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Chevy Suburban Transmission Problems



  • kapie9969kapie9969 AZPosts: 3
    Wires and Switches and sensors. Changing the fluid enough and i would recommend a external fine micron filter kit,ebay has them. Cheap insurance considering the cost of a transmission.Consider how many times you have been under your rig and looked things over,cleaned connectors? Even once? Do you stop before shifting from reverse to drive? Some times the answer for the torque converter is to wire a switch to the dash to manually lock in the converter. Funny thing is that for as many people here are having problems with their trans,I bet many haven't had any. Good luck to you all.
  • ok I need help I have a 95 suburban 4x4 1500 one day the speedometer stopped and the transmission stopped at the same time so I took it to a shop he talked me into buying another transmission for 350 and another 400 to put it in well I got the new transmission and it did the same thing he took the battery cable off to rest it and in shifted but not to my standards so I drive away and bomb there it goes again not shifting any one know what or where my problem is
  • My 07 suburban is only taking first to take off but it'll gradually take 2, 3, the D and will be fine until I do a complete stop or slow down then I have to start the process over. I'm thinking I might need to flush my tranny but not sure, so any of you have any suggestions?
  • 97 Suburban 1500 4WD -Jerks at highway speed like it is trying to shift.  It only happens for a split second but its pretty hard.  It also seems to happen regularly if climbing even the slightest incline/hill.  Happens as soon as I top the hill and the load is off the vehicle.  There's no engine rev like it slipped out of gear.  Tranny fluid changed and no signs of metal.  Does it in overdrive (D) and if I keep it in 3.  Seems to also only do thus when engine is at temp. Not a towing vehicle and nearly no use of the 4WD over the life. Has 175000 miles.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    It's difficult sometimes to tell the difference between an engine misfire and a torque converter problem.

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  • ptwoodptwood Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 chevy suburban. The tranny shift lever will move but truck will not go into gear or move. Could it be the leakage? Or is it internal. Please help need to get it running again. Thank you.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    hard to say from this distance. If the shift lever feels "normal" as you move it, then there may be somthing going on internally. Best thing to do is first check the fluid level, then if that's ok get it to a transmission shop to put on a lift. In addition to checking the linkages they can perform an external pressure test and maybe drop the pan and have a look. Be sure you go to a shop with a good record from the BBB or perhaps a AAA recommendation rating.

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