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Dodge Durango



  • Hey

    I have a 2003 Dodge Durango with 15,000 miles, yes 15,000 miles- we dont drive much in NYC. Well the emissions light went on on the dash and it wont turn off. Have set up an appointment for the dealer but it will not be for a few days. Can anyone let me know what to expect them to say or if they are going to give me some sort of run around? Have no trust in Service Dealers!!!
  • Hi, Our 2001 Durango RT has a problem with the 3rd row. When the bottom seat cushion is in place, the seat back flops around loose. Is this normal? There appears to be no locking mechanism to hold the seat back in place. It looks like the bottom cushion is supposed to be locking it in place, but the bar there is a full inch or more short of interlocking with the seat back, and I see no means of adjusting it, or of damage. SO is this a defect, or are all y'alls Durango's like that?
    S Dod^2
  • I bought my 05 Limited Hemi in February to escape my Ford Escape (money pit).

    To date, I've had no problems with it. I use it often to tow a 3000+ lb 16ft Enclosed trailer, I've taken it on a few looong trips, and haul 4 or more adults in it comfortably fairly often. My overall gas mileage for the last 10000 miles has consistently exceeded 19mpg with 75% highway travel. (I don't beat on it).

    It is possibly the tightest engine I've ever had. I change the oil myself every 3 to 4K miles and I've yet to see the oil even a fraction below the full mark on the dipstick when I change the oil.

    I am a very satisfied first time new Dodge owner!
  • Regarding the 2004 Durango Limited Automatic Temp Control (ATC), here was one version of a fix:

    ATC fix was intermittent power connection at the Fuse Block for the "IDC" connection/fuse as installed at the factory. Was take care by the technicion and corrected the situation. Most who experienced this problem could "reset" the ATC by turning off the vehicle and restarting. The problem with most of these irregular quirks is that there are NO fault codes stored and thus the service technicians are unable to "duplicate the problem". I'm still having a problem from time to time with my dash lights not coming on at night - very frustrating. The local Dodge Dealer can't figure that one out. Other than that, I'm very happy with my '04 Limited 4WD with a HEMI.
  • Anyone had any experience with the Dodge dealership replacing the rear bumber black insert due to serious fading of the color? Ours is almost bleached white and doesn't look very good especially with the Molten Red color combination. Armorall or most anything else doesn't help but I'd heard that some dealers will replace the insert. Anyone else with this problem?
  • I am contemplating purchasing a 1998 Durango with 209,000kms on it - any views on this vehicle with high miles and gets low gas mileage?

    I noticed the a/c was not cold enough - dealership said it just needed recharging but after reading about the sensor switch for the a/c needing to be replaced every year and ball joint issues I am not sure about making this purchase.

    Any thoughts?
  • I have a 2004 durango with a 5.7 hemi engine with only 20,000 miles, the temp rise all the way from 1/3 to 3/4 in less than 2 minutes in tranfic stops, win outside temp is around 105F, followed by air condition problems, and high noise from engine fun along with high fuel takes about 5 to 10 minutes driving before the temp and engine noise comes back to normal

    how can I fix it....the dealership said this is normal
  • Hi,

    I have a 2001 Durango with an Infinity sound system. At least one of the speakers has developed a "chick chick chick" sound that manifests itself about 95% of the time. Also, at times one speaker (not always the same one) gets quieter than the rest. I was told that I need a new amp (apparently this is located under the back seat?). Does anyone know if getting a new amp will solve the problem and if that's the answer, where I can buy one?

    Thanks very much!

  • I reccomend against it. I own a 98 Durango that has less than 40,000 miles on it. It has always been serviced at the dealer. We have had to take it in at least 6 times for various electric window problems. After looking into it I discovered that the 98 has a high frequency of electrical problems. It's a sturdy car and I will probably buy another Durango, but suggest you avoid the 98!
  • Hello,I had the exact same problem with my 2000 Durango reving to 2000 rpm from a cold start.I went to AutoZone and bought a throttle position sensor ($26) and replaced mine.Its 2 bolts and a plug on the left side of the throttle body.10 minutes and your done.It starts great and no more of those annoying surges while the AC is on either.
  • I have the same problem. I have an '04, bought used with 12,000 miles. The Dealer said it has been waxed; also said it is part of the entire rear bumper. I will take back again soon. This is my first--and last Dodge. I do not appreciation the hassle. If this dealer does not cooperate, they will regret. No more Dodge or Chrysler products for me--back to Toyota or Honda.
  • jimqjimq Posts: 14
    Sounds like it is probalbly the amplifier. The amplifier is actually located behind the plastic kick panel underneath the glove box. To remove you will need to remove the plastic sill plate on passenger side, remove screw and then pull straight back towards rear of vehicle. You can find a new amplifier at Look under the collision catalog under instrument panel.
  • I have an 04 without running boards. I have excessive "rock chipping" in front of the rear tires where the rear door flares out. This is a result of road debris coming off of the front tires. According to a "Dodge Dealer Body Shop" the only way to stop further chipping is to put running boards on. Of course this would be at my expense since I bought the vehicle without them. I would have had them put on had I known about the design problem. Dodge does not recognize this as a design problem. GMC did and had a recall to put running boards on and repaint the rock chips. Has anyone else seen this problem on their vehicle.
  • My insert on my 04 looks terrible also. Dealer also claimed it had been waxed. I called Diameler Chrysler and spoke to "customer service" and all I got was we will make a note of this.
  • YES!! I own a '04 Durango and have the same problem The rear bumper insert is just about completely all white. Looks terrible. Have you had any luck with your dealership covering this? I spoke to my auto detailer who said he has seen this problem on a number of Dodge vehicles and he believes it is simply being bleached by the sun. We have been unsucessful in finding any products to correct and will be contacting our dealer next week.
  • We have recently purchased an '05 Limited Durango with the Hemi this past July. On two separate occasions over the past five weeks, the truck has totally cut-out with complete loss of engine power, electrical, etc.. We have had no problems re-starting the truck, but are still concerned about potential safety issues. We had the truck in for service today where they cleaned the throttle body and re-set the idle based on a recent service bulletin issued by the manufacturer. In typical fashion, they were not able to duplicate the problem. Our problem seems to be of similar nature to yours. Would you be able to provide us with the name of the dealership that serviced your vehicle in order to provide our dealership with a reference point. Overall we love the vehicle, but as stated before, are concerned with this particular problem.
  • Update to Durnago blowing hot air issue. The problem has been corrected. There is a TSB out for this problem. A new shroud, fan and expansion valve were installed as well as reprogrammed. It's been 2 months since the fix and the air is working just fine!
  • No need to put on running boards. Go to an independent body shop, get the rock
    chips touched up. Then you want to have them apply the clear vinyl that is
    used on a lot of high end cars (Porsches and the like) to protect the front end
    from rock and road damage. We use it on the front end and the rocker panels
    on our race car, and have had no problems over the last three years.
  • Thanks sstagg- had the same problem with my 2000 Durango. Dodge did a throttle body service with no improvement. Same thing happened to me on a Jeep Grand Cherokee and the throttle body service did not help then either.

    Bought the sensor today, popped it in, and she runs perfect now. Thanks for the help, that high revving all the time cannot help the life of the engine.
  • bwk68bwk68 Posts: 1
    I have 13,000 miles on my 6 month old 2005 Durango SLT. Today, after about an hour of driving, I put the truck in reverse to pull out of a parking spot. However, the transmission would not engage. When it did, it would only move slightly. Even with the throttle (briefly) to the floor, it would barely move. It finally engaged, and I was on my way. A few minutes later, as I was moving slowly up a hill, I heard a loud CLUNK from under the truck, the engine light went on, and the truck would no longer down-shift. I called the dealer and (hold on for this one) they had never heard of such a thing.
    I do not tow with this Durango, nor do I go off road (it's a soccer-mom vehicle). I'm taking it to the dealer in the morning, but has anyone heard/experienced this sort of thing with a newer Durango?
  • Hello,
    My Durango had 39,000 mi when I bought it. I changed the plugs shortly there after. The gap was .030 off . I replaced the plugs with the correct gap and the truck runs better than expected. I didn't really notice a problem with the gap off, but definitely noticed the difference.
  • amont5amont5 Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem. dealer wants 600 to repaint both doors + 450 for the running boards and to make sure it doesnt happen again suggested plastic rock guards that go over the paint 150.... wish i knew about the running boards in the first place like you.
  • odeaqhodeaqh Posts: 1
    I have an '05 Durango with the Hemi too and it has stalled 3 times while I was driving in town. It always starts back up but it concerns me because I don't want to be on the highway when this happens. I called the garage and they said if it does it again call them. What did you find out about this problem?
  • I also have had the same problem for over a year with my Durango. It has been in and out of the shop. They had to go so far as to install a co-pilot to record the problems. But, the last thing that they tried was plugging the silinoid line and that seems to have taken care of the problem. Check with your mechanic and let me know if this helps.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    Just wanted to post an update on my '02 R/T that i got in August. I still have the check engine light on which has been on since the second week I had it. I took care of all the leaks except for the coolant leak, which was traced to the water pump. I keep adding coolant but I know one of these days that water pump is going to lock up on me.
    I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau against the dealership that I purchased the R/T from because of their lack of giving a darn, and the fact that I received the vehicle with so many problems right after it had been through their service department. I should be receiving a check from them sometime soon to "assist" me with my problems.
    The check engine light came back as bad O2 sensors. I'm going to get the water pump fixed first and see if it still needs the sensors.
    I also found that I am missing my lug wrench for the spare tire. The check from the dealership is also supposed to go towards that. Do I need to get one from a Dodge dealer or can I find one somewhere else? With my work schedule (I'm at work right now) I never have time to look for one.
    Dealing with that dealership was a royal pain, but I still love the R/T. It did make me quite mad that I was at a job site the other night working and when I came out, someone had opened their door against my driver's side back door and scratched the paint to the bare metal and put a big dent in the door. I love the fact that people who drive junk expect everyone else to drive junk too. No one can have anything nice and keep it that way.
    Thats all for now. It's almost quitting time at Job 1 and I have 40 minutes to get to Job 2 for the rest of the night.
  • alamoalamo Posts: 2
    I am looking at buying either a 2004 Durango(Hemi or 4.7) or a low mileage 2002 4.7 Durango SLT+Different trucks for sure. I live on a Northern clime/rural setting. Reliability, dependability and comfort are important. :)
  • Hello,

    I have a 99 Dodge Durango 2 wheel drive with 130,000 miles on it and recently the automatic transmission does not change correctly between 2nd and 3rd. There is a major time lag with higher than normal engive revs, then a jump, not clunk into 3rd gear. This only happens when it is COLD and dissapears after about 10 minutes of driving. TWO local trasmission specialists cannot diagnose the problem and suggest a "wait and see when it falls o"ut approach which is disheartening. Does anyone have any suggestions or help please?

    Thank you.

    John Middleton
  • i have a 98 durango with 140k miles on it. Other than that the condition is gorgeous. Yesterday, the engine seized, beyone repair. Anyone know where i can get a 5.2l magnum to swap out without goin the junkyard route? Or if anyones interested in buying a parts, or oproject durango.
  • dgldgl Posts: 8
    I had a similar problem with my '96 Dodge Grand Caravan w/ 145,000 miles. First thing I did was to check the transmission fluid level. There maybe instructions in your owners manual on to check it. In my case I was down two quarts, and after adding it, the problem went away. A couple of months later, I had dealer perform a transmission flush and now it shifts even smoother.
    Good luck.
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