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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hello andimiss, is $31,696 for Touring or GT? Is it OTD or price before TTL? What is MSRP? Thanks! I am also in the area and want to buy CX-9 too.
  • I got a quote from a dealer for Mazda Cx9 AWD with Nav, rear entertainment,wheel locks, splash guards,All weather proof mats for $ tax and tags. this is after $2000 discount. No 0% APR. can I negotiate for $37,500 Out the door.Would that be a good deal??
  • I got mine with Navi, power lift gate, moonroof, bose for $34526. I researched at cars direct and They started with 39k, which was unreal. The manager came out with the invoice sheet of $36515. I insisted on my price, and told him that I will walk away. They gave it to me anyway. The dealership still makes money. great price is $33821.
  • Did you get this price at 0% APR or with $2000 off?
  • zchengzcheng Posts: 4
    What's the MSRP for the car your are purchasing. I am also in the market for a new cx9. thanks.
  • brianb50brianb50 Posts: 25
    edited October 2010
    We got 6k off MSRP for our purchase. Now we didnt go with 0% we took the 2k off. We are actually ahead with financing at 2.59% for 60 months because of the 2k off the price. Like everyone one said its either 2000 or 0%. We beat the true car price by $485 and beat car direct by $1219. MSRP was 37,700 got car for 31,700.
  • I did not get the 0% APR, but the MSRP was $39,515, even with the 2k off, I still got it 3K below. You need to go to and, identify what you like and search inventory. If you can see the chart you want to be in the Great price area. Keep in mind that the dealer will give you the invoice, don't believe it, stick to your price or walk away. Don't waste your time. Good luck.
  • We purchased our CX-9 Touring AWD/MoonRoof/Power Lift Gate/Wheel Locks for $30255 ($31384 OTD) earlier this week. This was w/o the 0% financing. The MSRP on the vehicle was $35827. Guess we got a decent deal.
  • You did good, the dealers on Long Island wouldnt move on price and the trade in price very low. I really think it depends on the market, what price you will pay. Anyway enjoy the car its so sweet, it's my wifes but I enjoy driving it.
  • my wife and i are the proud owners of a new 2010 cx-9 navi. just bought it from the dealership for $35,250 OTD..w/ 0% APR. thought this was pretty good. any feedbacks? also, dealer told us that the bumper to bumper warranty is good for only 12K miles or 1 year whichever comes first. I thought it was 36 months/36K miles bumper to bumper and 5 years/50k miles power train. Any inputs are greatly appreciated.
  • zchengzcheng Posts: 4
    It would be great to know the 2011 CX-9 pricing compare to similarly equiped 2010 CX-9.
  • Used the USAA Car Buyers program to get our 2010 CX-9 GT (no options) for $26,906 (incl. the $2k off). Would have been $300 less but the car had to be brought in b/c it was the only one left in the color we wanted.

    I highly recommend that USAA members at least try this service - it was so easy. The dealer gave me their LOW price the day before I used USAA and it was $2k higher. Once I went through USAA though it was no problem getting the lower price.
  • agbiggsagbiggs Posts: 19
    I'm in the market for a CX-9 but undecided on getting a 2010 vs a 2011. The 2010s are lower by around $2,000, but do you lose out later on resale by having a car that's a year older?
  • a1leo1a1leo1 Posts: 7
    CX-9 GT FW Nav, Bose, Lift Gate, Towing prep, $34894+taxes and tags. Going to take 0%. I think it's a good price but getting a bad vibe from sales Manger.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Is that price without trade-in, etc? If so, that's an amazing price.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    If we go by the price that bababooey2010 got for their 2010 CX-9 GT without options, i.e. $28,906 (without the $2k off, since you will use 0%), then the target price of your specific CX-9 would breakdown to:

    2010 CX-9 GT: 28,906
    M/B: 1,939
    Nav: 1,432
    Liftgate: 344
    Towing: 86
    = 32,707 + TTL +0% financing
  • I had a trade-in too, but yes that is the price I received for the car. Got the trade-in appraised the day before for a great price, then used USAA the next day and set up the sale.

    Also got $500 off for already being a Mazda owner - but that came off the back end, not off the price :)
  • It's an okay price. I have the same option but my price was $32863 +ttl and 0% APR for 60 months through Chase Bank.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    You did real good.
  • enefinenefin Posts: 7
    Where are you located? This is a great price.
  • We're in San Diego - I'm glad I did good :)
  • Andychan - great price - how did you get 0% as well? Was that through the dealer or straight through Chase?
  • jp morgan chase bank does the mazda loans.other places were offering 2.9%. i didn't buldge on the price. they told me either 2K off or 0% for 60 months. i told them that price with 0 percent or i walk. didn't really need another car that bad, so after they ran my credit they decided to accept my offer. analogy..don't go grocery shopping if you are hungry.....
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I was told the same thing, i.e. that JP Morgan Chase does the Mazda Loans. I also got 0% APR with JP Morgan Chase. I bought our 2010 CX-9 GT with roof rack for $29,500 + Fees + TTL. If I took the $2k incentive, it would be $27,500 but 0% seemed to be more attractive to me. I did walk the first time and they called me up half an hour later and agreed to my terms. Like andychan said, be prepared to walk and his analogy is spot on.
  • Darn those are good prices - Andy - that's the first I've heard of someone getting 0% and the $2000 off- nice work. You guys are getting prices $1000 BELOW trucar's dealer cost page? Has anyone heard of the November incentives?
  • yeah with that price, it seems that i was getting 2K off along with the 0% APR, however dealerships can still make money even if they sell it under the invoice or with a loss. Don't feel sorry for them..:) take them for what they got and don't look 3 other dealerships were telling me that either I take the 2K off or 0% APR. Bottom line, when you make an offer..start really low and work your way up..never start high and work your way down.. common sense.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    I'm glad I found this forum and would appreciate any input.
    In the process of pricing a 2010 GT AWD with Bose/Moon, Nav,
    Power liftgate, Tow hitch, and Roof rack. MSRP is $39990, Invoice
    is $36704, and Dealer cost is $34383. TMV what others are
    Paying price is $34601. I would like to throw an OTD price/ offer.
    I would also qualify for the $500 loyalty and 0/60 financing. Should I start
    with the TMV price of $34601, minus $500 loyalty as base and figure TTL to
    come up with my OTD and stand firm? With all the info
    In this forum it appears some are doing even better. Anyone made a
    Great deal on a similar model?There are lots of CX9 in my state.
    In my state.
  • How is this deal..
    2010 Mazda CX-9 Touring AWD (MSRP $33,220) for $28,488? This is without the 0% financing.
    I am trading 2006 Odyssey exl with 36k miles and they are offering $16,500 trade. That seems a bit low.
    What should I push for?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Do you have any idea what your trade is worth? At the very least, visit Carmax and get an appraisal. Tell them you just want to know what the market value is for the Honda Odyssey. Those vans should command a higher trade-in value.

    With regards to the price, I think you can do better if it's without 0%. The MSRP of the GT that I bought was almost $34000 and purchased for $29500 with 0%. Based on that price, the difference in our MSRPs ($780) and my purchase price, the Touring you are interested in should be around $26700 with $2K off.
  • does your odyssey have an entertainment system? if so, 16,700+ is the trade in value according to edmunds. Also, word of advice...never negotiate your trade in..until you have agreed upon the price of the cx-9. why? because they can throw in multiple figures to confuse you and yo will end up losing some money. i always tell them that i don't have a trade in and then negotiate the price of the new car..and once it is confirmed in writing..then i will tell them that i have changed my mind and start negotiating the trade 1 thing at a time..
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