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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • I live in a cold winter climate. Owned since new 2002, last four years engine temperature indicates high, but not very good heat. When I bring it to the dealer he puts in the garage and checked the heater exit temperature and said it's OK. I can't go through another winter in it.

    I think the fan doesn't blow enough. Fan speed one is "barely anything", speed two "kinda something", speed three "barely something", speed four "blows, makes a lot of noise, some heat".

    Is there a heavy duty fan available?

  • hey lovelylu42 did u get ur problem fix i am having the same problem i have a 99 explorer an having the same problem did the same thing with the fuel pump also my injectors not opening.
  • The fan switch itself may be your problem, as it controls the level of the fan speed. Regardless, it seems that it would have to be one of the two, fan speed swt or fan motor. However, I would think it's more likely the fan swt itself. I had an Explorer that had similar symptons and the fan swt itself turned out to be the problem. Again this is the actual swt that you are turning to set your fan speed. In reference to the noise that you hear at the highest setting, there may be something that's getting into your fan blades causing this, as I know leaves are sometime bad about working their way into the fan blades. Hope this reply helps, as it may at least give you a couple of things to consider....
  • jezimajezima Posts: 1
    I have an 05 explorer XLT with 35K miles and on Saturday I noticed that when I go to turn right or left at a low speed, there will be this grinding sound and shimmy in my rear end..What is it? And will this be an ongoing problem once it's fixed..should I just trade it in
  • I have a 2004 Ford Explorer with 23,000 miles. Anytime I get it over 55mph, there is a whistling noise while I am pressing the accelerator. Take my foot off the accelerator and it stops. We can't seem to figure out where it is coming from. Can anyone help!?
  • Will transmission fluid being sucked into the manifold cause the engine to surge and create a knocking sound in the intake manifold?
    Also, I have a '94 explorer and it's been surging. I was told by the good people at Auto Zone that it was my EGR valve, which I've replaced and still have the problem.
  • I am having trouble with the driver's side door lock control that is mounted on the door. The rocker control will not lock or unlock the doors unless the engine is running. Key FOB and door key pad work fine anytime. Also, the puddle lamp on the driver's side no longer works (bulb is fine). The key warning chime continually sounds when the vehicle ignition is off, all doors are closed, and the key is still in the ignition slot. Any ideas? Are all these related?
  • I recently changed all 4 brakes and resurfaced rotors at the Ford dealer in Livermore CA. After I pick the Explorer, ABS light comes on after driving for a few minutes and now the Cruise does not work also. I took it back the next business day to the Livermore dealer and told it will cost me $180.00 for some electrical switch that goes on the master cylinder. computer code: C1440 -- Pressure difference - Transducer Circuit failure.

    I never had any problem in my car related to ABS or Cruise Control and dealer says it not their fault... its a coincidence... I can't seem to buy that. Does anybody know which part is this and if I can replace it myself...Ford Part #. and or image??
  • My truck is a standard I stalled out and could not start. If i bypass wires on the solenoid i can get it to start. Someone said it could be the neutral safety switch. Is there anyway i can get a diagram or find someway to locate where the problem might be. i thank you very much for any help possible
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    2002 explorer.

    when it was a couple years old i noticed that when cold the driver side windshield wiper didn't seem to work well.
    took it to the dealer they replaced the wiper blade. helped a bit.

    now i notice if i pull in on the base of the washer arm, the whole units moves - i think this is why it doesnt wipe well (passenger side doesnt do this - it is tight).

    does anyone know if there is an easy way to tighten this up... maybe its as easy as tightening a bolt somewhere?

  • I have a 2002 Ford Explorer. The accessory plugs (cell chargers, GPS, chargers, etc.) have stopped working. Neither plug will work, front/rear.
    I checked the fuses under the dash and could not find any that needed replacing.
    Any suggestions or what specific fuse I should look at?
  • On a 2002 Explorer with 80k miles, when I turn right at very low speed, there is a slight vibration. It goes away as soon as wheel turned back toward center and not noticeable any other time.

    U-Joint or other problem?
  • Trade it in while you can. This is only the beginning. I have a 2004. What you are experiencing is the rear wheel bearings going bad on you. The next will be the front wheel bearings. Each side will run you in the neighborhood of $260.00 ea. Then you will have the rear end go out on you which will cost you another $1500.00 in repairs that will not hold up.
  • What you have is a front wheel bearing going out . Look at spending $260.00 for parts and labor. Most likely both sides will need repairing. This will double your cost of $260.00.
  • What you have is a pinion ring bearing going bad in the rear end.. This usually happens between 36,000 and 75,000 miles on these poorly built explorers. It is a very common problem that Ford has known about ever since 2002, but they keep putting them out there. Repair will run you in the neighborhood of $1200.00 to $1500.00. It is only going to get worse. I am currently trying to get rid of my explorer for this reason not to forget all 4 wheel bearings, and other Ford problems with this vehicle. It does great up to 50,000 miles. After that , parts will start dieing on you.
  • With brake pads (and shoes) you get what you pay for. I don't trust the shops for brake repairs and they usually charge rediculous prices for something that's relatively easy to do. I've always changed my own brakes and used to buy the lifetime warranty brakes from the auto parts which would wear out in about six months. Sure they give you a free set but who wants to do the labor (either yourself or paying to take it back to the shop)? I've learned to buy the best pads money can buy with or without warranty even if the auto parts has to special order them; and they usually outlast the vehicle. Sometimes they sound a little funny until they break in (maybe a month or so) because they have so much friction material. If you don't feel comfortable changing them yourself, buy the pads at the autoparts and take them with you to the mechanic; otherwise they will put the cheapest junk they can find on your vehicle and charge you premium price. You will then return soonafter for more brakes at your expense.
  • is the filter on the left hand side on the frame rail? Do I need to buy 2 tools? 1 to disconnect the fuel lines and 1 for the filter?
  • Hello, I am considering buying a 2003 Ford Explorer right now and when I took one home last night to test it for the day, I drove it at freeway and highway speeds and it did that swaying thing that you're talking about. Like it was uncontrollable...did you ever find out what caused that swaying? I'd be curious so that I know what kind of issue this vehicle has.

    Thanks! Rachel
  • Explorer has a power steering cooler and the hose that runs from the power steering fluid reservoir to the cooler is leaking at the reservoir hose clamp. A couple of weeks ago, I replaced the spring clamps with gear clamps and the leak stopped. Now it is seeping fluid again. The hose that goes from the reservoir to the power steering is not leaking.

    Thinking I need to replace the leaking hose this time (but not the other one). What I am wondering is if there could be a problem, like air in the hose, if I simply remove the hose and replace it. That would result in loss of some or all the fluid in the reservoir and the hose that is replaced. When I refill the reservoir would any trapped air cause problems. Is the reservoir pressurized? I could try filling the new hose with fluid but there still could be some trapped air. Don't want to cause any power steering issues.
  • It's Junk. Don't buy it!
  • I agree with electricdesign. Do not buy this 2003 Explorer. It already sounds like it has a major problem. Although Ford will not admit it, I have experienced and read a lot of posts concerning faulty transmissions in these Explorers. I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT I purchased new and my transmission needed replacing at 43,000 miles. You will be paying at least $2000 when it happens and sounds like there is obviously a problem with this vehicle now. Probably why the owner is getting rid of it. Any used vehicle you purchase, take it to a mechanic. You may have to pay to have it checked out but it could save you a lot of money or be sure to buy an extended warranty.
  • On a 2002 Explorer with 80k miles, 4 wheel drive did not work today going up a steep, icy driveway in 4x4 Auto. Selected 4x4 LO and HI, still no engagement. The instrument panel 4x4 light did not light when LO or HI buttons pushed. The 4x4 light does light momentarily when starting engine. It has stayed in the Auto position since new, except once or twice. It has been at least 4 yrs since 4x4 HI was used and then only for about 1 mile.

    Does this sound like a fuse, switches or shift solenoid? Any trouble shooting tips appreciated. I have an ohm and voltmeter.
  • A correction: The 4 x 4 LO light comes on momentarily when starting engine, but the 4x4 HI light does not come on.

    When selecting LO or HI, there is no clicking sound behind the glove box. Also, all 4x4 fuses are good. Disconnected neg term of battery for short time, but no effect when reconnected.

    Does this sound like the 4x4 module? Any way I can check or need to take to dealer?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,861
    hey electricdesign, i know i used to see your posts, but this is the first one i have seen in a while.
    the poster you are responding to, has made only 1 post.
    they are a troll or a 'plant' who make a negative comment and does not post again. :mad:
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • My 96 Ford Explorer is making a loud tone (usually one pure pitch, occasionally two pitches) after about 5-15 minutes of driving. The tone has an abrupt onset and offset and lasts anywhere from 3 seconds to a minute. It seems independent of engine speed.

    It tends to happen more often when the outside temperature is below freezing, and when the temperature gauge is about 1/3 up in the normal range.

    The tone is very loud and seems to come from the front of the car under the hood.

    Does anyone know what this might be?
  • i am trying to replace the belt on my 94 explorer. how do i release the tension arm to swing it around to but the belt on it?
  • ibusemibusem Posts: 5
    My 2003 Exployer xlt has rear disc pads I would like to Adj. the rear parking brake but could not find an adjustment, I have new pads and rotors that I put on. Thank You.
  • Hello All:

    I have a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT with AWD and 5.0L V8. My problem is a Terrible Vacumm leak. There's an open port where a hose used to be hooked up. It's right underneath the top intake cover, towards the firewall on the right side.(its next to the master cylinder.) I plugged it for now with a 3/8 vacuum plug and its back to normal idle. but I don’t want to damage anything by " jimmy-rigging." like that. I don’t see any hose's loose anywhere, and I really cant figure out how to read the diagram under the hood very well to try and trace in back to where its being fed from. Any suggestions? any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time
  • dave1309dave1309 Posts: 16
    Have a 2006 Explorer. Had oil change today and Ford mechanic said the left front axle seal was starting to leak.
    Can anyone give me an idea fo what it will cost to replace and repair this seal?
    Have an extended service warranty but wanted to check the price first. Have a $200 deductible on the warranty.
    Problem is nothing serious at the moment just some very small drips (less than a teaspoon a day).

  • biomanbioman Posts: 172
    I believe the results of my research on this topic was that you cannot adjust the parking brake on the 02 and up Explorers. You can adjust the parking brake on the older versions of Explorers.

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