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Chevy Tracker



  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    if its what i think it is, it fools the air temp sensor that it is colder than what it actually is. By doing this it increases the amount of fuel it sends to the engine. with this mod you will surely Loose Miles per Gallon.. when i had my 99 2-door tracker i would get 25mpg in the summer but when it got cold out and the fuel injection had to add more fuel for the colder air i would get 20-21mpg Max.. now if you do this mod you will decrease you mpg and in the winter you would shurely be in the teens as far as mpg. this mod is exactly what i have done with motorcycles, and it worked out nicely for added hp. but with a tracker who knows how much hp you will gain. it might only be as much as you can count on one hand.. and in that case it probably wont be worth it.. 20-30% is a very bold claim..

  • bex1bex1 Posts: 6
    Chris, thanks for the tip. That's exactly what it is, although they don't explain it quite as well as you. I am always nervous doing anything 'creative' with my Tracker, as it's so dependable, (since 1991!) I'm afraid to screw it up. And thanks for getting back to me so soon. Auction on e-bay is over tonight and now I know not to bid on it.
  • For the fourth or fifth time now, my automatic hubs will not engage. I can shift it into 4wd, but the light doesn't display the 4x4 message, nor does it engage in 4wd.

    What might be the problem. I got stuck too many times.

  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    mine is silver! but it is a zr-2 with 43011 miles. just this out i got this tracker with power everything, tilt wheel, V-6 tinted windows and that under armor skids plates that cover the engine,transfer case & transmission. i got it for $8995. and then gave me $2000 for my 1999 2-door with 90000 miles. This 2004 looks brand new. its shocking how 2 tracker could feel completely different in every way...
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    That does sound like a good deal. I received $11,000 trade in on the 04 LT 4x4 with 30,000 miles. Wasn't too bad considering paid only $15,000 for it as a new vehicle 20 months earlier. Traded for a 04 Impala that was only $7900 but did have double the miles on it at 60,000 just wanted to reduce debt and increase fuel economy.
  • Hi, I to have a 2002 chevy tracker, it has had a rad. flush new thermostat, and barely has any heat. At -22 the windows frost up, the defrost fan blows like a bat out of hell, but no heat. noticed today the eng. temperature gauge sometimes drops, then climbs again, does the temp. sender have anything to do with the interior heat?

  • Molly,
    I know exactly waht the problem is, as it happened to my 2002 also. The front differential is engaged by compresser air, not vacuum as one would think. On the passenger side mounted behing the fornt bumper bracket is what ampounts to a small air pump with a pressure switch and blow off valve. When you shift into 4WD, the pump is energized and engages the front diff.

    The pressure switch on the pump is the problem, as it probably cost about 5 cents to make, and it is prone to failure. The part is about $450 from GM, but I paid $185 form a Suzuki dealer. It is very easy to swap out yourself, 2 bolts that hold it on the bumper bracket, a plug for the electrical connection and two air lines. Just make sre you mark the air lines with a piece of masking tape the says uppper and lower. If you mix up the hoses when you put it back together, will cause a host of other problems.
  • Thank you, Scotter, for the information. How did you discover the problem? Was it the dealer or a mechanic you know?

    $185 for the switch? Perhaps I can get one at a junkyard...or even the whole assembly including the pump and hoses for much less.

    When did this problem occur? Mine won't lock when it's cold, snowy or slushy?

  • Molly,

    I found the problem on my own, that the pressure regulator / switch wasnt holding the pressure to keep the front diff engaged. The pressure swith on the pump is integral to the pump and the entire unit must be replaced. I think you will be hard pressed to find one at a junkyard, and if you do, it may be no better then the one you currently have. Suzuki has made a modification to the pump in an effort to make it more reliable, so the new one you but shoudl hold up much better.

    Let me know if you need any other info. E mail me -
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    does anyone have a website where i can look up detailed info on this engine. i wanted to know if the valves need adjustment or are they like my 2.0litre tracker i had and never need adjustment. Im looking for maybe pictures of the engine, like a cut-away. any ideas?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've got a couple of links in the Online-Repair-Manuals guide. I've had good luck finding stuff with the Auto Repair Reference Center stuff but it may not be available in your area.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    thank you for the link. but they all wanted a user name and password along with a fee..
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That's why I go the public library route - I can get online access to the Auto Repair Reference Center with just my library card number calling in from a local IP. Other libraries may have it or Alldata free but will make you come in to a terminal to access it.
  • Has anyone had experience changing the rear bumper cover on their Tracker? I have a 2004, looks great, just some gouges on the top of the rear bumper cover. Is it something I can do or is it better left to a shop? Thanks very much for your help.

  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    Perhaps I can get one at a junkyard...

    Try this site:
  • Thank you for the link.

    What would one call this assembly...the pump and valves that engage the front hubs?

    Anyone have an idea? I know from the past, you have to be rather specific regarding part or assembly descriptions.

    Thank you
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    I was afraid you would ask that. :blush:

    Under Suzuki Vitara (2002) I found the category "Air Pump"
    but the description of the item that turned up was "VACUUM PUMP FOR 440". :confuse:

    I was thinking you might search for front differential for your year and model and that would tell you if the yard had a vehicle. Then call and ask about the pump. They might not know the pump exists - I didn't, until I read it here. :)
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    if your able to look at a part diagram i think what your looking for from what ive read it located on the front bumper. there is a pump/vacuum that activates the 4x4.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    Well, maybe the vacuum pump that turned up is the correct part.
  • Hi guys,This is my first GM product in 10 years.I took a few years off to try Fords.The automatic hubs on the Ranger,Bronco II and Explorers have given me a large fear of automatic hubs.I got chills when I saw them on my '98 tracker,but I bought it anyway.I was wondering if they are reliable or not and if not how hard are they to change to change manual or is it even possible???
  • I'm trting to replace the belts on my 97 Tracker 4wd. I can't locate the stationary bolt (as opposed to the adjusting bolt) on the a/c. The adjusting bolt is right in front but I can't see the other bolt. Any help where it might be? Thanks, Mike
  • snicholsnichol Posts: 28
    I have a 2001 4 door tracker with the 2.0L Engine (127 hp), automatic transmission w/overdrive, 2 wheel drive. I have high milage on it, over 207,000 miles!
    It has been a Very Dependable vehicle, except for the AC compressor going out twice. (That's another question for later!)
    Monday, the timing chain broke all of a sudden when I stopped. It won't start at all.
    I have been told by a local mechanic that they are a bear to find parts for; the parts are very expensive and he is very reluctant to work on it.
    He said that the engine is gone, since the timing chain broke, it will have bent all the valves and ruined the engine. Is this true?
    Is it cheaper to replace the engine, or overhaul it, or Junk the car?
    With my milage this high, I would like to overhaul the engine and go another 200,000 miles! (or replace it with a rebuilt/Used Engine)
    I'm told it's too expensive to buy parts for and I can't seem to find an engine replacements locally, new or used.
    I would appreciate anyone's suggestions, recommendations on what course of action I should take? (I am happy with the Tracker and would like to continue driving it.)
    Any sources on engines, rebuilt, or otherwise?
    I am in the Houston, Texas area.
    Sam Nicholson

  • snicholsnichol Posts: 28
    On my 2001, the tensioner is on the front just under the top pulley. By putting a wrench on that tensioner bolt and a small pipe on the wrench for leverage, the tensioner can be pushed backed far enough that the belts can be removed/replaced.
    I discovered this by accident when trying to replace the main belt on my 2001.
    I don't know if it's the same, but try it.

    I'm not so lucky, my timing chain just broke. (See my post)
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    it will have bent all the valves and ruined the engine. Is this true?

    Probably, but not necessarily. Sometimes if the valves are hitting the pistons the starter will not turn the engine over. If the valves are bent allowing the engine to turn with the starter there might be some noise when the pistons hit giving you an indication. Of course, turning the engine over with the starter might do more damage - if that's possible. :cry:

    I just posted this site a few messages back:

    When I searched for 2.0 L Suzuki engines several pages of engines came up ranging from $2,000 down to $900 - some with low mileage. :)
  • davedondavedon Posts: 2
    Hi Scotter,
    I am having the same problem with a 2002 Tracker. It acts up when the weather is cold, when things warm up the trouble clears like magic. I had it in to the dealer and they said they didn't believe it was cold weather related but they would put a new air pump on for $565 plus tax plus labour, plus, plus, plus!! I think there must be water someplace in the pump or valving. Can that pump be disassembled, dried, sealed and reinstalled if nothing else is broken? If not I think I'll avoid GM like the plague and check with the Suzuki dealer for a cheaper alternative and do the work myself.
  • You should have visited the Suzuki dealer first and bought the part and installed it yourself. First of all, GM will charge you $300+ more for the same part you can buy at Suzuki. I believe it's a fairly easy's making sure you have the inlet/outlet hoses hooked up right to the pump.

    I too have the same problem; when it gets cold, it won't engage in 4WD. I tried telling different mechanics about it...the answer I got was; "It has to sit on the level with the wheels headed straight in order for it to engage". That's a bunch of hogwash, I tried it every which way to Sunday and it wouldn't engage.
  • trakronrtrakronr Posts: 4
    *I'm sorry this is so long, but I figure more details is better than less. About 6 weeks ago my Tracker made a horrible racket. It sounded like the exhaust fell off and was dragging the ground, but it wasn't. I couldn't find anything wrong so I drove it home. About 4 weeks ago, the oil light started flickering on. Everyone told me that if the engine was rattling that I needed to replace the oil pump and if there was no noise to replace the sensor/sending unit first. I had an exhaust leak so I couldn't tell if the engine was making a noise. I had the exhaust replaced and could clearly hear engine noise. I ordered a pump from Chevy and we replaced it. To do this, you need to partially pull the motor. When my husband removed the front motor cover (over timing chain), parts started flying. It seemed the noise I had heard 6 weeks ago was the upper timing chain tensioner, one sprocket and the chain guide breaking apart. That appeared to be the only damage. We removed the loose parts and I continued to drive it until more parts could be ordered from chevy. We replaced those last weekend, but I still had a noise. My husband noticed on closer inspection that the idler sprocket was damaged. So, needless to say more parts ordered from chevy. We replaced the idler sprocket and the bushing behind it this weekend. And, I still have a noise. Generally, if you are idling the motor (sitting still or driving), the motor is quiet. However, if you have to accelerate or decelerate, there is a noise coming from under the hood and close as we can tell. If you pick up the speed just a little bit and get the tracker to shift up a gear, the noise goes away. If I set the cruise, the noise is gone. We've sunk $750 in dealer parts in this thing and we still have a noise. Also, I might mention that the oil light will still flicker, but it only does it when the rpm drop down really low. Anybody's help or suggestions would be most greatly appreciated. And, again, I'm sorry this was so long.
  • scotterscotter Posts: 14
    The pump is sealed and it is highly unlikely that there is water in it. Although I think the Tracker is a well made vehicle, the air pump for the 4WD is the cheapest thing I have ever seen, but has been redesigned since '03 to be a bit more reliable. Anyway, the cold weather may or may not have an effect, but I had issues when it was cold the O rings got stiff and hard and wouldnt seal properly. Bottom line is you have to replace the pump.

    I bought mine from a Suzuki dealer for about $200, and it takes about 10 minutes in the driveway to take out the old one and put in the new. Just make sure you label the two hoses "upper and lower" before you remove them from the old unit, as you can possibly damage the diaphram inside the front differential if you connect them backwards.

    And as far as parts go, NEVER go to a GM dealer for parts, always go to the Suzuki dealer. Not that I have had to purchase alot of parts, but each time Suzuki is less the half of GM price.
  • Do you recall the name of the part, or assembly? Might make it easier to look it up on the internet or speak with the Suzuki parts person.

  • scotterscotter Posts: 14
    Your engine is junk at this point. The noise you originally heard may indeed have been the timing chain sprocket, tentioner etc; but to keep driving for weeks is the issue. I think bits and pieces of metal worked their way through the engine, and destroyed it from the inside.

    Honestly what amazes me is that after you heard a "horrible racket", you didnt see anything so you kept driving. And then when you found broken parts under the timing chain cover, you removed the broken parts, and kept driving. The engine needs to be replaced at this point, and the fact it runs at all is a surprise, but it is on its very last leg.

    The only reason the timing chain and/or related parts would wear out or break is due to lack of oil. These engines dont have a good oil bypass system that forces oil into the timing chain area, rather it depends on drip and splash from other components. If you get a quart down the first thing that is oil starved is the timing chain and related parts. I check my oil often, and if it gets a half quart low, I add oil to prevent what happened to yours.

    You can get a new crate engine form Suzuki for about $3200.00, but depending on the condition of the rest of the vehicle, a new engine is probably more then the Tracker is worth. Driving after hearing a horrible noise I think did you in, and then removing broken engine parts and continuing to drive, was the final nail as they say. You may be able to get an engine form a junk yard, but the risk there is that it may have as poorly maintained as yours was.
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