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Hyundai Santa Fe (2006 and earlier)



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome to the Town Hall, Seosyj, and thank you for your valuable insights!

    Your English is fine and you communicate very well. We look forward to reading more from you.

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  • ebemebem Posts: 2
    We talked aboutour frustration to an awesome dealer in Lacey, WA and they sold us a LX 4WD for $1000 more than the GLS 2WD, after taking into account a high trade in for our very old car. It was quite a deal, based on prices quoted by other dealers. It's not the exact colr I wanted, but I can definitely live with it, is my second choice. In all my looking around at various lots the past couple of months, I've noticed that the colors keep changing slightly. For example, I really liked Sandstone for the gold in it and the cars yesterday looked more brown. Well, we pick up our car today and I hope we like it as much as we think we will!
  • greg55126greg55126 Posts: 12
  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Posts: 40
    In a previous post, I spoke of the fact that my new Santa Fe had a couple of missing/broken items upon delivery. Just as promised, the dealer called as soon as the parts arrived, sent a person down to my place of employment (60 miles from the dealer), left me a really nice Sonata, drove my vehicle back to the shop, fixed the problems, and had my Santa Fe back in 24 hours. If any of you need a quality dealer in Michigan, check out Fox Hyundai in Grand Rapids. They have been far and away the best dealer that I have ever dealt with.
    Also, I am ecstatic with the quality and ride of my Santa Fe. It is so much smoother and quieter than I expected it to be. I had taken at least three test drives previously, so I am very happy to be surprised this way.
  • bearbonebearbone Posts: 2
    I have seen a couple of SF's around town with receiver hitches installed. Anyone towed anything yet? I am looking at towing approx 1700 pounds. I know the book says to have trailer brakes installed for 1200 pounds or more, most non-service people I talk to say not to worry about it. Anyone have any experiences they can share with me concerning towing?

  • lrchomelrchome Posts: 130
    Msn Carpoint selected the Santa Fe as the bset SUV for family's.
    They chose the best sedan, best suv best mini van, best truck etc.
    That puts the Santa Fe in a pretty good class.
  • Can anyone recommend a dealership anywhere in the five boroughs or Long Island, that they had a good experience/deal with? Want to hear from anyone who has a 2WD GLS specifically, what you paid for it in this area. Im noticing quite a few dealers have loads of SF's, one place has 58, so they should be dealing but who knows. Im curious to see if anyone mentions this dealer.
  • tsvisagetsvisage Posts: 5
    I posted this messgae on the problem board but it looks like everything is discussed here.

    I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing a hard shift into 3rd gear on the 2001 Santa Fe's. I find it happening more when the car is still cold but not so much as I drive it. Since my commute is only about 12 miles one way, the car really doesn't have a chance to warm up as much and I find the shifting a little annoying. The dealership is great and they keep resetting the computer (which works for about 4 hours) and then the problem comes back again.

    Any thoughts?

  • bhdbhd Posts: 2
    I posted below on the problem board as well, but decided to post it here hoping for some ideas and input.
    I've owned my 2002 Santa Fe (4 cyl, FWD) for about three weeks; have only 800 miles on it, but that's mostly because right now it's in the shop for the third time - a total of 12 days so far out of 27 days. The dealer didn't do a pre delivery check; all 5 tires were at 47 psi rather than 30; fluid levels were not checked (some were almost empty); you need a death grip on the wheel else it'll head straight for the ditch; the alarm system will activate itself at will (whether I'm sitting in the car or not); there is a vibration/rattle at the bottom of the windshield and the door panels, and the lumbar support will disengage itself at will causing a jolt to my back. I'm now taking it to a different service department and they're trying hard - the first service dept. claimed to have set all the tires at 30 psi (4 tires were at 35, the spare was still 47) and fixed the alignment, which they didn't. Anyway, I think the most perplexing is the alignment problem. It's been done twice now and the computer readout states it might be a suspension problem. How could that be on a new car? Has anyone else experienced this problem? Sure would like to be able to enjoy my new car!

    Today's update: found the alarm problem (computer defective); fixed the lumbar support (defective); thinks they've found all the rattles and are fixing them; exchanged front tires, but car still drifts to the right so they're doing a third alignment. I'm hoping it's not a bent frame or suspension problem - has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Appreciate any input.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    I also purchased from Fox Hyundai in GR (an Elantra) and am pleased with the service department. During one routine stop, they replaced my windshield washer nozzle without my mentioning it (I had noticed it earlier in the day squirting in slightly the wrong direction). One reason for signing on the car was a great salesman who, alas, has left the dealership. Good thing I don't intend to purchase again for several years.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128

    There are several TSB's for the 2001 Santa Fe auto trans, that have to do with the ECM needing reprogramming . Since you state after the service people reset the computer, the problem went away for a while, you might ask about perhaps needing the reprogramming.

    Below is one TSB info summary:

    Make: HYUNDAI
    Model: SANTA FE
    Year: 2001

    Service Bulletin Number: 070201
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 623
    Date of Bulletin: 07/ 01

    NHTSA Item Number: SB623008



  • tsvisagetsvisage Posts: 5

    Where can I find these bulletins?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Summaries here:

    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide or or the NHTSA website (

    Full blown text? Maybe your dealer will share....

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  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    I too have noticed this, but only, it appears, when the trans is relatively cold and even then, only under relaxing acceleration (as I am approaching my desired speed - always the speed limit of course (!) - or releasing pressure on the accelerator due to driving downhill). I plan to mention it to my dealer at the next visit, which will probably be end of June, but I have not observed the symptom in several weeks.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    Also, you may purchase a model year's worth of TSBs from Alldata at:


    " Currently, information is available for Model Years 1982 to 2000. 2001 Model Year information is scheduled to be released in June/July of 2002. Unfortunately, information for Honda, Acura and BMW is not available to consumers through the ALLDATA DIY by request of the each manufacturer."

    Usual disclaimers apply...
  • shaslershasler Posts: 2

    I'm shocked to see that some regions are seeing prices above MSRP. In Baltimore I just bought a GLS 4WD and paid $100 under invoice. I also got the mud flaps, cross rails, cargo tray, and floor mats for no extra charge (about $400 worth of extra's, no charge). So that put it $700 under Edmunds' TMV. I don't know if I caught the dealer on a forgiving day. Granted, it isn't your LX either, which may be in shorter supply. Baltimore is port of entry so maybe that helped. And the dealer had the vehicle I wanted already on the lot. Remember, the dealer still pockets the $600 holdback allowance from Hyundai so it isn't like they lose money selling under invoice.
  • dwynndwynn Posts: 1
    love my santa fe however paint on bumper is peeling off. always hand wash santa fe. have appointment at dealer to get it looked at. i was told all paint warranty must go through hyundai directly and they have final say. anyone else have this experience? is this a warranty?
  • wrightstwrightst Posts: 2
    Anyone know if you can put tire chains on the Santa Fe. I've read recently that some SUVs are not designed to work with chains. Thanks.
  • wrightstwrightst Posts: 2
    On the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's web site they have just finished evaluating the Santa Fe. HTTP://

    It came out on top. They did mention that the Santa Fe is being equipped with side air bags in late 2002 models. Anyone have a SF with side air bags or heard anything about this?
  • s618s618 Posts: 11
    Hey shasler could you tell me what dealer you worked with in MD . I am attempting to trade in my 99 GLS elantra and I have had really bad luck with dealers - from just plain rudeness to them saying there was no way they would budge off sticker price? Any help is appreciated
  • babe915babe915 Posts: 34
    does anyone remember seeing a post on installing a ac filter in the santa fe. the filter goes in the ac unit behind the glove box.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128

    Try this link - remember that it's in Oz and all is backwards! =;-)

  • hannadeehannadee Posts: 2
    Does anyone know about new colors for 2003 and when they might be at the dealerships?

    Thank you.
  • shivelytshivelyt Posts: 46
    Some time back (actually, many moons ago) some kind fellow Town Hall person posted in detail the correct procedure for installing lighted tail lights on the SF in place of the factory installed red reflectors. I foolishly did not copy this at the time. Now, I want to install those lights. Anyone have the message # I can go to directly instead if surfing through 3000 messages to find it (or go by it). Would greatly appreciate the message #. Thanks
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It was here, but the link in the message is defunct:

    kcorcoran Jul 29, 2001 11:58am

    Maybe this will help:

    krcooper Mar 21, 2001 2:01pm

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  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    I think the bumpers are made of the same material as the lower body cladding. That is they are covered by a plasticized material. I am having a problem with my lower front right side body cladding. Unfortunately, due to our drought, I can't wash the car, but must take it to a car wash and there is a bit of peeling of this plastic coating. I plan to ask my dealer about it when I take it in next time for inspection at the end of the month. I thought I had read on here about some of this plastic material peeling in some instances. Does anyone else know about this and if Hyundai is doing anything about it?
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    Gang: I have read some posts in here regarding lengthening of the seat rails for the driver's seat to help increase leg room. I love our SF, but that is clearly the greatest deficiency in the vehicle (I hope Hyundai does something about it in future releases). I know that some here have mentioned getting this done. Does any one have any info on this? Were they able to do it? If so, how satisfactory was the result? What was the price? Thanks.
  • babe915babe915 Posts: 34
    thanks Harry 31 that was what i was looking for!
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128

    Here is a link to kcorcoran's info (no pix - sorry) on lighting up the fog lights, in the Santa Fe rear bumper.
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