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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think I've been offered a really good deal (about to accept), looking for comments:

    2010CX-9 Grand Touring
    Interior: SAND LEATHER
    Equipped With

    $35,530 Driveout Price

    Please comment
  • jam0pers,

    Looks like an unbelievable deal! Is that with 0%? Where are you located? I still do not know how all of you are getting these prices.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    It's difficult to say whether an OTD price is the best deal possible without a breakdown of the fees, sales tax, etc.

    Just based on what the vehicle would sell for here in my area (Atlanta) a great deal is somewhere in the $33,800 to $34,300 range. Here in Georgia we pay the same sales tax rate on cars as on any other taxable purchase (7% in most counties, 6% in a few), so sales tax on $33,800 would add $2028 and the title fee is $18, so $35,846 would be the best case scenario...

    Regardless, your price of $35,530 sounds pretty darn good on a vehicle with a $38,890 MSRP.
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • Hi igozoomzoom - Thanks for the response. Yes, it does seem to be a very good deal. Where do you get your information of $33,800 to $34,300? From your email name, I'm wondering if you are a dealer? Thanks!
  • stevieb02777stevieb02777 Posts: 6
    edited October 2010

    is this with zero? what trim level? loaded? navigation? backup camera? my dealer will not come close to any of these prices.
  • johnismynamejohnismyname Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    jam0pers, is this with AWD/FWD? If with AWD, then it is heck of a deal. If FWD, then it is close to what others have posted, and still a good deal.

    Does this include 0% apr (or $1K rebate--as of last month) or loyalty rebate? A breakdown would be helpful. What state are you in?
  • Hi to those who have commented - it was for FWD, GT and options as noted above (backup camera comes with the NAV package). I actually didn't want the NAV package, but had to get in order to get factory towing at 3500.

    Loyalty not included in deal (I don't currently own a Mazda) and have not firmed up financing yet. The Mazda web site says the 0% 60 month financing is in effect until 11/1, so I am assuming I could still get it if I qualify.....does anyone know any reason why the financing wouldn't be possible? we have other financing options, but this one is probably a better deal. THANKS!
  • stevieb02777, I've not got a firm quote(OTD) yet from the dealer... I call it fully loaded with Nav, Moon Roof & Bose, Power Lift Gate Options with GT AWD. Edmunds and True car is putting the best local price(Va) at 34,700 give or take 50. OTD should be 1500 on top of that.. 36,200.
  • jam0pers, Your deal seems to be one heck of a deal.. Do you mind sharing the state and dealership? I would like to go for that deal, if I get that from there.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190

    If the dealer quoted you that great price, make sure to ask if that is including any rebates Mazda offers. If so, then you will definately not be able to get the 0% financing because Mazda only offers either or only but not both.
  • Isn't the tow prep standard for the AWD GT?

    Also, what is everyone's thoughts on the mazda dealer-installed remote starter for $395? Would I be able to use an aftermarket starter with the advance smart-key system thing?

  • Thanks....I didn't waste time pushing for 0% as a result of your comment. You were correct. My price included a dealer incentive which you don't get with the 0%. Still a good deal, I think.
  • 9honda89honda8 Posts: 20
    I notice the new incentives have not been mentioned. For October Manufacturer
    to dealer zassistance is $2,000.00 and looks like 0% is still available. Dealing should get better now. ;)
  • But even in October, it is still $2,000 OR 0%, but not both, correct?
  • Correct, $2000 or 0%
  • The car is now in my garage. Very happy with it. Thanks for the help and comments.
  • Received the following offer:

    2010 AWD GT White/sand
    roof rack
    all-wx mats
    pwr hatch
    remote start
    wh locks
    perhaps other small stuff but the verbal quote went by me a bit fast.
    list 40,835 asking 35,799 + ?fees TTL

    what do you think?
  • Does it include taxes? Suggest you request in email the full driveout cost (don't want any surprise fees) and the VIN number of the car. You can then doublecheck the options on the Mazda web site inventory.
  • The price was plus doc fee (?) and tax title and plates. The person who quoted me was only relaying the message and couldn't or wouldn't tell me the "doc" fee. So far, alot of nothing.
  • A quick search for 2010 AWD GT on Mazda's locate feature shows over 700 available within 100 miles of my location.
  • Jam0pers...What was your final price?
  • zxedzxed Posts: 17
    I did not purchase one and I am satisfied that I did not.

    When trying to figure out if this is a deal or not. keep in mind that this is a 2010 model; pretty much other comp has 2011's out... for a few months now.

    GM at a local dealer wanted to get rid of his last 2010 GT fully loaded AWD and was okay with $4000 below invoice + 0% 60 mo + no maint,. etc., etc., et this is a month ago.. ive "heard"... not verified., ppl say they have dealers offering them $7k off + 0%.. i have a feeling that what they are being offered is $7k off MSRP., not invoice.,

    its about time i unsubscribed from this post :)
  • total came to 35,358 (went with black)...includes 6% tax
  • Me neither. I decided that I'd go for the Acura RDX. We've had nothing but good luck and 140,000 miles on our MDX. The quality of the build looks so far superior, I'm buying an RDX.
  • katpelkatpel Posts: 1
    I scored an S plan Pin after a ton of trouble with my Cx-7. ( Can't get the Mazda zoom-zoom from any other vehicle I've tested, so I'm going for a AWD Grand Touring 2010 CX-9. ) First dealer offered the printed S Plan price and nothing else off. Am I wrong to think that there should be additional discounts? I thought that S Plan and Invoice were going to be a lot closer.
    Invoice $ 31, 685.
    Retail $34, 215.
    SPLAN $36,720
    Out in the lot they've got a $39K+ sticker on it.
    My husband came on gang busters with the manager of the dealership and I saw the guy's face change and show anger...for just a second. Did we "negotiate" ourselves out of all that we could have gotten with a kinder approach?
  • Paying S-plan privcing this time of year is crazy! People are paying $1 - $2K LESS than invoice (S-plan).
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    the S-Plan price is printed on every vehicle invoice. Your numbers must be off somehow.

    An AWD CX-9 Grand Touring does not have an invoice of $31,000. Most GT's have either the moon roof & Bose audio system or navigation, which pushes the invoice up to the mid to upper $30K range.

    Ask the dealer to show you the invoice, and you will see "SPLAN" printed on the bottom of it.
  • Purchased today, AWD GT, Stormy Blue, Bose/Moonroof package, roof rack, wheel locks, MSRP $37,950

    Paid $33,782 + TTL (this was with the 0% financing)

    I was close to purchasing from another dealer and decided tro take another look around. This deal was $700 less than the first dealer and they paid $800 more for my trade. I am in the Chicago area and bought from a dealer in Southeast Wisconsin.

    Sometimes the best deals are the ones that never happen!
  • Spoke to a dealer today:
    MSRP is $38,250
    GT AWD Bose/PLiftgate,Roof racks and AutoStart

    Sale Price $34,156
    -2,000 Incentives
    +398 doc fee
    +199 window etch
    +250 DMV fees
    33,003 grand total before taxes

    The taxes in are county 8.625%

    Is this number unheard of or is it possible?
  • fantfant Posts: 25
    That number is unheard of. If you can get that deal take it.
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