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selling my alero - need advice

richard55richard55 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Oldsmobile
I have a 2004 white alero, no rust or dents, with 90,000 miles on it. It has new tires and new front brake pads. It has been in one accident with $6000 damage but insurance repaired everything.

I want to sell it for personal/financial reasons. My question is, why would be a good price to sell this car for?? I paid about $13,500 for it a year ago, so what could I ask for it that would be fair? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    4bangeralero4bangeralero Member Posts: 2
    I would say $9 thousand, because of the damage, and the fact that aleros don't hold their value very well, hope this helps
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    yaz22yaz22 Member Posts: 4
    Check what others are selling their similiar ALero's for using the online sites like autotrader.com, autoshopper.com, autoextra.com and others. Try to compare prices from individuals who are selling and not the dealers. Dealers have a higher mark up and offer warranty. Prices are always lower when an individual is selling. And compare options too. You did not say what model yours was (fully loaded, alum wheels, etc.)

    Dealers in my area (NJ) are selling 04's in the following price ranges (meaning you would be going lower). Cars with 20-35K miles 11-13 / 40-60K were in the 9-10 range / 75-up were in the 8-9 range. Good luck with the sale.
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    walterquintwalterquint Member Posts: 89
    Hmmm. I dunno. High miles and a major accident. I don't think you'll get more than $8k for it. However, IMO, the best tool is the Edmunds used car valuation tool. It's a good starting point.

    You said you're selling for "financial reasons". Fair enough. But I assume you'll still need a car. $8k won't buy much new car. You're better off keeping the Alero, because it's a known quantity with you and won't give you any surprises.

    If you do that math, you'll find that keeping the Alero is the best choice.
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    janeo22janeo22 Member Posts: 18
    Unfortunately, you paid about $2,500 too much for it a year ago. You're kind of stuck, especially if you've put a lot of miles on the car. I purchased a 2003 with only 14,000 miles and it is loaded too! It was in the summer of 2005 and I eventually paid $10,000, after talking the dealer down from $11,300 (it took me two weeks, but I got the deal I wanted). A little advice in purchasing a vehicle, even a new one: Make sure a sales person doesn't have the upper hand, ever. Be prepared to walk out if they won't deal, letting them know you'll find another deal down the street just as good as this one. I usually share all my phone numbers, when they ask for that info. because then they can call you back with a better offer after they change their mind a few days later. You also have to be prepared to find that other deal down the street, just in case they do sell the car to someone else. I always say it's in my best interest to keep the negotiations going. Even if I have to wait a few weeks or find a different car to get as close to the deal that I want and need. Never PAY TOO MUCH for something that will definately depreciate in value. By the way, my 65 year old father taught me these principals and I feel it is very solid advice. This Edmunds site can help you determine the value of any used car, and help you determine the $ amount you're willing to spend on any certain car or how to sell that car. Good luck to you Richard.
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