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Toyota Highlander



  • Fully loaded, you are right for that price, its an upgrade package 2 with all the options you want except navigation, and leather, which you can add leather to the car.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    Most cars are designed to fit people from the 5th to 95th percentile. You are definitely at the far end of the bell shaped curve ;)
  • billranbillran Posts: 113
    I am 5'8" and my only complaint about the Highlander is the tiny armrests, that for me are far to narrow to comfortably rest my arm on for more than just a few minutes. I usually just fold it to the upright position. That modified armrest looks like it may be the solution to my problem! Thanks for taking the time to research this issue and share the solution with us all. I plan to order one on Monday and will let you know how it works for me.

    My only concern is whether the connection to the backreast is strong enouth to support the added weight and strain of the wider armrest, especially when the drivers arm is placed further out on the rest. Does it seem pretty secure to you?

    Thanks again

  • I want to see the space (or not) between the seats after installation. And how well it aligns with other rest.
  • 1. The armrest is secure enough that the passenger armrest is usually in the upright position and both driver and front passenger share the wider armrest.

    2. Pictures as requested
  • Thanks very much for the trouble to take and load the pic. I like it being wider, but I'd really rather it be about 2x of teh factory instead of filling th ewhole gap. No way to reach in the back floor with it up.
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles. I use the nav system in my 2004 all the time. Anyway, this episode hardly seems to be a reason not to buy Toyotas. What you experienced is no different for other makes. When a new technology rolls out, it doesn't magically appear in every model in the same model year.
  • Lol, very interesting. You'd give up comfort for the ability "to reach in the back floor with it up"?? What about leaving it in the down position when you do need to reach to the back floor?
  • You read too much into what I said. Didn't say anything about giving up comfort. I'm not a huge person but I, too find the stock AR's too small. Just a little bigger would be fine for me and make them perfectly comfortable. If they want to go for comfort they should implement the ratcheting device like my 06 Sienna has. That adds a lot to the comfort level even with anarrow AR.

    I don't need a table to serve from :). More often than reaching for something, I'm putting something back there. I don't use the AR all the time and would find it a little annoying to have to put the thing down just to pick something out of the passenger seat to sit in the back floor. That happens a lot where I have stuff in teh passenger seat and someone comes along to go somewhere with me and I have to clear the seat. Obviously not a huge deal, but would be less of an issue if the thing wasn't full width. Or had optional widths. As long as I'm recommending - a removable cover would be good, too, like my seat covers.
  • "to reach in the back floor with it up"?? What about leaving it in the down position when you do need to reach to the back floor?"

    you must have real long arms if you can reach into the back seat or floor with your arm rest down.
  • Hello all --

    I’m a new owner of a 2006 Highlander V6. Had it for a month so far. Great vehicle and we’re very happy. Thought I’d pass along a couple tips and ask a couple questions:

    1) We purchased the WeatherTech FloorLiner brand mats and they are fantastic. Expensive, but worth it. They have perfect fit and profile front & rear, and look like they’ll be just the ticket with winter slop coming. Their gray is a perfect color match for our "Ash" color interior.

    2) I got my Garmin i5 GPS navigator installed and up & running. Next project is my XM “MyFi” radio receiver. Has anybody tried the USASpec “DF-TOY” auxiliary audio input device? It runs 2 audio sources into the CD changer input of the factory radio. You toggle back and forth between the two aux sources by selecting what “disc” is playing on the simulated CD changer. It seems perfect -- if it’s really what it’s cracked up to be. Any comments or feedback on this device is much appreciated.

    3) Just a hint -- keep a Torx “T-30” screwdriver tool in your driver’s door pocket. Then, when you’re working on your Highlander with the driver’s door open you can bypass the “key-in” dinger (and the overhead lights) by giving a couple turns to back out the Torx fastener of the plunger on the driver’s door jamb. When you’re done working, a couple turns back in and everything’s back to normal. It’s nice to not have that dinger driving you crazy while working on the car or just having the door open to enjoy listening to the radio while working in the garage.

    4) The owner’s manual mentions that Highlander locks can be programmed to all unlock on the first press of the remote button (as opposed to just the driver’s door unlocking and then a second press unlocks the rest). I would prefer this. Has anyone had their dealer reprogram their car to do this, if so did they charge you, and/or are you aware of a way we can do it ourselves? Are there other “personalization” programmable features we can select? I know GM cars have tons of selectable settings, accessable via the in-dash display.

    5) My glove box door is hard to close -- requires quite a slam, which disrupts all my neatly organized items inside! Yet I can’t see how the latch or striker may be adjustable. Are they? I’d rather do something like this myself than risk the dealer messing it, or something else, up worse.

    Thanks to all for your comments!

  • dave:

    I can not help you with your questions since I just got my Hl sport 2006, but I will appreciate if you tell me where to buy some accessories for it., like running boards bug deflector., in gnarls accessories.
  • Stopped by the dealership today and they had a few '07s, both hybrid and non-hybrid.

    As expected no major design change.

    Only difference I noted via a casual scan of the interior and exterior is the "Limited" exterior chrome badge has been moved from the front fender to the rear door, and the Hybrid has a "Hybrid" chrome badge on the front fender. The "Sport" chrome badge is still on the front fender.

    A brief perusal of the '07 brochure didn't reveal any obvious differences (the new crystal white color introduced with the mid '06 Sport model release is now included in the brochure).
  • We've received a quote on an 06 Limited Highlander w/ Leather, heated seats, optional side curtain air bags, tow prep package, extra value package (6 disc in-dash cd player & cassette, moonroof, etc.) wheel locks & carpet/cargo mat set. The price we were given was $30,895 AFTER the $2,000 incentive/rebate.

    Does that sound like a good deal considering it's AFTER the $2,000 rebate?

    Also, who gets that actual $2,000? The customer or the dealer?

  • Suggestion from a previous salesperson. Check out, and for prices. In Maryland we have which most dealer's are hesitant to match prices with but will. I had Car Max price beat by $900. Basically what you're buying the HL for is $32,895, doesn't sound like the best deal. For an 06 HL V6 AWD, w/Cold weather package, preferred package, fog lights, moonroof, floormats, appearance package, side/curtain airbags, daytime running lights and towing package we paid $28k plus tax/tags. MSRP was $31,829.
  • Do you believe the next generation highlander will come out in spring 2007 as a 2008 model.
  • The long anticipated major redesign is indeed expected in the 2008 model year.

    There was only one post here in which the poster was told by a salesman that the next generation HL may be released early, in mid '07. Reason for this is the redesign was pushed back from '07 to '08 due to delays. But this is based just on just this one source. Also this may be inconsistent with the fact Motortrend has been saying for quite some time (at least a couple years) that the redesign is expected in the '08 model year, and thus if due to delays, would have to have been due to delays induced at least a couple of years ago. In light of this I'm going to back off for now on saying the '08 may be released early.
  • cubssoxscubssoxs Posts: 139
    2008 Highlander (comming q2 of 2007)
    -saw the full size clay model, no engine or interior.
    -Will have a V6 with 285 HP
    -Sleek lines, looks to have a wider stance.
    -Has a hide away middle row seat between the 2nd row capatains chairs.
    I found this on which he says that the new Highlander is coming out in Q2 of 2007. I am not sure where that falls in 2007 but I guess it may be March when Q2 starts. So that means the Highlander after all may be coming out in spring of 2007 after all.
  • No mention on the link about whether they still will offer the 4-cyl. in the redesigned Highlander. If they don't, they will lose a good number of would-be repeat customers. But I read somewhere a while back that this would be the case.
  • I've had my 2006 Limited AWD for about one week now & I just noticed something. All the other Limited Highlanders I see on the road have their "Limited" signs on the front side fenders of the car (even the ones in the brochure the dealership gave me have them there). The "Limited" signs on my Highlander are on the rear passenger doors. Are anyone else's on the rear passenger doors? Did they change location of the "Limited" sign at some point during production?
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    I think maybe for 2006 it was relocated.
  • My understanding is it was relocated to the rear passenger doors for '07 -- perhaps heidigreenlaw has an '07, not an '06?
  • Did a Google on "2008 Highlander" -- a few of the hits seem to indicate it will come out in early to mid '07, so I'll re-adopt my prediction that it may indeed come out early.
  • It was moved during the '06 year to make room for the new hybrid badges. All limited models now have the limited signs on the doors.
  • Visited my local dealer in S.E. MA and was told by the sales manager that the Highlander will come out as a 2007 model for a short model run and be replaced by the next generation model in March or April. He claimed to have received this information from the regional district manager but wouldn't comment on how the Highlander will change. So let's wait and see how accurate his intel is.
  • cubssoxscubssoxs Posts: 139
    I guess we will find out how the new highlander will look like when the auto show comes to North America in early 2007. I have a feeling though we will start seeing spy photos of the 2008 highlander later this year.
  • Can anyone tell me if I can have this feature installed some how - on my last couple of cars the doors automatically locked as you either placed the car in gear or hit a certain speed, like 10 mph. I can't believe my Highlander doesn't do this and I've gotten out of the habit of locking the doors now.

    Any idea how I can have this done/installed?
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    I've asked this before and was told this wasn't "doable." Our 1996 Explorer had auto-locking doors as does my Camry. You gotta wonder why Toyota left this feature off the Highlander.
  • Someone on one of the other forums had it done with the use of an aftermarket alarm system. Sorry I don't remember which forum.
  • I did a google search and came up with this link - this looks like what I'm looking for!!
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