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Hyundai Santa Fe (2006 and earlier)



  • Never thought of stuffing a potato down my pants. Why have you? SUV=4WD? That is like saying most people that buy a SUV take them off road. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I purchased the LX with FWD as I live in Virginia and have no reason for AWD. I enjoy the riding height of the vehical and the cargo space. Geeeesh .. never thought of my Santa Fe as castrated. LOL...
    My LX with FWD(added moonroof with all options) will get me wherever/whenever I need to go in Va. Nice to know I have no need for future auto condom purchase. Must be why I got a hood defector instead of a Bra ..TIC... oh well, to each his/her own :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That was a rhetorical question, right?

    I think this thread has gone plenty far enough for our age diverse audience, thank you :-)

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  • lfd440lfd440 Posts: 33
    Thanks "team" I purchasd mine today just north of Boston. Color was what I wanted, in an LX, AWD,
    with the "usual" optional ameneties that come with it.
    MSRP $23,794 ( included delivery) I paid $22,800.
    I feel I was treated very well there.
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    Heh heh... laughed reading yer post.

    I'm just a litle leary on FWD for doing things I'd be doing in a SUV. But that maybe because I had a torque monster turbocharged FWD car with 205/50 tires, and I can tell you that combination in a 2500lb car is worthless in the snow. I had trouble one time in just 2" of sticky compacting snow. I'd try to feather the gas and the tires would spin easily and front end would want to head toward the ditch/curb. It was like a constant battle to keep the thing from getting wild. But a buddy had a caravan that plowed through the snow like nobody's business - a lot more weight, narrower tires and an automatic and less peaky powerplant.

    Like one of the other posters recently, I live in Houston now, and while there are places with some really slick gumbo mud if you look for it, the weather is good most of the time and you really wouldn't need AWD. The SF with FWD might be ok in our floods, not sure how good the ground clearance is, but that's what we get a lot, say 15" of standing water to drive through. My Ram 1500 4x4 does great as its about 18-20" off the ground stock, but you still have to follow people in regular cars, so you don't get there any quicker or anything.

    Anyway, FWD is good, but not in all cases.

    I rented a RAV4 in canada a few weeks ago and it had AWD and that was really nice - no shifting just drive it and forget about it. I guess the SF AWD would be similar.

    I'll quit ramblilng...

  • jbmike15jbmike15 Posts: 5
    Just test drove a 2002 SF LX FWD and I must say I was impressed. I kept asking myself 'is this a hyundai?' Acceleration uphill was very good and the gas mileage projections are surprising. The salesman and dealer did mention the vapor lock item that I saw on a couple posts out here so, I was very familiar with it. Two things I would like to see added: Power seats (especially Driver) and automatic lights. Also, I was impressed with the trunk space after folding down the seats - almost as much room as my old Blazer had! Anyways - the question that I have is price: the dealership is offering the the vehicle for $21431. I was wondering what some of you thought about this price (before Tax and Tags, of course)
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    What do you mean by 'automatic lights'?
  • jbmike15jbmike15 Posts: 5
    GM vehicles has a automatic headlight feature that turns on the lights based on the outdoor lighting. The Santa Fe's do not have this feature.
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    GM has the DRL's (or DTR's, whatever)... which adjust to ambient lighting. Its nice, but I noticed the you can turn leave the lights on in the SF, and they will go off then the ignition key is removed (probably pretty much true of most cars these days). That's useful if someone ever wanted to have running lights but was afraid they'd leave the lights on...
  • Just picked up a pewter GLS with AWD, ABS/TC, Mud Guards, Floor Mats, and Cross Rails yesterday for my wife. She is getting rid of her Chevy Venture (which was a great van) - she is finished with vans, but still wanted the high ride that a van has. She looked for three months at all the SUV's out there, and finally decided on the Santa Fe. It nosed out the Mazda Tribute by a hair.

    I drove it a few times and it really seems like a solid vehicle. We are in central Pennsylvania so she will appreciate the AWD.

    It stickered at $22,524. I'll see on Monday what the dealer is going to charge me for it. I'll let ya know.
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    A 30-man R&D center is better than a 1000-man Toyota R&D center:

  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    .... and best wishes. We're enjoying our GLS.... so what color? - be warned if you say
    "merlot" you may see it "magically" changed to "Pine Green" ;-) We too decided on the SF after a long decision process between it and the Tribute...
  • SamsdadSamsdad Posts: 17
    JBmike. We bought our 2002 LX about 2 months ago. This was in central Texas. We paid 21350 plus TT&L. This included the roof rack rails, and the rubber mat for the back of the vehicle. This was about 300 over invoice, and much less than Edmunds TLV. They are dealing more on these now. After 4K miles, we have had zero problems. My wife is the main driver, and she loves it. Have been very impressed with the build quality, and especially the options for the price. I think you will like this little SUV if you get one.
  • I just bought the truck and love it. I did a lot of research on the vehicle before buying. I live in So. Cal. I decided to go with the AWD because I live in the mountains and I figured why deal with the trouble of FWD 2WD. The Santa Fe has the smoothest ride out there on the market.(not to mention I got a great deal on it). Sticker was $21,929 paid $19,000. My wife didn't know I was buying it, but she will not drive anything else. needless to say I have lost my new SF. Looks like I have to buy another. I noticed there was a message on automatic lights #3279. The lights may not be automatic although if you leave the lights on at all times the lights will shut off when you take the key out of ignition.
    Well I just wanted to thank everyone, because I read a lot about the SF here.
    Thank You EVERYONE
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hey, congrats on the new wheels, Bryanseveric. Keep us posted!

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  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    congrats and best wishes. I have a 4WD, V6 GLS... curious... what color do you have? You can respond with anything but Merlot...(can you tell that's the color I wanted?).
  • canpamcanpam Posts: 24
    I have been noticing alot of SF SUVs on the roads in Philadelphia and vincinty. The vehicle is becoming more and more popular- especially the white colored SF.
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    Slowly increasing yes... especially white..which I thought was too much with the bold styling. Seen a number of black ones too. No other green ones than mine and only one Merlot. I used to go several days without seeing one, now I see at least one a day over the past week. I see nearly the same number of SFs as I do Tributes now. In terms of volume though, the Escape is still king of the hill, but the SF is catching up.
  • collins14collins14 Posts: 39
    Does anyone know if the 2003 SF will have side airbags and/or a sunroof as options? When will the 2003 be at the dealers?
  • As Far as I know the SF are NOT going to have a moonroof or side air bags. I have gotten this info from my dealer.
  • Thanx. I have a Noble White GLS 4WD. I love it. My wife and I are going to bee doing some work to it ASAP. Already added the wood trim dash to it. NOT thru the dealer. Did the work myself because it was easy and cheaper. Thinking about adding running boards and front bush guard, both chrome.
  • congrats on your new ride... i test drove an LX a couple weeks ago at the Pasadena hyundai dealer.. and i was wondeirng how you got the price down from 21+ to 19 for the GLS?? did the dealer give you any discount??
  • Hello. If you want email me at I will let you know how I got the price down so low. I will be happy to talk...
  • collins14collins14 Posts: 39
    My husband is currently shopping dealers and prices for a GLS AWD. Samsdad- what dealer (and town) did you buy from in TX. Bryan- how did you get the price so low? Thanks
  • collins14collins14 Posts: 39
    We just received a quote for a GLS AWD with tow hitch and floor mats. They said the invoice was $21683 and they would sell it for $500 over invoice. they mentioned a $500 advertising fee is included in the invoice price- they do not keep the advertising fee it is passed along to Hyundai. Has anyone heard of this or are we being taken? They also said there is no dealer holdback for Hyundai. Sound right?
  • hyundaimahyundaima Posts: 197
    Don't pay the advertising fee on the invoice. The dealer will get reimbursed for the amount plus some ad expense subsidy money.
  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    The ad fee may or may not be legit - ask to see the invoice. Regardless, I think you can do better than 22183. Does the rig have ABS/TCS? Are there any other options? A good way to go is to check and build the vehicle to the same specs. Let us know what you find out!

    By the way, Draw-Tite makes a very nice custom fit hitch for the Santa Fe. From what I've heard, the Hyundai hitch isn't the greatest. Check out or go to your local U-Haul joint.

  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858 shows a new option when you build a 2002 Santa Fe - a power sunroof, available Summer 2002. Anyone know anything about this?

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    There is an ad fee on Hyundais, the fee may be legit.
  • collins14collins14 Posts: 39
    If anyone is looking for a Hyundai in the Houston area STAY AWAY FROM RANDALL REED HYUNDAI on Rte. 59 (soon to be moving to Rt.45- they have probably exhausted all their customers in the Rte. 59 area!). We stopped by their dealership last night after talking to them on the phone. They gave us a quote for the SF as well as an amount for our trade in. We told them we also had an appointment with another dealer after them and would decide after seeing both offers. We asked if their numbers would be good the next day (which is today). The main guy (manager?) said yes and told us he and our salesperson would be there. We visited the second dealer (who was great) but his numbers were not quite as good. We informed the second dealer of the other offer and he laughed. He IMMEDIATELY knew which dealer it was and told us to go ahead and "try" and purchase the vehicle from them. My husband has been at the first dealers(Randall Reed) for most of this afternoon and all they are doing is giving him the runaround. They are coming up with every possible excuse not to close the deal. My husband is their with a check in hand but it is one excuse after another for them. STAY AWAY FROM RANDALL REED! Is there some association or some place to complain to when a dealership will not honor their deals?
  • collins14collins14 Posts: 39
    I just heard from my husband, heading back home from Randall Reed Hyundai in Houston. He said after sitting in the dealership for 4 hours because they would not honor the numbers they gave us, he started getting loud. At that point they told him point blank they were not going to sell him the car for the quote they gave us. Doesn't Hyundai care about it's reputation? Is there anyone at Hyundai Corp. who would care enough to listen-if so please tell me who I can contact. These guys make used car salesmen look good.
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