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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • sexyvysexyvy Posts: 5
    2000 must have been a bad yr for motero's . I had a similar problem with mines stalling and so on however mines started with a major oil leak which I knew was the transmission but they said it was something else anyways the car stalled and then completely died so I thought it was the altenator as well because when I tried to jump it nothing happend the lights were dim ect.. So when I took it to the shop to find fix the leak for the 2nd time they said it was the battery not the altenator and it did look pretty bad with acid rust plus it was no bar holding it in place then after it came back the battery was fine no stalling however the leak came back. Come to find out it needed a new transmission which had completely gone out at which time all the lights came on now its been in the shop for 2 weeks waiting on the transmission they ordered. I think your issue comes from another 1 or 2 things 1. The oil leak theory even if you don't see it or 2. There was a safety recall sometime back on the brakes you may want to look into those things. :sick:
  • john167john167 Posts: 2
    Hi all, does anyone know if there is a place to plug in for trailer lights on the 02 Montero Sport. I have a boat and a utility trailer that I want to tow but can't seem to find a good place to splice in for the lights. The wiring seems to run inside the vehicle somewhere not under it. I guess I could splice in at the bulbs inside the housing, but I thought there may be a jack that could be plugged in somewhere. Just thought I should ask before I go cutting wires.

  • cgamrotcgamrot Posts: 1
    This just appeared the over the weekend on my SUV and it won't shut off. Not sure what it means. Can anyone help me?

    CG :(
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48
    You have a button on your dash that was pushed. It is for winter mode driving that will start the vehicle in 2nd gear. Push it again and it will go off.
  • i forgot to turn my lights off for 12+ hours and when i tried to start the car it wouldnt start. i had to get a new battery and now my radio doesnt work and when i start my car the front headlights keep flashing and when i put my car in drive the neutral sign is also blinking. What is going on? please help...
  • sexyvysexyvy Posts: 5
    Well its similar to what happen to me. So lets start at the easiest part the radio. 1st my battery died and the radio went out so I looked on the net for the code. What I did was called a mitsubishi dealer and he said get the code off the top of the radio so I went in with a butter knife popped off the face plate I couldn't pull the radio out but the number is right in front on top so I jotted down the number called to the dealer he typed in the number and he gave me 2 codes. So you type in the code leave the car turned on in aux position for 1hr exactly and the radio comes on. If you get someone asking you to bring it in they will charge you 80.00.
    As for the lights blinking do you have an alarm?if so you need to disconnx it.
    The neutral light staying on, that happen to me when my trans went out then the other day I read the info on my visor it says when the trans is overheating that's what happens it also says what you should do. But all in all sounds like you have an electrical issue. :shades:
  • dknightjrdknightjr Posts: 1
    We've had similar problems with my wife's 2000 Montero Sport XLS. It does have 166K miles on it, but we have maintained it extremely well with 30k, 60k, 90k, 120k & 150K service maintenance and were hoping to get 200 - 250K. Nine months ago, Sept 2006, we had to replace the battery and alternator. Six weeks ago, the alternator went out again. Luckily it was under warranty and CarMax (former Mitsu dealer with certified tech) swapped it out. They indicated it was due to a SLOW oil leak from the CAMSHAFT SEAL. At the time I had seen no indication of any oil leak, had not been having to add oil, was a little reluctant to spend the $475 to get it fixed so I opted not to have it repaired at that time. I took the technician's advice seriously, so I parked it on cardboard to detect oil leakage. Nothing. Two weeks ago, when having the oil changed, I was told my battery checked out marginal and was starting to go bad. It was only 9 months old and under warranty so I took it back to where I purchased. They tested it while still in the car, agreed it was bad, and replaced free of charge. Thinking the alternator might be going bad and affecting the battery, I had them check the alternator and it was fine. The following day we left for vacation and had no problems during our 1,000 mile trip. However, the day after returning, the brake light and battery lights both came on. Also, the radio and radar detector went on and off on their own. When my wife stopped to pick up our children and turned the engine off, she couldn't get it restarted. I was able to jump it off and drive it back to CarMax. Alternator was bad and had drained the battery. They blamed it on the camshaft seal leak and a remanufactured alternator rather than a new alternator. Since the vehicle was showing no signs of oil leakage on the cardboard where I had been parking it, plus I was a little skeptical regarding a new alternator vs remanufactured alternator, I decided to get a 2nd opinion. I asked CarMax Service Mgr to try putting a slow charge back on the battery, but she refused so I had it towed to Firestone. They said it was a BAD oil leak and agreed I needed to use a new alternator. Since this confirmed what I had already been told, I was less skeptical and had them replace the alternator. They showed me oil on back of alternator. But Firestone, whose slogan is 'Complete Auto Care', said they couldn't fix the leak and weren't exactly sure where it was originating. After replacing the alternator, they were successful putting a slow charge on the battery. So I called another reputable mechanic shop in business for 30 yrs - Lawson's. Drove it there. They indicated it was a BAD oil leak from the HEAD GASKET SEAL not the CAMSHAFT SEAL as CarMax stated and they were unable to do the work. Who to believe? We had recently moved to a new house and I found out my next door neighbor used to build racecar engines. Today, we put Montero up on jack stands, got under it with fluorescent lighting and saw oil everywhere. How the oil never reached the ground or cardboard is an absolute miracle. It was creating a pool in the kickplate. We were able to see a small crack in the exhaust manifold and oil appeared to be coming out from around the camshaft cover on the passenger side. My neighbor explained there had to be internal damage causing it - like worn rings causing oil to 'spill' and create 'blow-by'. He said I would need to have the engine replaced or rebuilt, or trade the vehicle in and purchase another. We ended up making a deflector for the alternator to keep oil from blowing into it, and added Rislone seal leak repair to the oil. Essentially, two weeks ago my wife and I were thinking we had a good remanufactured alternator but a bad battery. Now we are contemplating putting in a new engine for @ $3500 or buying a new $30,000 vehicle. And then there's the thought the transmission has $166k mile on it and might not last too long. Haven't check prices on transmission work. The most frustrating part is, over the past couple of months we've already spent $2,000 on tires and some body work.
  • ruddneckruddneck Posts: 23
    I had U-Haul do mine, but if you give 'em a call and get somone nice, they may be able toadvise you over the phone or in person.
  • pscruggspscruggs Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue with my 97 montero sport. I have been through 3-4 alternators in the past two years. I do have an engine oil leak and have been advised that this leak may be causing the failure in the alternator. Otherwise, the mechanic is telling me that we just got a bad alternator.

    Have you found any resolution to your electrical/alternator problem yet?
  • bkoettbkoett Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 LS... when that started happening to me the dealership pointed out that there is a rubber boot in the cap of your brake fluid resevoir. Sometimes it inverts... all you have to do is unscrew the cap, push the boot back up into the cap and put it back on. Get in, start your engine and your brake light should be off. I didn't believe it either until I tried it.
  • bkoettbkoett Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Montero Sport LS... recently the blower fan started to periodically stop working. The strange part is that if you turn off the engine and restart, it will work fine again. I've checked all the fuses and switches I can think to look at. The dealership can't seem to recreate the problem and I'm 2k miles to the end of my warranty. Any ideas? Oh, and the little lights behind the blower speed dial don't work when the head lamps are on anymore.
  • bkoettbkoett Posts: 3
    2003 Montero Sport LS... Not really the blower fan. What it does is after approximately 30 min. of driving, the AC actually quits cooling. Fan continues to blow, but just re-circulates the air. If I stop at an intersection, power off the engine and restart, it starts to cool again. Is some sort of module failing or is it the AC system/compressor or something? :confuse:
  • Infinity sound system- you would think it had subs in it. Sunroof-like Texas. Driving position and room. Best.

    Engine- weak in 2hi especially 1-2 shift. Manumatic mode helps out. Rattles when sunroof is closed, little rough riding hitting expansion joints. Not so best. $13,800 w/3500.00 trade in. 68000 mi. Black/beige beige leather.
  • Need help . I drove my montero sport yesterday and everything seemed fine. Drove it today pulling a small trailer and the transmission would not shift to high . Unhooked trailer and it acted better ,but still did not seem right .I also noticed that the neutral light was flashing and it now has it seems to be slipping. Can anyone help me with this problem. Thanks to all who will take time to reply .
  • I am having the SAME problem with my 97 Montero. I have been scouring the internet, and there are a ridiculous amount of people out there who have had the same problem with their battery/alternator. I too have spent over a thousand dollars getting this fixed. Has anyone contacted Mitsubishi about this? It's getting ridiculous.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    Does anyone here know where i can find the fuse for the power mirrors? I have a 2001 montero sport. The manual shows 2 diff fuse boxes in the passenger compartment, and the only 1 i can find doesn't have the correct fuse. Thanks.
  • I have a 00 mitsubishi montero sport 2wd and I'm wondering if I have the transmission computer rebuilt (which also happens to be the engine computer) how can I get the alarm to match the keys again. From the dealer I have heard that re programing the computer would leave me no alternative but to purchase a new immobilizer ECU as well and try to get the TCM and immobilizer re flashed to match the keys to the alarm system otherwise my only other alternative is to buy a new TCM and new matching immobilizer ECU and re flash them to the alarm system and keys. Before I pay to get the TCM rebuilt I'd like to know for sure if it's going to be able to be made to match the alarm or if its better to buy the TCM and immobilizer new and then get them both reflashed. Any help or knowledge on this subject will be greatly appreciated
  • Recently the horn on our 2001 montero sport started blowing at random. It would not stop until we disconnected the horn. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  • chazschazs Posts: 1
    There is a second or upper fuse box behind the lower 1/2 of the dash cover which is held in place by 4 screws, two of which are behind the rectangular pop-outs on each side of the steering column.

    I don't recall exactly, but the fuse you're looking for may be at position 15, which is at the lower left of the upper box.

    If replacing this fuse works, let me know, as my mirrors quit working too but I'm too lazy to want to remove the (lower) dash cover.
  • Helloooo everyone!

    I am trying to help my mother with her 2002 montero sport and one thing is driving me particularly nuts. I can't find where her windshield washer fluid tank is so I can refill it. Anyone know where I can find it?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Disgruntled in SC
  • Our 2001 did the same thing about 2 mos ago, waking the whole neighborhood a 2 am. We took it the dealer who told us it would be $200 just to look at it. And to repair it could be upwards in $1000 because it's located w/ the airbag, in column. So unfortunetly our fuse is still removed, not safe, but it seems awfully expensive to us for the fix. Have you had any luch with yours?
  • I have a '97 Montero Sport. My alternator went out yesterday but I didn't realize it was the alternator. The first indication was very dim lights and the voltmeter was reading 10-11 volts. I first had the 7 year old battery tested at Advance Auto and the tester indicated that it was a bad battery so I replaced it. I then put it in and immediated the voltmeter jumped to 14 volts, needless to say I was happy. However, this morning the voltmeter was again at 11 volts, sometimes lower. The owner's manual says it should be between 12-16. So I took the alternator off and noticed that it was covered with lots of oil. I took it in to have it re-built and the electrical guy told me that there was lots of oil in it and that was what caused it to fail. So, I called my brother-in-law who is a mechanic and he told me that he often sees Mitsubishi's with leaking crankshaft front seals. He also said that with foreign autos that develop oil leaks, the alternator is usually affected because foreign makes locate their alternators under the engine but on domestic vehicles the alternators are located on the top of the engine. Anyway, once that seal begins to leak, it starts to splash that oil around and the alternator is directly in its path. He guesses that an independent shop will charge anywhere from $275-$500 to have the seal replaced. I thought about doing it but I don't have the tool to pull the harmonic balancer out. Will let you know what happens on Monday...
  • This morning at 7 AM I was awaken by sound of horn blowing on it's own in my 2001 Montero Limited. The engine was off, car was locked, and alarm was on. I had to disconnect the battery until I figure out the problem. Couple of hours later I tried to reconnect the battery, but as soon as did the horn turned on. For now I have pulled out a relay that is turning on the horn just so I can drive. I have a factory service manual for this car, and it's either a relay that gets stuck in "on" position, or the switch that that is closed when you press on the steering wheel airbag cover. To solve the first would cost less then $20. To solve the second might cost as much as new airbag (over $1000).
    As soon as I solve it, I will post again with description and a solution for this problem.
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48
    My horn went off when my wife plugged in the cell phone charger to the middle console power point. Hit the horn on the steering wheel and it went off. Tried it again and same thing happened. Found under the dash, three more fuses that are separate from the fuse box. Replaced the blown fuse for the power point and all is well. You have to remove the lower part of the dash to get to the fuse. Remove four screws. The far right fuse is the horn one, I think, and is the easy to get to. The other two on the left are harder to change. Tighter area. To open fuse container, just lift the tab from the top down. The other two fuses on the left open from the bottom up, if I recall correctly. See owners manual for these three fuses location.
  • My 2001 Montero Sport just started doing the same thing with the horn. It seems to only do it when it is cold outside. It will continue to blow until I tap on the horn on the steering wheel. For now, I have removed the horn fuse.

    I want to replace the horn relay, but I can't seem to find where it is located. Can anyone help me with this?

    I called the local Mitsubishi dealer, and he said it is under the hood with the rest of the relays, next to the battery. I looked there, but I don't see it. Please help! :confuse:
  • On my 2001 Montero Sport, the fill port is located at the very front of the engine compartment, just above the radiator.
  • In May '07 I replaced the valve cover seals on my 99 montero sport. In oct/nov I noticed the burning oil smell had returned (you can smell it burning off the manifold). I took it back to the mechanic in Jan '08. He said they missed a leaky camshaft plug o-ring. It was about $400, and he didn't charge me the 2nd time in. Seems to have worked for now. He said there is another plug that if it leaks you have to drop the engine and that I should "consider my options" (a.k.a. think about getting rid of it). Prior to having the seals replaced I noticed the starter acting up. I thought it was just oil leaking onto it and it seemed to be cured once the seals were fixed. Now, it won't start at all. I turn the key and get one click. Had the alt tested - it's bad. I don't recall the alt being covered in oil, and the mechanic just washed the engine. I thought it was just the manifold and below that had oil on it. There's still a bunch of oil on the starter, but it works fine (although I had to jump it today to test the alt.) YOU NEED TO GET THAT LEAK FIXED - IT COULD CAUSE AN ENGINE FIRE! And, apparently, the oil jacks up everything in it's path.
  • Near the fire wall on the 2 heads of the engine is the cap with the o-ring in it. I think it is a couple of 13 mm head bolts holding them on. 2 dollar o-ring. The one on the passenger side is easy to get to. The other one on the driver side is a little harder to get to. I would suspect your boy changed the easy one. A 5 minute job hence the no charge. It sounds like the other is a starter problem. I would invest in a good book or go to the library and look at one of theirs. Buy some tools and a floor jack. You can do this. Or get you a friend that knows how to work on cars. Your tech is taking you for a ride. Only an opinion.
  • mmccaimmmccaim Posts: 1
    When i turn on my headlights, i dont see my odometer or anything because these lights dont work. Is that a fuse that i can replace
  • Can anyone please tell me how to get the drum back on the shoes on a 2000 Sport 2WD? I have it up on the jack right now and have it all put back together except this all important part. Thanks
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