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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Thanks Melusa1, I feel empowered. Just got my Ford Z plan pin# from my Dad yesterday. I will let y'all know how it goes

    Mazda no longer accepts Ford PIN's. You need a Mazda PIN from your father's company. If his company is not supported by Mazda, you might be out of luck.....
  • yubbie2yubbie2 Posts: 5
    Good morning everyone...

    My wife and I are just about ready to pull the trigger on a White 2010 CX-9 Touring FWD with the Moonroof/Bose package and the Power liftgate package. We're going to use the S-Plan pricing, but wanted to make sure we were really getting a legit deal. Here's one of the sets of numbers we've received:

    MSRP: 34,574
    Invoice: 32,163
    S-Plan: 31,163

    Obviously $1k below invoice is nice, but do you think we could do better by negotiating like normal?

    We'll also be taking advantage of the 0.0% financing, so I don't know if that will influence the price at all


  • nyckiboynyckiboy Posts: 11
    Recently purchased a Mazda CX 9 and I realized the tax was off - was charged 7.33% instead of 7% (NJ).

    Called the dealership about it and was given the run-around - VIN window etching charge, blah.. you name it but it just didn't add up...

    Finally I got a call today from them telling me it was a "luxury tax" since my car was under 19mpg... but it still didn't add up because I did my research and it said it was an additional 0.4%.. and not 0.33%... bottomline is they said I was in fact undercharged for tax...

    So.. should I even push this further with the dept of taxation or was I really somewhat "undercharged" for tax?
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    if they are just going to "transfer" what they take off in taxes and put them into "fees" and you don't save anything, why bother? in fact, if you deduct your sales tax on your income tax return, you may actually want to "maximize" what gets charged as tax. FWIW, i bought in NJ and was charged 7% even.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    edited May 2010
    I say leave it alone and call it a day...if they contact you about coming in and paying the amount of money that was under charged, give them the same run around they gave you and perhaps the bird as well.
  • krt3krt3 Posts: 4
    Just leased an AWD GT and when I went into the dealership, one of the add-on packages that they really pushed was a wheel insurance package that would provide roadside assistance and repair/replace damaged tires and cracked rims at no additional charge (beyond the $10/month charge for the package). The dealer said that since the GT comes with 20" rims and performance tires that the chance of cracking a rim was much higher than in other cars. While I do recognize that replacing a 20" rim and performance tire would be expensive, cracking or otherwise damaging a rim (outside of the cosmetic scuff on the rim that might show up if you get to close to a curb) is not something that I was aware of happening very frequently. I ended up declining the coverage and was curious whether this kind of coverage was actually worthwhile or simply a way for the company to make a few extra bucks. Thoughts?
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    $10/month for 60 months (assuming you're financing for 60 months) equals out to $600~

    My question is, how many times does this insurance cover you? Once in the life of the 60 month term, once a year, or unlimited times?

    Consider this...I just picked up a brand new set (4) of OEM Mazda 20" alloys with tires that were rolled only 300 miles for $800 shipped to my work.
  • vancouver83vancouver83 Posts: 30
    Just curious, can you please share more on your lease - monthly payments, money factor, etc.

  • nyckiboynyckiboy Posts: 11
    just curious... where did you purchase your OEM 20s?
  • alamadeelalamadeel Posts: 6
    Hey guys, need a quick input here. This dealer in Austin is offering me CX-9 Sport (w power driver seats) for the sale MSRP of $26,875. The original MSRP was $28,875.

    The problem is, if I go for 0% 60 months option, the dealer is insisting on adding $1000 to the sale MSRP ($26,875 + $1000 = $27,875 (MSRSP)). Is this price too high? I am not willing to pay anything more than $26, 875 MSRP.

    It is just a standard sport model (no moonroof, no bose, no power lift package)
  • jotter1111jotter1111 Posts: 3
    Edmunds TMV price says that others are paying about $27,109, which is about 700 off of invoice. I have been offered from $500 to $1,000 off of invoice w/ the 0%. Check out other listings, as others are finding the same. So, keep checking. Seems like the dealers in Austin aren't budging much. Might be worth it to check other cities -- Houston or Dallas? Good luck!
  • wethertonwetherton Posts: 6
    To Mason73, I am in Goshen and was at Oxmoor Mazda today. Who did you deal with, I am looking at the same car with same options. How much neg. to you have to do for the deal?. thanks
  • alamadeelalamadeel Posts: 6
    Thanks jotter1111. So if I can get it down to $26,875, do you think it is a good deal?

    I checked pricing in Houston, but MSRP there seems even higher. I may need to research more.
  • bthesselbthessel Posts: 13
    Does anyone else have trouble getting quotes from dealers? I went through the Edmunds site and sent quote requests to 5 dealers after selecting the exact CX9 with options that I want. Not a single dealer would give me a straight price via email. All of them wanted me to come in for a test drive first or would only give me MSRP, one told me a price for a GT and then sent me a picture of the Window sticker and it was a Touring, another gave me what sounded like a good price until I found out after about 10 emails that it was a demo car with 1600 miles on it. 2 of the 5 have not responded other than the canned email with a link to their website.
  • bthesselbthessel Posts: 13
    Ok, so I finally got a quote that seems decent: CX-9 GT AWD black/black with the following features: Power open/close rear liftgate, moonroof/Bose audio, moonroof wind deflector, 6 cd changer, roof rack, carpeted floor mats. MSRP is $37,770 and your price is $33,196. That seems pretty good to me unless they try to scam me with fabric treatment or something. Thoughts?
  • vancouver83vancouver83 Posts: 30
    Sounds reasonable to me. Make sure you still get the 0 percent financing with it.
  • yubbie2yubbie2 Posts: 5
    Across the board I've been finding a $1000 difference between the 'cash' price and the '0% financing' price (financing being $1k more expensive). Any price you get over the phone/internet is almost guaranteed to be the cash price, unless you specifically ask for 0% financing.
  • chuckml97chuckml97 Posts: 11
    edited May 2010
    I got the same car with nav for $35,550 with 0% finance. I also had an option for cash price of $35,050. This was at SF Bay Area
  • sv2010sv2010 Posts: 8
    NYCKIBOY - which dealer did you go to? how much was initial offer and how much you were able to negotiate?
  • car56car56 Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    I'm shopping for 2010 cx-9 touring. Here is the quote I got
    after negotiating several times with multiple dealers.

    cx-9 touring FWD with bose power lift package with backup camera.

    $30999 with 0% financing + 3% tax + 555 for tags, fees.

    Is this reasonable price or can I do better. Is this a good time
    to buy given that 2011 model coming in 3 months or so.

    I'm planning to install flip down dvd player and dealer asking $995.
    Did anyone install dvd player and could you please share model
    and price you piad.

    I'm in Greensboro, NC.
  • sv2010sv2010 Posts: 8
    you are very close to a good price. I think if you can push more and get 200-300 dollars off and would be very attractive deal. Give dealer your out the door price over the phone and tell them you will sign today if they agree to your price.

    Good Luck!
  • car56car56 Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    One another thing is dealer does not have exact interior color we want. he needs to get it from some other town. He wanted me to sign the papers first then he will have
    vehicle here in couple of hours. I'm not comfortable signing papers without actually
    seeing the vehicle I'm buying.

    Is this normal procedure?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    No, it is not.
    Dealers trade vehicles all the times.
    When I bought mine, the dealer got the vehicle from another 50 miles away.
    They wanted to charge me $100 for the effort. I refused. They waived the cost eventually, but I signed the paper after seeing the vehicle on the spot, with 56 miles on the odometer, which was to be expected.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    Don't fall for this scheme. If the dealership is not willing to just get the vehicle for you without any signing or deposits. Tell them you want to know where the vehicle is because you are going to go to that dealership to buy it from them. I guarantee you that they will have that vehicle you want that same day there for you because they don't want to loose the sell to the other dealership. ;)
  • homer78749homer78749 Posts: 4
    Offer on Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring (roof rails, Bose/Sirius, window tint) for $32,300. How am I doing?
  • car56car56 Posts: 5
    Are you taking 0% finance offer? Then it's very attractive deal. With financing I got
    33,300 for same vehicle.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Don't fall for this scheme. If the dealership is not willing to just get the vehicle for you without any signing or deposits. Tell them you want to know where the vehicle is because you are going to go to that dealership to buy it from them

    It's not a scam. Why would a dealer buy a $30,000 + vehicle from another dealer if there is no deal in place? That makes no sense! That is a bad business practice. Without a commitment from a buyer, there is no deal, hence no reason to get a car for someone. I would never agree to such a term from a buyer.

    I would never tell a customer where the car is located. If a customer is going to threaten me with that, I will tell them they can spend their time and money locating and driving to where that car is and then start the negotiation process all over again.

    I have never been a fan of threats. Dealers and customers should avoid them all together. Why people choose to play games is besides me. If you play games, you stand a chance to lose. Winners never play games....
  • homer78749homer78749 Posts: 4
    They told me it was available.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    edited May 2010 provides inventory search of all dealers.
    It may be off by a couple days, but it suffices in most cases.

    Actually, it was me who told my local dealer that the CX9 combo I wanted was at another dealership 50 miles away. They checked computer to confirmed it and wanted $100 for their effort to get it. I said, "No. I could go there myself and save $100." I love driving. 50-mile drive is a joy ride to me.

    Davicho never called it a "scam". He said a "scheme".
    There is some differences.

    Dealers trade among themselves all the times. If my local dealer wants my business, they should take the risk of me not buying it eventually for some reason or else. Taking risk is part of doing any business. :)
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    Exactly aviboy...don't forget I also work for a dealership!

    You cannot tell me that there is a loss for doing a dealer trade. First off, most new vehicles are on consigment (I don't know about your guys may be high rollers and own every car in your lot). So trading a vehicle among dealerships and not selling the unit afterall is nothing more then a loss for paying for the porter to go pick up the unit and gasing it up. If the interested buyer backs out of the deal, I guarantee you will sell the unit to another customer.

    A few years back I wanted a particular Nissan Frontier and Future Nissan in Roseville, CA found it for me at Concord Nissan which was about ~100 miles away...guess what I never put a cent down or signed anything until the next day when they called me to let me know it was there.

    So it is a "scheme"!
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