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Dodge Durango



  • eeh42eeh42 Posts: 1
    I got my NEW 06 for $27,200, Limited, Hemi, leather, sun roof, chrome running bars & gas cap, dvd, pwr lift door, tint, tow, ect. Stickered for $39, seemed they were giving them away on Dec 29 an $8000 below invoice deal. Didn't even have to haggle.....much...

    Also fyi: you can buy a Chrysler MaxCare bumper2bumper warranty (not 3rd party) 7yr/100k w/$100 dedcut for $1750 at The dealer wanted to charge me $2,100 for a 5yr/60k mile/$100 deduct with limited parts coverage....rrrrip
  • Charlese,
    I just went through the same thing with my 04. The dealer told me the instrument cluster shorted out along with the light swith relay. It costs $500. I hope you are still under warranty. Look in a wrecking yard. If you find one, the dealer will install and reprogram it. Don't you just love this computer controlled era? I hope this helps. Doug
  • I too have had/have this problem. The dealer has never been able to fix it and it does bother me. Anybody have an update on this?
  • Did you ever find out what the hissing noise was? I have the same problem and it's driving me nuts! Please help!
  • I recently purchased a 2003 Durango and noticed that the rear air/heater is malfunctioning. It will not blow hot air. The controls from the front panel work, as do the rear. It, however doesn't get hotter. Any thoughts? I don't think it is the relay b/c when I take the relay out the fan stops, when I put the relay back in it blows.
  • jimjigjimjig Posts: 1
    Is anyone familiar with removing the factory running boards off of a 2002 Durango. I don't like to use them to step into the vehicle and they kind of get in the way. Do they simply unbolt? Do you need to do painting or patching? Will the car look the same as other Durango that never had the running boards installed?
  • I have a 2000 Durango with a 4.7 that has died, what would it take to replace it with a 2005 4.7, is it even possible?
  • kackokacko Posts: 2
    have a 2000 dodge durango lately has been backfiring and slow acceleration?
  • nbensonnbenson Posts: 1
    I'm looking at buying a 2003 Durango SLT Plus and I'm wondering how to know if it has 4 wheel ABS. The dealer's listing online says it does, but I'd like to be sure.

    Otherwise, I like the truck a lot. I drove it (and a 2002 Ford Explorer Limited) today, and like most everything about it. Is there anything specific to this model I should be looking at/for? Thanks for your help!
  • jhtufanojhtufano Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Durango w/ full time 4WD... Mileage varies from tank to tank dependant on driving conditions (fast, slow, highway, city, and mountains,). On average 12 to 13 MPG is as good as it will ever get without adding an after market engine controller.

    If fuel economy is your driving decision maker; look elsewhere.


  • jesse44jesse44 Posts: 2
    Hi I've had my 2000 4.7 4x4 Durango about two months now.Yesterday my MIL came on and will not turn off.Before I take it in,is there something I can do?and what is the problem?
  • jesse44jesse44 Posts: 2
    HELP!!!Mine(Malfunction Indicator Light) will not go off.If someone knows what the problem is and how to go about fixing it.Please let me know.Thanks!
  • jinstasijinstasi Posts: 10
    they reset themself if you drive 3 times with no problems if it doesnt go out you have a code alot of part stores have scanners now and will check it for free like auto zone i know for sure does it how is your gas mileage if it has gone down the shi$$er than you need o2 sensor also try disconnecting the battery(1 min.) if it goes out and stays out good if not get it checked o2 sensors left unnattended can cause alot of problems worst one being you will actually get down to avg.4 mpg :sick:
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 252
    What year is your Durango? My 2002 R/T's light came on a week or so after I got it in in 2005, it was the O2 sensor, then a few days after having that fixed it came back on and has stayed on ever since, that was December 2005, nothing seems to be wrong. I think autozone told me it was either a vacuum leak or possibly the gas cap not on tight enough (which I had pumped gas with the engine running) so I passed it off as that, but the light never went off. Now it's just part of the vehicle, dunno what I'd do if it went off.
  • sem1981sem1981 Posts: 1
    power door locks have just started going haywire. They go on and off all the time even when the vehicle is not running. I went into the fuse box to take the # 13 fuse out to disconnect the power door locks. Anyone have an idea what is going on?
  • I have a 2001 Durango also and I am expirencing the same noise also The noise coming from the tire for me was the wheel baron and had to replace it. once one side goes they say the other goes not to long afterwards. that loud schreeching noise I havent figured it out yet they dont know what it is also I find that the noise gets louder when I run the air conditioning. let me know if you got anymore Ideas cause Im upset.....
  • dohaver4dohaver4 Posts: 3
    On our way back to Florida from Louisiana we were on I10 about 22 miles west of Mobile,AL and drove into a bad rain storm. When all of a sudden out of the blue, my 2004 Durango was hit by lightning. Apparently, the lightning hit the radio antenna (melted to about 3") then proceed to effect everything do with electric. But, it remained running. Smoke was pouring out of the dash (thought we were on fire). Pulled over, but not turning off the ignition to check for fire. NO Fire. Husband (mechanic)proceed to drive us to Tampa with no A/C and no electric to roll windows down among no other electric to anything on vehicle. Got to dealership and so far the bill is $7,000 and climbing.

    Scared to death but believe in Dodge Products
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 252
    I haven't been very active in the Durango forum and that came with reason: I didn't have many problems to discuss in the forum! I had a 2002 Durango R/T which I loved, however I bought a car in January and really didn't need a SUV anymore, so I traded off my Durango for a Toyota Tundra. So far I miss the space of the Durango, but overall I'm happy with my decision. The Durango was the best vehicle to date that I've owned as far as problems, but 11 or 12 miles to the gallon was a pain. Hope the rest of you continue to have good service from your Durangos!
  • i have the same problem with my 2000 dodge durango 5.9L
    please let me no wut u did. u can write me at my car will not start in park only in neutral.
  • eve1106eve1106 Posts: 5
    I was wondering if anybody knows where to look on a 04 Durango for the engine block number? Im shipping my truck to Turkey and the shipping compnay needs that number.

    Thanks in advance
  • i have a 2000 dodge durango 5.9L engine, my truck will not start in park, i have to put it in neutral to start. is there anyone out there with this same problem or can anyone tell me what the problem is ??????
  • My Durango has 43000 miles on and the Rack is going bad
    I took it to the dealer they tell me that it will cost
    over $1100 to fix,because the redesigned the
    rack, plus you need to get a new shaft for the steering
    coloumn. I think their should be a recall on the 2004-2006.
    Anyone with similar problem please let me know. I also had
    a 1998 durango slt. with intake manifold problems.
  • I have a 2004 durango limited with a 5.7l hemi the low fuel light came on and on my way to the gas station it stalled I just figured it ran out of gas. I put about 14 gallons in it then was very hard to start and when it started it ran real rough and would not idle. I put some dry gas in and drove about 15 miles ran ok at speeds above 40 but still would not idle at all. It only stars if i depress the accelerator and it will only stay running if i manually keep the rpms above 1,500. I did the 3 time on off ignition thing and it gave me a code of p-0172 any one have any suggestions on what to do next? Has any one had this problem before? (it was running fine up until this point)
  • scmpcscmpc Posts: 1
    We had the same type problem with our 2000 Mitsubishi Montero we had before we purchased our Durango. It was a throttle position sensor. Maybe this will help.
  • I will be buying a new 07 or 08 durango in the next couple of weeks. Anybody have any advice on negotiating ? Whats the deal with the employee pricing. I have seen a lot of talk of employee numbers in other forums.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • So my turn signals went out gradualy on my 2000 Dodge Durango ...I mean they blink 2x then stop this happened for a day or 2 now they don't work at all.... my emergency lights flash so I am not sure what it could be :confuse: ??? Please help!! :cry:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Your turn signals and hazard lights operate on two separate circuits with different controllers. Apparently, one is bad.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • i have recently depolyed to iraq for the 3rd time and i have been able to coaxs my wife into letting me beef up our durango...are there any high performance parts i can put on it? i already have a magniflow exhaust. im not looking for too much...maybe a bolt on roots kenny bell supercharger or something like that? although she probably wont let me. anyone have any idea? thanks for the help
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