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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • Any easy way of replacing the spark plugs on 04 Montero Sport?
  • hi everyone out there who owns a Montero Sport!!
    I have had my Montero ES for about 7 years. I have over 185000 miles on it. I have drove it everywhere and I try to take care of it so well.
    recently i found out that the check engine light has come on and mechanic tells me that its because of the catalytic convertor (Im not sure what bay) but anyways I was wondering how much there were and if I have to get them from the dealership. Also i have replaced rotors maybe three times since i have had this truck and the pads every year. I was wondering if I anyone could help me figure out what are the best brake pads and rotors for this truck. I live among the hills and when I come down the hills I have to brake alot so i needed something that is better then what the dealership has.
    Also since i bought the truck, if I go up a incline, then i heard this weird noise under the truck, GOD knows what it is cause I as sure don't!! I love this thing, and depend on it for everything but i don't know if i should buy dealer parts or after market kinds. HELP!!
  • nashenbnashenb Posts: 1
    Hello, have a 2000 montero sport that out of the blue won't start with key. Still turns over normal but won't fire. It has a remote starter that has been on it since new that it will still start with, but just not with key. Guessing that it is probably ignition, but would like some advice before sticking any $ into it. Thx.
  • If it starts with remote start, then most likely there is nothing wrong with ignition. Have you tried starting it with another ignition key (if you have one)? They keys have chips in them, so that the ignition lock recognizes they key that belongs to your car. If chip inside the key, or ignition key recognition circuit is faulty, then security system will cut the ingition.
    If you have another ignition key (if you bought car new, it should have come with two keys) try it with another key. If it still does not start, then you going to have to take it somewhere where the electrical system can be checked.
  • drdamm21drdamm21 Posts: 3
    3.0 l 2wd I lost my service amnual and need to know hom many quarts of super dexron to put in after a flush?
  • Hello, I had a problem finding it myself. Open the hood and look to the left. It is next to the radiator cap. To put fluid for the back glass' you have to put it in the back. Open the hatch and look to the right. You will need a large cup with a narrow tube in order to get it in there. Not a good place for one but I manage to get some of the fluid in it before losing it on the ground. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Ruby
  • All,

    I have seen several post about Montero Sports horn getting stuck or randomly blowing for no reason. I have the same issue with my 2000 MS. I have not found any post on the forum with any answers on how to fix.

    I currently drive with my fuse taken out as I dont want to spend huge bucks to have the dealer work on it due to the air bag. :confuse:

    Does anyone know how to take the air bag cover off without setting it off? If so can you please let me know my car inspection is about to expire and I need to get this fixed but on a budget.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • the second fuse box is up higher than the first lower one, the lower fuse can can be reached easily, but the second is behind the two foot long plastic panel belown the steering wheel, unscrew 6 (I think six) screws and lower the panel, then you can reach the fuse box but it is right behind the speaker grill on left side the dash you may need small hands to reach the fuse. the panel is easy to take off but there is a metal strip to be sure to put back in, it is a brace for the plastic panel and if it is out the panel will rattle a little.
  • Hi everyone,
    My 02 Monty has developed a noise, almost like a rattling noise at start up when engine it is cold. I was told that this is not something that may hurt the performance, but it bugs me!!!
    If I start the vehicle after sitting for a while will have this noise. In order to avoid it quickly, I have to shut down the engine and start it again. Sometimes it takes up to 3 times to have it gone away.
  • my horn on my 2002 montero xls has started going off when it is really cold outside, i beat on it and start the engine and it stops,,.. does this sound like the same fix??
  • any word on this yet?
  • Hi all,

    I just purchased a 99 Montero Sport Limited. The battery was bad so I replaced it. When I connect the new battery, the alarm goes off and it won't start. I don't know if the vehicle has remote keyless entry as all I have is a single key for the door locks and ignition. How do I stop the alarm from sounding, and how do I start the vehicle?

    Any help is appreciated.
  • ruddneckruddneck Posts: 23
    The check engine light came on my 2001 Montero Sport. I borrowed an OBD II from AutoZone and the code I retrieved was PO 421 Warm Up Catalyst Below Threshold (Bank 1). I'm guessing this is an issue with the catalytic converter and that it'll need to be replaced in the near future, but does anyone have any experience with this error code? Thanks!
  • :( As in Other Posts about Anti Lock Braking light turning on and going out after i turn the engine off and on>>> on my Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2001XLS when I use the 4WD gear. After driving in 4WD for a short period during the summer. The past couple of years, I did not have to use 4WD at all, but the other day when I decided to use it I had some issues. First, I drove around for a little while and then the indicator started lighting up partially and soon it came on flashing and when out. Then, I made a stop and then started again without changing the 4WD drive. Now, though, the 4WD indicator came up,continues to flash. but also the Anti Lock Braking light came on and stayed. When I disengage the 4WD gear and go back to the 2WD gear, the Anti Lock Braking light goes off... :sick:

    I was wondering ??? i've seen the similar problem that other people are having. DO you or anyone have an idea about what is going on. I had tires and brakes replaced on my SUV , But still have the problem.... HELP

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 2000 Montero Sport. When I goto start it the horn goes off. I found a blown fuse in a fuse holder by the fuse box on the drivers side. I have no idea what the fuse is for. I think that it was a 10amp. I can turn off the car and then I have to push the panic button to shut it off. The car runs fine but I did have to pull the fuse for the horn. This is eriving me crazy. I did send away for the shop manual but still cannot find the fuse.
  • The AC on 2000 Montero Sport LS squeaks when it is turned on?

    Any ideas?

    How difficult is it to replace a AC unit on this SUV?

  • I recently bought a 2002 Montero XLS Sport. 71,000K. Clean as a whistle & looks to be in prime condition. On first start of the day or after sitting for 2 to 3 hrs it is a little clattery and has a bit of winding noise at low speed. Both sounds go away within a minute or less. Fluids are topped off & outside temperature is not low. Since I am new to Mitsubishi's and want to catch any problems before they get serious, I would appreciate feedback from others on what their Montys sound like at first start.
  • My Montero does the same thing. When I took it to Mitsubishi, they told me it was the fan. Apparently it's because of the way the timing is set on it. I was also told it wouldn't be worth fixing considering it wouldn't do any damage to the car...
  • hi everyone. need help on an 02 xls whose side view mirrors have quit working with the electric control. any help is appreciated. thanks.
  • I have a 1999 Montero Sport - Same problem - Battery/Brake light comes on intermittently.
    This happened 2 months ago and my battery exploded. I called AAA. They checked everything, told me the battery was bad and so was the alternator. They took me to NTB to get it fixed. NTB says only battery was bad and so it exploded, and they replaced it. They did not find anything wrong with alternator. They said they tested it, and it works fine.

    No lights for a few months. Now the lights are coming back on. When I rev the engine to 6000RPM + the sensor lights go off, then if the RPMs go below 3000, the lights come back on. Sometimes the ilghts wont come on for a few weeks, but then back at it...

    Its going to be winter and I dont want to be stranded with kids. NOW... I have the car at Firestone. Waiting for results...
    Will keep posted. :sick:
  • All firestone could find was a loose wing nut connector to the battery terminal. They replaced this, and sent me on my way - we'll see if the Brake/Battery light comes back to haunt me.

    Luckily they warranty their 'work' ($30) fee for 12 months from today incase this comes back.

    Thats it for now

    I know its tough to maintain a 10/12 yr old vehicle... but at the end of the day... it sure beats a $30,000 bill for a new 'problem free'
    Best regards and GOOD LUCK everyone ! ;) :shades:
  • i have a 2000 montero sport. it has about 125k miles. it has a oil leak i can't remeber where it's coming from but about a week ago it started to over heat so i thought thermostat. well now the temp is staying about normal and just this past weekend i lost my headlights but still have dash lights as that happend my wipers went off all by themselves. also my car doesn't always start so i took the neg cable off and the car still ran. i'm just wondering if anyone else has had these problems or can direct me in some kind of direction.
  • I am having the exact same problem. When I put the truck into 4wd the anti-lock light will come on in a few minutes and my 4WD light flickers in and out. Did you ever find out what the issue was and did you have it fixed?
  • Well... The alternator was BAD... $600 later I am now free of the battery/brake light issues. Everything back to good...for now.

  • Some what of a simple question How do you shift a 97 montero sport to 4 hi do you have to switch to neutral or can you shift on the fly under 30 mph? Any help would be appreciated?
  • I went thru the same problem . and it turned out to be tied to the transmission some how.....
    I have a 2001 with 135,000+ miles on it.
    But my Boy (as i call him) is still running like a champ i mean a CHAMP..

    there is a on going minor problem with the front end....feels like he likes to jump around while driving..... other people said its alinement needs to be checked sum say has to do with the A frame..... I personally dont feel the problem .... but maybe i'm acustomed to it......

  • I went thru the same problem . and it turned out to be tied to the transmission some how.....
    I have a 2001 with 135,000+ miles on it.
    But my Boy (as i call him) is still running like a champ i mean a CHAMP..

  • I have a XLS and i had almost the same problem.... But now i dont even have a horn.
    one early morning approx am my alarm went off as to wake the whole block up :)

    had to pull the fuse and i put it back in later that morning the horn started up again ..then it stopped.....a few hours later it happened again so i pulled the fuse,,,,,,
    at one point when i turned the steering wheel it would go off........then on so for the last year and a half NO HORN...
  • :( Does anyone know where the fuse is for the accessory plug located on the right side (pass. Side) in the Cargo area?
  • My 2003 Mitsubishi Sport has been making a strange sound for some time. It's a scratchy/tinty sound that sounds like it's coming from under the front passenger tire.

    Thought initially it was a tire problem, so we replaced the rotors with no improvement.

    They we figured you can still hear the noise when the car is in park and you press on the gas.

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