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Dodge Durango



  • etze_etze_ Posts: 27
    Thanks for the help. That what I was thinking, one in row two and two in the way back seat .I sent Dodge an e-mail to see if they have a retrofit kit for the latch system. I did notice on the '04 Durango that they have a symbol next to the cargo tie downs that they are not to be used with child seats. Salesmen will tell you anything.
  • The durango only has the side rail roof racks and the only carrier I have found to meet my needs is one that says only use with a 4 way roof rack.It is a soft type not a hard one so I am hoping that by using the straps that are on the carrier attached to the side rails and heavy duty utility straps made for cartop carriers this will not be a problem.does anyone have any suggestions or imput?
     thanks momof2girls
  • raiders63raiders63 Posts: 8
    I have one of the softsided carriers as well. For support and stability I would follow the manufacturers recommendations and use a roof rack with cross bars. To do that on the Durango, you have a few options. First, you can buy the Mopar crossbars from your Dodge dealer. You can also purchase 3rd party products by Yakima or Thule. Most sporting goods and cycling shops will carry the Yakima and/or Thule racks.

    I can speak from experience on the Yakima product, it takes the low rider towers and 58 inch cross bars. It looks nice, but at highway speeds I sometimes hear a whistling noise from the wind going over/around the crossbars.

    Hope this helps.
  • durangovadurangova Posts: 4
    I purchased the Mopar crossbars. Easy to adjust, works well and no noise issues.
  • daven357daven357 Posts: 2
    I have a 04 Durango with a 5.7L Hemi. I can't seem to get better than 14 mpg. Has anyone gotten 14 city/18 highway like the sticker claimed? Second, the factory DVD screen does not automatically come on after you stop and turn on the key again. Only the sound comes on the stereo. To get the screen to display, I have to hit the play button on the remote to get the screen to come on. Is that normal? Third, I can't open the rear passenger door from the inside, even with the child lock disengaged. Is there a trick to this?
  • mldmltmldmlt Posts: 2
    Is anyone experiencing air conditioning problems with 04 Hemi Durango? Blows hot air intermitently. Have complained to dealership however they have been unable to resolve. Tell me there is a "fix" coming from Dodge. Any suggestions on resolving?
  • mldmltmldmlt Posts: 2
    I too am having the same problem with my new 04 Hemi which is less than a month old. Have you found a resolution? The dealership tells me it is a problem with Dodge & they are working on a "fix". Since you have had your Durango a few months, have your been able to resolve?
  • denimo1denimo1 Posts: 13
    I,m getting 18-20mpg on highways with my Durango which has 11000k's on it. This is medium loaded with one passenger, but I'm impressed. Its never in town for very long but I'd guess 12mpg at best.
  • chasmanz28chasmanz28 Posts: 109
    its a software issue, tell your dealership to look at the tsb dodge came out with, go back to pages 63 and 64 we talk about this very issue
  • daven357daven357 Posts: 2
    Costco auto program should help. Don't forget to mention Costco to the dealer.
  • colsohcolsoh Posts: 1
    Responding to Posting #1256, all Hemis I have heard have this ticking sound. Most likely valve lifters - I searched the internet and found one potential solution, replacing the aluminum valve covers with steel. Don't know, but may be worth a shot.

    The other, and more annoying sound, is what sounds like a squeaking serpentine belt, however, the noise is coming from the transmission housing underneath the vehicle. I only notice this when the vehicle is idling. There is a some discussion on both of these topics at

    Anyone else notice these noises? If so, it may be worthwhile to contact Chrysler. If this problem is widespread and persistent, it will force them to issue a Technical Service Bulletin.
  • chasmanz28chasmanz28 Posts: 109
    that ticking sound is the fuel injectors, on some cars there loud, at least that's what the tech told me when i ask about it, even on my camaro it's loud too
  • prelecprelec Posts: 15
    I have owned a 2000 slt since 12-99. There have been no problems with this car. I just got a new boat and it feels a bit overworked?? - overheated?? My extended warranty expires in december, so i'm going to buy a 2004 limited w/ hemi. I can get it for about $27k. I hope that the new one is as trouble free as the old one. From all I read here and elsewhere, I'm going to be pleasantly surprised.
  • cwofergcwoferg Posts: 78
    In the meantime, until you can get the reps to fix it. Try turning off your Climate Control before you shut down, then turn on after you start it. It works great like that, although a slight pain. If it starts blowing hot air, kill the power to the A/C, shut the engine off and remove the key, then start up and turn the power back on. It resets the memory and the A/C clutch will engage. Like I said, slight pain, but worth it until you can take it in to get fixed.
    By the way, I towed my travel trailer again. It weighs 6000 pounds. Did much better this time. I very happy with my Hemi Limited Durango!!!
  • loneriderlonerider Posts: 1
    I really like the 2004 durango, but being this late in the year I really dont know if i should wait longer for the price to go down when the 2005 comes out. It seems stupid to pay that much for a car that will be a year old very shortly? Should i buy now or wait a little longer?
  • I love my new Durango... It is an awesome smooth ride.. I have had a few small minor problems with it. Air not getting hot enough and back door weather stripping coming loose. Oh yea one more thing, I have the some problem with the back doors they don't want to open, even when the safety function is off. The dealer is great about fixing everything so far.. If this is the worst I will be happy.. I have only owned it for 3 months.. I will keep ya posted.. As for post #1283 I don't think you should wait... :) your missing out...
  • dammitjim1dammitjim1 Posts: 95
    Has anybody heard whether Dodge intends to introduce a navigation system for the Durango?
  • crichtoncrichton Posts: 5
    Hi! I will be replacing my 2000 Odyssey in December. Any info on when the '05 Durango will come out? And will there be any improvements/new features that anyone has heard about? Thanks for the info.
  • keeferbkeeferb Posts: 81

    We are shopping around for a new 3-row SUV and the new Durango is on our list(along with the Pilot, Explorer, and Trailblazer). I put on 50 miles/day (about 45 of them on the highway), so gas mileage is somewhat of a concern. I don't do much towing so I think the 4.7 engine would be fine(I've read the V6 is barely adequate). I was wondering if I could get some mileage feedback from people who have the 4.7 so I can see what the 'real world' mpg is.

    Thanks a bunch!
  • rysterryster Posts: 570
    I have an '03 Durango with the 4.7L. I commute 60 miles a day with mine in mixed driving (some 55mph roads, others 35-45mph). I average 15 miles per gallon. I have never taken the truck on an extended highway trip, but I would imagine seeing 17 maybe 18 mpg if I were lucky.

    I knew when I bought the truck that it had a reputation for having lower gas mileage than other vehicles in its class. Therefore, I wasn't disappointed when I started seeing the average mileage.

    In comparison, I had a 4.0L V6 Explorer a few years ago. It would average 17-18mpg around town, and I did see 20mpg on a extended highway trip. The Pilot, Explorer, and Trailblazer would probably give you better overall fuel mileage, but the overall driving experience is not going to be as well rounded as the Durango.

    I cross shopped the Trailblazer and Durango last year when I bought my '03, and did not care for the Trailblazer. The Trailblazer was very quiet and rode very soft, but the handling and braking were not as solid as the Durango. If my '03 Durango was better than the Trailblazer last year, I can about imagine how much better the '04 Durango would be!
  • my3sonsmy3sons Posts: 3
    My wife and I own a 99 Durango 5.2L ( bought used from dealership w/ 21K miles in Nov 00) that we have had nothing but trouble with specifically related to the coolant system. (Water pump, thermostat 2x, freeze plugs, Plemon gasket, etc.) However, we love the vehicle from all other perspectives. We are looking to get out from under this one (62K miles) before any more $ is dumped into it. We have read on other forums that others experienced similar issues with the 99 but haven't heard much about the 03. (We don't like the style of the 04 so that is out) We are trying to decide if we should go with a very low miles 03 but don't know whether we will be faced with the same thing all over again? Or even better if any one knew of new 03s that a dealer is trying to off load, then at least we wouldn't be inheriting anyone else's problem child.

    Any advice?
  • rysterryster Posts: 570
    There are still new '03 Durangos out there. A quick search at for a new 2003 Durango "any distance" from your zip code should return 100+ results. I just tried it from my zip code and got 134 results. Most appear to be highly optioned SLT models and a few R/T's. However, considering they will soon be 2 years old, I would imagine the dealers would be willing to make someone quite an attractive offer. There were also a couple of dealer Demo's listed as well.

    I have had my '03 SXT 4x4 since October of '03 and now have almost 12,000 miles on it. I like the truck very much and it has only needed routine maintenance. I did get my first recall notice today in the mail, but it is nothing major...Dodge wants to replace the front wiper motor due to a potential design flaw. I will get it done eventually...maybe next month sometime when it goes in for its annual state inspection.

    Our neighbors have a first year Durango with well over 120K miles on it. They have admittedly had some problems, but continue to use theirs as a daily driver.
  • my3sonsmy3sons Posts: 3
    Thanks Ryster. I did that exact search last night and found a couple that I might be interested in. Closest one ~600 miles away. I am still interested if there are other people out there that have the Rango w/4.7L (00-03) and whether that was a significant overall improvement. Also did this engine change require a major change to the overall drive train?
    Still a little gun shy but we might be convinced if we can believe that we just got stuck with lemon.

  • rysterryster Posts: 570
    In terms of a drivetrain change, starting in the '02 model year Dodge went to a 5-speed automatic in the Durangos. Not sure what other hardware changes went along with the tranny change.

    The Durangos are not reknowned for their stellar reliability, but they are no worse than a comparable Explorer/Mountaineer or Blazer/Trailblazer/Envoy.

    Personally, if I had bad luck with any kind of vehicle I would probably not buy another one. There is no guarantees when it comes to vehicles.
  • denimo1denimo1 Posts: 13
    I've just put a K+N aircharger on my 04 hemi Durango and while the power is up, so is the engine noise!

    I knew there'd be some induction roar but the ticking and other noises are really noticeable even on a steady throttle, my 04 truck now sounds like an 80's one with 300,000 on the clock. Any thoughts?

  • chasmanz28chasmanz28 Posts: 109
    let me know if you get better gas mileage with the k&N in, as far as the ticking noise, i have it to, when i brought it in they said its the pulse of the fuel injectors, so i left it at that
  • Our family just increased by two with twins, and we need to upgrade the family car. All along we have been looking at the new Durango, but I am wondering what size engine I should get. It is a stretch on our budget to get the Hemi. Most of our driving is on the interstate, so I want the truck to be quick out of the exits. We also will not be towing anything more than 2 tons, so I wonder if we really need the bigger engine.

    Any advice?
  • danohdanoh Posts: 23
    I test drove Durangos with both engines. I liked them both.
    in the end, it came down to what was on the lot with the options i wanted.
     I was easily able to deal to edmunds tmv for the truck (plus the 3500 rebate).
    You cant go wrong with the "base" 4.7. Plenty of power for the interstate.
    I wouldnt go broke over a hemi - but drive one of each and decide for Yourself.
    Its a great truck - enjoy!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
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  • bgfflbgffl Posts: 2
    I've owned a 2000 and a 2002 with the 4.7 and just bought a 2004 Limited with the 4.7. I notice a little less power on hills than my '00 and '02 had but I'm still very happy with the 4.7. I'm currently getting 15.6 MPG around town but have not taken it on any long trips yet. I had to search around a bit to find a Limited with the 4.7. It seems the majority of Limiteds I have seen have the Hemi.
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