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Cadillac Escalade



  • sflemingsfleming Posts: 12
    awf axis,

    Thanks. You always have good info and share it freely. On the 'German engeneering' thing: I'm sure that used to be true and of course it was coupled with the money factor. MB was always significantly more expensive than a Caddy or Lincoln. Now that they are trying to go head to head $ wise I suspect Daimler-Chrysler with there American plants are squeezing out a few thou per unit ( or squeezing into ) that they can put into every aspect of production. We appear anyway to be getting substantially more vehicle for the same dollar. There could also be some superior 'value engeneering' going on here that American Manufacturers cannot match. Don't really know.

    Now that my 'aquisition hormones' have dialed back a bit I would guess that the wife will get the GL and I'll still get the EXT cause I want an open bed. If my assesment of my previous post holds true over the first year of ownership I might dump the Caddy. Or if your warnings turn out to be prescient on the Benz I'll be a happy camper and she'll have to dump the Benz.

    It seems to be a crap shoot whatever you do. There's a new recall every week. Or more. Even the Japanese cannot maintain their quality and engeneering any more it seems.
  • Because cadillac has a new active fuel management now.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    In your post about Hybrid and then Active Fuel Management, these two things are not related. The AFM is what the brochures call "Displacement on Demand", or DOD. This technology is in the Tahoe/Yukon line, and scheduled later for the 6.2 ltr engines in the Escalade Denali later this year.

    I'm a little wary of this technology. The negative comments regarding drivability and performance that has come from the Tahoe forum's kind of confirms my caution.

    There's going to be enough first year bugs coming from my impulse purchase, that I'm glad DOD isn't another thing to deal with.

  • escy07escy07 Posts: 3
    I have 10,000 miles on my new 2007 escy and have experienced a "hesitaion" issue when decreaaseing speed into a corner and the hitting the pedal at low speeds. It seems idle is too low. I have brought it in 3 times for this issue. Caddy did have a bulletin about "rough" idle. It said to reprogram. After that was done 50% of the problem went away.. Is anyone else seeing this?
    any thoughts? ideas?
    JP from Ct
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I've just broke 5000 miles, and don't have any mechanical issues. Some of the problems I initially posted went away, such as mirror whistle, rear-camera errors, seat latch failure, etc. What I still have problems with is the vibrating mirror at speeds above 40 and the rear DVD screen needing a tweak to re-light after stop-starting.

    Idle is fine, and putting the vehicle through stop/go/cornering acceleration all fine. I've put 1000 miles of towing on it as well, with hard up/down climbs to the lake(s) and back.

    Hopefully, your issue will be resolved without much grief, and isn't some flaw we will all face down the line.

  • slw1slw1 Posts: 1
    I've had my 2007 Escalade for four months and have experienced problems twice now with the stabilitrac and traction control. My car was in for repairs for 15 days because the dealer could not get the part to fix the stabilitrac problem. The part would be located and before the dealer could get the O.K. to get it, the part would be gone...which makes me think this problem is widespread. Has anyone else had problems such as this?
  • You should obviously get whatever you want, but...

    The GL450 is just too much of a wagon to be considerred alongside the escallade. The brakes issue i totally understand, Cadillac's are fine, but they could add it in for marketing.

    However on Marketing the escallade has the image the GL will probably never have. While i have seen both i do not find the interrior of the MB to be better than the Escallade. The rear seats issue sucks, I agree. It is going to hurn GM in the long term, and they will either have to invest in an independand rear end to make the seats fold flat, or axe the whole platform due to fuel consumption.

    The new set of crossovers comming out will not help sales of GMT900's. I hope GM makes the rear independant, its one of the few things these trucks really lack.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The GL450 was in a recent comparison article in Motor Trend, which put the GL against the '07 Escalade and Range Rover. What was funny when I saw the pics in the magazine, I thought they were comparing a Toyota RAV4 to the Escalade and Range Rover. Mercedes hasn't found a design in this rendition that sets it apart from the crowd.

    From the comparison, the GL was found to be the overall winner, but I personally could never get over its econo styling.
  • Thet would be powerful.
  • all LED marker/tail lights

    I was behind an '07 at a traffic light and noticed that the trademark Cadillac high-center stoplight that runs the width of the top of the rear end was only 30% functional. Only the middle 30% of the light actually had functioning LEDs in it. The rest of the light didn't light up. Was this particular Escalade defective or is this how it is designed? :confuse:
  • It's not defective, but certainly underscores GM's penny pinching ways. They probably saved $5.00 not putting in the whole line of LED's.

    I could understand if there is a legal restriction to the "brightness" or some other DOT consideration, but in that case, they shouldn't have made it appear like a defect.

  • Wow, that is so lame. :lemon: I'd like to hear the excuse GM gives for that one!

    If I had one of those I would want to modify it so that the otherwise non-functional left and right sides of it could be put to use as extra "high" turn signals! :shades:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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    Cadillac Escalade
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • ckelly14ckelly14 Posts: 105
    I am comparing the Yukon Denali to the Escalade. The price difference between the models similarly equiped is about 10K- quite a bit. I want to know if there is anything I'll be missing if I go for the Yukon instead of the Caddy. I believe the Escalade sound system is surround sound and plays DVD-A discs, which is important to me, but I don't know if it's worth 10K. Anything else that I need to know?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Perhaps the Caddy will have higher resale?

  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Comparing apples to apples, the Cadillac has the "luxury" premium nameplate, an extra 23 hp, AWD vs. 4WD & 50k warranty vs. Yukon's 36k warranty. Don't know if it is worth 10k. That is up to you ;)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Im pretty sure the Denali (which is the one you'd be comparing to the escalade) has the same AWD system as the Escalade.

  • ckelly14ckelly14 Posts: 105
    Denali has the same AWD system as the Caddy. The other Yukons have the manual 4WD system.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I had been a Denali owner since '01. I had an '01 and '05 Denali (std and then XL). When I heard the new generation was about to hit (end of 2005), I was only considering the '07 Denali. However, I ended up with the Escalade because of:

    1. HID headlights (Esc). The Yukon looks like a step backward with its front end. Although I know the previous generatation was NOT HID, I had replaced the 9005 lights with HID/Ballast kit. The "lens" style lights in the '01-'06 generation look more modern than the return to the old-style reflective lights on the '07 Denali.

    2. LED tail-lights and marker lights. Maybe minor in function, buy very chic in terms of current trends.

    3. A few more horses. I tow a boat all summer long, along with camping gear.

    4. Cooled seats (along with heated). Very nice during summer heat, especially with leather, and global warming.

    5. Longer warranty (at the time anyway). It has full-coverage for 4/50k. (The new 5/100k is not the same coverage, as it mostly covers the "hard goods").

    6. A little more style. The '07 Denali is hard to distinguish from the cheapo GMC Envoy.

    *** Is the worth the 10k? The lock was that I received quite a deal back in Feb '07... $100 under dealer invoice.

  • gumpsgumps Posts: 17
    I just purchased an 07 Escalade. BLACK(important here). Only after purchasing it did I discover that the air conditioning vents do not point above neutral. They only point neutral to down. The Escalade is cavernous inside and heat rises to the top. When you drive the car and it's 100 outside everything above your neck up will be swelltering.

    How dumb were the engineers on this one! They probably never drove the car in the middle of summer. And, yes in the southwest it gets to 100 quite frequently especially in the desert.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    They only point neutral to down.

    Is it possible they were installed incorrectly?

    tidester, host
  • gumpsgumps Posts: 17
    Nope. Been to the dealer. Even the dealer owner commented about it. The air vent in every other car I have owned has deflection up and down. This one only goes neutral to down:( I hope GM sees this and comes out with a retro fit to resolve this. It's going to get really hot with a Black car in the summer!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm not ready to give up on the engineers yet! Do the vents rotate?

    tidester, host
  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    Congrats on the new Escalade. Just wanted to say I think you made the right choice color wise. I have the same exact one purchased in March 06 when first released and have about 10000 miles on it. It's been flawless in every way and all the tech gadgets work the way they are supposed to. As far as climate control, I already suffered through a long heat wave with temps above 100 and the AC performed flawlessly. You can start the car remotely and by the time you get in it it will have already cooled down considerably. Once you get in and blast the AC and ventilated seats you will be pretty cold. I never even noticed to AC vents although I know what you mean. Anyway, I look forward to your feedback as to how it actually performs in your area. Good luck.
  • No Hybrid Hummer, but GM President said in the next few years, the hummer brand will be on Biodiesel engines.

    that means all of the hummer's.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    H2 and H3

    H1 is discontinued as far as I know.

  • Not to Mention the upcoming H3x, & H4.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Are "Real" hummers, just face-lifted versions of the Escalade/Yukon/Tahoe, Colorado, or the mini-van based Equinox. Pretty sad that "Hummer" is going to base a truck off a mini-van chassis.

    When I think Hummer, I'm thinking rough, tough, go-anywhere, unfortunately it's more associated with Rodeo Drive than real offroading these days. :(

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