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Chevy Suburban Transmission Problems



  • tk1991tk1991 Posts: 1
    I have a '93 burb 4x4 with the 60 tranny. Have two issue that appeared at the same time: 1) the speedometer goes crazy and getting worse, similar to what the 2004's and such are doing. One day after changing the altintor I was idling in park and the needle was turning up to 80 mph, and the odometer was spinning forward like I was driving. 2) The transmission jerks like a stick shift when idling at speed. 20, 40, 70 mph doesn't matter. If there's not a load or slowing down it jerks. My TPS is new, I cleaned the speed sensor but don't want to just start buying new sensors. I am going to change the fluid but the two seem connected and seems electrical to me. Any thoughts?
  • My 2001, 2500 suburban has 67,000 miles on it and the tranny is barely starting to act up. ONLY on 1st gear while accelerating from stand still y kind of hovers/ ripples or bumps its way to gear. It does not happen every time. I have serviced the tranny but the problem stays. Fortunately while on the road and towing there are no issues. What can i du to prevent the tranny form having further damage or do you know what can be causing this. Note: the tranny does not feel like it slide to gear.
  • 95 suburban wont shift into 3and4 gear is this the shift sensor or is the tranny burning up?
  • i have a 94 chevy suburban with a 454 in it. When i shift to 4H or 4L i can tell it engages at the transfer case but not at the front axels. Now what? thanks
  • I have a 94 doing the exact same thing did you ever figure it out. I have not yet but been told it would be a vacuum line or a sensor.
  • tcloudtcloud Posts: 1
    My '95 Suburban 1500 4WD has 279,000 miles on it. Runs good and looks good, but it is slow shifting into reverse when on even a slight downhill incline. It also acts like it is missing a bit when under light load at 40-50 mph -- but I know it has an intake manifold leak and I assume that is causing the transmission to hunt for the proper gear.

    What could be the problem? If the transmission needs to be rebuilt / replaced, should I purchase one or let someone do it? If I wanted to purchase a replacement, what should I look for and where is a good place to buy it?

  • I have the same problem with my 2002! Any thoughts?
  • i just got a 4x4 1993 chevy suburban ,automatic, i love it, but i got it cheap because it had "tranny problems" ive been driving it, but to get into 3rd gear i have to floor it, and it wont go above 4th.
    Im not sure if it has a bad torque converter or if its the whole transmission? the previous owner said he tried changing the filter and the fluid.. any info for me?
  • I have a 2001 Suburban 8.1L with transmission failure and cannot locate a used transmission anywhere in this state. Would I be better to put an older model tranny that is retrofitted or have mine rebuilt?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited March 2011
    Why wouldn't rebuild be the preferred solution anyhow, just fix what is broke? Or do you have a ton of miles on it, where you should consider buying new vehicle?
  • wpargawparga Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 chevy suburban 5.3L 1500 4x2. My driveline broke off and just installed a new driveline. When I put the truck in drive the truck doen't seem to go. I step on the gas and the truck takes a while to move forward but does so at a very slow pace no matter how much I step on the gas. What could this be?
  • I have a 2007 Suburban too. Same problem. My wife got down the street and tranny popped out of gear. Reverse, 2L, and 1L work but nothing else. Drive nor 3L don't work. I only have about 30 thousand miles on it, so it shouldn't be due to wear. Any word on the class action?
  • Purchased 2007 Chevy Surburban and nothing but trouble. At 80,150 the transmission failed and was replaced. driving 50 miles an hour and engine light came on and stated "engine power is reduced or low or something and stabiliTrack failed and the car would only go <5 miles/hour down the interstate. Bracks replaced, windshield wiper tubing broken and now the throttle body failed.I've read all of the reviews on line and wondering if there is any help coming from GM.
  • sws123sws123 Posts: 1
    In front of my radiator is a long thin radiator, shooting a brown liquid out of the top of the coil. It is like a 2" wide from the top of the radiator down to the bottom with a single coil. My truck is a 2002 Suburban 4*4 with 100k miles on it, k2500.

    Any idea what this small radiator is, so I can have it replaced?">
  • Sounds like a transmission cooler and if your fluid is brown coming from the "transmission cooler", it is way past time to change the filter and fluid. Hope that this helps you. BJ
  • At first when I stop at a light or stop sign and start to go again my 2004 chevy Suburban truck stalls and don"t want to go and the traction control indicator light comes on, I have to take my foot of the gas then reapply pressure to the pedal for it to drive normally. Now the 4 wheel drive won't turn off when I push the button in and if I try to drive it the transmission won;t change over and I heard a big "POP". What could be the problem?
  • I have a 2001 1500 Suburban, my wife was driving, trans has been working good no slips or noise, she came to a stop and tried to accelerate and the truck would not move. I took it a trans shop they pulled the pan it showed some clutch material, i had them clean the pan and replace the filter and frsh fluid and i drove it home 4 miles without a issue. I had not service the trans for 40k miles could this just been cause of filter plugged do to lack of service or will it do it again in a very short period of time or miles.
  • I was wondering if you found any solution to this problem whereas I am experiencing the same thing. If you have any information regarding this, please feel free to share, thank you
  • Hello rickhks,
    We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with your Suburban. What are your plans for getting this looked into? If you would like for us to check into any existing warranties or recall information, please email the last 8 digits of your VIN to

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have been having this problem for 4 months and nobody has been able to fix it.

    2001 suburban 1500 about 145k miles.

    In gears 1 and 2 I have no problems whatsoever. But in 3 and D, the car randomly shudders, and stalls. This is much worse when the car is loaded up and going up hills. Took it to AAMCO suspecting transmission problems but they say that the transmission is perfectly fine. They have been looking at it for two months!! Replaced crank position sensor, neutral position switch and even the ECM! But nothing is fixing it.

    I need help!!
  • Hello I have a 2011 Suburban with approx 70k miles runs good but I did experience a problem with the transmission not shifting smoothly and drives very slow until i push the gas pedal, not sure what the problem maybe torque convertor? I am within the 100k power train warranty any advise would be helpful , Thanks !
  • I have a 2001 1500 Chevy Suburban with 109,000 miles on it. My transmission went out with no warning at 50,000 miles. We fought with dealership and manufacturer and had them replace it with a new one. Well guess what, I have appr. 59,000 on this transmission and it just went out on us on our thanksgiving trip. This vehicle is only driven in town and the occasional vacation or road trip. It has a tow pkg but hasn't been used to pull things. It has always been meticulously maintained by my husband that is a mechanic. This vehicle has never been misused or abused. So what is the problem with Chevrolet Suburban's? We have had absolutely no other issues with it and have loved this vehicle. I have researched and noticed I am not the only one with this issue.. What is the problem? How does Chevrolet plan on handling this issue? Three transmissions in one vehicle with that low of mileage is ridiculous.
  • I had this exact problem last week (minus the big "popping noise"). The issue could be replicated repeatedly by stopping, waiting a few seconds, then slowly giving it gas and it would bog down, (like when your running out of gas) and the dash flashed traction control.The dealer said that the traction control sensors (speed sensors) needed replaced. They replaced them and the issue has been resolved.

    Side note: This only happens on slow accelerations, if you step on it from the gate it would take right off. Also though the bogging down would happen every time, it would not flash traction control on the dash every time. It took me at least 15 times in a row before I got the traction control message.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • I have a 2002 Suburban 4x4 with 120,000+ miles. The transmission took about 3500 rpm to shift from 1 to 2, the codes said the 1-2 shift solenoid was bad. I replaced both solenoids and the filter, this time I used dextron 6 instead of 3. Now it won't shift out of first. Is there something else I need to replace or has this transmission died?
  • OK, My 96 suburban transmission is missing 3rd and overdrive. I talked to a shop and they say it needs rebuilt. I'm trying to save $, and thinking about pulling the tranny out and take it to the shop and installing myself. I do all my own maint., such as tune-ups, brakes and a few strait shift trans, back in the day(70s&80s). Are there any procedures/tricks that I might need to know. Oh, it is a 4x4, 5.7? Thanks, smokymnt
  • Original owner with 213,000 miles. rebuilt trans at about 135,000 miles. Current problem, when shifting into reverse, I need to apply additional pressure to steering column lever to get it to engage reverse. Is adjustment into linkage problem, or more like an internal transmission problem? Once in gear, transmission performs smoothly.
  • i got a 1995 chevy suburban 350 with 4x4 L160 trans

    when i put it in gear it goes 100ft or so disegages then i have to shut it off and wait 5min it will go back in gear and do the same thing over again i changed the trans oil and filter it still does the same
  • o2 sensor needs replaced
  • rs6errs6er Posts: 11
    My son had my Suburban at a friend's nearby and notified me it was making a screeching noise. I drove over and this is what I found: I was able to drive it in first gear in 2H. When it upshifted to 2nd going up a hill, it made made a screeching noise and it seem that there rear wheels locked up. I pressed the tow button to keep it in 1 st gear, drove it up the hill, and mostly coasted down another hill to my house. I put it in 3rd at one point, and it was okay. I got it up my steep driveway in its okay and turned it around so I could back it in. Truck screeched in reverse and would'n t really back up, so I parked it where it was. I have been posting on forums. Someone suggested that the clutch pack was shot or the whole transmission. I am trying to decide what to do. My mechanic said he could install a used one for about $1800 or a rebuilt one for $2700. Do these sound like fair prices? I would like to get rid of it though. It has about 115000 miles and is in good shape. I had changed the fluid and filter at about 90000miles. There was no warning. Transmission had been shifting smoothly. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
    2001 Suburban LT 1500 AWD LSD 5.3L
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