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Honda Pilot Transmission Problems



  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    Well, I wish you luck, but I doubt that Honda or any other auto company will honour your request, due to mileage and years in service. Your best bet is probably a discount from your local dealer.
  • I went and had the transmission & radiator replaced an a local shop I know & trust. I haven't had any probelems since- and it's been a couple thousand miles. I opted for a Jasper transmission since Honda has been known to have problems. I don't regret it- Just wish Honda would increase the recall that they did for the previous years to apply to the 05 since it's the same issue.
  • jlaw79jlaw79 Posts: 1
    No warning at all...just started overheating and then there was a huge puddle of nastiness on the ground. Same problem as described above: transmission cooler inside the radiator gave out and got antifreeze inside the tranny.

    Only have 90,000 miles on it, and now they want $5000 for a new transmission. Ouch.

    This is by far the worst and most expensive incident that has ever happened to any of the vehicles I've owned (Mazda, BMW, Nissan...)

    And I thought Honda's were supposed to be solid....
  • From reading these posts, it sounds like the problem originates with the trans. oil cooler inside the radiator. Has anyone either replaced the radiator early and avoided the trans failure or bypassed the internal trans cooler with an external trans cooler? Seems crazy for Honda to allow 3k tranny to be destroyed because of a $300 radiator.
  • jtsibesjtsibes Posts: 19
    I replaced the radiator earlier on and still had the transmission problem. I don't think you could bypass but I'm not a mechanic.....
  • hil7hil7 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    My 2003 Honda Pilot has had seat belt recalls, air bag recalls, and has been serviced regularly. In fact, it had a scheduled service yesterday. Today ( with 122,000 miles on the clock, ) it decided to only reach 20 mph on the interstate, with me driving in the rain and dark, with my 11 year old son, coming home from swimming practice. That was a trip from hell. It took me two hours to drive 15 miles. I wish I never bought the Honda Pilot new from the dealership. I should have kept my 9 year old GMC Suburban that never gave me a bit of trouble. I miss " old Reliable" now . It just goes to show that new Honda vehicles are not built with quality if they show they are LESS reliable when brand new, than the 9 year old vehicle that was traded in. I'm very disappointed with my Honda Pilot. I would never purchase another. I think this one was fabricated out of old soda bottles. I only purchased it after researching vehicles on Consumer Reports. Huh. I will take their recommendations with a pinch of salt next time. I'll rely on friends and family reports when I choose my next new car !
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    You think it's a piece of junk after 8-9 years??
  • My only advice is to get rid of it immediately, or it might start costing you an arm and a leg to do things like I had to, like replacing the transmission, motor mounts, rear seals, etc... Honda is definitely not the quality they used to be, they will only make cars that last the warranty period and then leave the owners exposed to thousands of dollars in repair bills, like they did me.
  • Well, the expectation these days is that when you pay $40k for a vehicle, it will last 200k before having major issues. I don't mind the miscellaneous stuff, but there is no way a transmission should crap out at 100k any more. As much as I love the pilot for it's overall value, I'm not happy with the tranny issue. After my last post and another 5k miles, I am starting to feel the vibrations again, guess I'll take another look at the one engine mount that didn't get replaced and then figure out what to do.

    My wife bought an Acura TL and I'm so disappointed with the stereo and nav system in it - basically the technology is at least 10 years old and sucks. Ok maybe the Ford Fusion isn't having the best review with the new MyTouch system, but at least they are going out on a limb and innovating, Honda's still resting on its success from 10 years ago...
  • 2005 pilot, with 55k. No transmission problems YET. Can I do anything to PREVENT this???
  • hil7hil7 Posts: 2
    Your Pilot may well be okay, Mine was the first year that the Pilot was sold 2003 ~ and it's riddled with problems. Not sure when Honda re-designed the vehicle, but I hope for your sake that they built the 2005 better than the 2003 !! Good Luck. There really is nothing you can do to prevent a transmission failure if that's the way the car was designed and built.
  • hugh7hugh7 Posts: 7
    TRADE BABY TRADE!! had a new 2011 with vibe in trans problems right off the Honda car lot! traded it with only 500 miles on it! lost over $6k! no more Honda junk for me!
  • If i may ask, in what city did you trade in your SUV? The reason i ask is because my husband is trying to get one from a dealer in North Carolina.
  • hugh7hugh7 Posts: 7
    Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama!
  • cj75cj75 Posts: 2
    Not sure if someone can help me...we have a 2007 Honda Pilot with 104500kms on it...we just found out that the rear main seal has a leak. What are the chances of getting Honda to do a Goodwill repair?
    We have taken the car to the same dealership for all our services plus we just bought a Ridgeline from them a few months ago...
  • How did they fix the problem? We're having a similar problem but it happens intermittently. Every so often the car will not go into 2nd and 3rd gear. At 20 mph, the rpm's rev, but the car does not speed up. A second or two later, it works.
  • Every so often our 2003 Pilot will not go into 2nd and 3rd gear. When accelerating at 20 mph, the rpm's rev, but the car does not speed up past 30mph. A few seconds later, it accelerates. It happens intermittently so it is very hard to figure out. It occurs on backroads and highway entrance ramps. The Dealer cannot replicate it or find anything wrong on the computer.

    This all started happening after the dealer flushed the tranny fluid. They did not follow the instructions in the owner's manual (to flush, fill, run car, flush, fill again.) So when I was having these problems, I had them do it again. They said that Honda did not require them to follow the procedure as specified in the owner's manual! What????

    Prior to all these problems, we had a "D" light flashing but that stopped. And one day after being stuck in an hour of traffic, the car bucked and made a loud noise, (both in drive and reverse) but that stopped also.

    Very frustrating that we keep bringing it back to the Honda dealer and they cannot figure out what is wrong. This is a safety issue and feel like I am going to get rear ended! Help!!!
  • Mine did the same thing with no shifting and I had the revving at 40 mph....could not replicate it at all with the mechanic, etc. I went online and started looking and low a behold found out that there's a bunch of us all with the same problems. Have them check out the torque converter...that was defective on mine that led to finally a whole new transmission. I haven't had any problems at all since I had that all replaced. I replaced it with a non-Honda tranny (Jasper-remanufactured & Gtd for 3 years). Its a big price tag but I felt it was worth it. I have 110k on my 2005 and hope to have it a long time.
  • bjaderbjader Posts: 10
    In experienced about transmission it is a good idea if you will do the transmission flush. Changing transmission fluid and filter. Inside the transmission cover there is a magnet that collect tiny iron particles. You need to clean it too. Change also the transmission gasket then put it back the way it was. Fill up with correct amount of new transmission fluid. I think it will help.
  • bjaderbjader Posts: 10
    Check engine can be diagnose by using ODB2 car reader. ODB2 car reader is compatible to all car year 1996 up to the present. Underneath the dashboard on driver side you will find a socket to connect your ODB2 car reader. Hook it up then turn the ignition key but don't let the car run. Wait 15 seconds and it will show the code. The definition of the code will tell you the problem of your car. bjader
  • Same thing happened to my 2005 Pilot last week. Had the blinking D light problem 4 months ago and paid $350 to have that part replaced only to have the radiator/transmission catastrophic failure happen one week before Christmas. This was a car I had hoped to get 200,000 miles out of. NOT!! Our repiar was going to cost $7,000. Needless to say, we left it at the Honda garage and walked across the street and purchased a Subaru Forester. I plan to file a complaint. They offered me absolutely no help with the cost and were only willing to give a small amount in credit toward purchase of a new Honda. When you pay more than $30,000 for a Honda you expect reliability and quality. We did not get either. :sick:
  • Transmission and radiator just went in our 2005 Pilot with 112,000 on it. Dealer quated $7,000 repair. I will not tell you what I quoted back. We no longer own a Honda. Would love to take part in class action. Have you pursued this anyh further and if so who should I contact?
  • The same thing just happend to my 2005 honda piolot, has anyone posted a complaint to if enought of us do that perhaps something will happen. Our repair cost is lower new trans, radiator and hoses total approx: $5700 which also included the timing belt since we are at 180K and would like to keep the car for another 2 yrs.
  • jtsibesjtsibes Posts: 19
    Hi, I did file a complaint for mine...YES...everyone please do the same!
  • Just filed my complaint with NHTSA. Please do the same if you have had similar problems. When enough people complain maybe we will see some kind of restitution!!
  • I just sent a letter regarding this thread to these people:

    We'll see what they think. Also told them about the similar issue with shared tranny on Odyssey, MDX, Accord.

    Wrote Consumer Reports couple years ago since they STILL give the 1st gen pilot highest ratings but nothing ever came of it.

    Save your receipts!!!
  • Yes! Replace the 3rd and 4th gear shift sensors and religiously do a 3X tranny fill and drain every 40K. Add two tubes of Dr. Tranny Shudder Fix in last tranny fill and good luck! I was not so lucky.
  • I bought a 04 Pilot off a used car lot and noticed a "rumble strip" noise on the way home after buying the car for 9,000. I obviosly did not feel this during the test friove and had no idea about any of this because I thought Honda made great cars. I returned it to the dealer and wanted my money back. They said they would not gve it to me and need to determine the problem and they would fix it. I called today and they said they flushed the transmission and drove it and did not see any problems. I am going back tomorrow to try and get my money back but this is going to be a flat out war. I dont want this car with obvious tranny problems. I also dont want to deal with a lawyer. This sucks. Any suggestions?
  • I would push to get your money back if you can. I think the only way to really fix it is to replace the transmission. Search this site-you can gather enough info and make the place you bought it from repair it right-replace the tranny. Good luck! make sure to file a complaint with the NHTSA......
  • I have a 2004 Pilot that has a VIN number just outside of the Honda Recall. I too have the same symptoms of the "rumble strip" failed transmission. I can see from reading that the problem occurs well past Honda's selected million plus recall. The Acura group that started a Facebook page for MDX owner's with the transmission problem got Honda to issue a service bulletin so the repair work could be done. Shouldn't we do the same? Nothing else seems to be working at this point and so many owners are having to argue for weeks with the Honda people - sometimes to no avail.
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