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Crossover SUV Comparison



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Correct. I never made any accusation, he did. I have only asked for proof of his allegation. I never made any allegation.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    Jamie LaReau
    Automotive News
    January 21, 2008 - 12:01 am ET

    "DETROIT — General Motors is boosting production of its hot-selling Buick Enclave crossover. It will also switch to a "turn and earn" allocation system in which dealers who sell the most Enclaves will get the biggest allotment of them.

    Enclave inventory "is still very, very tight — in fact, we're changing the process of allocation," says Jim Bunnell, head of Buick, Pontiac and GMC. "We'll flip it more to a turn-and-earn. It's been on a controlled allocation, and we're doing everything possible to maximize growth."

    Over the next three months, GM will increase Enclave production, Bunnell said at the auto show. Monthly sales were projected at around 3,000 units but have been 4,000 to 5,000. The company sold 4,726 Enclaves in December.

    GM will continue the two-shift operation at its plant near Lansing, Mich., where the crossover is built. But "we'll remix the plant to get the optimal build and have as many Enclaves as we possibly can," Bunnell said. "Over time, we'll see more month over month."

    Lease deals have been the main incentive offer on the Enclave, Bunnell said.

    "We're not going to run a lot of cash offers on them," he said, "because frankly, we don't need to."
  • Correct. I never made any accusation, he did. I have only asked for proof of his allegation. I never made any allegation.

    Understood. My comment was directed to the poster that is stating that the magazines are totally biased due to ad revenues.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Wow, they never had that problem with the Terraza.

    Still, locally Fitzgerald Buick has prices hovering around invoice (some above, some below).

    They do only have 3 in stock, though.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I know. Thanks ;)
  • Thanks freealfas.
    I hope that they increase Enclave production enough so more will be available by March. I'm pretty sure that my wife is going to want one (though I've learned to never ASSume anything when it comes to my wife) and I want to have some sort of negotiating room. On the other hand, she might like the Veracruz or CX9. We have appointments to test them both this week.
  • samf10samf10 Posts: 21
    You probably can find a similarly equipped Veracruz for almost 8-10K less than the Enclave. Enclave does have a great look though. Personally scared off by issues reported on the forum and stories of poor service/experiences by a lot of dealers/GM themselves. Plus the 40k+ price tag, rather get an MDX in that range. I am very curious to see what you think of the Veracruz and CX-9.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Let us know what you think once you've driven them.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    I too was in the market for a crossover. I drove both the 2008 Veracruz and 2008 Santa Fe, along with the Honda Pilot, Toyota Rav4 and Highlander. Having an 06 Hyundai Azera and the experience (great) with it, I was leaning toward the value delivered by Hyundai.

    The Veracruz is very nice, comfortable and performs very well. It was more quiet than any of the others, road feel and handling was in the top third. I also drove the Santa Fe Limited, but found the headroom was compromised by the now standard sunroof in the Limited. Drove the Santa Fe SE model, still got the V6 and 5 spd AT, but no leather or other nice features. WE determined the Santa Fe was the better size for our needs, so bought the SE.

    Bottom line, my 6'6" frame fits well, ride is good and quiet, handling great, plus my 6'8" 15 year old (yes, he doesn't fit in anything) can sit in the back. The reclining rear seats was a big plus for comfort.

    The Limited had one feature I thought was cool: a 110v AC outlet, perfect to plug in your laptop or cell phone, etc. if needed. Saves one less converter to buy.

    Last comment: Dealers are making some great deals, I bought the 08 Santa Fe $1300 under invoice. There were no rebates at that time. If your dealer has several Veracruz models, I'd expect you could negotiate a good deal below invoice.

    I appreciate all your comments on this forum; we all have our manufacturer preferences and we drive what works best for us. Your insights and comments help in the study of what will work best. Best of all, the comments are done with respect and we can disagree without getting burned.

    Good luck to all
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    You can test drive Acadia and Enclave. There are biggest in class CUV's. Plus 08' model doesn't problems that the 07 had, also 09' model will come with 3.6L DI engine. ( same as CTS).
    Also the CX-9 will be good choice.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Strange, your post was repeated 5 times but I think it wasn't your fault, I've noticed other threads are getting double-posts as well.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Some server glitch or something this morning bit us and caused a bunch of dupes around the forums. We'll try to clean most of them out.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Strange, your post was repeated 5 times

    Probably hit refresh instead of view new posts.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    In this case you'd try to post and nothing would happen. So you'd click Post again. I wound up posting the same message about 10 times over in Inconsiderate Drivers this morning without realizing it, until the glitch cleared up.

    I haven't heard what exactly happened but it seems copacetic now.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    The site appeared not to be taking the post. Thank you, Steve, for cleaning up the duplicates.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Having an 06 Hyundai Azera and the experience (great) with it, I was leaning toward the value delivered by Hyundai.

    I had never been in a Hyundai until we rented an Azera over Thankgiving. I came away quite favorably impressed. It was very solid and rattle free. The transmission response was a little sluggish I thought, but it was a very nice vehicle.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Go GM.

    They've been having some hits lately. All they have to do now is not overshoot this huge demand. GM finally has a product that sells like a Honda (supply just meets demand). The Acadia doesn't have a lot of incentives either.

    I have said I like the Acadia more than the Enclave, but at the autoshow I finally saw two near each other, and that Enclave looks pretty good...
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992

    A plug for Edmunds long-term blog. They have a Veracruz, CX-9 & Acadia for there long-term blogs, so here's some more info from different drivers. From what I've read on the Veracruz, it seems good on the surface, but down deep it's still a hyundai.
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    I had different experience. I have never thought that Hyundai doesn't hold a road, until I got for rent Elentra, they didn't anything else. What a piece of ..... In first place I thought it's something wrong with steering, I came back and exchange for another one, but same result. I don't know who's buying this cars, probably have not driven anything else in their life's.
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    Man, your grammar sucks, can barely understand what u are trying to say. I on the other hand have had a great experience with my Hyundai.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    let's paint this a little more accurately;

    now all they have to do is re-engineer it to get the weight out of it and come up a more efficient powerplant to take into account the new cafe regs. if they would have put it on a diet in the first place that would one less task on the list of things to do to stay competitive and conform to evolving regulations that they all seemed to think would never get here with all of their lobbying, whining and such.

    so call it hits on some fronts and falling squarely on their face in others.

    that's also not to say the others aren't faced with the same tasks ahead just to varying degrees.

    looking forward to the chicago auto show to finally sit in some to see what all the hype is about around here for all of them.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    to equate the elantra to ANYTHING that hyundai has on the dealer showroom floor in 2008 is just plain silly.

    let's think about this I got to rent a few J body & geo gm cars here and there and you can't tell me they were much better than an elantra. does that have any bearing on the lambda's of today that you so admire, NO.

    not that I'm running out to buy one but they all have their strengths/weakness' and you simply can't apply that false logic to any of the CUV manufaturer's at this point in this day/age.

    escorts, glc's, corolla's, civics, j bodies, rabbits, they all blew to varying degree's. rust, poor fit, finish, lousy materials, the list can be made for each.

    try again Vad.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    try again Vad.

    Or not, that'd be ok too. An experience with a compact car from one company has nothing to do with that same company's new Crossover. The Saturn Ion is a piece of Crapola as far as I'm concerned, but it doesn't mean the Outlook will be.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Man, your grammar sucks …

    Let's cut some slack. Our international members typically speak English far better than we can speak their languages. I give Vad an A+ for effort! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    An experience with a compact car from one company has nothing to do with that same company's new Crossover

    Well said, in fact the leather in the Veracruz puts the leather in Hyundai's own Entourage to shame. Much higher grade of materials.

    They are not the same at all, that is the whole point.

    The Azera was a good start, the Veracruz took it one step further, and pretty soon you may sit in a Genesis and simply refuse the believe this is from the same company that used to make the 1986 Excel.

    The new Sonata and Santa Fe and a definite step down (from the Veracruz) in terms of material grade, but that is reflected in the price points.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I read that. I also read what the kid posted in the M5 forums as well. Very sad.

    It hit me really hard, for I was almost killed in a car accident back in May of 1998. My friend was driving his 97 Mustang GT, I was the passenger, we hit a hairpin corner at 60, we spun out and got t-boned by a Ford Expedition. I broke every rib and had a collapsed lung. I had to be extracted from the vehicle. Spent a while in the hospital. If I had not seen the Expo comming, and attempted to move out of the way, I would not be here. The car was destroyed. I was 19 at the time and my friend was 18. He and I both learned a lesson in joy riding. Still best friends to this day.
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    Hyundai or Kia are designed cars look like they 10 years behind. The leather or interior can look great, but is it durable?
    We are all know car makers like BMW, GM, Ford, Mercedes make their car forever.Their engines going hundreds and hundreds miles. Will korean car do same?
    I don't believe it. All previous generation this car only good for 100k then it's a junk.
    So when you're taking car for lease it maight have a point. The cheap, almost maintenance free. But for buy, I will take Toyota or GM over Hyundai or Kia. The cheap goods have never been a good. All Walmart in this goods. So I'm not saying don't buy these cars, but on market have better choice then this cars.
    In same depertment Suzuki, Daewoo, Geo, Isuzu. By the way used to be on this list was Saturn. But it's really came out a very good in last couple years. The new Vue is a very good design, but I'm still doubt about how it will look after 100K.
    That' my point how car will look after 100k the interior and exterior.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Hyundai or Kia are designed cars look like they 10 years behind.

    Styling is personal taste.

    Which vehicle looks ten years behind, here?


    The leather or interior can look great, but is it durable?

    I can ask the same question of any carmaker. The last GM vehicle I spent reasonable time in was a 2 year old Tahoe with less than 60k miles. I counted no less than three dashboard/center-control lights that were burned out. Pitiful quality for a $35k vehicle.

    We are all know car makers like BMW, GM, Ford, Mercedes make their car forever.

    No, we don't.

    I wouldn't bet money that a Hyundai couldn't last as long as a GMC/Chevy/Ford. In fact, I'd probably bet the other way around. A decade ago is a decade ago. Today is today. Hyundai is building reliable, competitive vehicles. Thankfully, GM/Ford seem to finally "get it" and are doing the same thing.
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