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2008 Nissan Altima Coupe



  • my 03 murano needed a new gas cap at about 35000 miles. my new altima's gas cap seems to loosen on its own, sometimes i can tighten it and the light goes off, sometimes i can't and it stays on.

    anyone else having issues with nissan gas caps.

    the dealer is taking its time replacing the altima's cap.

    thanks, rr70
  • wsbkp08wsbkp08 Posts: 1
    I bought 08 altima coupe 3.5se recently, a used one.
    It runs great and I abs. love it.
    however, i noticed one small problem, yet annoying.
    Whenever I go on a bumpy road, from my bose stereo (rear right back) I hear this not rattling noise, but lil static, squeaking noise. I dont know how to explain it, but it sounds like a fly buzzing or a rock or a plastic running around inside of my stereo. Thats what it sounds like...
    It is really annoying and I want to fix it.
    I tried everything, I super glued the bose logo, bc i heard some ppl said it was that
    I know it isnt from the rear seat, bc I heard when I put rear seat down..
    I really dont wanna go to a dealership, but wanna to fix it by myself.
    Anyone has any idea???
  • ljacobsonljacobson Posts: 8
    Did you ever figure out what that was, because I have the same problem?
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