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Hyundai Santa Fe (2006 and earlier)



  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    If gas mileage is a big concern get the 2.7. If you're more worried about off-the-line power get the 3.5. The 2.7 is a little sluggish at first but has plenty of power for passing or going up hills.

  • Picked up our 2004 Santa Fe 3.5 GLS AWD yesterday. Pretty impressive for the limited time we've had it. I have 2 quick questions. There is a Hyundai Protection Plan that extends the Bumper to Bumper Warranty from 5/60 to 10/100. Did this have to be purchased at time of delivery (received "high pressure" tactics from the dealer finance guy!) or do I have time to purchase it during the basic warranty like other manufacturers? Can I buy it from Hyundai direct and at what cost? Thanks!
  • what is the warranty cost to extend to 10/100K bumper to bumper...
  • ms350ms350 Posts: 7
    According to Hyundai Customer Service, the extended warranty can be purchased up to one year from date of purchase. It can only be bought through a dealer, and there is no set price, it is determined by the dealer. You can call Hyundai CS at 800-633-5151 or go to their website for some info also. Good luck with your car!!
  • anybody bought a much?
  • We purchased the extended warranty in October 2002 on our 2003 GLS AWD. We now have 34000 miles on it and have only had it to the dealer once for a warranty repair. We purchased the extended warranty because it covered for the most part everything between 50000 and 100000. When I buy a vehicle I expect to drive it for a long time and as I stated we already have 34000 miles on it. Every car that I have purchased in the last ten years without extended warranty, I have had trouble and it has always been expensive, since I have been purchasing extended warranties I have not experienced any trouble. The cost from my dealer was $1100.00 for the extended warranty.

    Even with the extended warranty I am hoping that I never have to use it.
  • I am looking to buy a 2.7 GLS FWD with the following:
    accessory group 4 (ABS)
    tow hitch
    front and rear mudguards
    cargo trays

    The local dealer is quoting me a price $20,100 before taxes and title.

    Sounds like a good deal. Any comments?
  • Just picked up my Santa Fe GLS this weekend. Noticed that the fog lamps work only when the headlamps are on (low beam) Other vehicles I've had (GM & Ford) allow the fog lamps to operate when either the parking lamps or the head lamps are on. Any easy way I can get my Santa Fe to do this as well?
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128

     What do you consider easy? =;-)

    This link <> should give you some ideas.
  • Though I haven't bought the electrical manual to my '03 Lx yet, I can tell you that it will involve changing either the ground for the foglamp switch (it may currently get it through the headlamp relay) or changing the source wire in the same manner. If it is just the ground wire, it would be simple enough to ground it at some point once you know which wire it is. As posted earlier, it depends upon what you define simple as.
  • What problems the Santa Fe seems to have usually centers around the automatic transmission. Any of you own a 5 speed stick shift Santa Fe? If so, how do you like it? Do you recommend it? The 2.4 engine seems to be about a decade old and should have the bugs worked out of it.
  • Thanks Harry31 & Richsap for the info! I was hoping to find that under the hood, at the fuse block or at the fog lamp relay there might have been a way to "jumper" a particular wire. Don't really feel it's worth disassembling the entire dash to get them to function with just the parking lamps. Just installed mudflaps this weekend and am looking to install the rear hatch wind deflector. Any body put one on themselves?
    PS: 1st tank was 21.5mpg and 2nd tank was 23.3mpg!
    (3.5 V/6 AWD 5sp auto)
  • I bought a 5-speed Santa Fe earlier this month, and I love it! It's much more responsive and fun to drive than an automatic. I'd recommend it without any reservation whatsoever. The problem was finding one. I sent a "request for quote" to ten dealers within 200 miles of my home. Collectively, those dealers probably had 150-200 Santa Fes in stock -- and four of them were 5-speeds. Three were in colors I couldn't live with, and the other one sold before I completed price negotiations. Ultimately, the sales manager at a dealership 200 miles away decided he was going to make the sale whatever it took. He offered me the best price of any of the ten dealers I contacted, offered to deliver the vehicle, and traded for a manual transmission Santa Fe at a dealership 200 miles in the opposite direction. Then he sent two guys to drive six hours to pick it up, another 3 1/2 hours to deliver it to my home, and four hours to go home. Beyond the call of duty, I'd say. If you have trouble finding a 5-speed, call Hyundai's consumer line, 800-633-5151. They will connect you with the regional sales manager for your area, and he can search all dealer inventories. Good luck!
  • Does anyone know where I can get a .pdf file of the owners manual on-line?

    I always like to have a manual available to me without going out to the vehicle to get it.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    There's a couple of 2001 model copies on EBay right now.
  • jlittererjlitterer Posts: 39
    Anyone installed the rear window deflector on their Santa Fe themselves? Is it difficult? Thanks! Jeff
  • bigkahunaflbigkahunafl Posts: 128
    No one has found a pdf for the Santy?
  • jason86jason86 Posts: 14
    If somebody has a copy of it and scans it, I can write it to a pdf and I'm sure we can post it somewhere for everybody.
  • rscottrscott Posts: 2
    So what do we think being offered this

    2004 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 4wd

    · 3.5L

    · Merlot

    · Cargo Tray

    · Cross Rails

    · $21,808 After the rebate, plus tax and fees
  • bmcadoobmcadoo Posts: 17
    I have an 2003 LX and the gear shift makes a noise that I can't get rid of. I believe the chrome surrounding the Shifttronic is rubbing on the plastic casing around the whole thing. Sometimes the humidity affects if it is worse that normal.

    Basically, any turn or bump I make, it makes a squeaking noise. It is annoying.

    Anyone else have this problem and if so, were you able to fix it??
  • Richard,

    It's so wonderful you had a great experience like that. It's sure to make you a repeat customer. In NJ, the dealers are nothing like that; in fact, they're the opposite. Where is that dealership?

  • richardkrichardk Posts: 7
    Amber, the dealership I bought from is in Springfield, Missouri. I never set foot in the dealership, and I'm 200 miles from Springfield. The whole transaction was handled by fax, e-mail, and cell phone -- and they delivered my new Santa Fe to my home. They were clearly trying to exceed some sales threshold for the month, so it's hard to say whether they'd work as hard in other circumstances. But when my wife replaces her beloved '97 Elantra Wagon (with a Hyundai Tucson?), we'll certainly give them a chance.
  • earlecearlec Posts: 5
    Hello to all. The wife is looking at the Santa Fe 2.4, 4 cyl. It looks sweet and rides well , however the EPA mpg guide says 20 city/ 27 hwy. Is this correct? As she'd be doing MOSTLY highway driving I'd like to know if 27 mpg is realistic or not. Of course the salesman SWEARS it is , but who'd know better than owners? ANOTHER thing I don't understand is how come the MPG is the same for BOTH 5 speed manual & auto. trans?I REALLY don't trust OPEC and the thought of sitting on gas lines AGAIN really makes me ill. But this is what she'd like and I'm tired of arguing.
  • I've yet to meet anyone who has equaled the EPA MPG estimates on any vehicle. Expect 5 to 20% less than the EPA numbers. How much less will depend upon your specific driving conditions. The more you use AC, travel in mountains, drive in wind, the closer to 20% less than EPA you will be.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    With an '02 SF (2.7L eng) we get 21.3 mpg. The mix is approx 60/40 highway/city. That's using 1140 US gallons in 24361 miles.
  • magoo55magoo55 Posts: 8
    I have 2001 6 cyl., automatic, 36,000 miles. My most recent dealer trip was for faulty reading gas gauge. They will replace both sending units. Then we'll see. Also, when filling up, the pump will shut off automatically. But you can continue to pump slowly and put in another 2-3 gallons. The dealer says this is normal. However they put in a gas tank vent valve. If anyone has similar problems, pls advise. Thanks.
  • redsilchredsilch Posts: 1
    Advice, please, oh wise ones! I saw that bigkahunafl had asked the group in Feb whether a price of $20,100 was good for a GLS 2.7 FWD with ABS (Access.grp 4), tow hitch, mudguards & cargo trays.

    My question is WOW who quoted you that...and where are they???? Sounds like a great price.

    What should I expect to pay for a GLS 2.7 with no extras other than a tow hitch - and a gorgeous lcoally done leather interior they quoted an additional $1000 for. I'm doing 0% financing so they don't want to give me the $1500 rebate. Their quote is $22,776 + dealer fee + tax + license. (Supposedly 4% over invoice + fees).

    I'm thinking a fair price is more like $21,700. Is this realistic? Any suggestions, folks?

    Thank you very much! All opinions and advice welcome!


    P.S. I'm in Central Florida if that makes a difference. Am willing to drive up to 4 hours away to a dealer who wants my business.
  • I am very interested in a Santa Fe. I currenly own a 2000 Suzuki Vitara which I like but I have moved to a more rural area with dirt/washboard roads and the Vitara just ain't holding up.

    I think from test drives that the Santa Fe is heavier and more solid. Will it hold up significantly better?

    The only thing that bugs me is that I am having a very hard time finding a 5-speed with cruise control. One dealer told me today that it could "added on." This confused me as it is listed as an option and most dealers tell me that if they don't get one allocated, they won't have one available. I am not interested in aftermarket items. TIA.
  • Have you checked on My insurance company/bank lender, USAA, recommended it to get a good idea of prices and it features a regional discount if applicable. It's what they use.
  • richardkrichardk Posts: 7
    Five speed Santa Fes are comparatively rare in the US, but you should be able to find one with cruise control. I did. See my post #4171 in this forum.
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