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Chevy Tracker



  • cody91cody91 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2000 Chevy Tracker ZR2. I guess it has the 2.0l engine and it's the 4 door, but I don't know any of the other details. The owner says the vehicle broke down, and either needs a timing chain or new engine. I've been searching, and have been coming up with different answers about the engine type. Is the 2.0l an interference or non interference engine? Because if it's the non interference, then I shouldn't have much to worry about, except replacing the timing chain. If it's the interference engine, meaning the valves hit the pistons when the chain breaks, then the whole engine will likely need replacing. So hopefully it's not. Thanks.
  • I have a 2000 Tracker, same engine,I bought with a broken timing chain also. It is an interference engine. But I got lucky and it only bent 2 valves on the cylinder next the firewall. We replaced them new head gasket, timing chain, guide and parts and we were good to go. I got the truck for $500 , had a friend who owed me the labor. I would only go for it if it's real good shape, and you can do the work yourself or have some with cheap labor. Parts aren't cheap, but I do like the vehicele otherwise. Do a compression check on the engine and see what you get.
    Good luck.
  • steven_ssteven_s Posts: 10
    I've been noticing over the last few months a very grating, nails on chalk board sound from my wipers. I had thought it was the wiper blades themselves, but today I flipped up the wipers and the sound continues. I pulled the little plastic caps off and removed the bolt that holds the wiper body on. removed wipers themselves and sprayed the wiper stub with wd40. Noise continues. The actual motor and mechanics seem to be under the dash, where it meets the windshield, I had briefly thought it might be on the engine side, up against the firewall, but no....Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't want to remove the dash....If I could just try spraying some wd40 into that area, perhaps just undo a couple dash attachment bolts...?

    thank you. Steven
  • steven_ssteven_s Posts: 10's a 4 door 4wheel drive 2l 2000 tracker.
  • lisa75lisa75 Posts: 3
    Hi! I own a 2000 Chevy Tracker 4x4 , 4 door. I LOVE this vehicle. I purchased it in Feb 2007, it was a one owner and had 96.000 miles. Its been great.
    In July of 2007 I had to routinely change my rear brakes and immediately afterwards I noticed that when i put it in drive or reverse it has a little jump to it. It drives fine and changes gears wonderfully.
    Well, I took it in to the shop and found out my rear axle seals were leaking and I had to have them replaced (no biggie) I told the mechanic about the jumping ( I feared transmission trouble) and he said if he could keep it a few days he'd check it out. When I went back to get it he told me he drove it all over and didnt have any trouble with it. He also noticed the jumping but said he didnt know it seems fine. So I just let it go, Ive drove it 13 months with no problems. Tonight, I drove a mile, got gas, got on the interstate and after 15 miles my engine light came on. It didnt act any different, still the same quiet, great running vehicle, but because I got spooked I brought it home and parked it. NOW Im concerned....LOL!
    Any suggestions??
  • lisa75lisa75 Posts: 3
    The engine light was the gas cap!! I feel like such a dummy! LOL :blush:
  • My 2000 Tracker, 2.0 engine is very loud at idle.Mileage is about 193000. It has had a new timing chain and all related parts, but has started getting loud at idle for about the last 2000 miles. The exhaust system is good and the oil is not low. I have done some searching and only thing I came up with is low oil at idle. If nothing can be done, I can live with it, but if I can fix it I would like to if it feasible.
  • Hi people:
    I have an 03 2.5L LT four door with the stock aluminum rims. I would like to purchase some steel rims to fit the truck. The rim size is 15x5.5" with a 5 bolt 139.7mm lugnut and a 29mm offset. The 108mm center hole is the problem and limits my choices to stock Chev and Suzuki products of the same ilk. There in lies the rub, does any one know what model years (Suzuki or Chev) truck steel rims will fit my truck? IE will the rims off a 1999 Suzuki X90 fit or not. I know the 16" steels of the Vitara and XL7 will fit but I am hoping to keep to the 15" size as the tires are cheaper.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Are you wanting to put larger rims than stock on your truck ? Is it 4wd? Try to call or email They can probably get you some steel wheels that will fit, or at least tell you what will work.Or you maybe able to get some adapters made, but I'm not sure how well that would work. I see them in adds in the truck magazines all the time. Good luck.
  • :confuse: I have a 2003 Chevy Tracker, 4 cyl. 4 door SUV 4x4. I just moved from the country to the city. I now take a bus to work but my wife now uses the Tracker to commute a long distance to/from her work. She hates the harsh ride, so I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to the car to soften the suspension, shocks, etc. to make it a bit more paved road friendly? Thanks
  • Buy the biggest tires on the smallest rims you can get to fit. Have them install bead lockers so you can run a really low PSI and wait for your shocks to wear out. Your gas economy will totally suck, not to mention your braking will also bite, but that should soften things up a bit. ;) It's a truck based ute, and there is no getting around that without sacrificing something else. You may have to buy her a car. :P
  • Follow-up question: What do I do after the shocks wear out? Or is that the suggestion, drive with worn out shocks?
  • Seriously it is very difficult if not impossible to make a Tracker something it's not. It is a TRUCK, a cheap truck at that. Anything you change, be it spring rates, shock dampening, tire size and tire pressure will have a negative effect on some other facet of the vehicle. If you lower the spring rate you will have a softer ride but will destroy your handling and stability.The Tracker is tippy as it is in the turns, a rough road would make you throw up from bouncing around. It would also destroy your shocks sooner. You might try buying those gel filled seat things that absorb vibration and harshness,that could help. If not, you still may have to buy her a car. Sorry for being facetious in my previous posting. :(
  • My question is thus..The normal tachometer reading while driving a 2.0L 4spd auto 2dr tracker @ 55-65mph should be 2500-3000RPM is that correct? I ask because the other day, I was driving to work between those speeds and the tachometer was giving me a reading of 3500-4000RPMs..I thought this was weird..while driving it felt as if the Transmission didn't want to shift into 4th gear..However, this evening it seemed fine as I was going around 60mph and the tach was at 2800RPM's..Has anyone had any issues such as this? The vehicle has almost 146K. I would just like to know if its safe to say that the transmission is going or not..

  • Hey everybody...kinda new to this forum stuff but i'm in a bind and was wondering if anyone out there could help ppoint me in the right direction...Believe it or not my 2000 chevy tracker got hit by lightening in a roundabout way... among the interesting damage that happened, the back-up partition of my ecm got fried...I have been searching for a used ecm that matches my numbers but apparently a 2000 chevy tracker with a 2.0 liter, auto and a/c is not easy to find...anyone know where i could start looking for a replacement ecm? I'm pretty mechanically inclined but doesn't do much good when I can't find the right part...thanks!
  • Thanks for the replies about my "softer ride" question. Looks like I'll live with the ride as-is which, all things considered, isn't really all that bad. Right now I wanted to ask about driving in snow. Again, I have an '03 Tracker, 4 cyl. 4 door, 4x4.The previous owner who I just bought it from said that when driving in snow while the 4-wheel is engaged it helps to add some weight to the back (sandbags or whatever) to enhance traction. Does this really help?
  • Try Advance Auto, Auto Zone or
    Good luck.
  • Yup, it's me again, although I am in a much better mood today. As an owner of a 03 LT 4x4 living in South Western Ontario I have had some experience in winter driving. It is my humble opinion that the biggest factor in limiting the number of adrenaline spiking incidents, are a good set of WINTER tires not A/S, and good defensive driving skills. Slow down before the drifts and then accelerate slowly through them. Slow down period. As for extra weight in the back of a Tracker, I feel the cons out weigh the pros.

    PROS- A little more traction? The Tracker already has a heavy solid rear axle.

    CONS- Extra fuel to drag that weight around.
    Cuts down on your luggage space, which in a Tracker is at a
    If you do go out of control and spin, all that weight is now extra mass
    behind the rear wheels which will increase the inertia of the vehicle in the
    spin. It will make it more difficult to recover from the spin.
    Your insurance company doesn't like extra weight (sand or salt) and
    possibly will not cover your loss if it determines the weight was a
    contributing factor in the crash.

    A good set of winter tires and driving your 4x4 like it was in 4x2 in the nasty stuff will save your sphincter gland. :)
  • I am having the same problem. I had it in to the dealer on Friday and they removed the cowl in order to try and lubricate it. I wanted them to remove the rusted on nut that is holding the wiper arm on. Compared to the other wiper arm it is really tight against the cowl. Wipers work great except for the sqeek in the one.

    Dealer is trying to tell me that it is the "wiper transmission" and will cost 130 for the part and minimum 1hr labour. It may cost more for labour if they start to break bolts. I cannot see it being that because the wipers are working perfect except for sound.
  • Okay, time to pay back the forum. I think I fixed my problem with the wipers, I ended up squirting gig-a-loo (glorified wd40) on the wiper blades where they connect to the motor, and that whole general area, about 5 times over the course of two weeks....and it seems to have worked itself into where ever the noise was coming from. They are now silent. good for me.

    On another 4 wheel drive light stopped coming on at the end of last winter. The vehicle was not going into hi or low 4wd. I was sure it was the air pump. You could hear it coming on and quiting after 4/5 seconds but the 4wd light wasn't coming on. Problem remained for the next month at least as I checked it every once in a while, hoping. A month ago I checked again and low and behold, the 4wd light comes on and the vehicle drops into 4 hi and 4 low. I'm thinking a wiring short somewhere? I intend to climb under and screw with the wiring/harness/air hoses etc. before the winter sets in.

    One other thing, the a/c has leaked out. I re-filled a couple times with redtek coolant and that worked but for less and less time each application. I even added a/c oil at one point when it tested (redtek test) low for lubricant. I'm thinking the O rings have dried and the leak is pretty large now.

    that's it....a great little truck, 2000 4 door with 170k kilometers on it.
  • get this the dealer was trying to get me to spend 300 plus for a new wiper motor. I got the tracker oil-sprayed on friday and guess what, no squeeks. :)
  • I have a cuestion, my MC told me, must change 3 motor mounts, can enyone tell me, if the three mounts are the same or they have differences? i check some parts dealers, and aparently are the same. but please, help me whit this. tanx.
  • Hi , it's me again, please help me. Chevrolet TRacker 2000 A.T. 2000cc
    I have a cuestion, my MC told me, must change 3 motor mounts, can enyone tell me, if the three motor mounts are the same or they have differences? i check some parts dealers, and aparently are the same. but please, help me whit this. tanx.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to try Got a Quick, Technical Question?.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Is there a indicator light that comes on when the gas gauge nears E indicating a gallon or two left? I have a 2001 tracker. thanks.
  • Nope. I have an 01 tracker and the book says that when the needle is on E you have 1-2 gallons left.
  • Don"t drive any vehicle until its empty on fuel. The fuel in the tank cools the fuel pump and it will last longer when its kept cool. I try to fill up at 1/4 tank.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I usually drive mine until the needle gets close to the E. Sometimes the low fuel light comes on.

    What's longer? Both my cars are 10 years old and one is pushing 130,000 miles.

    Even riding on fumes, I can never put as much gas in the tank as the manual says the tank holds. The Tracker has a 16.9 gallon fuel tank. Does anyone consistently add more than 14 to 14.5 gallons a fill up? The 2004 Tracker manual says that there are about one to two gallons of fuel left in the tank when the gauge first indicates empty.
  • I have a 2000 5 spd and I was in 4 low coming out of my driveway and when I got to the road the 4x4 indicator light went out and I lost my fourwheel drive I tried shifting into four high and it still would not engage. I have no ideas could someone please help?
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