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Toyota Corolla Tires and Wheels

I just purchased a 2007 Le , and among other options, I added the 15 inch Alum wheels. Isn't this supposed to be the same 15 inch 6 spoke wheel as the S model?? The salesman brought up on his computer, an ugly dished-out 5 spoke wheel! The only other ones were expensive Enkei wheels. I thought the code "AW" gave you the S model 6 spoke wheel?? Can anyone help me with the correct code? Thanks!


  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I went to and for the general brochure it shows only 1 type of alloy wheel(15") for the LE. There is another alloy wheel but it is for the 16", optional only on the "S" model.
    "Edmunds" shows only one(1) code for the alloy wheels: AW.
  • I am seriously considering a new 07' LE near the end of the model year (when prices should be best) because I am not impressed with the proposed changes coming in 08'. There are two alloy wheel options - stand-alone factory option AW (MSRP/Invoice $390/$312) and a dealer installed accessory for $499 MSRP. The factory option looks very much like the hub cap and does not seem to be very available in the south Mid-Atlantic region where I live. The accessory is an attractive 5-spoke unit that looks more like a performance wheel (see: ). I haven't inquired with any local dealers to determine the availablity of the accessory wheel.

    Hope this helps.
  • zeroagl= Just a note. I was told that the dealers will shortly be ordering all their Corollas now for the 2007 model year, due to the new 08 Corolla coming in the Fall.I barely got to order the Alum wheels for my Le. I think if you wait too long , you will not get your wheels...much less a Corolla with all the equip you want.
  • I recently bought toyota corolla 98 LE sedan.
    The low beam headlights turn on when the engine is on eventhough the headlight switches are off.The headlights turn off when the engine is off.I want to turn off headlights when switched off during engine on condition.please tell me the possible solution.
    Thank you
  • I was looking at a used 2006 corolla. The tires had excessive wear on the outside. The guy at the lot told me that if you don't use toyota wheel weights when you get the tires balanced, it will lead to poor tire wear. Is there any truth to this?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Nope. More likely very very hard cornering.
  • You must have the parking brake applied before starting the vehicle. If the engine is already started, this will not work.
  • jquajqua Posts: 4
    you have daytime running lights.... leave well enough alone... they are an excellent safety feature
  • bfordbford Posts: 1
    This looks familiar because my 05 corolla had excessive wear on the out side tires also. I took it to the dealer for alignment and they found both front wheels were 13 degrees tipped in. I can not believe a chuck hole or scraping a curb did this. The car has 25000 miles.. So, I suspect it came from the factory that way.
  • sales2010sales2010 Posts: 33
    If you look on the Matrix/Vibe boards, the owners are also complaining of this issue. So far, no solution has been made. Sorry for the bad news
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You should look at this TSB, thanks to teamtbo for providing it.

  • sales2010sales2010 Posts: 33
    Thanks for letting me know. I will tell my friend. Thanks again!
  • Hey all. Now at 11,300 for one year with a truly fun car to drive (the manual tranny helps!). I was wondering, do alloy wheels help performance? Thet do look better than hubcaps!! Any recommendations for aftermarket? While I like the GY Integrity tires, I'd like to make a switch before Winter...
  • sales2010sales2010 Posts: 33
    I know this might sound crazy, but what are alloy wheels and what are the benefits? Thanks so much!
  • Anyone?

    PS -- Alloy wheels means no scratchy hubcaps for one!
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    All I could say was alloy wheels simply meant that they designed the weel so that hubcaps won't fit it, and they're supposedly lighter than the steel wheels that DO take hubcaps and supposedly give you better gas mileage with them.

    Feel free to correct me if that's screwed up! LOL
  • sales2010sales2010 Posts: 33
    Thanks for all the help! I really like how informative these boards are!
  • -chirp-
    do alloy wheels help performance? Thet do look better than hubcaps!! Any recommendations for aftermarket? While I like the GY Integrity tires, I'd like to make a switch before Winter...

    OK< they are not that helpful and informative... YET!

  • Um, yeah... it's only been a month.

    Settle down, Francis.
  • I want to buy rims for my 2008 Corolla CE but i'm unsure of what size to buy.. i have 15 inch tires. so does the rim have to be 15 x 7"? or.. i dunno. a little confused here.
  • I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla S with the ABS - tire monitoring system options. I recently had a flat on the expressway on my rear tire doing 70 mph. The only thing that lead me to believe I had an issue was a loud roaring noise like a wheel bearing was going out. I checked the dash for a light and there was none. When I pulled onto the side of the expressway I noticed that it was flat. I changed the tire, still no light with the temp spare. I took the car to the dealer and they checked it out and the system was OK. The said it detectes it using the ABS system not air pressure. So this system is a false sense of security and a $100 lesson due to the buying of a new tire.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I don't want anyone taking this the wrong way if they truly need it, but I'm curious as to what's wrong with just walking around the car in the morning before you drive off to see whether your tires are low on air? I keep a tire gauge in the door at all times, so I'm curious. Is technology really doing us a favor, or is it just trying to take the place of common sense? Thanks
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    The tire monitoring is great for leaks that develop while driving on a long trip, but nothing will take the place of a good manual tire pressure gauge used every two weeks. How many people do this? Safety is #1, and tire pressure is critical to your safety.
  • 488488 Posts: 9
    The tire "calculater" indicates that 205/60-15 and the stock 195/65-15 tires are the same height.
    I would like to upgrade the stock tires to something better using the stock "S" rims. Consumer Reports rated the Goodyear TripleTred as the best of the ones they tested. I would also like to go to a more "sportier" look and therefore the 60 series tire. Any comments would be appreciated.
  • hikehike Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla sedan and was thinking about replacing the 'doughnut' spare with a full-size tire mounted on a generic steel rim.

    Can I get a full sized tire in the spare tire well in the trunk floor and replace the cover over it without it sticking up?
  • The second number of a tire size is the height of the side wall and the percentage of the first number.

    So, 60% of 205 = 123.
    And, 65% of 195 = 126.75.

    Thus, the 195/65-15 has a higher side wall and is a "higher tire".
  • merg1merg1 Posts: 4
    I was able to do it in my '96 Corolla without a problem. To be sure, you could either measure one of your full size tires on the car, and the spare well to see if it'll fit, or take one of the full size rims with the tire on it, off the hub and try it in your spare well. Good luck!
  • dkeaniedkeanie Posts: 16
    I have a 1995 Corolla and the spare wheel does not lay flat and makes the boot look uneven with the carpet on top. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  • Hi, I'm new here and trying to help out my girlfriend. She is in need of new tires for her 2004 Corolla and I have checked a few other sources but am not sure what is the best/most reliable kind of tires she can purchase.

    I searched through the discussions here but didn't find the information I needed. I'd really appreciate any assistance in this matter and maybe a link that could help. Thanks alot.
  • Please, can anyone tell me if Yokohama tires are decent tires for 2007 Toyota Corolla. What is a reasonable price for purchasing them?
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