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Dodge Durango



  • I understand Dodge quit making the SXT. Does anyone know why?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    CR seems out of step with most everyone else. almost every other publication has said the durango is either close or is the NEW standard among mid and full size SUVs.
  • Yes, I agree. The other mags are singing the praises of the new D. I was just pointing out that CR seems to weigh heavily against truck based SUV's and that's mainly why the D gets a poor rating. That was my point.
  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    To be fair, CR should really divide the mid-size SUVs into two categories: real trucks and glorified station wagons. The Honda Pilot, which I'm guessing is their top pick, might be great on road, but it doesn't have a fraction of the Durango's (or Expedition's, Explorer's, Trailblazer's, etc) off road or towing capability.
  • Brian211, I grew up in Nebraska and just recently returned south to Arkansas from Nebraska. Snow has been a major part of my life -- thank God it rarely snows here! I have not yet needed to drive the Durango on snow, so I am only responding to what I know about the needs of driving on snow and how this vehicle handles compared to my old 2000 Chevy Silverado 4x4.

    The responsive steering is absolutely amazing. My first test drive in the new Durango, I was a little nervous about the quick reaction and response of the vehicle. I found myself over steering when I made turns. The first time my wife drove our Durango, she was weaving all over (our side of the highway). She made the same comments that I did. I found as I adjusted my habits from the truck to the Durango, I was in far greater control in the Durango. I am on rough roads often due to the weight of trucks hauling rice and beans to the plants and grooving the highways. The Durango is a joy on in this environment.

    With a responsive steering and the traction control system in the Durango, I believe snow should be no problem. While the Durango has the built feel of a truck, it is far smoother than a truck. I guess I would say that it has the structure to handle the needs one may want and yet the driveability of a smooth car.

    As for city driving, until I returned to Nebraska for a three year stay (five years ago), I had spent the last 25 years in Houston and Austin, TX; Birmingham, AL; and St. Louis, MO. All of my children grew up learning to drive in cities. This Durango is a joy in city traffic. High enough to see where you are and sturdy enough to handle the situations you get into. I realize these are not NYC driving issues!! You might ask your dealer for some names of buyers in your area and check with them for their response.

    Good Luck in your hunt.
  • Thanks, I'm concerned from moving from my monte carlo into such a bigger vehicle. Whether an old dog like me can master the extra size with out too much difficulty. I'm going to test drive one, also pacifica and endeavor at same dealership. Further comments appreciated. Also nyc plans to ban suvs over 6k from some city streets. Always something here.
  • By the way. I've been reading boards from explorer owners and trailblazer, envoy owners. They are having all kinds of problems with the vehicles. Anybody have any issues concerning chryslers reliabilty and response to owners problems. The other posts seem to have problems ford and gm won't address.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Boy do I know this. The code means that your overdrive unit is going bad. The reason the dealer cannot find the problem is, due to the fact that the tranny is electronicaly controlled, every time you turn off the ignition and restart it the tranny reset's itself. The problem will dissappear for awhile. I went through this for awhile and i just traded mine (2000) in for a 2003. I did not get the 2004 due ti first year bugs and all. If the problem happens again tell your wife to just pull over to the side of the road, turn off the ignition and count to 10. Once it is restarted the traany will drive like nothing happened. By the way to repair this will require a new tranny at around $5,000.00. This is what my dealer was going to charge me. It was cheaper to do the trade in for the 2003.
  • I just bought a 2003 SXT last week and am wondering if there's anything anyone can tell me from experience. Good, bad, or indifferent.
  • Just purchased the 04 Durango 4x4 SLT, 5.7L Hemi. Love it, picked it over Tahoe and Expedition after much research (including Edmunds) and several test drives.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced an unexpected acceleration (stuck throttle) when the engine is cold and not warmed up yet. Started the car today, and started driving without letting much time for warm-up. First stop out of parking lot, and with foot off the gas in prep for braking, engine reved on it's own, quite a lurch. Had to stomp the brake really hard and fast. Engine throttled down after that, and have not seen the behavior since.

    Don't know if it's a one-off, or if this is a problem seen by others that's not quite made the TSBs yet. I'll be having things checked this week at the dealer.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    there is a recall on 3.7l v6 and 4.7l v8 durangos for throttles that can freeze up. however the hemi has an electronic throttle and isn't affected by this recall...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Are none of you newer owners getting any deals worth crowing about?

    Dodge Durango: Prices Paid & Buying Experience

    Steve, Host
  • Nothing Special on deals. No rebates. Just negotiate from Invoice.
  • Hello,
    I was looking at a '98 Dodge Durango, and I was wondering if they still installed cup holders back where the third seat would be even if the third seat wasn't an installed option.

  • I had a 2002 Durango and loved it, while finding it a bit pedestrian. It had the basic features I wanted - three rows, big but not too big, nice looks - but not all the "bells and whistles" that my 2000 JGC had, and that I like very much. I anxiously awaited the '04 Durango when I started looking for a new SUV in the fall of '03, and I ordered a Limited 4WD Hemi one the first week I could. I waited and I waited and I waited, but they kept delaying the intro here, and my order was not close to coming in.

    Then, I had a car I wanted to trade in. The offer I got was too good to pass up, but the Durango was not here and I did not want to lose the tax break on the trade in. So, I bought an '04 Sequoia 2WD Limited in early December.

    I liked the Sequoia OK. It rode VERY nicely, was quiet, and obviously very well built. But, it did not have all the stuff the Durango has. My Durango came in about 10 days ago, and they delivered it to me to test drive it and consider trading in the Sequoia. Well, after about 10 minutes, I fell in love with the Durango. It is AWESOME. It is powerful, as smooth and quiet as the Sequoia, has every imaginable option, and appears to be just as well built.

    Basic differences that led me to trade in the Sequoia: 40/20/40 Durango back seat affords easier access to the backseat for the kids (I have four); the in-dash Sirius radio (the add-on in the Sequoia worked fine, but was not easy to reach); fold-flat rear seats MUCH more convenient; memory seats/radio/a/c VERY convenient and MUCH missed in the Toyota; better steering wheel radio and cruise control buttons; rear doors open to 84 degrees that makes kid access easier; easier to use DVD with cool remote storage place (I wish the headphones were auto on-off, though); better visibility; rather much faster acceleration; the seat-belt recepticals in the Durango are hard plastic that makes them easier to latch with one hand (the Sequoia are on a strap that is limp and needs two hands to latch); and I like the little storage drawer behind the back row of seats.

    Things I like better about the Sequioa: one-touch up and down windows in both front windows (only one touch down on the Durango driver's window); the little top console with the pad in it; seats a little (VERY little) more confortable; bigger sunroof; better DVD headphones (auto on-off); and there seems to be more room in the front seat, and more headroom.

    Long story short - I got a great trade in from my Dodge dealer and I now and the proud and happy owner of the Durango. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this car - it is better in virtually every way than the Sequoia, and is more than $5K less when comparably equipped.
  • shulajshulaj Posts: 11
    Thanks for that post. Very good. I have driven and owned many SUV's such as Cad. Escalade, Explorer, Expedition.......and more. Before making my decision to order Durango, I test drove Volvo, Acura, Pathfinder Armada, Pacifica, etc etc. Some things I found about the DURANGO is the following.

    Firstly, my Durango comes in in about 2 weeks. It is LOADED LOADED with HEMI but I left off the DVD as I am putting a bigger aftermarket in since the 6.5" is TOO SMALL and does not offer TV as well. I am putting in an AUDIOVOX.

    While I think it is best SUV for me, there are a number of things I do not like. Here I go....but what do you think????

    I am from Canada and you cannot get the Sirrus radio here.

    Fit and finish is great however that dash is not very sexy like the new Ford 150.

    Color selection is terrible on the Durango. No off-white. Red is ugly red.

    Rims could be nicer

    Need another HOT rim selection for those that hate the RIMs. (I ordered Chrome)

    Why not PAINTED Door handles? Those black things are UGLY. Look at the EXPLORER. WAY nicer as they'[re painted body color.

    No auto down windows ALL AROUND is dumb. Why not??? AUdi and VW has them on all cars....why not Chrysler?

    Stereo was crap. Listen Dodge.....You need a TOP END good sounding steroe....not a big audio name with crap sound.

    Need a JACK for MP3 Players right into the stereo like the Pathfinder Armada has! That is perfect for connecting an MP3 player. At least the stereo plays MP3 so I'll let that go.
    Better (or different option) for step. I like aluminum for a step, or put one on like the X5. That molded one is not as nice.

    Seats for driver and passenger is not very sporty looking.

    Interior color choices are boring looking.
  • I am glad my post helped. Here are my comments to your questions/issues:

    Siruis: Sorry to hear that it is not in Canada. I REALLY love it.

    Fit and finish: Have not seen the Ford, but, so far, the F&F on my Durango is great - I don’t have a single complaint.

    Color selection: I agree, but I am almost exclusively a white buyer. As long as they have white, I don’t much care about anything else. I agree that the red is bad.

    Rims could be nicer - probably true, but I hadn’t noticed. I got the chrome and they look pretty nice to me.

    Why not PAINTED Door handles? Picky, arn’t we? (smiling)

    No auto down windows ALL AROUND is dumb. I agree with you 100% - this is WAY annoying. Of course, it would probably have cost $5 to $10 to upgrade this. Big mistake not doing it, in my opinion.

    Stereo was crap. I could not disagree more. The infinity in my car is awesome. Crisp, clean, loud, and no problems at all. I love the stereo.

    Need a JACK for MP3 Players - I am not sure, but I think the in-dash CD player plays MP3 discs directly. Also, the factory DVD plays them, too, and has inputs. Speaking of the DVD, I agree that the screen is a bit small, but the hidden remote holder is great - my kids usually lose the remote an hour or two after I buy the car.
    Better (or different option) for step. I ordered mine without running boards (the only option I did not get) - they always scuff my pants and make them dirty, and it is easier for me to get into the vehicle without a running board.

    Seats for driver and passenger is not very sporty looking. I tend to agree, but they are okay. The Sequoia seats are more confortable.

    Interior color choices are boring looking: Like the exterior color, I tend to only like/buy grey interior. This one is fine for me.

    By the way, each time I drive this car, I like it more. It is truly a car I can live with in all respects. I STRONGLY encourage you to STRONGLY consider it. Good luck, and please email with any other questions.
  • shulajshulaj Posts: 11

    You must have missed this at the beginning of my rant! I ordered a 2004 Durango with everything but the DVD as I am putting in a better and cheaper unit (with hidden remote) from Audiovox. I ordered the Kaki exterior and Dark Kaki Light Greystone interior. Could only see pics of that interior as there was not a single one in Ontario to view.

    BTW: I have friends at Daimler who took great care of me. I paid $ 1000 under dealer cost through the employee plan (a relative is retired) and they get a check from Daimler for selling to employees.

    I ordered it 2.5 weeks ago and it will arrive in 3 weeks.

    I too have had white vehicles alot. My last SUV (which I just sold) was a white 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee (junk junk junk junk junk), before that a 2000 White Escalade (liked it), then a 2000 White 300M (loud road noise and returned it at 18 months into lease....came out of an Expedition (liked it).

    I drove the Durango for several days straight and liked it more every time I drove it. Was very very nice on road. Quiet, comfortable and I thought well priced.

    I drove the BMW X3 as soon as it was out (too small), X5 (still too small) and virtually sat in or drove everything. I would have bought the new (huge) Armada from Nissan but it did not have split 3rd row seats. When I go up north, I need 6 people and room in back for stuff. Without the split 3rd row, it kills the interior storage.

    Anyhow, I will be trading my 2004 Durango in as soon as they announce an R/T or SRT version since I like the truck, but think the styling needs something. I found a website that showed some 2004's with 22" wheels. That is not for me, but I would like ground effects.

    I would also like to see more horsepower.

    Any ground effects pics from anyone?

    Lastly, I see Dodge has a new campaign that will show a bunch of stupid celebrities in 2004 "done up" Durango's. It starts in the spring. See their web site.

    Cheers everyone.
  • thinking about purchasing a 2004 limited edition durango. I absolutely love the car- but my main concern is depreciation. Unfortunately, I would have to finance for 72 months....Edmunds is saying that depreciation on these things is extremely high. Another question- the price would be $34,000-is that a fair price? There aren't any rebates, or anything like that. I guess I'm used to the idea that the dealers will rip you off, so am I getting a fair deal, or can they come down more.....Listing is at $38,000.
  • cjaubertcjaubert Posts: 17
    This is an easy one. You admit that you “absolutely love“ the car. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that the Durango depreciates $5000 more over 72 months than anything else (a premise that I do not agree with, by the way). Well, is it worth $5000 over six years to have a car you “absolutely love” than a car that you don’t like as much? I say, “absolutely.” I am in love with my new Durango, and I STRONGLY recommend it to you, and to anyone else.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    is it worth $5000 over six years to have a car you ?absolutely love? than a car that you don?t like as much?

    What about the other $29,000? :-)

    tidester, host
  • cjaubertcjaubert Posts: 17
    I don't understand your question. I am assuming simply a $5K DIFFERENCE in depreciation, with all else being the same. In other words, the $29K will be spent no matter which car you buy.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    the $29K will be spent no matter which car you buy.

    Thanks for clarifying. I didn't pick up on that - I was just focussed on total cost of getting the car you want.

    tidester, host
  • vik66vik66 Posts: 10
    Can somebody tell me how Dodge Durango handles off-road?
    I want to go a little bit more than simple dirty road, but definitely not rock-crawler?
    I was thinking to buy new one, 2004, with skid plates and off-road tires…
    I do not know anybody around who has and went off-road on it, and it’s useless to ask salesperson…
    Thank you for advice…
  • cjaubertcjaubert Posts: 17
    I seem to be the biggest advocate of ’04 Durango’s these days, but I am afraid I have not drive off-road yet. I have the skid plate and the worst thing I did was drive over a parking lot bumper (intentionally) without any problem at all. Sorry I can’t be more help...
  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    The April issue of Car and Driver features a full-sized SUV comparison test, and the 2004 Durango comes out on top, just as it did in Motor Trend's March issue.
  • cwofergcwoferg Posts: 78
    I recently bought a 27' travel trailer that weighs 5000 lbs dry and will use it at around 6000 lbs. I am now in the market for something to pull it and I am between the Durango and the Armada (yes, I know about the resonance problem in the Armada and I also know I put the cart before the horse!). I know the Durango Limited 4X4 with a HEMI is rated at 8700, but has anybody actually PERSONALLY towed anything that heavy with it?
    The only review I was able to find on towing (other than regurgitating factory capability) was at They pulled a 6500 lb boat, but only put one sentence in it.
    "After a day of driving the Durango in nearly all trim levels, all three engine options, as well as while towing a 6,500-pound, 26-foot boat with the Hemi, we were surprised at the stability and agility of this truck."
    Not much help, but otherwise a good read. I am also aware of the Moter Trend article (have the mag) and am waiting to get a hold of the Car and Driver one.

  • I posted a message a few months ago about a potential 2002 D R/T purchase. Well, of course after seeing, driving and researching- I had to buy it. I absolutely love(d?) the damn thing, as anyone who saw it would.

    Well, upon noticing some tire wear and steering wheel pull I decided to get my D alligned. Got the call back from the shop saying my upper ball-joints were in rough shape and the lowers are getting there too.

    All I can say is: &%@#!!!! I purposely bought a 2002 as I thought the newer models had hopefully resolved, or, at least would have less ball-joint issues. So, now after owning the truck for 3 months and only 25,000 total miles on it I have to deal with that inevitable Durango curse.

    I absolutely LOVE my D. But I am also pissed that this has happened. Yes, I have the warranty, but will this happen again at 50K? Ughhhhh...
  • brian211brian211 Posts: 69
    Considering an 04 durango. Also looking at other suvs. To those of you who decided to buy one as opposed to an explorer for instance, are you happy with the decision and how has the 04 durango been holding up? How's the 4x4 system on the vehicle?
  • Mid-to-large sized SUVs is a shoppers paridise right now, lots of really good vehicles to select from.

    Through both online research (mostly Edmunds and Consumer Reports) and test drives, evaluated the Tahoe, Envoy, Expedition, 4Runner and 04 Durango.

    Was leaving a Honda CR-V, wife has an Acura MDX.

    Liked the Tahoe, but $ value was just not there compared to it's competition, and I felt the design, ride and overall technology of the mechanics are getting tired and dated.

    Did not like the Envoy, nothing technically wrong with it, just a personal choice.

    Liked a lot of aspects of the 4runner, very nice vehicle all around, the iForce V8 is an incredible engine. But the seats and seating position were not comfortable for my frame. Since I spend about 3 hrs per day in a car, this was an important decision for my personal situation.

    Expedition ended up being my runner-up choice. Nice ride, nice handling, more up-to-date styling and technology than the Tahoe. And prices are reasonable. The only reason it made runner-up and not first place was it's boxy exterior styling.

    I went with the Durango w/Hemi. Liked the styling (you love it or hate it, I loved it), the new innovations that went into it, and the $ value was the best out there. And the Hemi rocks :>>. I was initially concerned about Dodge quality, having been personally burned by a '96 Dodge Caravan that seemed like it needed several thousand dollars work every 20,000 miles. I dumped it for the MDX before it hit 90K miles. But after doing a lot of due-diligence on the new Durango's quality; Checking NHTSA and finding very few complaints or TSBs, searching online and finding that the Newark plant modernization included a lot of quality improvement checks, and going over the vehicle in-person bumper to bumper, I decided to give the *new* Dodge a shot. So far, the bet is paying off. Opposite of what Consumer Reports states, fit, finish, and materials on my vehicle are of good quality. I have no gaps in my dash, or any sharp plastic edges on my seats. Ride is wonderful, handling is great. Zero defects to-date. The bottomless power of the hemi is sweet when you need it. And, I'm very happy to report, my gas mileage is far better than I expected. I am averaging between 17 and 18 MPG highway, and around 13 in city. I know that won't win me any "green" awards for conservation, but I went into the Durango expecting a dismal 12 or 13 MPG based upon CR's findings. They must have towed a house during the entire road test...

    So - I selected the Durango, and am very happy to-date with that decision. I'll keep y'all posted if I find any problems, and how the *new* Dodge handles them if they arise.
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