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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Where are you in CT?
  • sean8499sean8499 Posts: 9
    Hi - Can you please advise as to which dealerships in tri=state region quoted the best prices? I started a search today, and any insight is greatly appreciated

    one NJ dealer is offering the following (before TTL):
    My 2010 CX-9 Grand Touring AWD MSRP $34,215
    VIN: JM3TB3MV2A0224300
    Destination Fee $750
    273-hp 3.7L DOHC 24-valve V6 Standard
    6-Speed Auto Standard

    there are much better deals based on some of the earlier posts
  • cars57cars57 Posts: 3
    I also am in Houston in the market for a similar CX 9 - which dealership did you go to?
  • dcfasdcfas Posts: 4
    I checked with dealers in NY, Conn, and Mass. The lowest offer was 300 under invoice, 0%. However, they came in 1500 low on my trade. The closest other dealer was in the same ball park. Regarding the TMV figure, the closest I am able to get to is about 1500 more. What gives?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I checked with dealers in NY, Conn, and Mass. The lowest offer was 300 under invoice, 0%. However, they came in 1500 low on my trade. The closest other dealer was in the same ball park. Regarding the TMV figure, the closest I am able to get to is about 1500 more. What gives?

    Well, first, we all assume that customers are 100% truthful when posting what they purchased a car for. Second, it depends on the region and how popular a specific vehicle is in that region.

    You live in the North East where the CX-9 is most popular and dealers are not overloaded in stock. Infact, inventory is a little low. There is no reason for a dealer to panic and blow CX-9's out because the reality is they will sell rather easily.

    I am a CT dealer and $300 under invoice on a CX-9 plus 0% financing is a good deal, for this region. If you feel it is not, then don't buy and try and wait it out for a better offer. You are well within your right to pass and try and negotiate a better deal!
  • car9090car9090 Posts: 4
    Clearlake & Conore dealer quotes were best.
  • carfanctcarfanct Posts: 7
    I checked with Dabury and Stamford dealers in CT and other nearby dealers in NY.
  • buyer101buyer101 Posts: 80
    Did you try Schwartz Mazda in Shrewsbury NJ
  • dcfasdcfas Posts: 4
    I do feel it is a fair deal for the price of the CX-9, but I do not think it is a fair price for my trade. Edmunds, KBB state 6k private trade, 4.5k trade in. The dealer above offered 3k and then wouldn't budge. Regarding everything I've read something is out of kilter here.

    I like to think I am a reasonable, trustworthy person. I don't begrudge anyone making a decent living. However, if I feel I'm being taken advantage of, which I do in this case, I doubt I'll ever return.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    The dealer above offered 3k and then wouldn't budge. Regarding everything I've read something is out of kilter here.

    Judging by the value they are giving you, I presume you own an older model car with higher miles? If that is the case, the dealer is most likley going to wholesale the car and wholesalers laugh at KBB and Edmunds trade values because they are essentially worthless. Black Book and Galves are the standard by which cars are valued for the most part. Ask to see the source they are using to asses your car.

    In most cases, dealers will pay up for trades if they can profit from them and make a new car customer at the same time. I know if a customer is going to trade a car to me that I can retail, I will always try and meet their demands. However, I'm not going to give someone $3,000 for a car that I can only get $2,000 for from a wholesaler. It's not good business.

    The most important thing is to feel good about your purchase. If you are not happy with the terms, then don't buy. If you are happy, then sign away and call it a day!
  • dcfasdcfas Posts: 4
    Thanks for the insight aviboy97. I'm thinking on selling my car privately. I didn't want the hassle but I figure it is probably worth it.

    We may wait for the 2011's at this point.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    We may wait for the 2011's at this point.

    There is still no official information regarding the 2011 CX-9's just yet. Keep in mind, the probability of 0% being offered in very low if there are still remaining 2010's left. It is a crap shoot.

    Buying a car is tough. Not just because of the negotiation process, but, because there are a lot of cars to choose from and many variables that can effect your decision.

    I buy goods when I feel I am getting a good deal. Whether it's a TV, car or furniture, I really would not know what a "great deal" was if it smacked me in the face. I buy if I feel I am comfortable with the purchase price as well as the product I am buying. If my wife likes it, it make my life that much happier! I'm sure you know how that goes.
  • ofotoofoto Posts: 2
    base MSRP: $34,215
    destination: $750
    MOONROOF/BOSE $2,255

    Total MSRP: $38,245

    From msn autos, the invoice for this car is $35199. I bought it for $34399 with 0% APR.

    Purchase Price: $34399 ($800 below invoice)
    Tax (9.8%): $3371.10
    Dealer fee: $150
    License / Title: $184.50

    OTD Total: $38104.60

    I feel there was still some room to negotiate.. guess I didn't try hard enough. Hope this helps.
  • I paid $35737.00 + $150.00 for splash guards, $110.00 tag fee, and 6% sales tax. Car had Bose, moonroof, liftgate, NAV. MSRP was $39335.00. Bought from North Penn Mazda, North Wales, PA and treated very well. LOVE the car!
  • toddr3toddr3 Posts: 19
    I just traded in my Volvo XC 90 for a Grand Touring CX 9 and I love my new CX 9. In my opinion and for the money...the CX 9 is the best deal on the road. I am amazed that I have found a truck that not only looks and drives the same as the Volvo but has a dozen extra features plus a lower monthly payment. If your in the market for a SUV with a third row and every feature/gadget available on the market today...the Mazda CX 9 is the perfect SUV for you! As an added bonus...the dealership customer service and sales experience far surpassed the experiences that I have had in the past at the Volvo, Infiniti, and BMW in the South Florida area. I bought my CX 9 from Gunther Mazda in South Florida. They were GREAT!
  • uclakimmiuclakimmi Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    FWD Grand Touring w/Nav, Moonroof/Bose, Lift Gate in blue w/black leather
    MRSP: $37,985
    Invoice: $34,914

    Purchase price on 7/18/10 = $34,500.
    Sales tax = 8.25%
    Tag & Registration = $493
    Doc & Filing Fee = $84
    Smog & County Fee = $29

    Purchased using 0% financing incentive.
  • brianb50brianb50 Posts: 25
    AWD Touring, Bose/Moon, Lift Gate Silver w/black leather
    MRSP: $35,837
    Invoice: $33,422

    Purchase price = $33,422
    Sales tax = 8.675%
    NY State Inspection = $10
    NY State Tire Rec Fee = $12.50
    Doc Fee = $75

    Purchasing using 0% financing incentive.

    Dealer wont budge below invoice, I even had truecar worksheet he would'nt come down to 32,422 listed on worksheet.

    We are getting 23,500 for are trade 2008 Honda Ody EX-L with RES

    What should we be getting this car for?
    This is a dealer on Long Island we don't want to travel to NJ got prices from NJ but adding all there fees not worth the trip.
    Thanks Brian
  • Why is it that the invoice price the dealer shows you is generally about $400 higher than the invoice price edmunds gives you? They generally say "those websites are inaccurate". Have others experienced this?
    (cx-9 awd touring, bose/moon/lift g in NJ)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Why is it that the invoice price the dealer shows you is generally about $400 higher than the invoice price edmunds gives you? They generally say "those websites are inaccurate

    The additional $400 you are seeing is the regional assessment charge which is Mazda's advertising fee billed to the car. The charge varies depending on the market you live in, hence why Edmunds does not track it.

    Edmunds does state they do not track such fee and it is actually billed to the dealer. Go back to the pricing section and start to price the CX-9 again. You will see a blue link titled "advertising fees", click on it to see Edmunds disclaimer on why they do not track such charges.
  • OK, thanks I missed that. I guess I should be adding that to the TMV price as well. I see about $800 diff between the Invoice and TMV. How close to TMV can I hope to get with the 0% deal?

    Thanks J.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    It all depends on the inventory in your area. Some areas have more CX-9's then others. Since I'm a dealer, I'm not going to tell you what I think a good deal is because it would be viewed as dealer bias.

    I will say that invoice or slightly under is not uncommon from what I have been reading. Again, it all depends on your area. Good luck!
  • vince29vince29 Posts: 1
    Can someone tell me the dealer fee, license fee and tile fee for CX9 Sports Model
    in N.J..
  • The TMV does include the advertizing costs as well as other regional fees so you should not add those to the Edmund's TMV. Click on the blue lettering as suggested by aviboy97 when on the Edmund's site.

    This is from their website: " This is why we developed the True Market Value® (TMV®) pricing system, which is our determination of what other consumers are actually paying for the vehicle. The TMV® accounts for the effect of all of the manufacturer's extra charges as well as the dealer's hidden subsidies, and we believe it is the most important price to know when negotiating your purchase."
  • Anyone try to buy this combination? I'd ideally like the backup camera and leather seats, but don't really care about a moonroof or most of the other options and gizmos in the Grand Touring version.

    Edmunds and Consumer Reports invoice price for the 2010 Touring AWD is $29,728. Would it be possible to get < 34K out the door in Virginia?

    This is a great, helpful forum. Thanks for any insights.
  • andimissandimiss Posts: 4
    In Houston, TX a 2010 Grand Touring FWD fully loaded, with just over 10,000 miles is going for $32,000 before negotiations. I want a moonroof but don't care about the nav system.
  • Here is a quote I received today from Browns; a local Dealer in Chantilly, VA. Seems to me like an awful lot of what if's to get the bottom line price. Anyone know if they are budging on these requirements? And of course they have not mentioned any dealers fees, etc. Also, anyone know what a dealer installed RES is running these days?

    2010 Mazda CX-9 Grnad Touring Allwheel Drive
    Stormy Blue Mica / Sand
    Automatic Transmission
    Options: Moonroof/Bose,Roof Rails,Rear Bumper Step Plate,Nav, Power liftgate, All weather floor mats

    Mazda Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) $39,810.00

    Brown's Price with 0% APR Financing
    for 60 months and No Payments for 90 Days! $37,417
    Rebate in lieu of 0% APR Special Financing - 1,000
    Mazda Owner Loyalty Rebate of $500 or
    CX-7 Lease Loyalty Rebate of $1,500 - 1,500
    Chase Employee Rebate of $500 - 500
    Lowest Possible Sale Price
    (if you qualify for all incentives) $34,417
  • hello forum members - i've read about the buying experience and all the valuable comparison data in the site. I recently test drove a Cx-9 and have the following offer; I think it is a good deal, but would like some input to see if there is more room for negotiation.

    I wanted the power lift gate pkg, so I'm forced to take the Bose audio / moonroof. The dealer is offering me this GT FWD model with the packages for $31500 + doc fees. So, I'm looking at the foll:

    price - $31,500
    doc fees - 622
    dmv fees - 402
    7% tax

    I'd appreciate any input and thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.
  • sounds like an excellent price to me. Where are you finding grand touring with FWD?
  • ariane1ariane1 Posts: 15
    Sounds like a very good deal. Where are you getting this deal? I'd appreciate your information
  • 9honda89honda8 Posts: 20
    Interesting that over the past 2 months the prices paid for the CX 9 have gone up,
    yet sales are about half of normal. TrueCar lists this info under "History" in their
    breakdown . Last report period (Two weeks ending Jul 25 shows 32 vehicles sold.
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