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Infiniti QX4



  • ccuserccuser Posts: 3
    ~ 3 weeks ago - noticed erratic needle movement in temperature gauge meter (in Texas heat) but car seemingly operated OK
    ~ 1 Weeks ago - Took it to over to a known mechanic. He isolated problem to faulty temperature sensor. He also spotted oil spill on engine. he highly suggested to fix engine oil leak by replacing valve cover gasket and plenum gasket. I approved it since I was intermittently smelling oil burning usually when AC was on

    Gauge is ok after repair However, with gasket repaired I am immediately started having following trouble:

    - On cold start, engine ''coughs'' and 70% of time, idle dies out. I have to engage ignition again
    - "Check Engine" light has been on since gasket repair.
    - Idle engine noise is significantly lower
    - Previous idle RPM used to be in 1200-1400 range; now it is 500-700 rpm range feel like it struggles with 'humming" when car sits idle; usually when cold start doesn't die. RPM needle movement matches with humming struggle.

    I assume it was shoddy repair but my questions are following

    - What do you suspect he did wrong?
    - What should he be doing to rectify newly created problems?
    - What should be my next course of action (sell the; I'd like to keep if I can)

  • i owned a 2002 QX4 and did have the same problem, i took it to a reputable mechanic, he recommended i replaced the complete suspension, which ran around 3k installed, too much money!... so i googled the problem and found many answers, it turned out to be the rear bushings, which ran 1500.00. problem fixed.
  • i had the same problem, but all my spark plugs were getting lots of oil through. i had to replace both sides valve covers, the rubber boots go bad and they cannot be replaced, we tried. at the same time my mechanic recommended replacing most of the sensors, and hoses around and underneath the exhausts, now it runs beautifully.
  • Does it still make a sound when the motor tries to activate? I have had the same problem and I finally fixed it by pulling the base of the seat forward while "switching" it forward...
  • pugjoypugjoy Posts: 14
    Hi QX4 friends, perhaps you can help me with a problem I'm having. I smell a gasoline odor after driving. To be clear, this is once I have turned off the car and exited the vehicle -- I do not smell anything unusual while I am in the car or while it is running. I am often getting the kids out of the back seat, so I am only feet away from the gas door. There are no visible signs of leakage on the garage floor. I recently had the gas cap replaced, as the check engine light had come on and that was the code that was coming up. All recall repairs, including the 2007 gas tank/filler pipe assembly, have been made.

    I am the original owner and still happy after 12.5 years and 145k miles. She has not asked for much in our years together, almost everything that has needed replacement has been age/use related. The CD player conked out more than a few years ago and had to replace the rotting framework under the running boards last summer, but other than that, she has been great.

    Also, I'd like to know if anyone is happily driving on a tire other than the OE Michelin LTX M/S? I got 80K/5 yrs out of the first set and need to replace the second set (65K but 7 yrs) very soon. I'm happy with how these handle and last, so I'm happy to buy a third set.
  • attavanattavan Posts: 12
    There are two possibilities I can think of. 1) The seasonal additives to gasoline can cause an odor which is apparent after you shut of the engine and get out of the car. 2) There may be a low level gasoline leakage somewhere in the engine compartment which is undetected because its in an area not hot enough to cause a flame but enough to evaporate the gasoline. I would have a trained mechanic look at it. I too am the original owner and happy with the reliability. Original tires were replaced after 100K miles. The CD player jammed two years ago. Too expensive to repair. Good luck.
  • maccomacco Posts: 5
    You may have a bad gas evaporative canister that needs replacement. It is part of the emission control system and is located in the vicinity of the gas cap. Can't say as I have ever replaced mine; however. My 1997 is still chugging along! Great car.
  • maccomacco Posts: 5
    I have a 1997 QX4 with 90,000 miles. It is a seasonal car. Driven 4 months each year. When I put it away last year, everything on the Cruise Control worked. This year, it won't do anything. I am thinking a fuse and/or relay?? I switched the relay under the hood marked ASCD with another of same type. Still doesn't work. Could it be a fuse? Where is it located? I don't have a diagram. There are 3 relays inside the fuse panel in the passenger cabin with a multitude of fuses. What do those relays control? Any ideas on how to debug or test the vacuum mechanism that "pulls" the throttle open? BTW, the green light for the power-on switch is lit.
  • ktyektye Posts: 1
    Just buying a really clean 97 QX4 with the Bose Radio in it. 114k on it.

    The problem is, the Bose Radio sounds extremely weak, no bass, the sound is only on the drivers side and the fader and the balance don't work either. Yes I pulled them until they clicked out.

    Is the radio just burnt out or could it be another issue? Wiring or something like that?

  • omaha2002omaha2002 Posts: 1
    when I purchased my 2002 with 24k miles on it, I smelled gas when I got out of the vehicle , this was a few months after I bought it. It ended up being a bad gasket and warranty. About a year and half ago , I had to replace the resonator, It blew the seam to the exhaust. At first I did smell gas, didn't know if it was a little hole in the exhaust somewhere , fuel filter or what. After awhile, I started hearing this weird rattle / clunk. I found out one end of the resonator was loose , as in unattached and was banging around . This was at about 190, 000. But im not sure if the resonator is in the middle or towards the front of the vehicle. Good Luck!
  • Rotate your tires, of it's been a while and check your tire pressure. I inflate to 32psi.). It worked for me.
  • I have a 1997 qx4 that is running fine on flat ground but as soon as there is an incline it starts to sputter just wondering what it could be.
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