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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please send comments to...


    Gosh, Kacy, that kind of defeats the purpose of a message board which is to share information and views - publicly! Stick around and enjoy the discussion. :-)


    tidester, host
  • We have an 01 SE7 - two kids. Can't imagine 5 kids in that truck at all!
  • You should be able to. Although I have a disco I and they come with 235/70/16, I put on 245/75...The wheel wells on all disco's is and should be larger to fit a size taller tire. Some places may say they wont do it, but just keep trying.
  • I found a little puddle of what I assume is diff lube under the rear diff of my '00 Disco last night. Maybe two tablespoons. I called my dealer (whom I like and trust, BTW), and described it. He said it sounded like a pinion seal and that I should get it in as soon as I can for replacement. He can't take the truck until next Tuesday, however, and I've got to put about 500km on it between now and then. He didn't seem too concerned about that but... Is there someone here who can explain to me what this bit is and whether it's likely to escalate into something horrible if I keep driving for a couple more days?


    Thanks in advance for any help or reassurance. Been awhile since I posted here, but have followed the board enthusiastcally.


  • Hello all, from a LR fan who is a bit disturbed by my recent quote for repairs that need to be done. Here is the list from my Portland Land Rover dealer service shop:]


    Water Leak Head Gasket replacement plus all coolant hoses replaced due to bulging at clamps


    Front and Rear Brake plus rotor replacement


    $1,100.00 this is the 2nd brake replacement


    Shutter Valve faulty ( you know the lights going off on your dash for no reason )




    60K Service




    That is a grand total of $6830.00, now this is close to half of what the car is worth ( Blue Book ) Now this may sound crazy but I do love the car, it has never left me stranded on a hunt or fishing trip ( but has left me stranded on highway )so what am I trying to say here? I really hope that the new LR3 is going to have a better track record at only 60,000 miles, I mean come on having this many issue's at this mileage is deplorable......
  • murphy4murphy4 Posts: 92
    a used Land Rover. I love the old "Classic" that they made until 1995 and alos do like the looks of the Discovery. Anyone out there had experience in buying one as old as 1995?


    Anyone had exerience buying the Certified Pre-owned?


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    While waiting for responses, check out the links on the left side of the Certified Cars page for some buying tips.


    Steve, Host
  • gppgpp Posts: 13
    A few suggestions: 1) find an independent repair shop. A friend just got a three grand quote from a VW dealership, took it to a local shop, and got his problems solved for $600. 2) Do brakes/rotors yourself. Not sure whether you can do the rest yourself or not.


    I agree in general that this is obscene. None of these should be problems on a young, modern car (I've never heard of someone having a bad shutter valve at/around 60K, but I'm no mechanic).


  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Boy do I agree with that! These are not complex engines and any competent mechanic can fix a head gasket. I've done it a half dozen times on an old Honda I had... 8 hours max. Of course this V8 is more complex, but it's not an impossible job.


    As for the shutter valve, I assume that's an expensive part being replaced? I haven't heard of one. The air mass sensor on my '96 SI Disco is $1100 and I thought that was bad? Read back thru the posts here to see about electrical weirdnesses and possible solutions. I found one for my truck that took 15 minutes and fixed a BUNCH of problems.


    Brakes and rotors: I'm at 96k miles and my 4th set of rear brake pads, 5th set up front. I just replaced the rear pads this weekend, it took perhaps 20 minutes per wheel, including getting the wheel off the truck, jacking it, replacing the pads and reinstalling the wheel. I'm on my *original* rotors and all is well. The pads were $34 (2 pairs) here in Alaska. It's easy and cheap... you can easily do this one yourself. I just don't see how the shop can expect you to change rotors. Mine are worn a little but nowhere near the minimum thickness.


    The 60k service might be worth the money, they do a pretty extensive list of changes/inspections.


    Good luck!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Don't sweat it. You'll be fine driving a few days. Don't prolong it though. That's an expensive differential. You can pull the plug yourself with a socket wrench and check the level. Refill with 80w gear lube as necessary. Check your book to make sure whether it's a hypoid lube.


    One thing to check is the breather tube that vents differential pressure to the outside. As you drive, that thing gets hot and the pressure has to escape. There's a breather to do this, and it can get obstructed with mud etc. Follow the tube and check the end to make sure it can breathe... overpressurization will forece lube out thru seals. Usually it's the axle seal that leaks but the pinion could do it too.


    Best regards, -Bob
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Actually Discovery II's use a 75W90 weight syntetic gear lube instead of a straight 80w. As usual Nanuq the rest of your advise is spot-on.
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    Has anyone found the best IPOD adapter/interface for the Discovery II and the best hassel free car mount?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Thanks for the fact check. I've always just stuck with 80w or 90w dino lube for my diffs and swivels... I figure I'll get enough moisture in there over the year that I just change them anyway.


    Boy it's hard for me to remember that differentials can actually get HOT, considering it's -20 outside right now. :) Driving Anuqa when she's been sitting for a few hours is like stirring peanut butter. COLD peanut butter.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I have only 1200 miles on my 04 Disco and I really love it. Except for two things.


    My radio (with nav) suddenly died yesterday. Its not the fuse, the clock and park distance control work. I know there are electrical gremlins in the disco, but Im surprised it happened so fast.


    Gas Mileage. I know how bad it is, and I was fully aware of the realities of this vehicle before I bought it. But I am getting only 9-10 miles per gallon (exxon premium). I know its cold, gas is formulated differently in the winter, and my driving is stop n go, but I had hoped for a thrifty 12 mpg :) Is this the way it is, or is something wrong.


    Otherwise, I think its great!
  • Nanug,


    I used to build experimental kit aircraft but over the years I have lost the ability to do anything more complex than brake pads, so do you think that when the LR Dealer tells me the rotors are just below mins, that I could replace pads and still be okay?? ( I think I would be fine ) but would like your opinion as you have been great member of the news group here. I did get quotes from a local indy shop but they were more money on the 60K service and close to the same on the head gasket....? in any case looking forward to getting "old blue" back and doing some spring deer hunts.




  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    PML, I think you're gonna have to go with what feels right to you. I can't really advise you to go against what the book says for minimum thicknesses, but if you're on your 2nd set of rotors at 60k miles then something ain't right.


    If you're not hot-rodding the truck then there are a lot smaller forces acting on the rotors, and they'd be less likely to break than if you were an Andretti. Wait, make that Jackie Stewart... this is, after all, a British truck. I use nice soft pads and I'm on my original rotors with 96k miles. Pads are cheap and easy to replace.


    If it was up to me, I'd put on soft pads and be done with it. I've had good luck with Wagner and Lockheed. I'd drive her gently and watch for wear. A rule of thumb: cheaper pads will be softer... buy the CHEAP ones. You may be surprised at your stopping power too.


    You gotta weigh the options and make your own decision... I hate to use weasel words like that, and I apologize for it, but that's what the world's coming to.


    The head gasket leak... is it leaking coolant into the cylinder?


    Regards, -Bob
  • My Disco's lease is up in 120 days-has anyone had experience with LR Capital? Is it possible to negotiate the residual or do they not do that? They say they don't but the dealership claims otherwise. Any info is appreciated.



  • will be needing a new car/truck in May. Thinking 4runner, pathfinder or disco. LR has me nervous with reliability/repair cost compared to 4runner and pathfinder. Seems like for a company that builds only trucks, they should have a more reliable truck. I am new to LR, so please advise. I would be looking at a pre-owned (certified)
  • Purchased a 2003 Disco SE new on Jan. 25, 2003. For what it is worth, here are some stats for the first two years of ownership:


    Miles Driven = 25,344

    Average Miles per Gallon = 15.76

    Lowest Average MPG = 14.96

    Highest Avg. MPG = 15.85

    Best Single Tankful MPG = 19.79

    Worst Single Tankful MPG = 12.53


    Repair Record:

    01. Oil changed per schedule free by purchasing dealer.

    02. Tires rotated at my cost.

    03. Computer reprogrammed once at my cost to have the driving lights on, per spouse request.

    04. Computer reprogrammed once gratis by dealer to turn off the driving lights, per my request. (I prefer to use the light switch when I feel that I need driving lights).

    05. Headlight bulb burned out and replaced by owner.

    06. Still driving on the original Goodyear tires, and the original brake pads.


    Other problems:

    One time in the summer of 2003 the Disco would not start again after we stopped for lunch. We had driven up through a mountain pass from about 5,000 feet to over 9,000 feet on a very hot Colorado summer day with the A/C blasting. Symptom was just a click and nothing when I turned the key. After about one hour it started right up. The problem never arose again, and the dealer could find nothing wrong. Assumed that Nanuk's Lord Lucas had flown south from Alaska for a taste of Colorado, and I ran into him by chance.


    Driving conditions consisted of about 50% at altitudes above 5,000 feet, and occasionally over 11,000 feet going up rocky mountain trails. At least five long trips of several thousand to as much as 5,000 miles to the East Coast, to Florida, to Montana and to Washington and Oregon.


    Home state is Colorado, so much of the driving is in the metro Denver area. They say it is hard to stop a trane. Well, in my view, it is darn neigh impossible to stop a Disco.


    Light Cahill
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    Your gas mileage is fantastic. I am getting under 10 mpg with premium fuel in my 04 Disco!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I love posts like yours; they really give a good snapshot of a longer term driving experience. Thanks!


    My guess is that your alternator had problems keeping up on that hot day at altitude and it couldn't keep your battery charged. Although blaming Nanuq works too, lol.


    Steve, Host
  • sorry if I posted this in the wrong place--

    Hello, hubby and I are considering a 1998 Discovery, 89,000 miles, loaded, excellent shape except for a slight tear in the drivers' leather seat bottom, drives great, looks great. We really like it, BUT we've heard so many negative things about LRs that we are now hesitant. We aren't just buying for the LR name, but need a tough, safe 4WD vehicle that will tow a drift boat, take us to the woods, as well as my 60 mile daily commute to my job in the city. We'd love input from owners of high-mileage Discos-- i.e., would you buy it again, dependability, durability, etc. Thanks very much.
  • Sound advice and some clarification is in order I am on my second set of pads and one set of front rotors, so not so bad. I do hunt in the truck quite a bit so the pads do get a work out. I will tackle the pads myself this weekend, should not be a problem, and I will look for the brands you mentioned. The coolant leak was rectified and was not going into the cylinder. I have old blue back and life is good again....until next time....Thanks.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Peete, there must be something to your style of driving. I have a "96 Disco with 105,000 miles on it. Just came back from a trip to San Francisco and back from Seattle, and averaged around 15 MPG. I have found the best gas to use is Shell V-Power premium. Don't know about your radio. I did find out that if you get a blowout and your spare isn't the exact same height as your regular tires, it can cause problems with the speedo. Bluewillow, I would definitely buy my truck again. You just can't beat the feeling. It drives like a tank, and is neigh indestructible. Will go anywhere, tow anything, and really is not a bad as many think. Most of the problems are with "toys" and not something that will leave you stranded. I love my '96 SD because I don't like a lot of toys. Just truck.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I think my driving style has been ok. In fact I have gone out of my way to baby the engine since I think older style engines need longer to break in than modern designs. The difference between your truck and mine may be do to engine break-in, plus the 03 and 04 have the larger, former range rover engine in them, which might use more gas. Perhpas in time the mileage will improve.


    The radio is still dead..I have had to wait two weeks for an appointment. It did work for one day last week and died again. I thus suspect the problem is the electircal system, not the radio..lets hope :)
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Be careful about babying the engine too much. Here's a problem I have run into: When I am out to sea, or decide to drive my Jetta for awhile, my wife drives our Disco. Usually after a few days it starts running rough, and she complains that it feels sluggish. So we switch back again, and after a day or so of me driving, it all gets better. And stays better. I asked her what was wrong with her driving style and she told me she babied it, because she was afraid of something breaking. By the way, she also goes through brakes twice as fast as I do. I once was told by a wise old man in Alaska(Sorry Bob :-))to "Drive it like I stole it" once in awhile, and I do. Ever since following his advice I don't have any problems. I do have a slow P/S leak, and I think it's coming from the connection on the bottom of the tank, but it isn't enough for me to get it fixed. I keep a piece of cardboard with kitty litter on the floor of my garage, and check the level every week or so. I use synthetic blend oil, and change it every 5,000 miles with a K&N filter. I recently drove it from Seattle to San Francisco and back, (About 1700 mile round-trip)with no problems and got excellent mileage (For a Disco) I am moving from Seattle to Florida this summer, and plan on towing either a U-Haul trailer or my Jetta behind it the whole way. Basically what I am getting at is that these vehicles are made to be used as a truck, not the Expensive luxury SUV that most people want to treat them like. It isn't a Navigator nor an Escalade. They are designed to be used under the most harsh conditions on earth in the deserts and jungles. Under freezing cold or harsh sunlight. I'm not saying to purposefully mistreat it, but I wouldn't do any special babying to it either. Enjoy your truck.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Bob, or Tincup


    I recently have had a problem with my drive belt squealing in the mornings until my truck warms up. I tried belt dressing, and it's a temporary fix (lasts a couple days) I checked the belt and it doesn't look bad. Should I change it, or is there some way to adjust the tensioner?
  • I need some advice. I picked up my "new" discovery yesterday -2004 ex-loaner, with 7k miles. I got it for a great price and love the car. Only one problem. On my drive home i noticed my driver side door was not closing properly. I looked at it carefully and I've concluded that the car must of got hit or dinged at some point. I called the dealer, the manager said there is no way the car was in an accident, not a chance. He was a bit aggressive and i told him I'm bringing the car back this sat. my issue with this is most cars that are hit like that dont ever fix properly. I will probably always have a door that doesn't; close properly. Any suggestions? What would be reasonable for me to ask for? He will obviously just want to repair the door ,which I'm oppose to. Any help would be great. Dealer is Paramus,nj
  • I bought a 2004 Discovery last week - former service loaner with 6000 miles at LR Nashville - that seems to be well cared for. Monday morning I started it up to go to work and I heard the same loud squeal mentioned above.


    It sounded like the type of loud squeal that usually comes from a clapped-out car with a bad power steering pump. Is this a typical LR noise or should I be concerned.


    Outside temp was 42 degrees. The squeal quieted down a bit after about 30 seconds until it disappeared in about 20 minutes.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    This story is exactly why I would never buy there. They pulled a bait and switch on me.


    You may be out of luck, as you took the car "as-is." I had thought about buying a loaner, and if I had I would have had a friend of mine, a used car sales manager, look it over. Loaners tend to be abused, and you have to check them carefully. I suspect that a lot of people who would never take their Disco off road do it with loaners to see what its like; unless they trash the transmission or some other underbody part (or a door!), who will know?


    The last one I drove (that they wanted to sell me/not paramus), had a water leak, was full of sand and drove poorly. So Im afraid its caveat emptor with a used car.


    Meanwhile I took my Disco out into a huge unplowed parking lot with almost a foot of snow and ice, and drove through it like it wasnt there. Pretty nice. The only other SUV was a jeep; the cars stayed far away :)
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