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Chevy Tracker



  • mgmoodymgmoody Posts: 4
    Thanks. It just seemed ideal that the 264,000 km's is right at 100,000 miles.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    If you read his previous posting, he meant to say 164,000 km's. Just attempting to ward off the impending hoard of corrections.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    lol @ cruzer. Is this your site or something? lol ur always here, huh.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    It gets lonely up here in the winter, but once my igloo melts in the spring and the buffalo start stampeding you probably will not hear from me as much. Plus I am getting out of breath pedalling my stationary bike for electricity. I did however get my Tracker out of it's hibernation and put away the Bombardier snow tractor. Spring is here. :shades:
  • daakotadaakota Posts: 2
    Ive seen on ebay the replacement chips to give you 20 more hp does anyone have one and how are they and do they wreak your motor?
  • mgmoodymgmoody Posts: 4
    YES 164,000.
    Things have not improved with just gas treatment.
    Next step is dealership for code reading.
    I know it says Chevy on the front but does anyone have any history with Suzuki dealer service. Is it any better than Chevys or is their knowledge of this engine any better?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    ive seen that chip also. all the chip does it fool the air flow/air temp sensor in thinking that it is cooler outside and there for making the fuel injection give the engine more fuel. too be honest, right now at the rate of how gas prices are going up, having my 2.o engine run richer is that last thing i need... (richer = more fuel useage)

  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Imagine going to your doctor, who's main portion of patients are women and girls of all ages. Oh they see the occasional man but very rarely, and has to try and be knowlegable of every ailment that affect women, girls and the occasional man of all ages. Verses a doctor who treats just men in their 30's and boys in their teens. How many different systems and powertrains does a G.M dealer have to know, verses Suzuki, with three or four different powertrains. Familiarity breeds competence, take your pick. Just my humble opinion. ;)
  • captjcaptj Posts: 8
    For the collective knowledge base. Although they had lots of tread left after 47K miles, the original P205/75-15 tires on our ‘99 2-door/2.0L/5-spd/4WD Tracker were showing small cracks between the treads. Figuring the direction of the price of oil will not help the economics if we wait longer to buy tires, I went after a new set. I wanted to increase the amount of rubber on the road but not change the tire diameter, so as not to significantly affect the speedometer accuracy or any speed-related emission functions. I calculated that P225/70-15 would increase tread width by almost an inch, but only increase tire diameter by one percent. Bought a set, and they have been fine. No noticeable change in the vehicle characteristics, and no interference with any parts in the wheelwells. While I am on the subject, I recently read an input by a Tracker owner on another site who has had repeated problems with broken wheel studs. Hopefully by now that owner is aware that the torque for last-generation Tracker lugnuts is only 70 ft-lbs (actually 69 ft-lbs per the Service Manual), not the more commonly specified 100 ft-lbs. I long ago became convinced through observation that few tire techs actually use a torque measuring device on lugnuts, and are probably a cause of many of the warped brake rotors, stuck lugnuts, and broken wheel studs out there. My personal policy is to back them off, then reset all the lugnuts to proper torque using a fairly inexpensive torque wrench after I get home following any work on our wheels. Even with our GM N-body Alero, a notorious brake rotor warper, we have yet to have a problem since I adopted this policy. Hope this info helps someone else out there.
  • sc00bssc00bs Posts: 87
    My 93 Tracker has 152,000 miles on it. It is having its first major problem and I need help in determining its cause.

    Today while turning a corner the car just died. When I finally got it pulled over I let it sit for a few moments and tried to start it. EVerything electrical turned on and the engine tried its hardest to start. After about twice I gave up. I then called a tow truck.

    Out of habit I turned the car completely off and took the keys out. When the tow truck arrived neither of us could get the stupid key switch to budge thus the steering column was locked up (that made for an interesting tow truck job, lol).

    By the time we got to my home the tow truck driver tried the ignition switch again and this time it turned over (it needed some jiggling and wiggling). However the engine still could not turn over (it tried).

    Over the past week the engine has been making this ticking noise. I was advised at that point to try adding some gas treatment to the engine as well as oil treatment (since the car has a lot of miles on it, almost all city miles too). It seemed to work for a while. But prior to the engine stopping itself the car while in a drive thru started to make the ticking noise again.

    I always get my fuel at the same place and the car had a FULL tank of fresh gas in it without the additives. Not that it has anything to do with the problem, but hey.
  • dunesmandunesman Posts: 4
    i just bought a 2000 4x4 tracker convertable on tuesday. it has 91,000 miles sounds runs and drives great. i took it off road yesterday and thought it did great in the mud. my wife didnt like the way it looked this morning lol. so she made me go wash it. :P

    happy trailing :shades:
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    becareful going through alot of water. i did this and had to replace the front wheel bearing. Im guessing this was from all the water. i also had to replace 2 sets of rear axle seals, (not from water). Btw does your rig come with A/C,? does it work well?

  • dunesmandunesman Posts: 4
    yes i have a/c and it works great. i went mudding again had to take the son he's 16 years old. taking him out tommorow to teach him to drive a manual. that should be fun lol.

    i love my tracker :shades:
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i used to take mine mudding alot. one thing that really made a difference was B.F.Goodrich all terrain tires. but they are noisey on the street. they lasted me 4 years. I recently went with cooper tires they are also very good offroad but No road noise and WAY less $$$...
  • dunesmandunesman Posts: 4
    yea them are good tires i used to work in a tire shop. mine has goodyear wranglers on it they still have about 90% tread left. the only bad thing with mudding is washing it afterwards. the under carriage is still a mess i cant get it clean at the car wash guess i will have to crawl under it lol
  • adonyx78adonyx78 Posts: 1
    This problem started after leaving the drive through of a KFC. The car just shut off while I was pulling off. After about 15 minutes and several tries to start it back up again, it started. I drove home as quickly as I could for fear of it dying again. I changed the air intake control valve after a mechanic pointed to it as the problem, now it runs quieter than when I bought it, but it still stalls. After three mechanics, this is getting really expensive. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?
  • trackerfantrackerfan Posts: 4

    I have a 96 Geo Tracker. I never had any problems with it until last March when my "service engine soon" light came on. I have had the car checked by three different shops. They thought it was a faulty oxygen sensor. They replaced the sensor, and the light went off, but when I took the car out on the highway at speeds above 60 mph, the light came back on again. In my state (Ohio) we are required to go through emissions testing before getting license tags. I understand that my car won't pass emissions inspection if the "service engine soon" light is on. Also, strangely enough, the tape player stopped working. Could the light and tape player be connected to some sort of security code? My next step is to go to the dealer. MGMoody - just wondering - what the the dealer do for your Tracker? Did they correct the problem? If so, how did they do it? I really want to hold on to this car as long as I can. I have 120K miles on it, and it's been a real road warrior.

    Thank you very much!
  • lramseurlramseur Posts: 13
    Where can I find a hard top for my tracker and does anyone have any recommendations?
  • lramseurlramseur Posts: 13
    The sticker on the center console that shows how to switch to and from 4 wheel drive is faded out ...
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    my guess would the dealers, either chevy OR suzuki. but be ready for sticker shock! HARD...... i doubt that simple sticker will be cheap.. you might even have to purchase the console it belongs on.. i never used my sticker anyways. i just read the manual or followed the diagram on the order in which it shifts into high or low. i know you cant except i think it is 55mph in high and i think it is 25 or 35 in Low. other than that, there isnt much to know..

  • lramseurlramseur Posts: 13
    I tried one Chevy dealer and he could not find it in his book. If anyone has a good one they could take a picture of and email that would work too. Thanks.
  • dunesmandunesman Posts: 4
    mine is also faded but it is also shown or written in the owners manual. can send you a pic of that.
  • lramseurlramseur Posts: 13
    Thanks for the offer. I have a .pdf copy of the manual but was wanting a sticker or good picture of the sticker for the wife.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    My service engine soon light came on, but went off like 2 days later. Anyway, the scan showed P0400-EGR Flow. Well, the obvious thing to check first is the valve...exactly where is it? Is it a quick, easy fix? 2000 Chevy Tracker, 4 CYL 2.0L
  • mgmoodymgmoody Posts: 4
    They changed out the fuel filter first. This cleared one of the error codes.(it should have been done before on routine maintenance anyway as this was the original filter).
    After they test drove it it came back with a second error code and stalled again. This earned a changed out EGR valve. That seems to have fixed it.
    We have not been driving it as much as we were just before it started having trouble but it does have a few hundred more kilometers on it and it is running fine again.
    The Suzuki dealer does seem to be the way to go for knowledge but it did take them two days to get the EGR valve shipped in.
  • englishemenglishem Posts: 2
    I just found this message so I'm sure you have resolved your problem by now...but no, I had to bite the bullet and spend the money. That's the only major thing I've ever had go wrong with my Tracker, though.
  • rudypoprudypop Posts: 2
    Can the sun roof portion of the top on a 2002 be removed easily. I had a 1995 Tracker previously tht allowed this to be done, the sun roof portion was part of the 1 piece top. The 2002 model is 2 piece and is seperate and looks like this has to be done using some tools. I was hoping the front part can be removed easily without having to get out the tools.
  • jfrench2jfrench2 Posts: 1
    I am having problems with my 1999 Chevy Tracker 4x4 Convertible also. The check engine light keeps going on and off, and every once in a while it will flash. When it flashes, it gets very putsy. It has never stalled or anything, but I also do not believe it is getting near the gas mileage it should be. I am thinking that it needs to have the plugs replaced and possibly the o2 sensor. The Code Scanner came back and said cylinder misfire?! Would that be caused from the plugs?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    well, mine is the EGR Flow...I had it scanned. But yeah, if you havn't changed the plugs or O2 Sensor in a while, you probably should. Also, check the timing...that will cause like a misfire too.
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