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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • 99 Montero Sport Limited with leather heated seats. Switches light up on both sides but no heat. Connections look to be in place and tight. Any suggestions? Seats are in perfect condition so I doubt abuse is the culprit. Are the seats on a dedicated fuse under the dash or hood. Book shows a fuse connection for everything BUT the heated seats.
  • My 1998 Sport has a problem with the alarm. It seems to be draining the battery. I have had the battery and the alternator checked and they check good. I would like to remove the alarm from the system but have no idea how to remove it. I did read a post that said if I pull the fuse the Sport will not start. Any ideas or directions as to how to do this?
  • :cry: My mom bought her montero sport in September 2008 and since then has been repaired and replaced of the following parts: 1) airconditioning unit on the 7th month; and 2) suction valve on the 1st year. However, two weeks after the replacement of the suction valve, the car still experienced low power and now the steering wheel seems to be unusually tight. according to the dealer there's a computer problem. any of you experienced these problems with your cars? is this a major problem? you think these problems would warrant a replacement since the vehicle clearly has some issues, with only 11k in mileage. help....
  • You only need to slow the vehicle to about 5 mph and shiff from 2 to 4 wheel high.
  • we have a 2003 LS...we bought it less than a year old with the same noise issue. I have found if you start it for a couple min before you take off, it does the trick. Just a tip... full synthetic oil makes an unbelievable difference! Just make sure if you switch over that you do a couple synthetic blends first. Good luck!
  • wmd_15wmd_15 Posts: 1
    If it is not in the normal fuse box, Pull the lower part of the dash off and check the fuse on the left under there!
  • oriontomoriontom Posts: 1
    My 2000 montero sport has a dash light flashing everytime i drive it ( looks like undercariage).... My 4x4 light indicates it is ingaged even when I have it on 2x4 the light still flashes and anti-lock solid light right below it.....can someone tell me what this could mean, or how to fix.
  • Hell Mr. Harwick. Did you ever figure this out? Having the same problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • bfondbfond Posts: 1
    I have burned through 4 alternators in my vehicle in 8 months. This is getting be be quite the aggrivation. Anybody have any ideas has to why?
  • I went through 1 (stopped after 4 months) and the 2nd has been in place for 2 months. Its working fine for now *crossing fingers*... I think its more with the alternatoe than your car - do you have modifications to the electronics?
  • mike486mike486 Posts: 4
    edited May 2010
    The reason these Montero's go through alternators is because the right side front cam seal leaks oil, which then ends up on (and in) the alternator. This is the seal where the camshaft sticks out of the cylinder head, behind the drive sprocket. The oil soaks the brushes and slip rings, which will eventually ruin them.

    The fix is to replace the front cam seal. The seal is only $6, but the timing belt needs to come off. If you are due for a timing belt (every 90k miles, IIRC), then change both front cam seals.

    Other common leak areas are valve cover gaskets and the rear cam o-rings (at the back of the cylinder heads). However, the right front cam seal is the culprit for contamination of the alternator.
  • mike486mike486 Posts: 4
    Changing plugs is not the easiest thing to do as the upper intake manifold needs to come off. If you look around at this website, there is a tutorial.
  • I,m reading that the xls has rwd, Is that rwd only or does it have an all wheel drive function?

    Terry A
  • The Montero Sport was available as 2wd or "all wheel drive". If you have a Montero that has a transfer case shifter next to the auto trans shifter, then it is "all wheel drive".
  • libby47libby47 Posts: 1
    Thank you for the DETAILED info on this issue. Lots of people have posted vague information as to what the problem is, but yours is the first that has some details I can give to my mechanic. Ours is an 01 Montero Sport, but from what I'm reading, this seems to be a common problem in this vehicle. One shop quoted us $1000 this week to replace all the seals and the timing belt, which we thought was a bit too high. So, we'll have the right side front cam seal fixed and go from there. Anything is cheaper than buying a new car!
  • trayinsctrayinsc Posts: 1
    My husband just replaced all the belts on our 2000 Montero Sport. Everything was working fine, but about 2 weeks later the AC belt is loose and won't turn the compressor. He tightened it and about 2 weeks later it has done it again. Are we going to have to do this every 2 weeks or so? HELP it is 98 degrees here I need my AC!
  • mike486mike486 Posts: 4
    There is something else wrong. Either he is not doing it right, something is loose, or something is wrong with the compressor.

    The belt adjustment is easy, the idler pulley has a jack screw to move it. However, the center nut of the idler pulley must be loosened first, otherwise the pulley will not move.
  • dutch135dutch135 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I can't get my after-market replacement antenna mast to go into the antenna base.

    I followed the instructions, which for me required accessing the antenna motor, opening it, and cleaning out the broken pieces of the plastic re-tractor. After putting it all back together, minus the replacement mast, the motor ran fine. I turned off the radio and fed the re-tractor on the replacement antenna mast into the antenna base. It caught the re-tractor and pulled it in just fine, until the the base of new mast hit the antenna base. At the base of the new mast there's a black plastic piece about 1/16" high, and that's stopping the new mast from retracting all the way down. I tried pushing it down, but it isn't budging.

    I compared the new mast to the old mast and both have the same size black plastic piece in the same place. I called the tech hotline for the company that sold the after-market mast. He tried telling me the problem was the metal sleeve until I explained what was happening. Then he said he'd send me a brand new part, exactly the same, and that he didn't know why it wouldn't go down.

    How do I get the mast into the base?
  • I own a 2007 Mitsubishi Nativa, which is basically the same as the Montero Sport but made for the Latin American market. I bought the car in Peru.

    I lost the only key to the car while in a small mountain town. I had a duplicate of the original but it doesn't work because its not programmed and not original Mitsubishi. I bought a new original key from the Mitsubishi dealership in Lima and used the old key to duplicate the teeth.

    Then I had some non-Mitsubishi technicians try to program the key for me but they couldn't get it to work. I think that may have been a big mistake because they didn't have the right software to work on my car...

    I ended up getting Mitsubishi technicians from the nearest city to come afterward and try and program the key, but they couldn't program the key either. Their programming software comes up with an immobilizer error.

    So I think that the car may have immobilized itself because the first technicians messed around with the system with the wrong programming software. The Mitsubishi technicians told me that the car needs a new immobilizer but at this point I am not sure if they know what they are doing.

    Does anyone know if the car needs a new immobilizer in this situation, or is there another solution?
  • We are having the same problem, we are on our 6th belt and can not figure out what is going on. Have you had any luck?
  • I am trying to obtain the rear/side NATIVA nameplate for my 1999 Mit Montero Sport. I have seen them in the Caribbean and would like to get one for here in New Jersey. ANY IDEAS
  • Anybody here know what Hub Center Bore dimension is for MS 2011?
  • franz3franz3 Posts: 1
    Have the alternator output checked. Mine was acting very similar. The issue was that the alternator was not giving full output. Also monteros are bad about leaking oil into the alternators.
  • My horn still works for my alarm on my 2003 montero sport but it wont work at the steering wheel. How do I fix this?
  • I had the same is located on the passenger side of the radiator. DO NOT LOOK AROUND THE WHEEL is up front by the radiator. You will see a white cap...thats it! So look up front for a cap about the size of a plastic gallon milk jug! There ya go!!!
  • Our's does the same thing. It means you are having an issue with your 4x4. Out 4x4 still works so until it stops biggy. Our anti-lock light comes on once in a great while but never comes on much or very long. Once again, just a notifcation that may suggest the anti-lock feature may be malfunctioning due to some reason. You may want to take it to a garage.......$50 an hour for electrical issues........just spells "MONEY NOT WELL SPENT"
  • montero99montero99 Posts: 2
    When I am driving at a steady 25-40 the RPMs go up and down. Not alot maybe a couple hundred RPMs but still enough to be annoying. Any thoughts on what might cause this?
  • montero99montero99 Posts: 2
    Jerry.. A couple folks were talking about the 4x4 and anti lock lights flashing on here a couple forums down..they say it was a quick and cheap fix..I am going to try it out tomorrow..take a look maybe it will help you..
  • I have a 01 montero sport 3.0l engine. I got it from some friends of mine and it doesn't run. I'm wondering if they have a zero clearance head. Its locked up and i thought i could just pit timing belts on it or do ya think valves are bent. They said it was running fine when they turned it off. When they came out of the store it wouldn't start. they towed it home and did nothing with it. I'm thinking the easiest thing to do is just to replace the motor but it might be cheaper to change timing belts. If anyone can help me out with that, would be cool.
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