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Pontiac Grand Prix Heater blower relay switch



  • I paid $30 at the wrecking yard here in Phoenix 2 years ago or so.
  • My blower would run periodically. More so in cooler temperatures. I researched the fix, and checked the components. Replaced the fuse, only because it cracked it when I removed it to check it.

    I am an engineer coming from the compressor / blower industry. If the inlet air pressure is to low it creates a higher pressure differential and power requirement. Because the blower works off the resistor and at lower speeds and lower inlet pressures the resistor won't activate the blower. Eventually it won't work all together. The only thing that could create lower inlet pressures in a clogged filter. There is a cabin filter at the inlet to the blower. It is located below the windshields passenger side wiper. Raise the hood. There is a piece of plastic held on by two push pin holders. Lift the center portion of those holddowns up and it will allow the pin to be removed. Slide the plastic cover back to expose the filter. Mine was changed about 8-9 years ago. Something you just don't think about... It was clogged with dirt, sand, dust, and small leaves. I cleaned it by tapping it flat on a hard surface, then vacuumed it out. Looked ok, so I didn't get a new one. Replaced the old filter and my blower is working fine. This may work for you, before you spend the time and money.
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