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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Bob, I really hope it's not the sticking exhaust valves, but, wasn't there a recall for that if it is the problem? I would think something like that would have one. I will take apart the fuse block this Friday if I get a chance. I am surprised if it did have the codes, they weren't identified when I had it there last week. Then again, maybe they mistook them for the intake manifold problem, and since once they fixed that, and the TPS they cleared the computer, and, since the problem doesn't happen until after 20-30 minutes of on-the-road driving, they never popped up again until after I had it home for a couple days and drove it long enough to make it happen. Make sense to you?

  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110

    What all did they replace in yours when it had the sticking valves, besides the Air-Mass sensor which it turned out not to be. I know yours was the battery (I too, have an aftermarket battery, but yours is too much of a freak thing for me to think about checking for that one)

  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    When they did my exhaust valves it meant pulling the heads and they replaced the valves with a "carbon cutting" design. Kent also reground the seats and then replaced every gasket he could get his hands on.

    Over the course of finding the battery issue they also replaced the TPI, Air Mass sensor, an ECU PROM, and many other small things.

    I sure hope the fuse block fix helps! More later.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    All, unfortunately I no longer have access to this information as it has been migrated to another system that puts it more in line with Ford's system. My position does not require access to this info so I do not have access any longer. I will continue to monitor all of the Land Rover boards and contribute when I can.
  • rktbobrktbob Posts: 1
    Just got back from driving a 2003 HSE,after all the negative press I had read over the last month on line I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it! I currently drive a 2002 BMW 530 and love it...(Im just in the mood to do some off road . I live in CT and am looking for great places to go in New England if anyone can suggest it would be appreciated.) Any way...the dealer said sticker price was firm! I am not used to this. With the BMW I faxed a list of the car I wanted to 7 dealers in the area and put my fax # and said you all have a day to fax me back your best price,one shot and thats it.....worked like a charm and had a spread of $3,200.00 and never set foot in a dealership or take a single phone call. I read one of the posts here about the "x" factor? rebate and one said 4500 off? one said $125.00 over invoice? Just don't want to get duped. Dealer claims their is no bargaining,and I do have 4 dealers in CT. So I know I can just try my fax and see what happens..anyone give me some insight as to what they paid? I feel as though due to this being the last year of the disco II I should get a deal...Also feel this is the time to buy as I think the new one looks awful(like and explorer or honda cube....guessing Ford will take away the quirks which I love.....another thing is the dealer quoted ridiculous $$ for Racks ,guards,rockrunners ect, spoke with atlantic briish and half the price through them.They gave me a shop in CT that will do the install so wondering if that is the way to go?
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    You might want to check out Their prices are a bit more reasonable than even Atlantic British, and you can do most of the work yourself with a couple of 9/16 ths wrenches. I did my owm in about 2 hours for the running boards and 1 hour for the brush guard. Save you a lot in installation costs. THese guys make a lot per hour on the work.
  • jussidadjussidad Posts: 1
    My 4.0 disco is a real slug when it comes to pulling my small enduro bike trailer. Is there anything I can do to get more pulling power from it espaecially on inclines?
  • So, my wife and I just took delivery of a new '04 Disco SE7 in Giverny Green with Alpaca interior, A-bar with lights and rear lamp guards today. It's been several months since we got rid of our '00 Disco and we're very happy to have another one.

    Thanks to many of the posters here that made our decision easier.

    Happy Rovering.
    - William F. House
  • biz_qwikbiz_qwik Posts: 5
    I purchased a imaculate '01 SE and have a few questions.

    1. The drivers seat creeks and squeeks like crazy at every bump or acceleration. I'm average size so that's not an issue. It sounds to be all in the back of the seat and where it meets the base of the seat.

    2. Clock light out.....easy fix?

    3. Rear door has slight leak (found small pool of water on cargo cover and watched it drip slowely in a rain storm. On the left side of the door opening looking in from the back where a seam meets. Can't see anything out of the ordinary.

    It seems to be under warrenty still and I have to find out for sure. Are any of those covered under warrenty? The seat is easily the biggest complaint. the noise is taking away from the experience.

    Thanks....glad I'm driving this beauty.
  • Has anyone successfully made an AUX port for an MP3 player in an '03 or '04 Disco? We've been trying to use an FM transmitter with our iPod, but the sound quality is poor. I've read on many of the iPod forums that there are OEM cables that you can connect to a CD changer that will give you an AUX port (line in). So, I know that it can be done, but I'm just wondering if anyone here has tried it.
  • frankfrank Posts: 12
    First, let me thank you all for all your posting which helped me make my move. I just bough a 2003 Discovery with only 14000 miles on it. Still smells like a new one at 9K below 2004 MSRP. So far, I love everything about the truck axcept one big thing: I cannot seem to find the appropriate seat setting. Every time I drive the truck to work, I end up with a huge up back pain that will last hours. Never add back problem with my old Cheerokee. I guess all the setting available for the Disco seat don't seem to work. I pretty much tried them all. I am 6 feet tall and about 190 pounds. Anybody faced similar problem? This is definitely raining on my parade. HELP!
  • stopgo1stopgo1 Posts: 20
    If you have the CD changer under the seat the OEM cable option will not work unless you remove the CD Changer.

    What I did was get what's called and FM Modulator (different from the FM transmitter) and have it installed to where I tune the radio to a chosen station (89.1 in my case) then flip a switch to power the modulator and connect the IPOD to RCA cables (from radio shack) that go to the modulator. I now can play the IPOD without interference from other stations, it sounds great and cost $125 to have it installed at a Car Audio shop.

    The FM transmitters stink, they are only good if you are sitting still, otherwise they are junk.
  • stopgo1stopgo1 Posts: 20
    I have 31K miles on my Disco. Over the course of the 31K miles and 18 months I have owned the truck, LR has replaced 3 ABS Hubs and Sensors. The third time they also replaced the harness to the left side hub which has now been replaced twice. These hubs have caused me to have to make numerous trips to the dealership to find out why 4-5 different warning indicators are lit on my dash.

    Initially they told me there were erratic error codes being stored in the ECU, then they started replacing hubs, first the left front side, then the right front, and this week the left front again. Seems we can't go more then 10K before one blows out. AND the right fronts are backordered at this point.

    Anyone know what the problem with these things is? Anyone else having similar issues?

  • Thanks stopgo1. I'm talking with BlitzSafe now about helping them test one of their connection units. We'll see. I totally don't mind losing the CD changer since it's completely useless to me (I have all the CDs I own ripped on my Powerbook and I just put whatever playlists I want on my iPod - which is currently holding over 8300 songs - can't do that with a changer).

    Thanks again. I'll check into the modulator solution as well.

    PS - do you have the iPod mounted somewhere? I'm interested in knowing the physical layout of what you've done.
  • stopgo1stopgo1 Posts: 20
    I don't as yet have the IPOD mounted, I just let it hang out in the cup holder. There is a cupholder IPOD mount available from the Apple website I believe. Thing is in the Discovery if you mount the thing anywhere you'll lose visual of something on the climate control display which I don't like to much. There are other mounts available for it as well but all are a tough fit for the LR.

    The Modulator itself is mounted under the steering wheel behind the panel about where your knees are. The switch to activate the modulator is down there as well but is over towards the console, very easy to get to it. Any high end stereo shop should know what you are talking about immediately, if they don't I'd look somewhere else.
  • Thanks again. I'd seen the cupholder mount (not crazy about losing a cupholder though). I'd also seen one that basically mounts in the AC vent (not wild about that idea either).

    Definitely going to check into the modulator idea though.
  • alattalatt Posts: 11
    I was about to post something about sqweeking noise with my 00 Disco II. It is very annoying to hear sqweeking noises every time I go through uneven roads and expressways (many in NYC). For me, the noise comes from front dashboard. I cannot seem find exact location of the noise on the dashboard, however.
    Is there anyway dealer can fix the sqweeking noise? I feel like I am driving a cheap old car. My old 97 Honda CRV doesn't make any sqweek noise in the cabin.
  • laker3laker3 Posts: 12
    Williamhouse - congrats on your purchase. That green is awfully nice. Were your options part of one of the Trail trim packages?

    We started shopping for a new family SUV to replace our '99 Mountaineer. We have a 9 & 5 yr old, and one due in May. Since two of my wife's friends drive a Disco, she wanted to take a closer look and dragged me out to the dealer's rock course. I must admit I was pretty impressed, even though our toughest off-roading will be parking lot speed bumps.

    Up until now, we've looked at another Mountaineer, Durango, Pacifica, GM stuff (poor), & Nissan Quest. We like the quirkiness and the 3rd-row jump seats, but are having a hard time trying to justify the $40k price tag, especially when the longer wheel-base '05 is in the works.

    Why did you trade-up to a new 04? What was your service history on your '00? What kind of resale did you maintain? Did you cart around any little sprogs? Did you look at anything else before re-upping?
  • laker3 - thanks, we're very happy with the new Rover. Our options were not part of the Trail edition. The Trail editions seem to come with running boards and we didn't want those since they limit your breakover clearance to some degree.

    I'm not certain the '05 appeals to us (at least not from the sense of its looks). We'll wait and see how that model pans out and decide in another few years if we want to own one of those as well.

    We traded up because we really wanted the larger engine and we didn't have the 7 seat package with the '00 (something we always regretted). All in all, I think we were just ready for an upgrade. Our service record with the '00 was nearly perfect - we had a new rail kit put on the rear sunroof to stop a really loud popping noise when opening it and we had some faulty service light problems. Other than that, it was a great. Our resale was average, I'd say. We have one 2 1/2 year old girl now (she actually took her first ride home from Boulder Community Hospital in the Rover). And finally, no....we didn't consider any other vehicle when we decided to upgrade. We're lifers when it comes to Land Rover now.

    Best of luck with your upcoming purchase.

    - William F. House
  • William, can you feel the difference in torgue with the new engine?

    Incidentally, what did you mean by "average" resale in trading a 2000 for a 2004 with a LR dealer?
  • BlockIslandGuy.....I can feel a marked difference in the torque, acceleration, braking, suspension and just the overall refinement of the vehicle. I particularly like the locking diffs on the '04 (don't know if '03 had that or not). I went up a trail that always gave me a little trouble in the '00 and with the diffs locked, it made quick work of it.

    We didn't trade. I think selling outright is always the way to go since you can generally get a much better deal. We did average based on what the market value for a used private sale would be. That's all I meant.

    If anyone is thinking of upgrading to an '04, I'd say don't hesitate. We couldn't be happier.
  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    go to and you will find the Powerchip on their home page. Looks like it add as about 20HP You can also do the Borla exhaust along with the chip to add additional HP's and increase torque.
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Posts: 68
    Can anyone elaborate on whether or not LRNA will void the car's warranty if a powerchip is installed? It sounds great but I bet gas mileage will suffer a bit. I hope this is a good product because we all know how a little extra power would help. Thanks
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There was a little blurb about this issue in recent news:

    Keeping 'car chippers' plugged in (Boston Globe)

    Steve, Host
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    They certainly can void the warranty on the engine and the Engine management system if there is a failure related to the powerchip. Those products have not tested for compatability or reliability by Land Rover. Remember, Warranties are there to cover defects in material and workmanship for the original equiptment in the vehicle, not for additional stresses related to aftermarket performance parts.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Here is the link for the Land Rover LR3 (Discovery replacement in the US) website. or then click on "what's next"
  • Tincup, congratulations to you and your company and thanks for the link. As I looked at it I thought through my business-man's eyes that the sales of the last of the 2004 Discovery's will be interesting. While one of the car mags suggests bargaining hard because of declining interest, I'll bet a lot of people will want to snap up the last of the live axle Discoverys (especially with the significant improvements this year). Somewhat like the case of used Defenders which are now 40K.

    Like the improved on-road manners or not, the LR3 looks like it will really accelerate sales with a robust V8, IRS suspension, etc. and come to dominate this market segment. (Would you rather have an Exploder Limited or an LR3??).
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Thanks. Our marketing people have already planned for the runout of the 04 MY vehicle. We had a similar issue when the New Range Rover came out with the 2002 model. It worked out just fine.
  • adplusoneadplusone Posts: 66
    We are finalizing my wife's next vehicle and an 04 Disco is one of our finalist. With the new one coming out this fall our dealer is making deals. We can not wait for the new one (lease expiring and besides I have personally experienced the first model year syndrome).

    Three questions of current owners...

    1) What has been the most frustrating service/repair issue you have had?

    2) What has been the most pleasant surprise in owning/driving the vehicle?

    3) If you could change one thing on your Disco what would it be?

    Any other owner comments would be appreciated!



    McAllen, Texas
  • freditfredit Posts: 8
    2003 Disco "S", 9300 miles and counting

    1) Driver side heated seat would not heat since we bought it. It took a few trips to the service department before the issue was resolved. By no means was it frustrating though. So far, it's the best Sales/Service experience of any vehicle my wife or I have had.

    2} Comfort/Handling is amazing, in my opinion...

    3) Cruise control could be smoother, I'm not sure if the '04 has this issue. We've had the service update performed to this issue and although it is better than before, it's not perfect. The acceleration has a slight surge to it, to maintain set speed (and yes, I'm talking about level driving.) My wife does not notice it as much as I do.

    It's my wife's car mainly. We've had this vehicle since October of 2003 and we do not regret getting the Disco at all, even with the premium fuel requirement (*%#@* OPEC). We got a great deal, and the only thing wrong with our model "S" Disco originally was the lack of the CD Changer. I was able to locate a company that sold the Alpine unit that LR uses, along with the adapter and installed it myself, for a fraction of the Dealer cost. Good luck with your choices.

    Farmington Hills, Michigan
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