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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • jchasejchase Posts: 2
    my 94 explorer stalls from time to time while waiting at lights. weather has no effect. there are no codes stored. has anyone had this problem?
  • jdxltjdxlt Posts: 4
    I have a 98 explorer it has auto 4x4 and it is not working it has never made any noise and no check ingine lights have came on, the 4x4 light come on it does shift into low but the front wheels do not pull!! It has a 4405 borge warrner in it. I have checked the voltage to the clutch it is less than 2 when in 4x4 low. I also had a mechanic hook up to computer and it is showing 0 for drive shaft speeds when driving down the road. O.K. does anyone have any solutions or segestions.
    Please help!!!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Your Dad is correct in what he said about the function of the two trucks. However, I wouldn't be afraid of the Mountaineer if that's what you want. They hold up fine, but don't have a 4Low or 4High option - they're in 4 all the time. Lots of Jeeps are the same, you know...
  • First of all thanks to the people who replied to my request for info regarding the AWD vs 4x4, much appreciated. Another question that has come up is wheels. I have a shot at some 2002 Mountaineer alloy take-offs, they're 16x7, 5 on 4.5 lug pattern with a 44mm offset, would these fit a 1997 Mountaineer of is the offset to great, if it is can it be overcome or should I look elsewhere? I don't want to get into 17" or 18" but the stock 15" are just to small for me.

    Thanks for any info you can provide

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    They may, but try them first, because the 2002 is a completely different truck. Ford doesn't use a lot of bolt patterns like GM does. With GM, the wheels from an Astro won't fit a Safari, believe it or not, but these may. Just not sure. 02 was the year of the big change.
  • mtnman1, did you ever get this resolved? I own a 2004 Explorer (V6) and this chirping is starting to drive me nuts. Any help would be appreciated...there's only so much of this I can take.
  • Dying at idle and no check engine light or other engine issues, then you are usually talking the idle air control valve. They are 50 bucks or so, and easy to do yourself. Search on the internet for replace explorer idle air control valve, you will find details if you need them.
  • rc4rc4 Posts: 1
  • biomanbioman Posts: 172
    Other things to check are the vacuum lines coming off of the intake manifold and the EGR valve. If the EGR valve is stuck in the open position, the engine will stall. A vacuum line leak will lead to rough idle and stalling.
  • Maybe the ignition key is going bad. By that I mean that the chip in the key has been altered or is just old. Does it not start with a different key? I had this problem on other cars with security chips in the key. What do you think?
  • 3dawg3dawg Posts: 1
    i have a 2002 explorer. The only problems I have had with the vehicle have been in the last couple of months. The EGR valve has been replaced, the cruise control switch on the brake has been replaced, and most recently the rear seals have begun to leak. All of these issues I have seen repeatedly in these forums and possible recalls on them. Can anyone advise as to the best way to pursue Ford to consider these recalls further.
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    EGR valve was already recalled or they extended the warranty on it. For the other 2 items, I just don't think Ford is going to do anything about it. I went to the NTHSA site and saw a bunch of complaints about the rear end leak and if they're going to do anything about it, they would have already.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,864
    i don't think the rear seals (side?) are going to be 'recalled'. how many miles do you have on your '02? if less than 50k, and you have a good relationship with the dealer, you might get an 'awa'. i have an extended warranty and paid my 50 bucks. i think that is the first time i used it.
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  • alphaboalphabo Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer, 5.0L V8. After driving through water puddles it appears to lose power steering capability. i.e., it steers but it's very hard to turn. The water puddles are not very deep, but enough to create a splash projecting 8-10 feet. Vehicle speed is less than 30 MPH. The engine does not lose power and other than hard steering, all other vehicle mechanical and electrical systems operate normally. After about 30 seconds to 2 minutes steering returns to normal. The vehicle has 107,000 miles. This has happened on 3 separate occasions during or immediately following heavy downpours.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this situation?
  • Check the power steering belt it may be loose or worn.

    When the water splashes on the belt it may cause it to slip until it drys off a bit.
  • Suddenly my A/C and Heater fan will only work on the highest speed. Setting it to any of the 3 lower speeds allows air to flow, but there is no blowing. When I put it to the top speed, the fan comes on at the very high/loud speed that it always has at that setting. This is better than nothing in the current Alabama August heat, but the noise gets annoying.

    Anyone know why only 1 speed of the fan would work? Is there a separate fuse or belt or actually 2 fans? It's a 1996, 120K miles and has been pretty good for me.

  • I had the exact same problem on my 97. I new belt fixed the problem.
  • Check the fuse first, then the fan speed resistor and the speed switch and the wiring between them. Resistor is located on the evaporator case under the hood near the fan motor. It will have a harness with several wires plugged into it. Unplug the harness, with the AC and fan turned on to the lower speeds, check for power at the harness connector. If no power, the problem is upstream from there, check fuses and connections. If you do have power, remove the small screws and carefully remove the resistor. When you get it out, it will appear to be small wires coiled up. Check to see if any are broken or touching each other. If any are broken, replace it with a new one. Turning the speed switch should make a different wire "hot" in each switch position. If you find no problem there, and the resistor is in good shape, you will have to check all the connections, you might need help from an electrical guy.
  • alphaboalphabo Posts: 2
    Thanks!! I'll give that a try this weekend.

  • The chirping is probable your muffler. It has a hole in it and needs to be replaced.
  • I have a 93 ford explorer, just yesterday I was sitting in traffic and it started as if it want to cut off. I press gas/brakes at the same time to keep it running. It moops while pressing the gas/brakes as if it will cut off. When in park it moops until it cuts off. This morning driving to work, I drove about 7 miles and the problem started again. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? is it the feul injection or the spark plugs needs replacing.????????????
  • ntabtmentabtme Posts: 1
    Wow, you are lucky that it didn't happen to your car until 2500 miles. Mine happened at 522. They ordered a new instrument cluster, and just installed it yesterday. Well today happened to be the day I needed to fill up the tank and lo and behold, the fuel gauge dropped below empty again. I called my service advisor, but she wasn't at her desk. So, now it's the waiting game. All I have to say is I didn't pay this much money for a car that's fuel gauge doesn't work correctly.
  • wifemmwifemm Posts: 16
    My 02 Mountaineer's transmission started acting up after I had the transmission flushed at the dealer's @ 35Kmiles. Sometimes starting from stop, the transmission shudders for a while until it picks up speed. It has been smooth until the transmission was flushed, could the dealer use the wrong fluid or perhaps there is not enough or overfilled? Any ideas appreciated, thanks.
  • allan7allan7 Posts: 2
    First time poster desperately looking for some information. I have a 2002 Explorer with 50k. Recently, I have noticed that when driving slowly at a speed in the range of a gear shift there is a hesitation between shifts similar to a gear slip. The engine rev for a second or two prior to the shift. This only occurs occasionally and never during a moderate to quick accelleration. I have brought the car to a ford dealer and their so called tranny expert drove the car, noticed the slippage, ran a full diagnostic which the car passed. He reprogrammed the transmission computers (whatever that means) and was unsuccesfull in solving the problem. The pan was dropped, checked and it was clean (no metal fillings), the fluid was checked and was clean and full (no leakage). He can not solve the problem but recommends to change the computer that communicates with the transmmision ($800) and if that does not work to rebuild the transmission ($3500).
    The truck also pauses and produces a small pop when shifting from drive to reverse. I really am baffled and do not want to be involved in an expensive witch hunt. Anyone please.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    Speaking of the Old Orange, I found it listed on Autotrader for $9988 today, which is what the original trade in offer was on it, before they said "what the hay, another 12 bucks and make it an even 10." They're still making money on it somehow. Ad didn't have a picture though, would've been nice to see it again lol.

    As far as the Dodge goes, pretty happy with it so far, minus a few issues that are already starting. I have to say, the entire time I had the Explorer, not once did it leave a stain on the driveway, even when it was leaking antifreeze from the thermostat. The Dodge has been in the driveway 2 weeks and I already have a stain that smells like gear oil. I think it's also leaking power steering fluid (both of which I'm having checked tomorrow), and dog gone it, the engine light is on. I have a feeling it's plugs, probably never been changed. I know it seems like this one is starting off on a bad foot too, but the Ford started off pretty good and then turned foul. Maybe this one is just getting it's issues aired out now, rather than 6 months down the road when the dealership says it's been too long.

    If anybody is in the Piedmont Triad of NC and you see an Orange XLS sitting on a Chevy/Cadillac lot, as good as it looks, RUN! hahahaha
  • fordhamfordham Posts: 1
    I have a '97 Explorer XLT, in great condition but I'm having a problem with the dashboard & radio lights going out. Everything came on when I started it this morning, and then I noticed that a few minutes later, the radio display had disappeared and none of the gauges' backlights were on (I had the headlights on). The turn signal arrows do light up when turn signal is engaged, but that's it. I remember hearing that other people have had this problem and that it was not related to fuses, etc. Anyone know anything? Thanks!
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    how many miles you have on the vehicle now? shouldn't the service be covered with at least a 6 months warranty if not a 12months/10k??
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    not sure if this would help... mine has done that a few times and each time i would turn off the car and to restart it and it'd be fine. also, i let the car warm up for about 2 mins when i let it park for over 2 hours before i drive off and it also seems to work better.
  • Hello,
    My name is Ron and my son just back from his time in Iraq purchased a 92 ford explorer XLT, 2 wheel drive.. He has had the rig 3 weeks and today he calls me from the bush and says it won't start. When he turns the key, there is nothing, no attempt to turn over. The lights, stereo, and other electrical systems seem to work. Do you have any suggestions on what to check. Could the starter be the problem? Thanks for your time
    Take Care
    PS Tidester, thanks for your kind words for my son's service in Iraq, I WILL pass them on!
  • Well, good luck.
    We purchased an 05 Explorer XLT :( .
    A beautiful vehicle, rides great

    NOW, the problems
    We didn't even get off of the dealers lot and it died.
    Nine days later and a complete new fuel system (from the gas tank to the injectors) and we got it back.
    Now after about 8,000 miles, it is back in the shop with the rear end shot along with a bad axle bearing and transmission problems.

    There is a smell of citus in the air.
    The dealer has been good to us but Ford has not been good to the dealership.

    Even though the vehicle doesn't "technically" qualify as a lemon the dealership is working with us to get a new vehicle of our choice as though the Explorer meets the lemon law.

    Good luck.
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