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Infiniti QX4



  • savage25savage25 Posts: 3
    Why not trying getting the extended warranty free of charge? That's what I did. I told the salesman before I bought it that the mileage concerns me (it had 25,000 miles) and I dont like the color(beige)..So he gave me a deal; same price as we've talked $23'500 with extended warranty & brand new set of 4 michelin pilot tires.
  • guffsterguffster Posts: 1
    I have a fairly new 2003 QX4 with about 8,000 miles. I am unhappy with an average of around 13 miles per gallon on the highway. I repeat, the highway. I don't drag race and am always around the speed limit. I also expressed a problem to my Infiniti dealer that when I put the vehicle in park and turn off the ignition there is a slight "lunge" forward with the vehicle. Anyone ever heard of this ? The dealer merely shrugs their shoulders about this.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    This happens 'just' in Auto, correct...Normal...
  • aigengaaigenga Posts: 14
    Well, I went ahead with the rotors and a set of AXXIS Metal Master pads. The parts cost me about $120 and the service was $150 at a local mechanic. I bed them in as I have seen advised and could smell the brakes heat up. The results so far (200 miles or so) are great - better feel, better bite, shorter distances (I guess).

    I think this is a better way to go than cutting the existing rotors.

  • My wife recently took her 2003 QX4 in for its scheduled 30K mile maintenance. While the car was in the shop, the dealer called to report that the front brakes should be replaced. They added that she would save $200 and only pay $250 is she did this service now. While I don’t believe that the brakes needed replacement, this is not my main compliant. The real problem is that the charge for 30K mile maintenance was $1000. This was before adding the $250 for the front brakes. Unfortunately, I was not made aware of this until after she had already picked up her QX4 and paid the $1250. I was infuriated and felt for sure that this Infiniti service center took advantage of her because she was a young attractive woman. Instead of running down to the service center to give them a piece of my mind, I decided to let my temper cool a bit. I went over the service slip and everything listed, besides the front brakes, indicated that it was part of the standard maintenance schedule. I called up three other Infiniti service centers in my area and they quoted prices from $490-$566 for the same 30K scheduled maintenance. Next I called up the service center that charged my wife $1000 and I was quoted $850-$900. Upon inquiring about the $50 range, they told me that it could go up to $900 if things such as wiper blades needed to be replaced. The service manager went on to justify the high price by informing me that they need to repack the front bearings and that the service takes an entire day. Now I’m looking at two problems. How can one service center quote prices so out of line with the other service centers and how can they quote a difference price to a man than they charged a woman?

       I contacted the Infiniti Consumer Affairs and it seems that there is little they can do since the service centers are independently owned and operated. I think that the most I can do to involve Infiniti Consumer Affairs is to CC them on my letter.

       I suspect that this was not a one-time occurrence for this Infiniti service center. What is the best way to find out if others have brought forward similar complaints? Is there anything that I should do to help prove that they took advantage of my wife because she was a woman?

       I have decided to hold off contacting the Infiniti service center who overcharged me. I want to better understand where I stand before I bring my grievance to them.

    -- Disgruntled
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Did you charge it? If so, have your bank back charge it, and dispute the bill. You can also contact any consumer reporters at your local newspaper or TV stations, and complain to your state's consumer protection office (usually run by the Attorney General). Small claims court or the BBB may be an option too.

    You could also write the owner of the dealership and explain the situation and ask for a reduction in price.

    Finally, the Edmunds Maintenance Guide estimates what we think your 30,000 mile service should cost.
  • THANKS for the tip on the Edmunds Maintenance Guide, Steve! Very helpful and comprehensive. I especially appreciate the price guide and the Recall / TSB advisories. Now I am aware that my 2001 Acura CL-S has a recall that was activated last week. Keep up the great work - it's appreciated.

  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    $1000 for 30K sounds like civil court hearing.

    Generally, 01-to-03 QX4 for 30K service should average $300.00. I paid $297.63 at Grubbs Infiniti.

    I would look carefully at my invoice to see what was performed, 4X4 will be more due to LSD gear being changed, but that would only add about $120.00 to 30K service.

    Your wifes scenaro of needing the front brake happen to me also, service technician stated that I needed front brakes, and the rear cleaned and adjusted, eventhough, the front brake wear indicator(thin piece of metal)did not go off. My total 30K, front brake and rear brake clean and adjustment came to $808.20.

    I would get 30K price request from Infiniti dealers in your area and then compare your invoice with other dealer price request and then file a complaint through Better Business Bureau.

    If the dealer does not respond your first request, and BBB's statement, then file a civil court proceeding.

    Now days everything is commission driven and when opportunity knocks service consultants will take you to the bank. I imagine out of your $1,250.00 the service consultant got a large commission.

    My front brake service was $299.00 + pads of $71.00.

    Good luck.
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71

    Did you also have the "service engine soon" light go on?

    Mine use to come on and go off and the dealer would turn it off and blame it on the gas cap, but now it's on constantly.

    I need to take my car this month for motor vechicel examination and I heard if the "service engine soon" or "check engine" light is on they will not examine your vehicle.

    One other poster stated some sort of modulator senor?? Hmm..
  • Yes, my "service engine soon" lite has been going on and off. My mechanic checked it out and traced it to the oxygen sensors. There are four of them, and they recommended replacing all at once. He also said they recommend replacing these at 60 k miles as a standard service item, since they have seen this problem frequently on pathfinders or qx4s. I have read elsewhere that the problem is related to the high sulfur content of gasoline. If so, this was decreased by law in all gasoline vendors as of Jan 1, 2004. Hopefully, oxygen sensors will not be a problem again. The estimated cost with labor was $825. Haven't done the work yet. I can get the sensors for about half the cost over the internet. Hope this helps.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    On my 2001 QX4 is now going on...Even after I clear it...P0160...Heated O2 Sensor Slow Response...

    Have to bring it in...Sensors run about $110 100 or so labor...

    If you're coming up to Inspection...I'd get it looked at...
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    Arch and Jack.

    My "SES" light went on 4-or-5 times, all traced back to the so-called gas cap not being tight theory(by the dealer). They somehow reseted the switch and the light went off for a while, but it would come back again, now with my car having 73,000 miles, and out of waranty I think the source might be the oxygen sensor.

    My questions are,

    How many oxygen sensors are there in the QX4? Arch you stated more than one.

    Jack, you stated some sort of clearing of switch to reset the light? Did you perform that yourself?

    Finally, with so many Path's and QX4 owners having such problems would this be an recall issue for Nissan?
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    2 Oxygen sensors...Like most cars...One is just after the exhaust manifold and the other is just aft of the Cat...

    And they do malfuction...

    I have a code reader with a function that allows me to clear lights...It's the Equuis OB II code reader...
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71

    Did you replace the oxygen sensors by yourself?

    I'm thinking about doing it myself. Was there any visable sign of malfunction in those oxygen sensors?

    Thanks for the response.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Turned out it was not bad O2 Sensor, they were fine, but a faulty Int/Timing Control Sensor, Infiniti's P0160...So they replaced it and then Reprogram the ECU...

    Had G35 while they replaced and washed my QX4...

    Tough to beat Infiniti Service...
  • Hi Everybody,
     I'm a new member of this board but I've reading a lot of discussions about difference manufacture made and I'd bought a 97 Qx4 last year at 68K miles and the most complaints I've read about this model was underpowered, mine was not the exception one, so I just wondered about the newer model like 01, 02 or even 03, did they make some changes for the power issues so that will make most of the older model's owner (like mine)hoping that we can get one ???, Mine was equipped with a 3.3L engine and I knew the new models came with the 3.5L same as newer Path and the G35.
     Anyone give input for this message will be greatly appreciated.
                Thanks a million.
  • Hi, it's me again...
     I'd just posted my 97 QX4 about lacks of power now I just recalled that the engine oil only take 3qtz 3/4 when did the oil changed, I've been wondering about how come with the 3.3L engine only take that much oil for lubrication while a smaller engine will take almost double the amount of oil when changing ? (like my previous 00 Volks-Jetta, it equipped with a 2.8L V6 but it took almost 6qtz to fill up)and also my 97 Toy 4Runner came with 3.4L V6 engine and will take 6qtz as well to fill up, that something make me wonder about the longevity of the engine of my 97 Qx4...Does somebody know this ? Please...
          Thanks again
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    I had 5 readings.






    p0420 TW (Two-Way) Catalyst System, Bank 1
    P0430 TW Catalyst System, Bank 2
    P1441 VC/V Bypass/V

    Autozone thinks the 420 and 430 are related to catalyst converter, he thought maybe that my CV was clogged, and ask me if I was losing oil, which I did not.
    The 1441 code he did not know, so he asked me to call the dealership. The service man at Sewell did not want to divulge any information and told me to just bring it in for service.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Just talked to my friend at Infiniti...

    The 1441 is the EVAP System...Probably the cannister by fuel tank...

    And the 0420 being the EGR valve and the 0430 being the 3-way Cat...

    He also mentioned that with replacing, the ECM would need to be reprogrammed...

    So I don't think this is a do-it-yourself...
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    My friend thought the 1441 might be the gas cap, again.

    Thanks for the info, I sure do appreciate your insight. Keep up the good work in this forumn.
  • cretecrete Posts: 105
    I'm getting about 12mpg in the city, so you should be getting 14-16 in highway. Are you using premium gas?

    If your vehicle is equipped w/4WD than the lunge is normal.. We all have the same thing I'm told as it is the transfer case releasing in the axle.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Here's a site that will give you the OBD-II Code definitions if you put in the Code number...

    Equus makes a nice reader...
  • Hello,
    I am about to purchase a 2001 QX4 from an Infiniti dealer with 27,000 miles.

    Can someone explain to me the 30K maintenance. The dealership did NOT say a word to me about it. Am I going to drive this car off the lot just to drive it back in a month a pay a several hundred dollars for the 30K check.

    Is it for warranty purposes?
  • Hi and congrats on your new purchase if you decided to buy, I'd like to recommend to check over estimate of maintainance price @ Edmunds used car site and click at "maintainance" window, it's very helpful and gave you a lot of details about what you should do and how much it costs, also check and compare with the manual book of the vehicle you're purchasing so you'll know what required to replace and what not at 30k miles, and NO, maintainance or check-up is NOT for warranty purposes, if you had time please read over discussion # 1884 from MarkBean posted on 08-06 from this site about how his wife got overcharged for 30k check up. Edmunds vehicle maintainance site also give you info of "Recall or TSB" of the vehicle if there's any and if you still in doubt, question and request the service advisor at the dealership you're purchasing- answer and explain full details about what your vehicle needs at 30k then compare with another shop (not dealer)before decided to do it. I'd think you may negotiate with dealer included 30k service and if they want to sell the car, they'll O.K with it (they can do early 30k service)before they deliver the car to you and because in same dealership, they get in house discount from service dept (I Knew this because I was a service advisor before).
         Good luck.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Here's the link: Maintenance Schedule

    tidester, host
  • briman2kbriman2k Posts: 20

    I'm looking at buying a Jade '01 QX4. When I opened the hood, everything was gray. Under the hood, the inner fenders, rad support etc. Is this normal? I think this thing has been in an accident or just repainted....

  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I think it's re-paintwed. Never seen a car with different colors inside and outside. Always the same color but inside finish is not that shiny. Also I think with Nissan/Infiniti there is color code on the firewall somewhere, maybe on passenger side. If I remember right my brilliant silver color code is KY0.
  • Hi:

    I have a 2001 4WD QX4. At freeway speeds, around 65-70 MPH, the tachometer is showing around 2500 RPM. Is this normal? Our 2004 Honda Pilot shows around 1500-1700 RPM at the same speed. I realize the Honda has a 5-speed transmission vs. the QX4's 4 speed, but 2500 RPM seems high. I would be interested to know what other's are seeing on their tach's when cruising at freeway speeds. Thanks!
  • flafanflafan Posts: 1
    I have the same thing happening with my 2001 QX4 with 4-wheel-drive. A friend with the same year and model had the identical "lunge." The dealer pointed out that there was a bulletin on it, but it was not mentioned as a problem, just something that happens. It only occurs in "Auto" 4WD mode (intermittenetly) when turning the engine off, or when switch from Auto to 2WD while driving. Apparently it is the the 4WD system disengaging. If I'm driving in "Auto" mode on a smooth surface where the 4WD does not engage, the lunge does not occur when I turn off the vehicle.
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