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Dodge Journey Crossover



  • prendyprendy Posts: 18

  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    No, no the Acadia is being dicontinued. But not because it is a failure, as it sells better than the Journey and is one of the most popular CUVs on the market. GM will discontinue the entire GMC line to cut down on brand overlap.
  • 09_journey09_journey Posts: 13
    I just picked mine up after being in the shop for the third time for the transmission leaking and an electrical problem... day three no problems. They did the recall while it was in and another recall for the liftgate as well that has not been mailed yet so ... heads up!
  • crh47crh47 Posts: 20
    No lines int the hood of the Durango, but in the Chrysler version, the Aspen. It started on the small Crossfire Coupe, which never sold well. Somehow, they took that as a hint to do it again. Go figure.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    I know it's a little off topic, but it sounds like Journey's most direct competition just got a whole lot tougher.
  • prendyprendy Posts: 18
    just wanted to know if anyone out there,has heard a constant vibration somewhere on the dash,at speeds over say 25 or 30 miles an hour,it's not real loud, and it just started around 2800 miles,we now have over 4000 miles on vehicle,and it's getting worse,also what recall is there on the liftgate ??? i am putting the jouney in the shop this thursday,for a leak in the sunglass holder ,getting water in it when it really
    rains bad only,would really like to know about this lifgate recall before i put it in the shop
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    This is a mess! All these recalls? LEAKS? Great job on quality Chrysler! I'm sure you don't wonder why you're in so much trouble.
  • 09_journey09_journey Posts: 13
    prendy... read my posts... very enlightening although I have not had the sunglass holder leak, yet
  • prendyprendy Posts: 18
    Thanks i have read your post,what caused your last transmission problems?
    i also found two more defects in the journey service bulletins,one is the radio tapedeck cd etc .electrical problems bulletin # 08-039,and also ignition switch bulletin # 08-035,also did you see my post of the electrical harness might catch fire it is touching the transaxle on the left side,did anyone receive a recall notice yet for this problem,ididn't, i found it on the all info about auto repair site last week,it is only supposed to be for the 3.5 litre engine.,recalldate is 6-03-2008 andthe id # is 08v247000,plz let me know if any of you guys have received any notices

  • prendyprendy Posts: 18
    hi !just got a call from dodge dealer who is repairing my journey,he just informed me ,that the brake rotors are bad on it,have just 4000miles on it,also leak into sunglass case was caused by leak around sunroof rails.i will let you know if they come up with anything else,they have to keep it over night,to get parts for brakes.prendy
  • 09_journey09_journey Posts: 13
    hello Prendy,
    the transmission problem was caused by a bad seal on the right. Also had the TPMI switch replaced for the electrical problem, had the same recall / problem with my 2007 4 dr Jeep. So watch for that recall as well. I called the dealer about a new problem (noted from someone else on here) about the water pouring from my overhead compartment. Here is what they told me about that... "take it through the carwash and if it doesnt leak then it was a fluke" ....WHAT???? I may be a woman (and blonde) but I am not stupid! I know A LOT about cars. I have been battling Chrysler since fall of 2007... returned my Jeep on a lemon law threat. Not so happy that I will be on my 4th trip in for the vehicle. So in closing the two recalls that I did receive so far are the electrical harness and one for something to do with the hydraulics in the rear hatch... did not receive the last one in the mail the dealer caught it when it was in for the other stuff. I was told that the other two TSB warnings are for a different engine and you are saying that it is for a different lot of journeys and that my vehicle was not flagged for those by my VIN.
    Nice chatting!
  • crh47crh47 Posts: 20
    I haven't had any of these problems that you guys are talking about. Sunroof doesn't leak, rotors are fine, hydraulics are good. Mine was built the last of May. Maybe it missed all of the recalls.
  • prendyprendy Posts: 18
    09 journey,
    yeah i just received the recall notice for the wiring harness Wed. the day before i brought it in for leak,my dealer said they found the leak ,it was in the sunroof tray something like that,i didn't receive my receipt for work done,i was in a hurry to go to work,my guy said they would mail it to me,(they have been very good to me over the years this dealership,so i have no doubt they will mail it to me) also told me if problems kept happening with my Journey ,they would help me with a Lemon law suit.

    as far as the back latch,i never received a recall notice,but they did repair latch anyway,also my brakes with less then 4000 mi. on it, had bad rotors and had to be replaced,i notice it shook a very little when i hit the brakes just alittle,mechanic informed me they were warped from heat,als they have found this problem on the avenger( i think this is the car the jouney platform was taken from and lengthened,
    crh47,i hope you don't have any of these problems ,but be prepared,you just might not have received any of the recall notices yet.

    I didn't look to see when mine was built,but i am not a happy camper,if the brakes go again in 4000 miles or so,i will file a lemon law suit here in PA.

    i hope i don't experience any transmission seal leaks or anymore problems,but i think Chrysler just threw the Journey in sales circulation ,and figured they would deal with the problems later. I do love the ride ,and the room and styling of the journey, but not to happy with gas mileage,so far about 17 mpg. not to bad but not to good either.

    So inclosing i hope everyone has really good experiences with their Journies for now on.

    good chatting with everyone,and i hope we can keep helping each other out when we have probl

    P.S. Chrysler didn't tell me about the wiring harness recall until the other day when i received recall,i found the recall on another sight with recalls on it,about two weeks before i received the notice

    also ,didn't see the leak i was talking about until we were in a very severe rain storm and the car was parked in the driveway,next morning wife went out to go to work,and opened case up to get sunglasses,and water came out,not a whole lot, also took car thru carwash to try and duplicat it,no water in case ,but my dealer leak specialist ,who only comes in once a week on Thursdays found it anyway.

    sorry my post is so long ,but just trying to inform everyone with answers that i received

  • The Journey is a tad cheaper than the Suzuki XL7, and they are similarly sized. However, for just about $2,000 more, you get a great V6 in the XL7, while the Journey is the price leader at a $20,000 even price for a large-ish CUV, although you only get a 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed automatic.

    Therefore, for whatever criticisms you have of the Journey, remember it may be the cheapest and that is worth something.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    The two may be similar sized (the XL7 is 3 inches longer) but inside there is no comparison whatsoever. The Suzuki has a great for class 95 cuft of cargo space, while the Journey has a worst in class 60 something. And a fullsize adult can actually sit in the back of an xl7 (for 20 min). It's a good cuv, only hurt by the suzuki name. In fact, GM shouuld have given it malibu styling and interior and Chevy would have a true Highlander fighter. I thing a CR-V is larger inside than the Journey.
  • My kids are both over 6 ft and they have no problems sitting in the rear seat. I wish however that they took the seat stying from the grand caravan and made the head rest so they slid into the seat because they do block your view, I leave my third row down quite a bit. I have had quite a few problems with my journey but am still happy with the styling, handling and engine size and performance I have a 3.5 V6 that has plenty of passing power and the auto-stick is valuable to help when you have a car load of people. I think saying that 20K is cheap is correct however I put everything on mine with the exception of the rear entertainment and mine was 30K. I think that if you do a direct comparison with ANY other CUV at 20K you will find that the Journey is a loser. You really need to upgrade everything, including tire size to get the better vehicle.
  • crh47crh47 Posts: 20
    I really liked the XL7, but my wife hated the styling. She claimed the headlights looked like "bug eyes."
  • My main point was that the Journey could be had for $20,000 even, which no other CUV that is this big can. If someone is on a budget, or just tight with their money, and wanted a minivan replacement, and put a $20,000 limit on spending, the Journey is all they could do. They could get a much smaller CUV, but if you need the room, you need the room. At least the Journey can do this.
  • prendyprendy Posts: 18
    Hi Again,

    Found another problem with my Journey,the brake light now stays on all the times,took it to the dealer last week again,he informed me they had 3 more in this week for the same problem,had to order a new Master cylinder brake switch is in the resovoir that tells when there is a problem with the brakes. And so I can't wait to see what is next. I love the drive and room of the Journey ,when i have it,but these problems or some of them should have been found in the development stage,not when the Journey is put out for sales

    I Will keep you guys informed along the way ,if i have anymore lovely problems,and i hope you guys will do the same.

  • kmausskmauss Posts: 74
    I test drove one of these yesterday and at a quick test drive, I really liked it, but am nowhere near the point of switching vehicles, so I didn't have any serious discussions with the sales guy. I had a bad experience with Dodge, so any vehicle that I like is kind of tempered with a certain amount of hesitation anyway -- sounds like they threw this one on the market and decided to work out the bugs later. I will keep watching this forum to see how things are panning out, but if there are this many bad experiences, I would be DEEPLY hesitant to pursue things further.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • I have returned my Dodge Journey to my dealer four times for the same (and still unresolved) problems.
    It leaks from a faulty design in the headliner (according to the dealer where I bought it.) and the power steering pump seems to be makes a growling sound when I make a powered left turn. The dealer said there was a recall on the power steering pump...they replaced it and the thing still growls at us.
    I was told of a recall on the rear latch at one Dodge dealer last July and my dealer said there was no such recall out there for this model.
    I have contacted a lawyer about starting a lemon law lawsuit against Chrysler Motors because they cannot resolve the issues. The dealer ordered a new headliner and I took it in for a replacement. However, without discussing it with me, they opted to attempt repairs on the original headliner because (they said) the one they received came in damaged and marred. Another thing the dealer keeps telling me is...and you will not believe this, "We did not design or build the car" I told them..."yep, we know that, but you sold it to me in good faith!"
    I love the ride, we get about 24 - 25 mpg on extended trips. the rear compartment was definitely not made to carry golf clubs.
    Now I am worried about all of the other problems listed in this forum...wiring harness, etc. Chrysler certainly hurried this one into production without ample testing it seems.
  • RE: Consumer Reports - December 2008. While not mentioning the Dodge Journey specifically, CR surveys the Big Three: "Chrysler trails the pack. Almost two-thirds of its products rate below average for reliability...The only above-average models are the Dodge Caliber hatchback and Jeep Patriot SUV".
  • Good Luck! as an FYI you do not have to use an attorney for the lemon law unless Chrysler refuses to deal with you. I bought a 2007 4 dr jeep wrangler and had a problem with it that warranted me threatening the lemon law. Chrysler ended up (after 9 months of negotiating) giving me my money back if I bought another vehicle from them. I ended up with this mess called the Dodge Journey. I have had problems with the electrical system, my gig, transmission and the leaky roof. I have had the transmission seals replaced, the sunroof replaced and a new ignition switch installed. I have had two recalls completed including the wiring harness and the lift gate and am currently having an issue with the TPMS light (tire pressure monitoring system) it will not go off. Mine is AWD with 19" tires and only gets 15-16 MPG. In general I am disgusted with the overall quality of this vehicle, overall it looks great and the seating is wonderful and if I was a girly - girl then that would be enough for me. For $30,000 you would think you could drive something that you could be happy with looking good and running well.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    So, what do you think of it NOW, I wonder? Are you still pleased with it?
  • I do love my Journey but the 3rd row is kinda a joke a small child could fit but not a grown up. I do love the room in the front and in the backseat this is one reason we got it. I am 5'10 and my husband is 6'5 300 lbs so it is hard to find a vehical comforable for us both. We also have a baby on the way. Great for tall big people with room to spare. Lots and lots of storage space also!
  • the temp. display on my journey is in fahrenheit, has anyone had success changing this to celsius?
  • I cannot remember exactly how I did it but it is in the owners manual. They all come with Fahrenheit for some reason.
  • There are two recalls for 2009 Journey: 1) wiring harness on some 3.5L vehicles; 2) power train control module on some Journeys. See
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