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Chevy HHR Brake Problems



  • got a few weeks on the new brake, they are actually holding up pretty good.
    i had to pull the rear drums once already to clean out the brake dust. i was getting a bad noise and grabbing out of the right rear, but after cleaning the dust out the noise grabbing went away.

    looks like so far i wont need the electric vacuum pump.

    right front hub is getting worse, so i`ll be taking it back to the dealer soon.
    ordering a g-force performance chip in a week or two, going to see if i can squeeze a few more miles per-gallon out of the 2.4L. if the chip saves me 4 gallons per-week, thats 20 bucks left in my pocket.

    anyway, the chevy hhr is still a piece of crap. GM knows it as well, thats why they stopped production in 2011.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    In a more "positive note"...I think the HHR is a great vehicule.
    The HHR started in 2005 and G.M. will end it's production in 2011.
    I've owned 8 vehicules, all G.M. products (cars/trucks/vans/S.U.V's) in my 37 years of driving in all kinds of weather and for your infomation...the HHR is the best one of them all and I was disapointed when I heard about it's last year of production being the 2011 model because I was planning on trading my 2010 HHR 2LT for a 2015 HHR.
    Do you think that I would trade my HHR for another HHR if it was a "piece of crap" like you mention?.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,650
    My 06' (bought in 05) has also been pretty good so far (have 130,00 miles on it). Only time will tell if it ends up being good for a long time. Avg MPG display is down to 30MPG with winter temps (last reset late last summer)
  • Personally I think the last 2 statements were from GM employees, I have had a Chev car my whole life and have never owned such na piece of crap. Yes, I complained on here and got a quick "Take it in" replay and they fixed it, so Customer service was alot better once a Public complaint was seen. I just don't see or have heard anybody that thought the car wasn't crap.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313

    My job consists of being on the road across the United States and Canada (nothing to do with G.M. by the way) and since 2005 I saw a lot of happy HHR owners with incredible mileage on their vehicles, (that's why I decided to buy one).
    Some days I could see 20...30 or more HHR's passing by.

    Must be because lots of people out there like to buy "crap" as their family car?
  • Hi, I am having the same problem, but my car is a 2010. Could you please forward me all of the contact information you used to get your car fixed?
  • I have a 2007 HHR. It has 40,000 miles on it. I love this car (of course it's not a good as my camaro was). The only problem I've had with it is the the brakes. I hear a noise while my windows are down and the whole front end vibrates when I push the brake pedal. I'm getting ready to replace the rotors and pads. I was told NOT to replace them with OEM parts, because the problems I'm having will just come back. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I should buy my parts and/or specific brand I should buy?
  • snowmomansnowmoman Posts: 20
    Ebay. Look for cross drilled rotors. Don't waste your money on anything else.
  • msjpmsjp Posts: 1
    I bought the 2006 HHR new first year they came out, actually 6/06, in 07 had brake problems, dealer fixed front rotors, was still under warranty, 2009 same problem, dealer fixed front rotors cost $300.00, 2010 same problem, dealer fixed front rotors at a cost of $400, now 2012 same problem, front rotor problems, besides other problems, leak in transmission line, shift arm breaking away from assembly, brake flush besides brake problems, trans. fluxh and the list goes on & on for a cost of over $1200.00 or more, only 47717. miles, not even 10,000 miles a year, are they kidding or what, chevys are not what they used to be. :cry:
  • burgliburgli Posts: 1
    I know that your post is old, but I've had the same problems too with my '06. I can't afford the $1,500 it's going to cost to replace everything and was looking to see how many others out here have had the same problems. I'm hoping for a recall. I've had the problem for about three years now. It's ashame because I do like the car with the exception of everything about it is more expensive to fix than most cars.
  • Yes my '06 is the same, I have fixed it a couple of times already and had GM fix it once even after the 4 yr warranty expired, because I complained on here.

    I now have the same rattle and shake front end issues yet again. There definitely should be a recall.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    I'm sorry you've encountered so many difficulties with your HHR. How is everything going on the most recent repairs (rotors, transmission line, and so on)? If you should need anything, please let us know!

    GM Customer Service
  • koderjm1koderjm1 Posts: 1
    Does this brake problem carry over into newer models, like 2008 or 2009 HHR?
  • warvinwarvin Posts: 10
    I love this car too. I finally took it to a autoworks shop that works on European cars (how funny is that) but a friend of mine is a mechanic there and he fixed it by redoing the brakes, pads, and replacing the rotors I believe. I have not had any vibration problems for a year now. I think that GM should make a recall on these models. GM should step up to the plate because it is all about taking care of their customers which they don't seem to get. I think the GM that my parents knew truly did believe in their customers. When one hears a constant problem that involves the same model car-hello is anybody at GM listening?
  • txdayetxdaye Posts: 1
    I recently purchased my 2006 HHR LT this week with 114k miles on it and quickly discovered that my steering wheel shakes/vibrates when I apply the brakes. I took it to the tire shop to make sure the new tires that were on there were balanced. They were not so I had them balance them. I still have the shaking problem. I love love love this car already but I am very concerned about this problem and how much money it is going to take to find and repair this problem. HELP!!???? :cry:
  • snowmomansnowmoman Posts: 20
    The answer is throughout this forum. Replace the rotors yourself. GM is not going to help you. I bought rotors from Ebay which were cross drilled for cooler running, new pads, all for about $130. I did the work myself which was easy. Demos are on YouTube. The stock rotors are absolute junk and there is no other answer. Believe me.
  • pacrat707pacrat707 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and my deaer would not honor my extend warrentee, brakes being a wear item. I went on-line to "Autoanything" (saw an add in a magazine in dealers waiting room.) I ordered "POWERSTOP rotors and ceramic break pad kit #K3116". Installation is straight forward. Good instructions, quality parts. Rotors are drilled through and slotted. Break in is unusual, so follow the instructions closely. I installed mine November, waiting to see if all would go well over a few thousand miles. My HHR's braking is as smooth as silk. braking is strong and steady. I love my car again and I think you will too. Cost last year was $179.89 which includes Calif. taxes and shipping. Got order in 3 days. Good luck. Bob
  • raceyjnkraceyjnk Posts: 1
    Well as many of you have found, we too had a big problem with the front brakes on our 09 SS. We have 19k on it, we bought it new and its still under the bumper to bumper 36mo. The front brakes were metal to metal this week! Back brakes are still over 90%. I took it to the dealer where we bought it, at first they claimed "normal wear". I pointed out all the forums I had discovered, didnt mean much to them, at first. Service manager told me he just did his front brakes on his HHR at 85k, I asked him why mine didnt last that long and he was a bit flustered and couldnt answer me. This is my 56 yr old wifes car, I could understand part of it if it was a 19 yr old guy driving it........Anyway, the dealer called me last nite and offered to turn the rotors and replace the pads for free, customer goodwill. They got it done this morning and it drives fine. We had no shake or other tell tale sign till it was metal to metal. The big thing that convinced them was, 2k miles ago it was at their dealership for an oil change and they marked all the brakes as in perfect condition during the 29 point check, so they wore out in 2k miles? Not likely. We have been buying cars from this location since the 70's and when they considering the big picture, well they came to the right conclusion. They stepped up. Now I know this isnt the overall fix and in a few thousand miles I will order 4 slotted and drilled rotors with ceramic pads and do the whole brake system. Jim
  • maintxmaintx Posts: 1
    I am starting to feel a slight shake in my steering wheel and my back, driver's side brake grabbed when I had to stop quick. Rear of car started to do a jack-knife motion until I let up off of my brake pedal.
    Rear wheels are making a slight squeaking when I start off at slow speeds until I drive faster. Then it seems to stop until I park and start again.
    Just adding to the complaints. Any advice/suggestions? GM please recall before someone gets killed. :sick:
  • patolivajpatolivaj Posts: 1
    Yes I have a 2008 hhr ,the fix the brakes 6 time or more and they can found a solution and they don't care ,last time the GM said they will no pay for the fix but the dealer manager take care of the bill for me, I never come back but the car don't make noise only for a few weeks and then the problem back, I never buy a Chevrolet in my live again, he car was only a 1000 miles the first time now is 37000 without solution
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Go figure?

    I went to my G.M. Dealer a couple of weeks ago to get a "Annual Check-Up" on my 2010 LT2 HHR done and they checked the brakes.
    I have 21 k on it and the mechanic said that if I don't change my driving habits I'm good for at least 3 years or more without changing the brakes or up to 55 k. He said that the way I drive I've used approximately 1 mm. of brake lining per year.
    Before the HHR I had a 2005 Equinox and when I traded it in it had 67 k on it and still had the original brakes and tires.

    Something must be wrong somewhere?
  • hhr2007hhr2007 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 HHR LT, which I changed the rotors and pads about a year ago.
    I installed the power stop drilled and slotted rotors and the ceramic brake pads. They have been very good at stopping but are very noisy. When using them lightly everything is find, but if you need to stop a little quicker they sound like there grinding. Still stops good. I only have 51000 on the car and I purchased the car new. Had to replace the pads at 32000 and thats when I went with PowerStop. I am having the original rotors turned and putting another set of ceramic pads on the car because of the noise.
  • I also am "fortunate" to own a 2010 HHR. I am taking it to the shop today because of the
    shaking when you apply the brakes. It also has had the problem with the key stuck in the ignition and not being able to turn it off. The drivers side visor has fallen off, the windshield wiper squirter has quit working, and it is gurgling in the dashboard. The windows make a high pitch squeal everytime the roll up or down. I am so disgusted with this car and only have 20,000 miles. I will see what they have to say about the brakes. What is it going to take GM?
    Admit you screwed up!!
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    I also own a 2010 HHR 2LT and love it.

    For the brake problem...your front discs must be warped, your dealer have to machined them and the problem will be gone (this happened with my 2005 Equinox) if you put pressure on your dealer it will pass on warranty.
    For the problem with your ignition...didn't you receive a letter explaining that there is a recall on that? Mine didn't have that problem but I made the dealer change the ignition unit with no questions asked.
    Can't help with visor nor the windshield wiper squirter but these should be repair on warranty.
    For the high pitch squeal from your window...God Lord, mind does the same and "yes" it's a pain in the *** and ears every time I have have to get it down or up...but only the driver's side.

    All of this should pass on your warranty.
    Don't forget to mention the recall for the ignition.
    Good luck!
  • Good morning bahillen,
    We hope that all went well with your visit yesterday - was it with one of our GM dealerships? As you have a 2010 vehicle and are at 20,000 miles, you are likely still within your Bumper to Bumper warranty. If we can check into anything further for you, please contact us at with more details (include your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Hey, Bahillen, I feel for you. I have the same problems with my 2010 HHR. The wipers started out having to push them down a few times, then the squirter quit, I have to sit and click the shifter about 10-15 times with the brake on before I can get out of Park. My window is a loud screeching. My driver's side visor is falling apart (and I never use it). Had the bearings go out at 18k. I have 42k miles and my car squeals like crazy!! ARGH!
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Ouch! Mine did the same about the shifter. Stuck in park and it was brand new with only 62 miles on it (2010 2LT). They had to change the entire shifter unit and still at this day it seems to be doing it again, I have to pump the brake pedal a couple of times trying to get it out of "Park" on every try until until I'm able to shift it in "Drive".
  • warvinwarvin Posts: 10
    I have the illustrious 2007 HHR(LOL) and found out that after fixing my shaking front end that they found leaking in my struts. They gave me a lovely price of 1, 000. Even though they said my mileage was low for a 2007 car it should be replaced. I was just wondering is this the on-going price for replacing struts? Don't know. Any advice...LOL again...oh and by the way. I never got anything from GM indicating a recall on the ignition did anybody else received anything like that?
  • Good morning kristi_m,

    We're sorry to hear that you've had so many difficulties with your HHR; as you're at 42k miles you're outside of your bumper to bumper warranty on the vehicle, which would have covered many of the concerns you described. Is there anything you had been planning to have checked into further?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • warvin,
    We can check for any open recalls on your vehicle if you wanted to send us the last 8 digits of your VIN to

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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