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Cadillac Escalade



  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    I could be mistaken but I believe the 6.2L engine that will be offered in the '07 Esky (and Denali) doesn't have DOD.

    Also interesting that the final drive ratio offered on the '07 Esky is 3.42; guess GM felt that the increased power in the new engine would partially offset any low-end off-the-line grunt due to dropping from a 3.73 to a 3.42 rear end...that and the fact that a taller (or is it shorter--I always get the two mixed up) final drive offers relatively better fuel economy than a shorter (taller?) and a higher top end--at least theoretically. ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner - the forum is undergoing some reorganization and this discussion fell off my radar for a while.

    I don't know what editorial has scheduled for testing, but let them know what you'd like to see written up:

    Contact us

    or just email using

    Here's a First Look and some spy shots to tide you over.

    Steve, Host
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A major national newspaper would like to interview those who bought a 2007 Lincoln Navigator or a Cadillac Escalade and got a sizable discount off the sticker price. Please respond to before Wednesday, March 1, 2006 with your daytime contact info and a few words about the model you chose.


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  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    Funny you mention...I have 3" on ya and have driven Ford products due to their room ('05 King Ranch S-Crew)..Want to "go back" to an SUV for a few reasons...Anyway, looked at the new Tahoe when it first dropped...Room was great! Looked at another- loaded up LTZ with a roof, my head was hitting the headliner. Could not believe it...GM added to the seat travel but limited the headroom...
  • jimveejimvee Posts: 11
    Does anyone know when the 2007 EXT will be available?

    Also, any chance that the rear window in the 2007 EXT will be power activated?
  • jimveejimvee Posts: 11
    According to Edmunds, the 2006 EXT is supposed to have a "movable load floor." Has anyone seen this? When I went to the dealer, the salesman didn't know what I was talking about (shock) and I sure couldn't see anything in the bed that looked like it moved. Does this only come as part of the power tonneau cover (which the '06s I looked at didn't have), or is Edmunds (say it ain't so) wrong?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Forbessays the movable load floor is debuting later in the model year. Anybody else know about the floor?

    Steve, Host
  • gumpsgumps Posts: 17
    I just test drove the 2007 Escalade and its smokin! The interior is first class. The seat must use a new frame design because it is totally different than last years. The old seats had frame bars that went right into my kidneys. Ergonomically GM is begining to get it. The flat panel display for NAV and radios uses one of the biggest screens I've seen in any car and it is touch sensitive. The bigger screen makes it easier to use and safer. The quality of the materials inside is on par with the highest levels seen in any domestic car and most likely many foriegn competitors.

    As far as the ride goes, the exhaust they put on the car sounds a little throaty, but I guess they wanted to make sure you knew it had a big engine underneath. The all wheel disk brakes were right on and for the most part, the car tracked pretty well in turns. Not much rolling. If only GM would figure out how to eliminate the wind noise from those big mirrors on the freeway they might really be on to something when it comes to road noise. Other than the engine, the car is really quiet.

    It is a fantastic car, and GM knows it. It is pricey, and the lease program sucks right now. They really should have made it more attractive to buy so they can get them on the road and get everyone talking about them.

    For now only those with money to burn will take the plunge, but the water is warm and the sun is shining on GM as they have something that is really top notch. The 2007 Escalade is certainly a car to want for.
  • Just had a rental of a 2007 Escalade (National Car Rental at Denver airport). I have not been much of a GM fan but this is a nice ride. Powerful, looks great, rides tight and is firm and quiet. The only disappointment was the interior, but let me qualify that: the interior, especially the dash, looks great. Instrument nacelle is very cool and all controls were well placed. Seats very ergo-friendly. Two things came to mind: the materials quality is so-so, especially the "wood trim" - it is just plastic and looks it. Also, the chrome door handle feels like a heavy plastic, and had a sharp ridge along the top! Same rough feeling on the end of the left-side control stalk. These are fine points, but at this price point I don't expect to find these flaws. But as big SUV's go, this thing is fun to drive and fun to be seen in.
  • sflemingsfleming Posts: 12
    Give it six months. We're in the last couple years of vehicles like this. Even those who can afford the gas are being pressured to cease their 'conspicuous consumption'. Six months from now they'll drop the price and start up the 'employee price for everyone' or 0% financing or both.

    I wish someone would report on this drive train! It would be nice to know if the new 6 speed tranny is really great or so so or what.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Got an '07 March 1st. Just took it on a 1,200 mile trip. Regarding the 6 spd, its certainly seems more responsive in terms of regular driving (smooth). The 1st gear is a bit lower than the '05 Denali I previously had. At 75mph, tach is just under 2000rpm The only odd thing I had happen was when I was doing about 50, and stepped on it, there was a 1 second hesitation. However, the pause almost felt like I tapped the brakes. Couldn't repeat this again.

    The manual shift option is really a "suggested" gear option. It doesn't let you you bogg down if you fail to downshift, then try to accelerate. Likewise, if you get too many rpms, it will shift anyway.

    When towing is engaged, it will downshift to hold your speed downhill after tapping the brakes. Caught me off guard at first, but it's seems to be a brake saver. I live in the Lake Tahoe area, and I would cook and warp the rotors on the Denali every 10k. When NOT in tow mode, I sense it also doing some downshifting, but at much lower ratios. Similar to the BMW X3 my wife has.

    I'm most interested in the towing, as I have a 4000lb boat that really caused stress on the old 4 spd Denali. Its either bogged or screaming at freeway speeds on hills. I'm hoping the gear spread means I'm not in 2nd gear, doing 5000 rpm's up the grade on I-80. Boat comes out of storage once the snow melts. If anyone's interested, I'll post a report.

    Sorry for the long post. (New Member...)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Not too long at all, especially with the paragraph breaks. ;) Welcome to Edmunds.

    Since you are a new owner, others would appreciate a deal report over in the Cadillac Escalade: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. Thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • sflemingsfleming Posts: 12
    awf axis,

    Thanks ever so much for the report. I've been begging someone that actually knows what a transmission IS to report on this new 6 speed. I put off buying my wife an Escalade last year cause I was waiting for the '07s both for the model change and for the improved drive train.

    I am seriously waiting to hear from you on the towing issues. Guess you guys up there just got a record snowfall so maybe it will be a while. Don't forget us. Nobody else is talking about these issues.

    How do you find the full time 4 wheel drive? Do you miss a selectable gearbox?

  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    Congrats on the new vehicle. I'm driving one this weekend and will probably buy it. It has 22" wheels but I'm thinking about going to 18 or 20's. Is it all about "the look" or are there pro/cons with regard to the ride and safety from wheel to wheel. Thanks a lot.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    In response to both posts above, I'll combine the comments.

    I started driving GM SUV's in 96. 1996 Suburban w/ 4WD H/L. Only ever used LOW for novelty when driving on a dirt road once, but never really had to use it. If I put it in 4WD during the snow, the front steering became a bit tight on dry pavement.

    In 2001, got my 1st Denali. The steering was a non issue now because of the mechanical improvements. However, one time I was pulling the boat on Lahonton lake (shore), we got stuck in some soft sand. Even with everyone out of the truck, and unloading the camp gear, the AWD could not pull free. No wheel spin, just not enough low gear. Had to get pulled out. 320 hp (2001 rating) floored was not doing it. I had 305x50x20 wheels, so the grip was good, and floated above the sand.

    In 2005, I traded the Denali for a Denali XL. Even though it was the same body style (but like driving a cave), it was mechanically more refined than the 2001. AWD very smooth, and steering was much firmer (in a positive way) (even before putting on the 20's I had on the 2001).

    In December when I found out about the new 2007 GM line, I put it up for sale before the resale value dropped too much. Paid $44k during GM's give-away period (May '05 - $6k incentives), and the dealer sold it at invoice as well. $56k sticker for $44k. In Feb this year, I sold it for $40k, 5500 miles)

    I've never since had a need for low gear, and I like the idea of not even having to think about it. Same with my wife's BMW X3.

    Regarding the wheels, (GAP2006), my humble opinion would be to get (and keep) the 22's. The ride on the '07 is tuned for the higher wheel weight, and the ride is fine. Admittedly, it is firmer than the 2005 Denali was (on 17" wheels), but not near as bumpy and squirrelly as my aftermarket 305x50x20 wheels. The squirrelly part is how I describe the wheels seeking hi/lo spots in the road. I hated this attribute in the steering, but as guy fighting middle-age, I decided the cool factor took precedence.

    Anyway, the 07 drives straight, and the ride is far less jarring than the BMW's. The rack & pinion steering is an improvement, as I'm not "sawing" the steering wheel on the freeway. However, I think they could have made it firmer. Feels a bit over-boosted, like the 2001 was.

    As for snow traction, I found it pretty good so far. In winter, I put the Denalis back on the factory 265x65x17 wheels, and these are just as good. The 305's floated badly, and I had to go stock in winter.

    If your thinking of putting alternate rims, keep in mind that GM has pushed out the axles a bit. You need to have a pretty large positive off-set. The factory wheels say 35mm, which isn't that common on the off-the-shelf wheels. So if your thinking 305mm tires, you'd need 40 to 44mm off-sets. Even with the 285mm tread and 35mm off-set, the wheel is just barely tucked.

    My only complaint therefore is that in snow and rain, lots of muck gets thrown on the mirrors, running boards and doors. The '02-'06 Caddy cladding (and Denali too) kept the sides cleaner.

    As for safety, I would think that Caddy has put a reasonable amount of testing in the 22' wheels. The 285mm width isn't really that radical, and worst risk is a big pot-hole (at high speed) compressing the sidewall enough to cause rim damage. The rim is about 3/4 inch inside the outermost portion of the rubber, so scrubbing on the curb won't be an issue at slow speed when parking.

    Sorry for the long answer, but I can type faster than I can talk.

  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    Thanks for that great answer. It really helps a lot. I know what you mean about the middle-age cool factor. That's why I'm going from a Mercedes E500 to an Escalade. Plus I think it's time I started to buy American again and am a little tired of the smug attitude we get from Germany and Japan. The dealer is loaning me the car for the weekend so I'll have a good chance to check out the 22s on all the country roads around here and get a good feel for it. I will report back to you and the Forum on my experience. Thanks again.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    A large newspaper is looking to interview consumers who have large SUVs but might rent a car to save on gas when going on long trips. Please send an e-mail to no later than Thursday, April 6, 2006 containing your daytime contact information, along with the make and model your vehicle.

    Chintan Talati
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  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I've had my '07 since March 1 now. There is 2700 miles on the odo. It's definitely a head-turner out on the town. Black on Black with 22's, HID headlights and all LED marker/tail lights. It's fun to see other driver's on the road take notice, and interestingly enough, its not only the young crowd: lots of 50-somethings and women too.

    I've yet to even see another one on the road around me. I live in Lake Tahoe and frequent Reno for evenings, movies, etc.

    So here's a list of issues I've come across, for those considering this vehicle.

    Positive List:

    1. Handling - Firmer suspension (less like a cow on rollerskates), and better steering response. Doesn't get pushed around like previous generation.

    2. Much tighter tolerances. No interior rattles, squeaks, thumps, etc. Previous vehicle would report any bumps on the road with rattles, or door jarring. Very quite cabin.

    3. Transmission - Much more "feel" of power, due to lower 1st gear, and closer shift ratios. Smoother.

    4. Visibility. Better, although still can't judge the front accurately (yet).

    5. Flip-up seats, power tailgate, remote start, all great gadgets.

    6. HID lights definitely improves visibility, in all weather conditions.

    7. Gas mileage. A bit better than my '05 Denali. 2 mpg average better.

    The Pet Peeves list:

    1. Contour of fender, and lack of mud/splash guards causes water, and debris to spray up the driver door, and drenches the mirrors. I've ordered Cadi molded splash guards, coming this week.

    2. Navigation Radio has a busy user interface. For music, its kind of like using Windows XP, which means you have to really look at the monitor to control things. Has a 'tabbed' interface, and options don't seem that intuitive.

    3. DVD Entertainment system for rear passengers is driven off the front 6-changer CD system. This means that you cannot have the grand-kids (in my case) watching a movie, AND listen to a music CD at the same time. My '05 had the DVD load in the unit itself. Have to use the XM/FM/AM Radio while kids watch Nemo. You might consider buying the aftermarket head-rest units. Many places have this for the same cost (for 2 units), already built into headrests, for the same amount that GM charges for the option. See EBAY.

    4. Seats. Firmer than previous GM models, but this is good. What's NOT good is that it seems to have less side support, and so when cornering hard, I feel like I'm sliding out of the seat (sideways).

    5. Key Remote Fob is so busy, that I end up doing the wrong things (in the dark). Instead of unlocking the doors, I sometimes open the rear glass. While trying to open the tailgate, I fire off the horn alarm, etc.

    6. The small cargo area behind the 3rd row is compromised by the large, protruding handle which allows the removal of the 3rd row. You have to see it to understand. It prevents me from loading a case of waters from Costco, without putting UP the 3rd row. Groceries are OK, but large flats are a problem.

    7. The rear end sticks up like a stink-bug. Not that I want a "dropped" SUV, but its a bit much. There is 2" of extra wheel gap in the back vs. the front. Kind of like a custom vehicle that has hydraulics in the raised position.

    Problems which will require a service visit:

    1. Left 3rd row seat latch doesn't hold seat UP properly. Comes crashing down on your cargo if you hit a bump. Right one works, so this is a defect.

    2. Left driver side mirror "vibrates" at highway speed. Other mirrors all solid.

    3. Left driver mirror "whistles" at 50mph and above. I already heard there is a dealer service fix, which is a piece of foam inside the mirror gap.

    4. Engine serpentine belt is starting to squeal. This happened on a 2001 Yukon I had, and turned out to be a mis-aligned idler pulley. Belt was replaced 3 times before GM figured out the pulley was the problem. I suspect this will be a similar issue.

    5. Rain sensing wipers doesn't know what snow is. Windshield can be completely opaque, and it refuses to wipe. Even in moderate rain, it isn't sensitive enough to keep the visibility correct (at most sensitive setting). Works great in a deluge of rain. Sprinkles are totally ignored.

    6. Rear DVD fails to back-light when re-starting vehicle. Movie plays, but the rear monitor stays off. Have to stop DVD, close screen, open screen, re-start movie. Then it works. Meanwhile, the grand-kids are screaming....


    Well, that's about it. I do enjoy this vehicle, in-spite of said issues. I always expect problems with 1st year productions. I did the same with the 2001 Denali's, and was amazed at how the 2005 had so many little tweaks that made it a much more solid vehicle, although basically the same. I expect to roll-over the Cadi in 4 years, so by then, it should be a solid vehicle.

    It's fun being the 1st on the block with a new generation vehicle.

  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    Interesting evaluation. I sat in an Escalade at a dealership but did not drive it. I agree with your observation about lack of side bolstering on the driver's seat. The extra firmness of the seat contributes to the problem of sliding sideways in corners, I'd think. Interestingly, a Cadillac spokesman mentioned the firmer "European" seats. I prefer softer seats. In contrast, Ford says that the '07 Expedition seats will be softer than before. You'd think that after 100 years the auto industry would have reached some sort of concensus on what constitutes a comfortable seat, but they have not.
  • sflemingsfleming Posts: 12
    Great Report Dave. Really appreciate it.

    Scott :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter is looking to talk with someone who bought a large suv or truck within the past year and is thinking about trading it in for a smaller vehicle. Please respond to with your daytime contact info and vehicle info by Monday, May 1, 2006.


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  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Not likely. Can't pull a boat with a Yugo, not to mention carry the camping gear.
  • auto007auto007 Posts: 5
    I have just over 1000 miles on my 2007 Escalade Black/Black. Fully loaded with 22" wheels.

    My issues:

    1) I'm starting to hear the NAV DVD constantly spin and find this annoying. Any fix for this or is this normal?

    2) I do see the driver's side mirror shake on the highway. What exactly is the fix for this? I doubt my dealership would know.

    3) How do I know if my HED lights are aimed to high? I went on a trip at night on a one lane highway and i had to keep my finger on the highbeam flash as 1 out of 3 cards would flash me and get mad at me when I didn't even have my high beams on! I'm not sure if having the 22" wheels makes the angle higher and as a result they need to be tilted down?

  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    Congrats on the new car. I have the exact same one except I have 1200 miles on it now. Love it!

    I saw the mirror issue mentioned somewhere and it's a known issue. I think the dealer fix is inserting a piece of foam somewhere. Your dealer should know about it.

    Either I don't notice the DVD or it's not happening for me.

    I get flashed too but I think it's because the car's so high it blinds people just like I used to be blinded when I had my E500. I suppose your dealer could check it out for you.

    I love the car. Everyday I find a new little trick or gadget that I didn't know about.

    Good luck!!
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    GAP, I was wondering if you had decided on the Caddy or not. I saw some of your comments on another forum. I suppose you saw my previous long evaluation above too?

    Auto007, the DVD/NAV is something that I've noticed in both a 2005 Denali and the Caddy too. It's just that it is pulling data from the DVD while you are moving. Do you have a bunch of POI's active? Since the cabin is so much quieter, it's a bit more noticable, but other than when in a quandry, I keep the music going.

    I am getting close to going to the dealer to resolve the things like the mirror, seats, etc. I just installed a leveling kit (short rear coil springs), which brought down the rear end by 1.5", making the vehicle level.

    Last night, I put on the "GM Accessories" molded splash guards. Kind of gives the Escalade the Land Cruiser look. It will grow on me I guess.

    When I first got mine, I also noticed the headlights were aimed too high. Usually, this is just one technicians "bad day", but to hear about 3 vehicles, I'm wondering.

    I adjusted mine right away, and had to do it again when I lowered the rear end. Basically, the left level of the light beam should not go over the road at about 200 feet out. The factory settings were such that it would project indefinitely at about headlight hieght, which is wrong.

  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    Dave, Yes that was a great review. I never had an SUV so I'm probably not noticing the things you are sensitive to yet. I was thinking about the mudguards myself. I will have them check the head lights now because I don't want to blind anyone and have them crash into me!


  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Greg (GAP),

    Here's snapshot of the new flappers.

    I got these from a GM dealership on EBAY. With shipping, it was cheaper than going local, and I got them in 3 days. The dealer in my area said it would be several days ust to get them in, and then a 35 mile trip to pick them up.

    $125.90 shipping/insurance included.

    If your interested, I'll give you the link.

  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    I like them!! Did you install them yourself? I'm not much of a mechanic.

    The link would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136

    Put them on last night. Comes with instructions, and screws, etc. Took a small socket wrench, phillips, and a drill to add a couple of holes in the plastic. About 40 minutes work all around.

    I do know the dealer will install these as well, and will actually provide a warranty. Don't know the labor cost, but I imagine at least 2 "book" hours.

    Here's a link on eBay. F-FOUR_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ50455QQitemZ8060953882QQrdZ1

    They come pre-painted. The same vendor has a couple of other colors. Which one did you buy?

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