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Honda Passport Electrical Problems



  • Mine did the same thing. I took it in and there tryin to tell me its the computer. But Honda doesnt hold the software anymore to get it flashed for the security system. Its a total headache. I dont know what to do bout it. Thought bout writing Honda. Hate to junk it I still owe on it. I can get a computer for it but wont work with my security and will need to be flashed.
  • The car quit running. Wife called for help and, while she was on the phone, she was able to restart the engine. When she arrived home I found the battery light in the dash was on. After some preliminary checking I thought it had to be the alternator (225,000 miles) and installed a new one.
    After installation, the battery light remains on and the voltage at the positive battery terminal does not detect a charge being provided.
    What is the most detected problem for this condition?
  • james239james239 Posts: 1
    edited December 2011

    I have a 1999 Honda Passport that just died and the fuel pump was not working so i replaced it. The vehicle will not start now it will for a mirco second and then it dies........I am at my wits end with this all it wants to do it crank and crank and crank. All this to say what was it exactly that you bought and installed which made it work? Mine has 6 individual coil packs. Any help you might have would be great thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
  • gdogggdogg Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 passport that is doing the same thing as yours, I was wondering if you found a solution?
  • gdogggdogg Posts: 2
    My 2001 passport dies at random. Just before it dies, the transmission light and cruise control lights come on. It doesn't give a trouble code when this happens. I've replaced the battery, spark plugs, crankshaft position sensor and the fuel pump. I have also cheched all of the wiring harness conections under the steering wheel and next to the drivers side fuse panel. If some one has ahd this same issue and found a fix please help!
  • ttracttrac Posts: 1
    I just had the same problem. Do you ever get it fix? Is it called the ignition coil? I can also hear the fuel pump kicking in and the car doesn't start (it cranked).

    Please update (
  • dmn1dmn1 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find any answer to the problem of randomly dying?
  • Can you tell me which rely it is and how to find it? What does it look like? Thanks
  • bought used 2001 passport. having CEL and reduce power lights on. not a constant. sometimes runs great, others not. replaced egr, tps, apps. checked all wiring. what was your fix? thanks. i need all help i can get.
  • i have a 2001 passport. runs great sometimes. then check engine/reduce power lights some on. doesn't die. have replaced tps, egr, apps. checked all problems there. no idea whats causing it. anyone know of a fix? have taken to dealer and they couldn't tell me what the problem was. at my wits end.
  • I had the same problem. i removed and disconnected the tail lights and the dash lights and parking lights stayed on. i plugged back in the lights on at a time to see if the fuse poped. Turned out to be my driverside light wires where touching and causing the short. I played with them for a while and the short stoped.
  • try replacing dimmer switch, 9 out of 10 times your dimmer switch is bad.,
  • I had the same issue with the check engine light and I thought it was altitude change that was causing the issue ended up being a misfiring issue. Try changing your plugs and wires.
  • 1995 Honda Passport 3.2L Automatic. Truck was in body shop for repair from accident. The vehicle started and ran when it went in. The starter was having some issues with grinding but still started and ran no problem. 2 weeks after the body shop had it, when they finished the repairs, the truck would not start. They had no problem other than the starter for the 2 weeks and the mechanic said they drove it and the engine was smooth and ran well.
    When we tested the plug wires for spark we get none, we tested the black and orange wire going into the ICM and got 12 volts, we tested the other wire coming out of ICM and got nothing.
    The mechanic said he had to replace the main fuse in the engine compartment because it had blown. I asked what made it go bad and he said he did not know.
    So now I am wondering if there was some type of power surge inside my engine compartment and if it may have caused other electric components to fry.
    What causes an ICM to go bad? Can it be affected if the main fuse blows?
    Can the starter be the culprit of a power surge that would affect the ICM?
    I really don't think the starter had anything to do with the lack of spark at the plugs but I would love to have someone who knows better help me out with these questions.
    Thanks so much in advance!!
  • Had same issue for about 1 1/2 years. My transmission check light was flashing and put the truck into limp mode. Basically you drive the truck like it's a stick shift L=1, 1=2 and 3, 2=4.
    I played with my fuse box and it just started working normally again.
    Also look at you engine compartment ground wires and make sure they are all in good shape.
  • sfradensfraden Posts: 1
    Ok, I recently got a Honda Passport 2001, might be the worst decision I ever made, but I do really like it. So far, I have had a TON of things fixed on it, some by myself. (Thank god for forums) The last two things that really bug me are the gas gauge and the fog lights, neither work.

    So here is what I know:

    Gas Gauge.... its NOT the sender, that's been tested good, its also not the ECM, its something in the wiring. The gauge reads empty constantly, never moves and the low fuel light just blinks over and over. The car is throwing a code, says something about +5v to the sender is faulty. I found the two wires going to the ECM from the sender, if you short them, the gauge starts to move, but the wires begin to get hot, so I dpont know what that means. As I understand it, if the SU wire is grounded, the gauge should read full, if its open it should read empty, so my thought is I have broken wire somewhere, but I have no idea where to look! (yes, the connector on the tank is fine) What should both wires read when the car is running? (in relation to the ground)

    Second issue is the Fog lights.... I replaced both bulbs, made sure the connections were good, but the fog lights don't work at all (I know the low beams have to be on for them to work) I located a fog light relay in the hood fuse block and checked the fuses, all seem to be good. what am I missing?
  • tmj327tmj327 Posts: 1
    First, let me say thank you to those who've posted on this forum. For the past few years I've become super frustrated with my 1997 Passport's weird electrical problems that no mechanic could seem to figure out. These started after I had repair work done from rear-ending someone. Fast forward to today, I've spent a ton of money replacing, repairing things and nothing has changed. Then, while researching this forum and others, I found a post where someone said there are grounding issues when weird electrical things pop up, that include intermittent hard shifting. Since my tranny checked out ok, I knew it had to be the electrical system, yet the alternator, battery, etc. all checked out fine. I finally convinced some guy at the alternator shop to appease me by putting in a new grounding strap from the engine to the frame. He did just that, cost me $40, and now my care drives like a dream! It was dying while driving down the freeway, intermittently shifting hard, intermittently not starting- I could go on and on with all the complaints I had. Anyway, now it drives great, and I'm hoping to get a few more years out of it. I hope this helps someone else out there who can't seem to figure out what is going on with what should be a decent vehicle!
  • i have seen many questions about these problems but have not seen any real answers to these problems or i may be missing them. please help.

    1- voltage for the past 2 years has been up and down but no problems with car.
    2- past year fuse pops when lights on and hit a bump while turning.
    after fuse pops all dash lights gone and tail light gone but brake lights work fine.
    3- past 2 months car is dead and will only run a short time (like 5-10sec) then dies.

    fuel pump good - preasuse good (had it tested)- new batt. - new belts- new timeing belt as well-

    i am at a loss here as to what to try next. i will start by trying to find the grounds that people have stated as my starting point.

    thanks for your help if you reply.
  • I have a 2000 Passport...the headlights and brake lights work but the dash and TAIL LIGHTS do not work...I was told it is most likely the dimmer switch...can anyone tell me how do I remove the steering column to replace the switch?

  • im having a weird issue with my charging system all my gauge lights go out my 2000 honda passport stop charging, it seems to come back and go this is a serious headscratcher for me anyone have any ideas
    i have tried replacing battery the altonator tests good
  • problem solved charging system seemed to be linked to the gauges in the driver side fuse panel it happened to be loose giving it a bad connection Solution was to take a small pair of pliers and expand the connectors tightening up the fuse
  • You wrote: down next to your left foot is a panel. 1 screw and then pull it of. the problem is the relay in the center. there is 3 relays the dash tailights and liciense plate light relay is the center relay.

    Thanks ever so much for this answer. You have saved my Isuzu Rodeo. When the taillights stopped working, along with the dash lights, I took it to the Dealer. They informed me that the only thing it could be, was theHeadlight Switch on the left side of the steering wheel. Est. Cost to fix, $1,200.
    Since your post, I have ordered another relay for $34.00 and have installed it. Everything works fine now. Never knew that there were relays under that panel.
    Thanks again.

    my question is..What are the other 2 relays for? I lost the bottom relay and i couldnt tell the car part's people at orilley's wht kind of relay.i needed?./

  • 2017 found a major manufactures electrical wiring flaw!!! just in front and below of the ecu, the main wiring harness is rubbing on the inner metal fender wheel well grounding random wires out, making all kinds of crazy stuff happen to this 2000 especially when it rains. 225k arizona rust free miles and its still running very well we cant complain about much but i do hate them seats
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