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Dodge Durango



  • Does anyone here think that Dodge should offer an SRT-8 version of the Durango SUV? I think so. The aggressive styling of a Dodge, coupled with the power of a HEMI and the roominess of a full size SUV should prove to be a very enticing vehicle.
  • cmfranccmfranc Posts: 1
    The other day the interior lights, the headlights, the back windshield wiper, my automatic door locks, and the lights which indicate if I am in 4WD or not in my Durango stopped working. I checked the fuses and switched them all around and it doesn't seem to fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix the problem?
  • rmanrman Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 DD 5.9 Liter R/T 4x4 with 101K miles. Likewise for the past 10K miles I have experienced the same symptoms. Either in Cruise Control or constant steady application of the gas pedal (slightly more going up hills) the RPM will jump 300-500 RPMs. This happens at speeds of 65-70 Mph (approx. 2,000 RPM). I have had it back to dealers several times. They have put it on thrie computer and found everything normal. I wished I could help you but still are fighting the same problem. I hope that you might have some insight since your November 2004 posting.
  • slash1slash1 Posts: 2
    This is in response to #1419 from gregoryc1. I think my 2000 DD 4.7 SLT has the oil sludge problem you talked about. I changed the oil last week and just like you said, under the filler cap was a good amount of stuff that looked like tapioca pudding. Is this sludge? How does this develop? Do you know the name of the product I can use to get rid of it (would the local auto parts store have it)? I got as much as I could out with a screw driver and cloth. Is this stuff throughout my system?

    Also, I need to change the rotors. I tried before and could not budge them (I had the center bolt off). Is there a hidden cotter pin or something locking them in place as a safety measure?

    Lastly, after reading the posts, I feel lucky about my Durango. 4 wheel drive still intact, motor runs good, only minor problems. I have 80000 miles on it and it needs to last till 120000. Hope it does. I cant afford a replacement (yep still making payments). I dont know why car companies dont put the highest quality parts in their cars. If we had to pay $3,000 more for a vehicle that would hold up in terms of quality, they would have a huge loyalty base. But what do I know. Any help on my issues is greatly appreciated.
  • ocd1ocd1 Posts: 4
    Hello everyone,
    I have a quick question. First, I have a 2000 DD 4.7L with just over 100Kmi. overall it has been a good vehicle. However, now is the time to change the tires on it. I know what kind of tires I am going to replace the old Purellis'(31x10.5x15) with, but I was considering upgrading the 15" rims too. Whew!

    Now for my question. IF, I decide to upgrade what is the largest size rims I could put on my D WITHOUT having to raise/lift it or anyother type of mods. I hope this is not too much of a loaded question. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.
  • WE just had this problem with our Durango, we change the throttle positioning sensor it is 2 screws on the drivers side of the motor, $37.00 at NAPA and fixed the problem after a couple times of starting it, like it had to set its self. have had no problems since.
  • ybzybz Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I am looking to buy a 2005 Durango Limited with the third row seating and three seats in the middle row. Does anyone have any experience placing 2 child car seats next to each other in the middle second row. I would like to place one behind the front passenger and one in the middle seat in the 2nd middle row.
    Any input would help.
  • My 02 Durango SXT Sport (52K) seems to have a clicking noise at startup. But it goes away after about 2-3 seconds.

    Is this something with the oil distribution and valve lubrication?
    Can it harm the vehicle if it continues?
    Can I do something to make it stop?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  • jef5jef5 Posts: 1
    i just had my fuel tank replaced on my 2005 durango. i seem to have lost alot of power and the engine is running rough. has anyone else seen this problem.
  • tiger10tiger10 Posts: 46
    how come there is nothing nice about the DURANGO, it is one of the best SUVs out there, better than Ford, Chevy or GMC. :shades:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think some of it is human nature - if your ride is operating normally and you're not actively shopping for a new one, there's not as much motivation to post. It's great when we get posts that relate few problems in 50 or 100,000 miles or talk about how versatile their rig was on a recent vacation or move. Some don't want to brag on their ride because they're afraid they'll jinx it ;)

    Steve, Host
  • what is the biggest tires i can put on my 1999 dodge durango with out the speedometer gettin messed up
  • usmc1usmc1 Posts: 2
    didn't read far enough to see if anyone has answered this one.....i had a 99 durango that i had 22" rims on. the tire size was 40/265 and i didn't have any trouble with rubbing or i have 2004 durango and the largest that i was told will fit is 22" i bought these and put these on and it looks like a 24 would have fit....
  • usmc1usmc1 Posts: 2
    in response to message can go to and click the link for "wheel fitment" or something like that and it will pull up a thing for you to put in your stock wheel and tire size and new wheel and tire size and will allow you to play with tire sizes and tell you how your speedometer will read compared to actual speed.....hope this helps
  • I also have a 05 durango with 2200 miles. It is doing the exact same thing as yours. The check engine light comes on and when you about 15 miles an hour the transmission feels like it can't find a gear. Than the rpm's shoot way up and fall back down like the gas is turned off. The first time I took it in the service department told me that the computer lost it's mind. They reset it and it ran fine for about a week. The second time it done the same thing except they could not find anything wrong. It did it again last night and I had it towed in. I am going down to the dealership where I purchased and talk to them about the lemon law is South Carolina this morning. Will keep you posted!!!
  • coderedcodered Posts: 43

    i am looking to buy a 02' slt with a 4.7 2wd with 50k miles, i am wondering what the fuel economy is and if there is any problems with them? it has the mercedes engine in it if that helps any. i would appreciate any comments you have..

  • In reply to #1430; We have an 04 DD and know 1st hand that we can't even fit 2 booster seats right next to each other, let alone car seats. The middle row, middle seat is very small. You're better off trying to fit the car seats behind driver & passenger, they fit well.

    BEFORE YOU BUY...Hear my story:

    Bought 04 DD SLT with 23 miles in Dec 03, 3 weeks b4 X-mas. Truck's FCM (front control module) went out after 6 days and was in the shop until after Christmas. Got it back, and 2 weeks later it wouldn't go more than 20 m.p.h., The fuel injectors needed to be replaced. To be fair, Dodge did compensate us with a free DVD system for being stranded twice in 6 weeks. :sick:

    In between the day we bought it and today, we have had the driver's seatbelt cover replaced 5 times (it fell off once again and needs to be fixed...again) and the passenger's far right air vent replaced 3 times because they keep breaking (the truck is only 16 months old with 22 K miles). :mad:

    In March this year, the FCM went out again, leaving us stranded once again and unable to go on spring break to Disney Land with the kids. :cry:

    Now our truck is in the shop for the 3rd time since mid March for loud crunching and grinding noises heard and felt under the driver and passenger's feet. So far, they have rebuilt our whole front suspension and greased all the parts. They have had our truck almost 2 weeks (added up) and still can not find the problem. Believe me when I tell you that we wish we never bought this Durango. It literally feels like the axle is broken when you're driving and turning. It's always in the shop and we can not rely on it's performance.

    I often wonder if we just got a "lemon" :lemon: from one of the first to roll off the production line, or is others are having similar dilemas. This truck was great...for 6 days...until it left us stranded for the first (but certainly not last) time. We had to purchase a used car as back-up, since our brand new truck is so unreliable.

    On the plus, the new Durango is ultra roomy and comfortable. It drives very smooth (when it's working) and looks mean on the road. The DVD system is a life saver to this mom who is always on the go and a problem solver for the "are we there yets" so often heard by parents. Do all of these wonderful features outweigh the unreliability and frustration you may encounter as we have? You be the judge. For me, I'm avidly pursuing Chrysler under Lemon Law to buy back or replace (am I crazy?) our Durango.
  • Well, here we go again. Had our 2000 SLT 4.7 (72,333 miles) at the dealer for routine maintenance back in January, including its first tuneup. Afterward, our average mileage dropped 1-2 mpg. It has slowly rebounded to what it was before, 14 city, 18-20 hwy. (synthetic oil, K&N air filter, and 2 psi over at all four corners)

    The passenger side rear door lock began to buzz and stick shortly after the visit. That was a $191.00 fix. We took the Durango back this week because of a noise coming from the rear over bumpy roads. We were told that the leaf spring mount had broken and that we were very lucky that we didn't crash and burn. Parts for this estimated at just below $800, with a 3-4 day wait for parts. My question is: is this another one of those poor Durango design quirks that will nickel and dime you to death? Or is this common enough to earn recall status at some future date a la the ball joints? This Durango has only been "off-road" in my yard for washing/waxing.

    Similar trips to the dealership has previously resulted in new unrelated problems cropping up almost instantly. At times it seems that the wagon is sabotaged when we take it in for service. I fully intend to ask for the damaged spring and mount for study by a metallurgist.

    We were considering buying a new Durango later this year but will now look elsewhere.
  • I have a 1998 dodge durango with 50,000 miles on it I know this sounds crazy
    but here goes when its cold out side around 20 to 25 degrees they all work but
    when gets warm nothing no tach no speed no gas no temp no oil changed
    cluster does same thing please help thanks :( :cry: :sick: any Ideas please e-mail me thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    any Ideas please e-mail me thanks

    Please keep the discussion here so everyone benefits. To do otherwise defeats the purpose of a message board which is to share information, views and experiences.

    tidester, host
  • Have had problems with hard braking and back wheels locking up after one rotation. Found out the back brakes were worn uneven and may have caused my drums to wear in an oval shape. Made sense to me since I'm not a mechanic. I looked at the rear brake pads and the pads to the front was half the size of the back pad. The front pads were worn (about half their life) and both rotors had a groove each. Had all of the brakes pads replaced and the drums and rotors serviced. Drove about 500 feet and slammed hard on the brakes and now I couldn't tell you which wheels locked up. A mechanic drove it today and said it could be the ABS module but won't until Friday (29 Apr 05) when his diagnostic equipment returns. Normal ABS light on startup but nothing else. Any help and assistance appreciated.
  • coderedcodered Posts: 43

    i am looking to buy a 02' slt with a 4.7 2wd with 50k miles, i am wondering what the fuel economy is and if there is any problems with them? it has the mercedes engine in it if that helps any. i would appreciate any comments you have..

  • gabbye12gabbye12 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 Dodge Durango 4x4 SLT, 5.7L HEMI Magnum a month ago and I absolutely LOVE this vehicle. It's all leather inside, has the sirius radio free for the first year, 6 CD changer, sunroof and is an absolutely beautiful vehicle. My durango is currently getting 18 mpg in the city. We haven't taken it on the highway yet. The 2005 Durango has a very classy look and is a dream to drive, very smooth and comfortable.
  • airbearmaairbearma Posts: 9
    I bought an 05 Durango Limited a few months ago and currently have 7000+ miles on it. I absolutely love it so far. I have had zero problems with it, my average gas milage is typically over 18mpg (15-16 city and 21-24 highway). It is very comfortable on short and long trips, fairly quiet overall and the stereo and climate system are killer. When I tow my 16 x 7 tandom axle enclosed trailer it is very smooth and responsive. I think Dodge hit a home run with the 2nd generation Durango.
  • elbitaelbita Posts: 1
    I've heard those cases before. I have a 2004 SLT DD w/ hemi
    have had countless, various problems with this car..too much to write. My question is to everyone, what kind of hell do you have to go thru to get your money back or a replacement? Has anyone EVER gotten either one? Ok, a new car with low miles SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY ISSUES!!!
  • My mom had a Dakota '98 and she had a bunch of problems. It was a random lemon. My dad has an 02 Durango 4.7 liter. It hasn't had one problem. They live in SW North Carolina up in the Appalachian Mtn. You see alot of mud up there too.. They tow three horses up a 3500 ft pass at the eastern continential divide called Standing Indian HWY 64. It is a friggen beast going up that pass. They have towed those horse all through the mudd up there as well..
  • fleedsfleeds Posts: 1
    The front blower on my 2000 Durango stopped working. I wired directly to the blower it works ok. I checked for blown fuses but couldn't find any. Does anyone know where the fuse is specific to the front blower? Inline fuse somewhere? The back blower works ok
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Good to see a post from someone who tows with a new Durango; wondering if there is anyone who is towing 3000# or more with the 4.7 motor? I have narrowed the field to another Expedition, or a Durango. I'm also curious as to why the Durango forum has no "Problems & Solution" section- they can't be that trouble-free? I haven't owned a Chrysler product for over 20 years, just didn't like the quality issues, but the new Durango is enticing. It and the Expy are the only 2 SUV's that have the space, fold-flat 3rd seat (too bad the 4-Runner & Sequoia lack this), and stout body-on-frame construction with V8 power. Pathfinder is too small and Armada is loaded with problems. I don't like GM products. I really like the size and looks of the Durango, but very leery of potential problems. Any input appreciated!
  • nesafetynesafety Posts: 2
    Hi, new to the board. 03 SLT with a 4.7. I tow a landscaping trailer, 2 snowmobiles, a waverunner and a boat(that weighs over 4500) with the Durango. You feel the boat, but it still handles and pulls it just fine. Had a Rodeo before-and a Dakota for work. No comparison. It out tows both.
  • dacodaco Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 99 SLT and didn't realize that it may have originally been equipt with keyless entry and a security system. I thought the truck was locked and tried to open the rear deck door. The vehicle was locked but the rear deck opened and set off the horn alarm. The rear deck not locking is a separate problem, but can anyone tell me how I can tell for sure if my truck has keyless entry capability. When I bought it from the credit union ( it was a repo) it didn't come with a keyless entry fob.
    Thanks for the help,
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