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Chevy Tracker



  • How do you clear the check engine light? Pulled the Neg Battery Cable. Nope didn't work.
  • I'm looking at a 2002 Tracker and I was wondering what kind of fuel mileage that might get.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    my 1999 tracker 2-door with the 2.0lt engine with 215/75/15 BFGoodrich all-terrain tires on it gets 24.6mpg on backroads. i have No highway mileage to give you as i dont travel on them...
  • We are starting to see quite a few crankshaft position sensors acting up in the repair business. I have one in the shop right now with a very similar problem. I was lucky today it hit 106 degrees here in Dallas and this helped me recreate the problem severe enough to set a code. Most shops are turning these away because most times there are no codes set and this makes it very difficult to diagnose (took me 8 hours of hard diagnosing) It looks like a trend on the 2000 models. Unfortunately you have to buy it from GM at $260 plus tax, it is the entire assembly located at the back of the cylinder head, kinda looks like a distributor but no cap or wires.. Hope this helps.
  • You need a OBD2 code reader w/erase support to do this. $100-$150 at your local parts store. Not all readers support erase function, cheaper ones do not. Also clearing the light will return soon after the erase if you do not repair the problem that is causing the light to come on.
  • Most Autozones and Advance Auto stores will clear codes for free.
  • I just replaced my front axle, transfer case and rear axle oil. Everything went well, what came out went in as per specs, except for the rear axle. The specs say 2.2 litres of gear oil but it only took about 1.5 litres before it came gushing out. I lowered the truck until it was on the ground just to make sure the pumkin was full, it was. How much oil is usually retained by the rear axle and is there a way of draining all of it out? Is my rear axle full?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    if you have the tracker level you can Not over fill it. have the drain plug screwed in and fill the oil through the top hole and when it starts to leak out the top hole you have enough,.. i have done this to my rear axle 3 times. reason for 3 times was i did it twice . but when my rear axle bearing failed., the shop have to take the axle out to get to the bearing. so after i got the tracker back i took their oil out and put my amsoil back in ,... when i changed my front/rear/.tranfercase/trany/engine oil all at the sametime with amsoil wow what a difference. i would think you would get this difference from a mobil1 oil also. i noticed my tracker drifts downhill will less resistance. I use amsoil in my bike. which believe me is $$$$$ almost 6qts in a bike!!!
  • Bought a used 2000 Tracker 4wd convertible about 18 months ago. My 4wd shifter would not budge either. I tried all manner of engine/drive train loadings while trying to shift it into 4wd. Engine off/on, clutch in/out, rolling slowly forward/reverse, 30mph ( Nothing worked. Finally decided to do what any man worth his salt would do.....I forced it. I moved the drivers seat up to where I could put my elbow against the seatback and barely squeeze the heel of my hand in behind the shifter. Then by rotating my wrist, I could exert tremendous forward pressure on the shifter. It moved forward into 4wd and after 10 minutes of shifting in and out of 4wd at about 10 mph, it freed up completely and now appears to be fine.
    Good Luck

  • I have just bought a 2001 Tracker 2-door,and need a Hard top for it. Can anyone give me some suggestions on where to buy a good quality hard top?
  • We people in cold climates can also experience shifting into 4WD problems. When I experienced this condition during an extreme cold snap I was told by a Suzuki rep that humidity generated by melting snow in the cab of the truck was freezing onto the 4WD shift linkage causing binding. Keeping my linkage well lubricated has alleviated this condition somewhat. The shifting can be still be alittle stiff in extreme cold. The other problem alluded to by Pafoxhunter brings to mind the old saying. If you don't use it, you will probaly lose it. I have always owned part time 4WD systems, from four different manufactures. At least once a month I find a long straight section of road, engage 4WD high and drive straight for at least a mile. This I have been told keeps things lubricated and keeps you informed as to the systems condition. I found out that my 4WD was not functioning on my Tracker by this method, better to find out now than when I needed it. What are your comments on this practice?
  • Even though I am British by birth I have lived in this great country of Canada for most of my life. Is there any way of having a Canadian flag beside my pseudonym. Thanks alot.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Click on Preferences on the left sidebar and drill down to Message Board Settings and select your location. Usually it works. :shades:

    You may have to log off and log back on again to get it to "take."

    Steve, Host
  • Thanks alot for the info
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Nice flag!

    Steve, Host
  • i just bought a 00 tracker and i would like to put bigger tires, what is the biggest size i could go with with out a lift on it or having the tires rub on the wheelwells when i turn, and if i was to put a 3 inch suspension lift how much am i looking at $ wise and how big of tires could i go with ? thanks
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i have 215/75/15 on my 99 2-door tracker. i have read of people putting 235/75/15 and had them rub when turning...
  • Hi again, last post got deleted cause I put my email in it, sorry!

    My wife's 00 4 door, 4x4 tracker got backed into the other week.
    I am in charge of replacing the front bumper. (The damage: left front piece of the plastic is pushed up under)

    How in the world do you get the bumper off?
    Anything I need to watch out for (like airbag sensor, or whatever else)?

  • If your body is the same as my 03. Remove front grille by removing 4 plastic retainers from top of grille, gently pull the radiator grille from the vehicle by releasing the plastic retainers. Remove headlamps. Disconnect lamp first then remove 3 bolts, one bolt on top, two bolts on bottom front of headlamp. Remove side marker lights, unscrew and disconnect. Remove 7 plastic retainers along the top of the bumper fascia. Remove 1 bolt and plastic retainer at end of bumper fascia in the wheel well. Remove the 3 bolts which secure the front fascia along the bottom, then slide front fascia forward and remove. 3 bolts along bottom tighten to 11lb - ft, 1 bolt in wheel well 11 lb - ft, 3 bolts for headlamp 89 lb - INCH, Remember to reinstall all plastic retainers. Keeping all hardware in separate labeled plastic bags will help. As you reinstall make sure side marker light wiring is properly routed. You may have to reaim your headlights. Hopefully if you retorque those headlamp bolts evenly you won't have too. Air bag sensor is not attached to the fascia. Good luck
  • EXACTLTY what I was looking for.
    I knew there had to be more to it than just a couple bolts and ripping it off (been around too many old chevy trucks)
    Thank you so much!
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    well my tracker is back in the shop for a rear axle seal AGAIN. actually the same seal. passenger rear. last time (2 years ago) i had to have the rear bearing and seal replaced. well this time its just the seal. not sure why it decided to give out. i havent been off-roading or anything. the part cost $5, but the labor involved is pretty intense. you have to remove the drive shaft, rear axle and install the seal then put everything back together with new rear end oil. lasttime with the bearing it was $317 from a little local garage. b4 this i had a drivers side front wheel bearing go out on me. WOW was that expensive! i went to a dealer on that one. NEVER AGAIN. dealer wanted $500 with a new front rotor. way less labor than the rear end bearing.i wont know this price until it is done..
  • I have a question on "proper" RPM/shifting points,
    and the relationship between RPM and engine lugging.

    I am sensitive to engine lugging and from the sound and "feel" of my
    buggy, it seems 2000 rpm moves it along ok without a sense of
    lugging. If it drops to around 1500, it begins to protest, and I
    keep it at least at 2,000-2,500 RPM. But perhaps I'm mis-reading the
    feel of my Tracker.

    Any thoughts, feedback?
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    If your Tracker has the 2.0 engine, your feel for shift points is accurate. The 2.0 engine will cruise on level ground at 1,500 rpm, but you should downshift to accelerate. The 2,000-3,000 rpm range is best for common driving conditions.
  • Just trying to do a little research for a friend of mine. She owns a 96 geo tracker and thinks she blew the gasket on her exhaust. If this is the case and it needs to be replaced does anyone have any idea how complex this job is to do in order to replace this part??? I don't have the manual on her car so DIY info would be much appreciated.
  • Ouch! I wonder if the aftermarket make a better rear seal for your rig? Have you tried an off-roading aftermarket shop? You kinda got to wonder what is damaging the seal so often, a burr on the drive axle? Even one further down the axle could damage the seal on reinstallation. I hear you on dealer mark-up on wheel bearings and parts. Wheel bearings for my Toyota Landcruiser cost an arm and a leg from Toyo but I found the exact same bearing from Timken bearings for a whole lot less. Good luck
  • Just by chance check the breather hose on the rear axle for kinks or clogging. As you know if kinked or obstructed in any way the heat and pressure in the axle during operation will eventually blow a seal. Just a thought.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    well i got my tracker back today ($104) cheap!! chevy parts, local shop did the install. The local shop told me that the chevy dealer said they have a whole bunch of these seals ready to go when the trackers start coming in. he said they replace a ton of these seals. they said its a common problem. ALSO..... if any of you need a seal. dont get it from your local parts store. chevy revised these seals to stop this common issue. my new seal is the revises one. the chevy price on the seal is$28 advanced auto's is $5 but believe me you dont want to pay labor more than once for the same part. i believe i got a deal on labor this time. because i know the guy and he felt bad about it being the same seal as last time. he said the new seal even looked different than the replacement oem seal from last time..
  • Hubby installed aftermarket stereo using an appropriate harness, however the illum. lights no longer work. Now, the h-lights come on automatically instead of the delay. ALL fuses are good under dash and engine compartment. Checked with meter. Also replaced Tail luck Reinstalled factory radio and now the clock light comes on, but all other radio function lights gone also. Ahhhh, can anyone offer some advice. I would be forever greatful!! Thanks all!
  • Here's praying that Chevy put the new revised seals in by the 03 model year. If not what, what specifically do we watch out for when the seal blows? Every vehicle is different. Will oil appear on the inside of my rims? Etc, Etc. Thanks in advance for the info.
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