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Chevy Tracker



  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Please mention your year and model, as it helps us respond to your request more accurately. I have had this problem with my Tercel and it turned out to be the switch on which the door closes on. The switch ( rubber coated and easily depressed, usually around the lock latch on the body of the truck ) was stuck in the closed position, interupting the electrical circuit. Your rig will have such a switch somewhere, it should be easy to replace.
  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12
    Did the automatics in the tracker 2dr 4WD convertibles for the years 2002-2003 have overdrive as a standard feature?

    I am searching to buy a tracker. I see many with 4-spd automatics listed but few of them mention overdrive.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    the 4 speed automatic is overdrive.other than that they came with 3 speeds. the 4th speed is a button on the shifter knob. I keep mine pressed in all the time for the best MPG.

  • okrafeetokrafeet Posts: 14
    Does it matter how much gas you have in the Tracker before you put the Seafoam in? Thanks...and I hear it's fantastic.
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    If you are not going to direct inject it then the less gas you have in the tank, the more concentrated it will be. I usually add the entire can into about a half tank and don't fill up until you get really low. You could put a whole can with a 1/4 tank. It might smoke a little but nothing like directly sucking it out of the can. Warning, if you are going to directly inject it by a vacuum line, both the fuel line and the return line must be blocked and the vacuum line that you use must be a small one, otherwise if you suck it in too quickly vapor lock will occur and cause engine damage.
  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12
    Thanks Chris,

    Today I bought a 2003 ZR2 4x4 3dr with 6500 miles. Except for the undercarriage, the rest of it looks showroom new.

    The undercarriage indicates the vehicle has been driven in either crusty salty snow and/or wet muddy brackish meadows (since it comes from a coastal area). So,I guess I will be paying yearly attention to rust prevention/control since I live in a heavily road-salted area in Vermont with cars frequently painted almost completely white with salt on many winter days.

    However, the $11,800 I paid is about half of what a roughly equivalent new vehicle would start at - base price -
    so the undercarriage deterioration I can live with.

    Other than the potential rust problem this vehicle looks new and drives perfectly.

    Question: does anyone know what the little switch on the driver side of the gear shift which says A/T is for?

  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Sweet buy! Up in Canada we have KROWN rustproofing which is a creeping wax based spray. It is the bees knees when it comes to rustproofing. If you have an equivalent product down there, get it done, and protect your wise investment.

    The switch in the center console beside the shifter labeled A/T with a P and N on it, is the transmission progamming switch. In the N or normal position, the tranny shifts at lower RPM. In the P for power position the tranny will shift at higher RPM. I will let you decide which uses less gas. :)
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    I've put the SeaFoam in my gas tank twice now in the last 1 or 2 months. The engine pings for like the first day, and then the ping stops after that. Otherwise, I havn't noticed any difference whatsoever lol. I was hoping that maybe it would clean out some carbon and eliminate my Scan Code: P0400-EGR Flow. Nah, no difference at all.
  • I have a 2003 Tracker and everything was ok until Apr '06. I returned from a small trip turned off the engine for a little bit and then I needed to run to the store and the Tracker would not start. Next morning I got in an the Tracker started up just fine. Now the frequency of the Tracker not starting after driving for 30 min.+, turning the engine off, then having to wait at least 15 min. before I can start the engine again, is getting to be a real pain! I have replaced the Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter, PCV and still had the problem. Took it to my Dealership, who had the Tracker all day and nothing was found in the computer and I was charged for that information $. Took it to my garage, nothing was in the computer and suggested to check the exhaust pressure. Took it to a Muffler Shop ... I had to change out both catylitic converters because the inside parts had melted and were partially blocking the exhaust $$$. Drove it home and the SES light came on for the first time.

    Code 420; usual active at the rear oxygen sensor. Replaced Rear Oxygen sensor (it was burned up,too) and still it didn't fix the problem $$. Replace the Fuel Pump next $$. Thought it might be the Cam Positioning Sensor but at my garage, his computer showed that it was working. Next came the Coolant Temp. Sensor for the fuel injector $$. My garage then suggested that I take it back to my Dealership and have the computer itself checked out. I did and the Dealership said the computer was fine and no codes were found and told me that the problem was that the Fuel Pump needed to be a official AC Delco part for it to work right...and get this, NO CHARGE for this service. Next my garage tried changing out the Main Relay with the Tail Relay and still the problem continues. And the SES light keeps coming on regularly now with the same code--Code 420.

    I found this website and looked through it and found that the Fuel Pressure Regulator might be the problem but no fuel found in the vacuum hose side and when I expierenced the problem of the engine not starting again, I took the vacuum hose off the regulator and still the engine didn't start. That was a couple tests to see if the regulator was working properly. So thats where I am now. I do have an appointment with a Suzuki Service Department next but that will cost $$$$. I would appreciate any help ....
  • rep5858rep5858 Posts: 45
    Thinking of buying a 96 tracker. Who made it? It has geo-chevy emblem and suzuki name on it lol. Is it reliable? It has 152,000 on it. Too much? it is a 4 door w/ 2WD. Test drove it seems pretty solid. They want $4,000.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    $4000 seems really high for a 10 year old 2wd tracker! my 1999 4x4 2-door 2.0litre engine tracker with 85,000 miles isnt worth that! go to or and see what it is really worth.

  • i may have the same thing going on with my '99. mine didn't die in the road, but when i got off work i couldn't start it. the code reader gave a '0340' camshaft sensor code, but when i replaced the sensor (and the fitting it sits in) i still can't get it to start. did you get yours resolved, and if so, how?
  • Check engine light came on and went off 2x after I put a fuel treatment in it, Now its staying on any suggestions. Have an extended warrenty gonna rake it in in 2 weeks. Also anyone with the 4whl drive have any weired knocking noises when they let go of the gas? When I release the gas all the way I hear a knock and can feel a jerk. It does not do this in 4whl drive?
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    That's way too much for a 10 year old 2WD. I'd offer them about $2000.
  • Hi everyone! I'm new to this tracker forum becuase I have been stuck onmy new HHR, AND my tracker has been in the shop...In 1994 I bought a 1993 Tracker for 12K, it was black and hot pink and I was 17 so it fit! After paying it off, having 2 kids, I still loved this car. One day my husband was going to drive it to work, and when he walked around the car, someone had hit my Tracker and drive off! Smashed in my door to where I could not even open it, my heart sank! After having my Tracker for 10 years, everything original, never been in the shop only for oil changes, I had no clue what was going to do. One of my so called "friends" own a body shop, so I took it to him told him to take his time just fix my car!!! Well he started, got trashed ended up in jail, and my tracker was about to get taken by his landlord for I went and stole my tracker back and all it parts. Needless to say in my driveway for some time, then my ex father in law asked if he fixed it could he drive it, well HELL YEAH! He took it back to Colorado, and this weekend he gave it back to me with a new paint job, all the body work done, a sound system out of this world, some kinda chip on the engine, rims and tires (fat)...If you could have seen my eyes!!! I drove it all day on Sunday, and everyone who came over kept saying that I got my baby back.. and it really feels that way! After all this drama with my Tracker I needed a new ride so I went right back to CHEVY!!! Exact same dealer that I bought my Tracker from, and bought my HHR, so now I proudly own 2 chevys!! Oh and now Hubby went out and bought a 2002 there are 3 Chevy's in my driveway. Anyways I have now had my Tracker for 12 years, and there is no way that I would ever give it up! My 11 daughter wants it when she is old enough to drive. So now Hubby's is having pink ghost flames airbrushed on the hood, new top with tinited windows, and I want to re-do the inside so that is back to pink and black, the father in law put black seat covers over my pink seats damn him, lol! Oh and he used this stuff that made all the plastic look new as well. So to answer everyones questions, yes it has enough room for your kids, yes it is a very reliable vechile, I had NOT one problem with my long as you take care of it...not even a crack in my dashboard (I live in FL)..I have over 130K miles on'a a 1993 had it since '94, it's a convertible, and it is so much fun! Hope everyone loves their Tracker the way I love mine! :shades:
  • Question for you all. I bought a 99 4x4, 2dr convertible and I've had all sorts of problems. The guy that owned it ran it into the ground, and towed way too much with it. I've fixed almost everything (including a new manual tranny from a friend), but now it has this bucking/hesitation every so often. Could this be the fuel filter? I just put on a completely new exhaust and replaced BOTH catalytic converters (I hate CA emissions!). Any ideas? Sometimes it runs like a V6, other times it seems to be choking. I've also bought plugs and will change those, and I just replace my air filter with a K&N.

  • Is your exhaust have black soot in it? If so, you could have a misfire with unburnt fuel. Check your spark plug wires, coils, distributor cap and rotor for wear. A new fuel filter certainly wouldn't hurt. Also clean out your throttle body when you change your air filter. Previous posts I'am sure have discussed this procedure. :)
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    99 tracker doesnt have sprakplugs wires nor distributor cap nor rotor. it has coil packs on each sparkplug. and you better pray that is not the problem as chevy wants $250 EACH for them (4) you can get them from a local autpparts store for $125 each... make sure your air filter is good and sparkplugs are good other than that there isnt much you can do, outside of troubleshooting things i mentioned.

  • We have a 93 tracker that was given to us after sitting for two years waiting on new front bearings. Previous owner did not want to spend the money. After installing new front bearings, it was hard to start but once we got it started it has ran fine up until a couple of weeks ago. Now it starts fine the first time each day and then you have to hold the gas pedal to the floor and crank on it for a few seconds before it will start and then it seems like it is possibly flooded as it takes a couple of seconds befor it will come up to rpms. It has a new fuel pump. It was suggested that it may be fuel pressure regulator. Any suggestions? This is my wifes little car and when it is not running she is not happy, and you know that if the wifes not happy NO ONE is happy! Thanks for all your help!
  • inuvikinuvik OregonPosts: 134
    It could be the fuel pressure regulator but it since it starts fine when it's cold but acts likes it's flooded when it's warmed up I would suspect the sensor that regulates air/fuel mixture is malfunctioning. Also, have you replaced the fuel filter? But your problem wouldn't indicate a partially plugged fuel filter, but it wouldn't hurt.
  • Hi..I have had so many opinions on how to fix my license plate lights. I have my rear inside door panel off and have almost ruined my car trying to get to the bulbs so that I can change them...they look like maybe you can unscrew the plastic dome covering the bulbs but I don't want to break any more parts..the chevy dealership said they could replace the bulbs for $50.00! That's just for labor..I paid almost $3.00 for the bulbs from Auto Zone..Chevy did not say what they would charge for their bulbs..Sounds like you really know what you are doing..I have checked the wiring inside the panel and everything seems fine..have not had any work done on it to warrant sabotage..hmmm.
    How did you change the bulb?
    Thank you for any information..
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    Has anyone ever had trouble with the steering column in the Tracker? (2000). When I turn, it feels like it's sticking, just a little though. In facked, it's so subtle, it might just be my imagination lol.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    just wondering. did you check your TIRE pressure and power steering fluid?

  • I have a '01 and had a steering column problem that I posted here months ago. If your problem is the same, it is serious and I would recommend fixing it right away! My symptoms: at slow speed or stopped with engine running, turning the steering wheel all the way right or left would feel like it would go between power and manual steering, in other words slight resistence then normal, rather quickly back and forth. Hard to detect at high speed. It turns out to be the intermediate steering shaft with two small u-joints integral to it. The lower u-joint was failing and causing the problem. You can't replace or service the u-joint itself. I bought the shaft from Chevy at a discounted (hah!) price of $330 and had my front end mechanic install it for $60 (I believe). The reason this problem is potentially serious is that the worn u-joint could sieze giving you no steering movement, which is what happened to another post a while ago. It's tough to diagnose. My mechanic had to take the shaft out to confirm it to be the culprit and at the price you want to make sure it is the problem. Good luck and don't hesitate and I hope it is something much more simple and less expensive! Try this site for prices:
  • Thanks for the valuable info :)
  • thanx for all your help we will do that right away
  • i am replacing wheel studs on the front rotors. where do you find the wrench to take off the spindle nut?
  • In my toolbox? :P the manual lists the socket as a SST( special service tool) J37763. A local auto parts store maybe able to help you with an equivalent tool. The tool looks like a circle with four round nibs sticking out. I have no doubt I will find out next spring. Arkainzeye probably knows where you can get one. The manual says to use a tie rod puller to get the wheel studs out. It also says you may need a slide hammer with a J37781 rear axle shaft and drum remover if the hub is stubborn. When reinstalled tighten the nut with J37763 to 159ftlbs of torque. Got to love SSN's (Special Stupid Nuts). :confuse:
  • i have been having a similar problem with my 2000 tracker. it has been going on since may. first when i drove long distances it would give trouble starting. then the distance became shorter and shorter (down to 1 1/2 miles) before i have to let the car cool down and restart it. then in july she stated stalling out in drive-tru lanes and rush hour traffic. now after about 20 min of drive time she starts bucking and hesitating and then dies. after a 15 min cool down she restarts. the computer spits out no codes at all, so no knows where to start. the last this happened i was albe to coast into an auto shop. they discovered she is not getting any spark when she is heated up. so at least we have narrowed it down. i have been the fuel route already. the O2 sensor was replaced about a year ago and the crank sensor was done 6 weeks ago. i have been to 3 auto shops. i hate having to plan my day around my car. any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • thanks for the infor. problem is i have not found the SST J37763. i bought a kit from OTC. it has every spindle socket for different ones but the one i need.

    need help finding where to get the "SST J37781"

    again, thanks in advance for the infor.
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