This is in texas.

  • A good deal is whatever makes you happy. However, from what I have read here, folks are getting around 10% off of the MSRP. Also the power tailgate is a standard feature of the GT so really the only option is the moonroof/Bose. I think you can get a little lower but then again, I dont live in Texas and don't know the prices there.
  • HI,

    I often see people around here saying 10% off msrp is the good price. Is this 10% off msrp the OTD price or price before TTL?

  • Its 10 % off MSRP before TTL.
  • I have been researching a lot to buy a mazda cx9 toring AWD, with moon roof/bose and plgate but dealers in this part of the country are few and adamant they r jus not ready to negotiate,I need the mazda real bad and they know it guy is quoting 33900inclusive of this a good deal cos i m almost ready to sign the dotted line anything else i need to ask or clarify before signing cos i have to drive 3hrs to reach this dealersship and the weather sucks..thanks in advance
  • Hi Breld,

    Which state did you buy the car? What's the TTL?

  • Pulled the trigger after 100 emails to 5 local dealerships . . .

    Black 2010 CX-9 Touring AWD
    -Power lift Gate
    -All weather floor mats
    -Roof rails
    -Cargo net
    -Cargo mat

    MSRP: 36,072
    INVOICE: 33,187
    TMV: 33,821

    SALE PRICE: 31,947
    TTL: 2,533
    OTD: 35,480

    This price included the 1.9% financing. This was definitely the best deal I could find in the Pittsburgh area. No other dealer would even go below invoice. Thanks to everyone on this forum, and best of luck in your car hunting!!!
  • Received this quote. Do you feel it's fair?
    Rear ent Roof Rack
    Power hatch Remote start
    Navi Front & rear splash guard
    Cargo mat& net Trailer hitch
    All weather mats Wheel locks
    Rear bumper step
    MSRP = $41,510
    INV= $37,927

    QUOTE =$36,850(Cash)
  • Moonroof or no moonroof? I assume not since you got RES. We got essentially the same number after alot of calling around but including an after market DVD. But you have a whole lot of other things like the remote start, hitch, etc... So, I think the number looks good.
  • Through the Mazda SPlan, I can get the following.

    Total MSRP: $37,500*

    S Plan Selling Price = $34,997
    Tax in PA = $2,099.82
    New Tags/Title/Doc Fee = $198.50
    Total out the door S Plan Price = $37,295.32 and can use 1.9%

    Seems OK but not great, any thoughts?
  • No moon roof. I thought it was fair, but do you ever really know?
    Thank you.
  • Looks like a great deal -- enjoy!!
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